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  2. The Liberty Freedom came in hard at the Zeta era suit. Marco fired blasts consecutively at the shiny mobile suit only for it to be stunned at best or distracted. “That’s fine!” Marco called out as he got in close. “I was hoping for an excuse to use this!” He howled as the tossed the buster rifle aside and drew out a sword mace from his back. Shiki brough up its blades to block the attack but the force was startling as Marco hit hard with the massive sword. Sensing that his opponent was rattled, a toothy grin grew on Marco’s lips. “Don’t like that?” Before Quattro could bring his weapons
  3. “Wait. We’re not alone.” Giovanni got into a defensive position, backing away as he noticed the two Gundams coming their way. “Is that a new model?” Olivia stared inquisitively at the Kyrios, mimicking her superior. Marco on the other hand didn’t wait as he sent his Enact toward the Exia. “The Gods of combat are looking down upon me! Finally!” The purple mobile suit ignited its sonic blade to the plasma sword configuration, firing a few shots at the gray Gundam while it sped into battle. “Dammit Marco! We need to go for backup, not engage.” It was too late for the three to retreat though
  4. "Watch it!" The annoyed Fleurs leader blew backwards at the Wing's machine gun blasts. Strangely, the two held the exact same gatling loadout, causing Wade to retaliate with his. "You wanna fight! Let's fight!" What seemed like thousands of bullets went toward the two mobile suits, with some even directly hitting each other. With no shield, Wade could only do so much to dodge the attacks. One small mistake could lead to catastrophe though, causing the Diver to clinch his controls tightly in an attempt to not be out of the game in such an important battle. "Zaku! Zaku!" Charo a
  5. Icarus watched at the Barbatos juked out of the way in order to intercept the blast from Wade’s buster cannons, wrenching the controls of the Alastor to pursue it as quickly as he could while keeping out of the beams’ line of fire. “That’s some fancy armor you’ve got there,” Icarus smirked. “Doesn’t look like a beam blade will do much, but even if it can’t cut you, this sword still has some use!” The Alastor brought the Excalibur Anti-ship sword back and then swung it like a baseball bat at the side of the Barbatos, driving its solid, weighty edge into the torso of the Tekkadan suit. “I k
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  7. “Ma’am! Blue Frame! Her signal is gone!” Hawthorne’s scowl of frustration froze into an expression of shock. “S-say that again!” She stammered, but shook as she asked. The comm officer looked back to lock eyes with the captain and grimly shook her head and repeated, “Ma’am Blue Frame’s signal dropped off the map. I can’t raise Halston!” Slamming her fist into the chair, Delphine held back any tears, she couldn’t appear weak to her own crew. “Noted…” She stated rather coldly, a contrast to the outrage she was keeping in check. “We have to repeal the enemy before we can do anything…”
  8. "Thanks Viria. I hope so..." Their beds were surprisingly comfy, but Felicia was unsure if it was because of the quality, or the fact that it was a long day for the two. As she pulled up her covers, Sneasel let its arms go wide to stretch, laying at the end of her trainer's feet. Viria and her Pokémon had long since fallen asleep in their bed, with Felicia soon to follow. "I can't let any of these people down. I'll find my path in..." Falling into a deep slumber, the only sound in the room has Sneasel's snoring... As she opened her eyes, the purple haired girl found herself upon an r
  9. Viria let out a breath of relief as they got situated in their room, she was impressed with the technology in the pokecenter, she didn't even think it could look that advanced! Though, she still would mention that it couldn't replace their own back at home, she seemed.. especially sentimental about her hometown. She swung her legs as she sat on the bed, smiling as she watched her and her friends pokemon eat and "play". "The battle tower? Heck yeah, that sounds great!" She said with her signature grin, she was already going on her own little tirade about strategy and what type of pokemon t
  10. Keiran sped forward, he had a mission and it was one that he had to do.. after all, it would be bad to lose someone already.. right? The green frame cut through the sky at high speed which- while not recommended for most pilots, was something Keiran himself had never felt before, he was once again falling into the habit of treating his mobile suit as a fighter, but this time it would serve him well. "Dammit!" He let out, performing a barrel roll to dodge the fire, getting past the enemies, he slowed down and did a quick 180 to return fire with his bazooka! And that's where he saw it
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  12. Blasted by the non-stop wind as the Archangel moved, added to what she has received so far today, and gave her some wind burns as the sound of the guns firing and explosions, deafening as she heard ringing and feeling the vibrations through the hull; the bruises and cuts on her body from what she has been through this morning. Mai was holding on as best as she could. Maybe she should have stayed on the ground and used her plane as cover? Maybe she'd have been better to just drop into the water and swim to the shore? Maybe she should have just found a piece of debris at the base to hide under?
