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  2. Leon's Zaku was floating in space, lacking its arms. "Well... I guess I've been... Disarmed." He waited, idle, for a few seconds, before facepalming. "That was terrible. I hope nobody heard that." He then tried to turn towards the Zeonic ship. "Repentance, this is Leon Malroz, of Zero Sky. We've got a pretty bad situation right now and you should tell your pilots to retreat before people start dying for no reason."
  3. I recently re-watched Stardust Memory again, and I really love the way things look! Not just mobile suits, (Although Hajime Katoki designed some beautiful creations. There's a reason he's so well known today.) but the backgrounds and the world around the mobile suits. Many of the animation directors and background artists later worked on Cowboy Bebop, and I can see the similarities. 0083 is easily my favorite in terms of cel animation.
  4. I realized that after writing the post where I mention it. We can hand wave it as Nick talking from inertia.
  5. For Ryder, the worst thing about a battle wasn't the threat of death. It was reloading, which kept him for being a part of the battle. His sniper beam rifle is a powerful weapon, but each cartridge could only hold one shot. Over the years, Ryder tried to get better at reloading, but it was still a process that could take a while. A lot had happened since he reloaded the rifle. Grim had managed to destroy one of the Gaza-C's, the mercenaries had managed to join the battle, and Nick had managed to almost get himself killed. "Ensign!" He yelled out. "Get back to the hangar! We can take care of this!" His teammate had said something about technical trouble, but it wasn't worth it for him to be a sitting duck for the last two Zeon mobile suits. Hiro was chasing after one trying to flee, while Grim and the other mercenaries went after the other. The bipod on the beam rifle swiveled open, resting on the Firefly. "You're not going back to the Zeeks..." He thought as he aimed toward the fleeing MS. It was farther than the last one he incapacitated, but it was staying on a direct course. Ryder simply had to accurately measure the correct angle, and the thing was toast. "Come on..." He whispered to himself. "Steady. Steady. NOW!" The beam glided to the pink Zeek, hitting it diagonally through the side. The Gaza-C produced a shockwave as it exploded. Thankfully, Hiro wouldn't have been close enough to do damage. "Phew. It's up to the others to take care of that last one."
  6. The boy looked at Alyssa, bemused. She took a step backwards, ashamed by her impulsiveness. Yet his eyes sparkled, as though he smiled at her soul. He reached out with one hand and tucked her hair behind an ear. Alyssa blushed involuntarily. Then he shoved her backwards and walked off. Alyssa fell, but she never hit the ground. She was falling faster and faster. Then she woke up with a start. This dream again. Him again. She shook her head to push him out of her mind. The doorbell rang. Alyssa flicked on the intercoms. Alex appeared on the screen. "M'Lady, are you alright? I wasn't able to get through the intercoms so I thought to come here personally." She saw the missed call on the screen. She was tired so she took a nap, but she felt even more tired than she was before she went to bed. "My apologies, I was sleeping and missed the calls. What's the matter?" Alex would only interrupt her sleep if it was something urgent. He could take care of most issues that came up. He said, "Forgive my intrusion, M'Lady. We have reports that the salvagers went to Von Braun City. I have set course for the Moon. Our contacts will have the salvagers by the time we arrive." She nodded and waited. He had more serious issues to present to her. "There's another set of intelligence report that you need to look at, M'Lady. I have sent the files to you. They are of utmost priority." "I will look at them. Meet me at strategy room in an hour." Alyssa dismissed her assistant and proceeded to freshen herself. Then she sat down at her desk, poured herself some tea, and begun going through the reports Alex had forwarded her.
