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Skills that you have


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I'm just curious, what IT-related skills do members here possess? Besides that, what other non-IT-related skills do you have? I believe that quite a number of members here have graphic designing abilities.


Don't be shy about, but don't boast.


I'll start off:


HTML, CSS and PHP coding. I'm currently in the process of picking up Ruby.

Graphic design using Photoshop, SketchUp, Poser. I gave up on 3DSMax.

Music making using Reason.

Web development and advertisement.

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Ego Explosion!!!


Softwares: Maya, 3DSMax(new), Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, Flash.


Specialization: 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Special Effects, Modeling, rendering, Film Directing, Film Editing, Voice Acting(new) .


Non-IT: Militaria, History(WWII and Cold War), Story Telling.

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I'm mostly hardware myself. Also

Some HTML(haven't really used it in a while, so a little rusty),

PC game mods


Non-IT-writing(one story kinda published), music- piano,saxophone, working on violin, Army ROTC training



Working on other stuff now, and my actual current job is retail so thats useless

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Me? Let me put it in a list:







Mostly I would prefer web programming, but I have to refresh my skills on that, hehe..


Has Knowledge in the Following Software:

*Adobe Photoshop

*Adobe Premiere

*Adobe Audition

*Adobe Flash

*Adobe Dreamweaver

*Particle Illusion (effects maker)


Well, that's pretty much it...

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wow seems like I'm a baby compared to you all haha


- Basic html coding.

- Macromedia Fireworks (seems to be bought bt Adobe now). Self taught vector and animation skills on this.

- Learning programming in software design and development course.

- Also learning tiny bits of photoshop in class.


Still in progression my skills haha

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I got no skills and I'm proud of it. 


(Well, almost no skills)


MS Paint (that's right!)

A little bit of C++...forgot most of it though.


Taking a class on Flash this summer.


Non-IT: Fic writing, violin, karate, aikido, military stuff (WWI & II, some Roman and Chinese military history)

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Despite taking IT classes for two years, I have very limited skills. I feel so ashamed 



Basic HTML

Very limited Java

Extremely Limited Visual Basic (I failed this part of the class completely)



Cooking (Cakes and slices, not meals. My attempts at cooking dinner tend to be barely edible), writing, basic Egyptology/mythology.

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@Sir Valiant:


I'm still considering a coding post for AD, but I still have to reformat my computer and brush up on PHP again.


I'm willing to try out.. But perhaps not now... Maybe a week from now, I still have some things to contend with, hehe..


Where was that post about the position again, Valiant?

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  • 3 weeks later...




basic HTML

and thats about it for IT...



japanese (JLPT lvl 3)

able to read thick books really really quickly

memorising long essays

minor knowledge in explosives and firearms

ancient history (sparta, alexander the great and hannibal)

also play the trombone


my my non-IT skills dwarf my IT ones....

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  • 2 weeks later...


Ragnarok Online (Botting)

Gunbound (in-built aimbot)

Very fast touch-typing (except numbers)









Oh wait, those aren't counted?




I don't bot, nor do I aimbot. Its practice, patience and time actually. Rofl.

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I have mad writing skills; I've shown some of my work to English teachers, and apparently my ability is ridiculously good for someone my age; I can read at around 160 Pages per Hour, and possess some limited talent at drawing. I also tend to think of myself as being pretty creative, but i dunno, lawl


So, I may not be able to do all your fancy coding and scripting and creating blasphemous mimicries of sentience, but if you need assistance for a storyline I'm your man.


...I can use MS Paint kinda well,too.

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Softwares: Photoshop, Nikon View, Windows Movie Maker, Casablanca II Editor, Finale Song Writer,


Specialization: Photo Editing of all forms, Video Editing, Composing and Arranging: Specialty in Strings,


Non-IT: Cooking, American History, Photography / Audio and Video recording (both professionally)

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IT: Computer Programming, HTML, Java, Hacking ( Gasp, I'm not meant to say that :0 )


Non-IT: Cooking, Cleaning ( Thanks mom =.= ), Sports, Sleeping ( My personal favorite ), Video gaming ( Reaction rate is getting better than a Coordinator, X_X; I think I have a SEED )

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IT-skills : I used to dabble in the dark arts of Macromedia Flash , and I'm still going with Macromedia Fireworks (Its poor-man's PS ) and your typical gamer skills

Non-IT skills: I'm not a bad sketcher and mecha artist, but my bishoujou skills are what needs sharpening Also a 4-foot in DDR, and almost-master of Time Crisis

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IT skills: Limited to basic OS problem solving, though I am good at fixing PC hardware.


Non-IT skills: A well maintained grasp of history and military actions and tactics, counseling skills, marksmanship, survival techniques, basic first aid.  I have a very wide range of skills that I don't want to sit down and sort through; the ones I've listed are those that I feel to be relative to the site.

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IT skills:

Self taught: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Flash, Fireworks, After Effects, Particle-Illusion (Seig gave this to me. HEhehe), HipHop Ejay (Mixing software)


Specialization: Video Editing, Graphic Design

Game skills: Mad skills in Sega Bass Fishing plus Sonic Blast Man (the game that you punch)


Non- IT:

Taekwondo, Judo, Dog training, Cooking,  Pretty good Marksman

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