  13. “What the-!” Spider grumbled as more and more divers suddenly appeared at his proverbial doorstep. “Just what the hell is going on here?” As he asked, he spun on his heel to glare at the fugitive diver who remained poised on the sofa and only tilted his head in response. Gabriel glared right back at Spider, “You know, I’ve done some shady things in my past. But you take things too far, even for me.” The words caused the hacker to fully turn and regard Gabriel. “You not only bullied people, but you’ve threatened them beyond this digital world. To put it simply… You’ve actually hurt people.
  14. "Steelix! Iron Tail!" A massive metal snake brought its appendage upwards as it glowed, ready to slam down upon Richter's Heatmor. The two battlers each had a single Pokémon left, with Heatmor looking quite injured compared to the giant Steel Type. Richter only smirked once he heard Jasmine's command called out, pointing his finger at the Fire Type. "Dig now!" The shiny tail slammed down on the broken floor, causing more damage to an already demolished battlefield, but didn't connect with its target. "Watch out, Steelix!" Jasmine stated with a sense of urgency. The Steelix looked down at
  15. Arenal


    Name: Scott “Scooter” Clayson Gender: Male Eyes: Brown Hazel Hair: Green, shoulder-length when down Skin: Tanned (he spends most of his time outside) Hometown: Scarlet City (later Diglett Village) Region: Jhoto Relatives: Various in Scarlet City and Diglett Village Trainer Class: Bug Catching Man Personality: Preferring to be called Scooter, he is fairly a responsible person and has a knack for fitting his way into most conversations. He tends to ignore social cues, but Sc
  16. “Accommodation? Well...” Felicia realized she was off to a great start. She had little clue of what it truly meant to be a Pokémon Trainer, down to the fact that they had no clue as to where they’d even sleep! “Uh... I’m sure there are some hotels, right? Hopefully.” Shuffling her feet, a thought popped into her head. “Maybe we should go to the Pokémon Center and try to get some answers. ... ”That’s right, the Pokémon League offers free rooms to any travelers.” Nurse Joy had just got done telling the two more about the ins and outs of truly being a Trainer. Thankfully, it seems as if
  17. "UGH! What is up with the air?" Tasting quite salty to the rich boy, Richter scowled while walking off the cruise ship. He had only ever vacationed to Goldenrod in this region over the years, not stepping foot anywhere else in Johto until now. "Talk about a bad impression." The red haired individual waltzed across the harbor with his backpack in tow, uninterested in the port town. "Let's just find the Gym and get outta here." Not wasting any time, Richter had already signed up for Johto's Pokémon League back home, hoping to blast through each with ease. The trainer twirled his shrunken P
  18. Wade couldn’t believe it! The amount of people showing up was much more than he had anticipated. Kyle wasn’t too much of a shock, (Although the Fleurs Leader did wish the annoying Charo would have been tossed aside by this point) but once the other Gunpla began to show, his demeanor brightened. “I... I can’t believe it.” The Hi-ν continued pointing at the Buster Rifle at the Strike, although it proceeded to look around him. “Alright.” Wade’s smile faded as he got more serious, contacting the entire group. “We outnumber them, but that doesn’t mean we can treat them like a joke.” He glanced
  19. Mako happily accepted the pet's that his friend gave him, he seemed pretty happy all around, being with his trainer and all that. Viria herself smiled innocently "Pffft me? Never" She said "I wouldn't miss this trip for the world". She seemed pretty excited "I haven't actually been on a ferry like this though, just my grandparents fishing boat" She leaned over the railing a little dangerously, with Mako biting the end of her shirt to sort of pull her back away from the water, after awhile she did settle down and sit next to Felicia though, listening as Felicia told her about the gym.. though,
  20. Kali's attention was ripped from her terminal as the Captain called out to her. Her eyes widened in astonishment as she was ordered to suit up. She nodded at the Captain's reassurance and left her terminal immediately. Her feet had a life of their own as they guided her quickly through the corridors and into the hangar. She felt herself climb into pilot's seat of the Purple Frame. Her hands instinctively reached out operating the OS activating the machine. She felt herself say: "Purple Frame. LAUNCHING." The large violet hued machine was guided by her steady yet nervous hands as
