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  2. Barondel’s orders to pull back snapped Roane out of his battle focus, the shadowy edges of his mental tunnel vision peeling back to let the light of reality back in. He observed the wreckage of the helicopters and tanks he had obliterated, heaped and smoking on the jungle floor. The battlefield had been wreathed in flames and Roane felt like he was awakening from some dream to a scenario he no longer recognized. “What the hell happened…?” he asked himself as the Astrays began their retreat. “What was the Earth Alliance thinking?” Geneva’s voice came over the comms and Roane nodded. “
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  4. This is going to be an rp that happens outside of the main story line, much like the Seed one that is currently running. However, as the suits are known and the side stories have their own stories (Wing, Endless Waltz, Blind Target, Ground Zero, Battlefield of Pacifists, Last Outpost (G-Unit), Tiel's Impulse and Frozen Teardrop) What would be peoples opinion if this actually occurred prior to the known series, where the characters are there and help setup everything? Or would a side story with original characters, original suit designs, a series between Endless Waltz and Frozen Teardrop, or a
  5. JohnSeever


    As another older RPer, I am new here as well. I grew up with Wing and SRW myself. I love the art manip you have done, so it is amazing.
  6. Thankfully, the Purple Frame's pilot was able to help out the Orb pilot with drones. At first, Geneva was confused by the repurposed machines, but was soon to understand her savior. "T-thank you?" She called out to the drones, but even they weren't enough. More missiles began to head toward the Blue Frame, with Geneva using her vulcans, only for her superior to come assist. "Sir?" Now two of her teammates had stopped to help, sending an array of emotions. "Why didn't I bring another weapon? Why didn't I check the heating levels of them? Why am I such a mess?!" At this point, there was lit
  7. Hawthorne held her breath as the brilliant twin cannons of the battleship fully opened up and streaked out across the ocean. One, two; the blasts alternated, reaching and daring to touch enemy naval vessels. Each ship graced by the beam, erupted into flames or explosions. They had only completed about a quarter of a circuit when a crewman shouted out, “ma’am cannons are overheating!” “hold your fire.” She belayed with a tone of awestruck in her own voice. Hawhtorne gawked at how quickly they had repealed the incoming enemy ships. Much to her hopes, a handful of ships began to veer away. O
  8. An aircraft is flying, a cargo transport with the middle of the plane missing and claws are in place of it, rotor blades are attached to the tips and a set of engines are pushing it. In the claws, are different scrap as well as containers. (OOC: combine the body of Thunderbird 2 with the middle hallowed out, bigger wings and the tiltrotors of a V-22 Osprey on the wing tips). The plane itself has seen better days, but is flying, considering it is made with different scrap pieces. It is flying slowly, about 200 miles per hour and no weapons can be seen on it, since it has no weapons. Flying
  9. Keiran shot forward as fast as his green frame would allow, he was taking small arms fire from the helicopters, but he held on.. and once his teammate Geneva got to covering him, he was even more confident "Thanks for the cover!" He said on comms, trying to rally the troops in whatever small way he could, he raised his shield to block some tank shells coming his way, but the impact caused him to slide backwards quite a bit "Not indestructible.. got it" He said to himself, but he didn't let that hurt his confidence or hurt his main mission objective, gripped onto his now axe tightly, and then m
  10. I read over to prologue and I would be interested. I will need to research the UC series to understand it more. my knowledge is more wing than anything else.
  11. With bated breath, Kali’s brown anxious eyes darted about behind the round lenses of her glasses as she watched in silence. Private Larris decided to focus on the tanks to her relief which was short-lived when a tank shell hit the left arm of the Gold Frame, “Lieutenant!” she cried out, her hand clasp over mouth all too late! Geneva was fighting off the missile barrages while the drones did what little they could do to assist. Kali felt the Archangel lurch at the Captain’s commands. Kali’s indicators went off signaling the Green Frame’s SMGs overheated, “Hang on, my friend.” Kali felt herself
  12. “Our terms, huh?” Albus said as he blocked the few pitiful shots the lead Flag had taken at him before boosting towards him, his comrades distracted by the Kyrios. “Then I guess we show them that we can’t be pushed around. It’s world peace by our terms, no one else’s.” Albus’s mouth set itself in an unflappable scowl as the Flag engaged, sending its leg up in a tricky little kick that honestly caught him off-guard. The Exia’s shield, divorced from its mobile suit, spun off into the depths of the world far below them. Albus couldn’t lose focus though. He didn’t need the shield to deal with this
  13. (Thanks Roromi for the cameo) Things only got more hectic. Chaos, in its truest form, blossomed up around Roane and the Red Frame as his allies all moved to engage and the radios blared with orders and activities that barely penetrated the oppressive thud of his heart as it hammered deep inside his chest, the blood rushing to his head. It was too much for him. Roane’s hands should have redoubled their grip on the controls but instead he found them sliding up towards his helmet. Can’t breathe… Roane wrenched and twisted the helmet, trying to remove it but finding it locked steadi
  14. Like the others, Wade was booted back to the oil rig, only to find Icarus in a somber state. He knew exactly how the Diver felt, in terms of being the one to bring others down in battle. However, the Fleurs leader never felt that about his companions. "That's simply not true." He responded to his friend. "You weren't in control there. It's not your fault." Whatever had happened though, it was time to stop. "But I'm not gonna let people ruin this game. I say we finish all of this once and for all." Aker remained quiet, his right arm wrapped to grip his left shoulder tightly. Of the three