  7. His team was already in the bunker when he got there. The red normal suits trimmed with black were easy to spot among the white and orange suits of the AEUG. Grace Valerii and Ronald Boone were assisting the AEUG mechanics with the mobile suits in the cargo bay. The AEUG had retrofitted the cargo bay to serve as a hangar bay but it was far from being a one suitable for handling battle situations. How did the Zeons find us so fast? Kamea Thrace was at the airlock. "Just in time, boss. I was about to head out without you." The Galleon Combine mobile suits had the honour of being stowed away in containers attached to the hull of the Firefly. The transport ship could only carry four mobile suits and the AEUG had filled that up. This was a simple compromise when it was made, but a daunting one now that they had to waddle out into space and clamber to get into their mobile suits. Hiro wondered if whoever made the agreement had experienced going into combat in this manner. "Let's get going, Starbuck," Hiro said as he put his helmet on. Kamea did likewise and initiated the depressurisation. The hatched opened and the air escaped almost instantly. Their magnetic boots held them to the deck. Kamea headed out without hesitation, and Hiro followed after her. They disengaged their boots and drifted to their respective containers. Hiro disliked leaving his fate to a single cable attached to the hull but it was a lot quicker than plodding step by step along the hull. He punched in his access code and gained entry to the container. The GM-II laid flat on its back. They had prepared the equipment beforehand in anticipation of a possible sortie. Hiro hopped into the cockpit and powered up the suit. The top of the container opened and he pushed the suit into space. Hiro waited for the suit to drift a distance away from the hull before igniting the thrusters to push him into the emptiness. It felt good to be back in space. "Apollo, check your six," Kamea's voice came over the comms. Hiro glanced at the screen and saw her IFF indicator falling in on his wing. "Good hunting, Starbuck." Ronald Boone had been relaying updates on the battlefield to them while they prepped. The AEUG CIC officer was doing her job well but Hiro preferred to get the reports from his own man. Ron knew both pilots so well that he could anticipate what they would do and analyse what they could do, so his updates often gave them an edge during combat. The AEUG sniper took out an enemy Gaza while the Zeons downed a GM unit. Even with the young boy Nicky withdrawing from battle, they outnumbered their enemies four to two. The chatter on the AEUG channel reminded Hiro of this early days as a mercenary. No wonder the AEUG had to hire us. The war has really taken a toll on their ranks. Either that or they chose to hand Grimsdottir with an inexperienced team. "Sorry we're late to the party. It was a little inconvenient getting to our suits." Hiro spoke to the AEUG channel as he sped up to chase the remaining enemies. The two Gaza units kept formation as they turned back to make another pass at the AEUG forces. He frowned at a sudden thought that occurred to him. If the Zeons knew what we were transporting they would have attempted to take out our mobile suits instead of attacking the ship directly. Perhaps the Zeons did not know about this mission after all. Then as if reading his thoughts, one of the Gaza units veered off formation while its counterpart continued its charge. "Ryder! Get that Gaza before it escapes! Starbuck, deal with this fella." Leaving Kamea to deal with the attacking mobile suit, Hiro gave chase. However, the Gaza was the faster mobile suit. It would be hard pressed to even keep pace in his GM-II. He hoped Ryder could take out the Gaza before it went out of range. They could not afford for word of the Firefly to get back to the Zeons.
  8. All OOC chatter should be posted here. Reminder that the Firefly is a transport ship with no catapult. I was halfway through writing about launching when I realised that myself. We might need to start a turn sequence once things get up to speed.
  9. Grim kept firing volleys at one Gaza but he refused to be drawn in by it’s maneuvers. The Zeek danced in an weave of dodges, and experience told Grim not to get “buck fever”. He tried to remain close to his comrades and the ship. A flicker of lightning told Grim that the former Titan shot one of the Gazas, presumably taking it out of the fight. Grim shifted his attention to see what the other two tangos were doing. Sure enough they had broken away and were attempting to flank, one in particular seemed focused on ensign Lavie. Grim cursed under his breath and fired his thrusters to intercept. With Ryder reloading he knew he had to respond to help the ailing Ensign. We can’t afford to loose any Nemos, we can’t afford to loose anyone. The distance closed quickly for the three units, although Nicky was doing a commendable job dodged the enemy fire, his luck would run out if the claws of the Gaza reached him. The Zeek fired wildly hoping to land a clean shot on the Nemo, just before the Gaza could grab Nicky it veered off wildly. Grim shield bashed into the Zeek, interrupting its momentum. Knowing that he wouldn’t have time to properly pull his rifle around and aim Grim released the weapon and reached for the beamsaber. The stunned Zeek had transformed into a mobile suit to try and deal with the sideways tackled but it couldn’t keep up when the pink blade came slashing down diagonally across it. Grim kicked away from the unit not wanting to get caught in the explosion. Even as he jetted away his mobile suit shuttered from the shockwave. His heart pounded as he the adrenaline coursed through him and he looked around for more enemies. “Ensign!” He was about to chastise Nicky when an explosion above Firefly made him look upwards. He saw a Gaza fly past the wreckage of one of their GMs, presumably its kill. “Damnit Ensign!” Grim growled at Nicky before flying up after the killer Gaza with just his beam saber and shield. Things were getting so chaotic that Ben didn’t know if the downed GM was a mercenary or another AEUG pilot.