  21. I can’t believe this… He had been dragged into another fight that wasn’t his, all because some two-bit mob-punk thought he could hone in on ZAPP territory. Even Creed is here…who the hell even are these guys? “FEAR NOT, COMRADES! THE ORIOLE TAKES FLIGHT ONCE MORE! LET ITS GOLDEN LIGHT WASH AWAY THE FILTHY STAINS OF DARKNESS THAT HAVE SET THEMSELVES AGAINST THE THREADS OF THIS GLORIOUS GAME!” Apollo steered the Oriole next to Creed’s Freedom Gundam and let it hover next to it. “Fancy seeing you here, old timer,” Apollo said, hailing Creed separately. “I thought yo
  22. The Wing Gundam set its sights on almost every enemy it had, aiming the massive minigun to spray and pray. A steady stream of bullets came, but they never reached a target. Several gold panels deflected the bullets immediately, causing the Wing to stop. “If you wanted to fight like a chump, you should’ve done it without the Charudim on standby!” “Long time no see, Wade! I almost wasn’t going to make it.” Kyle O’Connor said through the comms. “You’re lucky I met up with my... ‘friend’ in the Freedom here. It’s a long story.” The Lockon fanboy launched his regular funnels off
  23. Out of no where a brilliant golden stream of energy coursed across the battlefield and was finally deflected by the Hiyaku Shiki with its’ reflective armor. The energy sputtered around like an acrid fog and the NPDs did take pause to consider the source. Floating above all the combatants was a new mobile suit that no one had seen before. The newcomer hailed the members of Fluers De Noblesse, “How about we make this an even fight?” The Freedom Variant seemed to peer at Wade, “No time for fancy introductions, the name is Marco Creed, and our friend asked if I can help you guys ou
  24. “It might get hairy in there,” Ray looked over at Amelia sitting at the terminal next to his as he placed the freshly finished model on the scanner. He had had to work fast to get it done in time for this mission, but together they made short work of it. The paint was still a little wet, but it was nevertheless combat ready. “Hairy is my middle name,” Amelia said, setting down her new model as well. Ray grimaced. “I certainly hope not,” “Oh lighten up and get in there,” “Right,” -- “So…this is the spider’s nest,” Icarus said to himself as he and Million materiali
  25. Zhane sat in the Gunpla Club room, the seven kits opened and laid out as he looked at each to see what he wanted to do. Befor him, were two XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms Custom Kai, the blue version, GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, Assault Shroud version, Gundam Deathscythe Hell, Gundam Age-2 Double Bullet, Gundma Barbatos and Blitz Gundam. Looking, he thought on a range type unit and picked up the Heavyarms kits. pulling out his paint, he began the process of modifying the kit. Firstly, he removed the parts from Heavyarms that he wanted and from the Duel Gundam kits. Looking at the legs, he thought
  26. FrostyFoster


    Richter Gender: Male Eyes: Red Hair: Red Skin: Light-Skinned Handiness: Right-Handed Hometown: Castelia City Region: Unova Relatives: Various Trainer Class: Rich Boy PERSONALITY Stuck up and loud, Richter makes sure that he can get what he wants with the money and influence he has. However, while he treats the common folk poorly, his Pokémon get to see a kind demeanor from the boy. His strive for success on his own right has changed him recently, giving him a new drive for winning no matter what. APPEARANCE Dressed
  27. Edmund grumbled something unintelligible as they duo talked about their comrade getting killed. Then Albus went off on poor Eco. Edmund stoically watched but gritted his teeth. Albus may have wanted to be a better team player but he sure wasn’t acting like it. Though in the end it didn’t really matter, after all the circumstances wouldn’t change them being all pushed upon each other. Celestial Being was crippled, forced to fall in on itself to try and salvage its’ abhorrently lofty goals. “In any case… sorry for your loss…” He muttered as he pushed to leave the room. What’s done was done, and
  28. So I’m trail blazing here! We’re going to try “cloning” the hip from red frame to use on Gold Frame. you can see Red Frame doesn’t want to help... But we’re only borrowing the hip... I forgot to take a picture before putting them in the water but we’re using a reusable clay molding material. It arrives in like clear plastic cubes. You dunk them in hot (like boiling) water for 3 minutes then it becomes malleable. you then press the part you want to copy into the material and let it cool down and set. Then you get a second half of the materi
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