  15. Gabriel sat in the seat of his new mobile suit. He reflexively tensed his left arm, as if doing so would ward off the unpleasant memories of a similar mobile suit he had used. “Time to see if this will do… Vidar…” he mused. Gabriel perched the dark mobile suit on top of a building overlooking a park inside of a colony. The streets were vacant, he almost swore he spotted a tumbleweed drifting through a road. “These programmers have a sick sense of humor…” he muttered disgustedly. He didn’t have to wait long, his radar beeped, telling him his opponent had arrived. “Creed told me you were go
  16. “Tchh. Guess you’re not the killer I thought you’d be.” Graham scoffed at the Exia’s defensive position as the Union Flag got closer toward it. After watching the mobile suit take out the Enact at the demonstration so easily, he hoped its pilot would’ve been dumb enough to attack the Union’s greatest ace first. However, as the Union Flag was about to bank right, another flying machine raced past him and his comrades. “Heh! Thanks!” Graham chuckled as the Kyrios transformed in the air to fire on his squad. “I’ll do you one better!” At the breakneck speed a human should handle, Graham’
  17. Edmund was about to respond to Albus when they both noticed the trio of flags approaching. Something about the machines felt familiar to him, he just couldn’t place it. Shaking the notion from his head, he pushed his controls to push past Exia. Kyrios zipped past the flags and with grace that only the GN drive could display, Edmund transformed midair to turn and shoot a volley at the trio. He aimed specifically to the point man, suspecting the other two would try to cover for their leader. “We have to fight them on our terms Albus!” His words were more reasonable in tone, rather than cha
  18. Biography Name: Mai Ingram True Name: Mairéad Sandilands Pronounced: my-redt, mawr + aid, mur + aid, or my + read Nickname(s): Mai the Red, Mai, Red Faction: Junk Guild Rank: Age: 18 Sex: Female Height: 5’6 inches Weight: 186 pounds Eyes: Green Hair: Red Skin: Caucasian Handiness: Ambidextrous Blood Type: AB- Family: Lieutenant Commander James Sandilands, Father – Deceased Anne Ingram Sandilands, Mother – Deceased Captain Lord Torphichen James Sandilands Jr., Brother, F-7D Spearhead Pilot – Alive Ensign Erik Sandilands, Brother – Decea
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  20. The bullets kept pelting more of the missiles, but it wasn't long before Geneva was given another order. Their green mobile suit was taking some fire from the enemy choppers and needed to be stopped quickly. "Yessir! On it!" She yelled out as the Blue Frame left its location. Whatever was happening in this battle, it sounded much worse to the mobile suit pilot than she had first thought. Explosions and gunfire riddled the island and their mothership, causing Geneva to gasp as she watched the Archangel get hit. "Gotta focus. Follow your orders." She told herself while the sounds of warfar
  21. The helicopters were soon swarming around the Astrays. It seemed like more and more of them were popping out of the forest and from behind the mountain centered on the island. There were more than enough targets for sure. They couldn’t retreat until they enemies were destroyed. Nathaniel gritted his teeth as a tank shell slammed into the left arm of Gold Frame. He could hear Keiran’s resolve and nodded to himself. Now that he was certain that everyone knew this was live combat he could focus on trying to direct his troops. “Granted Larris! Move in there and take out those tanks!” he barke
  22. Keiran looked at Roane as he came back carrying all of the food, he raised an eyebrow and then helped him store it underneath his bed, even using his own boxes of anime merch to help cover it up, it would be a small price to pay for the team morale.. well, that was the idea, if they were all close, he'd be able to let loose and be more.. like himself. He was able to speak with Roane a little, making small talk here and there, though neither of them talked much about their pasts. That's when the alert sounded, Keiran was in the middle of rearranging the episode count on his hardrive, he hu
  23. On the bridge of the Archangel, Kali’s brown, analytical eyes hidden behind her spherical spectacles scanned the viewing screen as Lieutenant Barondel launched the Gold frame. His voice rang out in her earpiece as he commanded his team. Her deft fingers instinctively reached out and began typing on the interface in front of her. Captain Hawthorne had given her access to the data on the mobile suits, this was her opportunity to add to that data while they were testing in the field. She noted the distance the Gold Frame had traveled in its launch, Kali was impressed and awed by the feat. She was
  24. I wanted to expand more on myself, and my history of RPGing. Table top wise, since 1992ish, everything from AD&S 2nd ed to Rifts and World of Darkness. I have been RPing on MU*es since about 1993 to 1994, my first was a place called Heroes & Villains or H&V. From there I went to Transformers 2005 MUSH in 1998 and was there first as Slingshot than Stratosphere and in 1999 Compile. I was also the Wraith and was active there till around 2005/2006. I was at other places, some I cannot even remember any more and some that I care not to remember. For a time, I took some time of
  25. Valiant

    Group purchase

    I've come across these kits so far: PG Unicorn PG Phenex PG Strike These are at around 40% cheaper than Amazon prices, excluding shipping. So I'll have to work out how much they would cost with shipping. I've also come across MG but I didn't really pay attention since I'm personally looking for PG kits. Let me know if you are interested in certain MG kits. To move this forward, I'll need to know what's the average you pay for MG and PG kit where you are, or where you usually buy from. Then we can see if this is a feasible thing to try.
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    Welcome to Advent Destiny. Would love to explore how a Wing RP would develop.
  27. After parting ways with Keiran, Roane undertook a daring, one-man mission to the galley to try and convince the cook there that theirs was a worthy cause and that a donation of snacks would be of a great benefit to the team’s morale. They were, arguably, the Orb military’s VIPs—what were a few bags of chips when it came to keeping their spirits up? When he arrived in the galley, however, he found it empty. Not a single soul sat among the myriad tables and, as far as he could tell, there was no one in the kitchen either. The pilot called out and received no response. Looking over his shoulder c
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