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  11. Everyone else made being an ex-Titan look like fun so I decided to take my own spin on it! I really tried to make a black sheep that I could abuse with both factions. Any feedback would be awesome! Biography Full name: Gabriel Choji Winter aka Hunter Faction: Ex-Titan (working as a mercenary and junk dealer, presumably an outlaw) Rank: (formally) Ensign Age: 23 Sex: Male Height: 5’7” Weight: 167lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: Tanned Handiness: Ambidextrous  Personality: Gabriel is driven to the point of obsession. He wants nothing more than revenge against Zeon. He rarely lets his emotional guard down and is often seen as bitter and recluse. Despite nearly being blinded by his rage he is pragmatic and calculating. Gabriel respects military chain of command as long as it serves his interests. Strengths and weaknesses: “Great swordsman” Gabriel is excellent at close combat. He is a critical thinker and is great at improvising. He excels at applying his martial arts training to mobile suit combat. “Zeon Tunnel Vision” He is driven to his goal of exterminating all Zeon forces. This is both an asset and a hindrance. Gabriel will focus exclusively on Zeon type suits to the point of becoming oblivious to other units or objectives. He will go out of his way to attack zeon units and can sometimes become too reckless in certain situations. “Mechanically Adaptable” Gabriel took great care to learn every in and out of his assigned unit and got to the point of knowing just enough to “be dangerous” with the workings of his mobile suit. He’s been able to rig field repairs on his unit and knows what he’s able to fix and what he can’t with what he has. “Spacenoid Fobic” Gabriel is racist towards all spacenoids and only works with them as he needs to. As time has gone on he has realized that “they aren’t all bad” but it takes awhile for him to trust any spacenoid. “Social Outcast” Gabriel has no interest in commanding men or leading others in his cause. To a degree he’s even aware that he’s racist. He has no care for other individuals unless they can aid his cause, and prefers to work alone. That way he doesn’t have to compromise his principles of revenge by appeasing anyone else. Appearance: As a Titan pilot Gabriel was well kept with short cropped hair and clean uniform. As a drifter he let his hair get shaggy and donned a black mask to help hide his identity from potentially being called out as a war criminal. He’s interests in martial arts keep him physically fit and he exercises regularly. History: Gabriel grew up in Sydney, Australia and lived a relatively peaceful childhood. His mother was Japanese and his father was Australian. He was encouraged at an early age to take up Kendo and Karate and was on his way to becoming a black belt. Such aspirations were cut short when Zeon dropped a colony on Sydney during the One Year War. He had been out of the country on a school trip when the disaster happened. He vowed to take revenge for his family. Gabriel spent the time after the tragedy to train himself and sneak his way into the Federation military. He impressed the right people and was able to serve as a pilot for a GM, fighting on earth. He proved to be a gifted pilot and managed to become an ace before the end of the war. He stayed enlisted afterwards, enjoying the family and support that the military offered. His eager spirit and his hatred for Spacenoids drew him to the newly formed Titans after the events of 0083. He excelled in his career as a mobile suit pilot and proved to be very proficient with the GM Quel. As a habit he would religiously studied every aspect of his machine, and would be seen helping with repairs. When the task came up of gassing colonies or performing other atrocities Gabriel did not flinch in performing the disdainful deeds. He figured that Titan leadership knew best on how to deal with the Spacenoid threat. He was even good at fighting against the terrorist organization known as the Anti-Earth Union Group, getting his share of mobile suit kills from them. As the conflict with the AEUG escalated towards a stalemate, and the Titans began to court the Zeon Remnants for an alliance; Gabriel felt betrayed by his superiors. How could the Titans ally themselves with the Spacenoids who destroyed his life? To Gabriel the AEUG and Axis Zeon were just different sides of the same coin. One group of Spacenoids may be led by the by the Zabis but the other was certainly being led by the son of Zeon Deikun. As the talks got more serious with Axis Zeon Gabriel didn’t waste any time in formulating his own plans. During a sortie with Zeon units he took advantage of the natural distrust and murdered the “friendly” units, before deserting from the Titans. He couldn’t trust anyone anymore. At this point in the war he knew that his loyalty as a Titan would paint him as a war Criminal in the Federation, and he didn’t think the AEUG would share his ideals, much less welcome him. Gabriel took it upon himself to try to fight his own private war against the returning Zeon forces. He took on the Alias of “Hunter” and donned a black mask to hide his identity from anyone he had to deal with. Reluctantly he made contacts within a few colonies to trade supplies with. His new job an as junk dealer proved to be sufficient in maintaining his reclusive lifestyle and supplying his Quel with the munitions it needed to remain functional. Prices were particularly high for new Axis Zeon parts and Hunter was quite adept at obtaining pieces from recently destroyed zeon suits. Reports would trickle in of a phantom mobile suit striking out at Zeon patrols. One space monster at a time, Gabriel Winter would have His war with Zeon. Possessions: Gabriel still has his GM Quel and does his best to maintain the unit. He painted his Quel red to hide the old Titan colors, and fashioned a tarp to function as a cape over the unit. Gabriel has a reliable history with the Quel and has doubled downed on his experience with it to keep him alive, even as he faces newer and newer enemies. The only other modification he’s managed to make was obtaining a second beam saber which he’s stored on the left hip of the unit. This position allows him to mimic certain draws from his Kendo style and to surprise enemies with the backup weapon. (Red GM Quel picture courtesy of Replicator) Kills: N/A Role plays: Zeta Destiny  Coliseum battles: N/A
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  13. "Not a problem, Artemis!" Amber yelled out. She kept firing at the Gelgoog, but her shots were too far away to even hit. "Come on, get closer!" She shouted. In reality, Amber was somewhat scared to fight the mobile suit. She had no experience. "Dammit!" She thought. The pilot had no choice. Amber pushed forward on the controls. Leaving less and less room between the two suits. The Gelgoog hadn't stopped firing either, sending the barrage of energy at the orange machine. She brought up her shield in an attempt to block, but to no avail. The Dra-C was taking damage in vital areas quickly. "Not like this!" She said as her gatling gun's ammo depleted. "What?! Was it not fully filled?" The machine threw the heavy weapon at the suit, pulling out her beam saber. She swung to the right, but it left more vital parts exposed. She was wide open.
  14. Coming out of the Firefly, the second yellow-accented Nemo would automatically aim its standard issue beam rifle at one of the attackers, chosen at random by the targeting system. Inside, the panoramic screen would show the pilot three green rectangles and a fourth one, colored yellow, all identified as ''AMX-003'' by the HUD. Apparently, the one that was hit by Sarka's sniper rifle was still in one piece, however it would still switch its IFF to yellow status, signaling itself as ''out of combat'' per the now-aging Antarctic Treaty. It was unknown whether it would manage to go back to wherever it came from or if its pilot would be forced to eject and risk capture by the Firefly. However, the scarce white foam that now came out of the Mobile Suit (if it could be called anything but a stick with legs and arms) indicated that the pilot was still alive and was attempting to buy himself some time by placating the fire. ''Go back to your rock, fascist turds!'' - Holding down the button on the right lever that prompted his Trainer Nemo to point the rifle at one of the operative Gazas, Nick would wait until it was moving in a relatively straight-forward line, as most Mobile Armors did in-between maneuvers, to position his crosshairs right in front of the bogey. Then, he would press the red, circular button with his thumb, prompting his Nemo to fire an unveliebably easy shot at the MA, courtesy of its pilot's carelessness. The perfect, cleanest one-shot. Or it would have been, had Nick remembered to switch his unit to Battle Operation mode upon activating it. As he pressed the firing button, a big sign would then occupy the center of his screen, reading ''TRAINING MODE ENGAGED: Disengage to operate weaponry'', and the beam rifle would emit no particle upon the pink speedster. Upon seeing this, Nick would yell, enraged at himself for committing such an idiotic mistake. - ''What? No, no, no, NO! Whoa-'' Nick wouldn't be granted any other word. Another of the Gazas would appear out of the blue, flying in his direction and firing his cannon at him, forcing him to quickly maneuver out of the way. This was a real battlefield, and he realized he was extremely lucky to have been forgiven an initial mistake. Further mis-steps would be punished with gruesome death, and he needed to act quick. Reaching for the radio commands, he avoided the Gaza at the same time, which seemed to be fixated on his unit, maybe sensing his fear, maybe seeing weakness through the thick armor plates of his Mobile Suit. His finger would finally find the button with the twin protuberances, meant for tactile identification, and spoke through the AEUG frequency to request help. - ''This is Ensign Lavie! Nemo 2! I'm experiencing technical trouble with my unit, Mr. Dashwood! Get me a Nemo technician on the line please!'' - As he said so, he hoped that the comms weren't blurry enough for the Firefly to miss his transmission, and that the Galleon Combine pilots had already come out in their GMs. However, the Gaza at which he had intended to fire a shot was now en route to him too, seemingly warned by his comrade not to lower his guard, and his flight pattern was looking increasingly complex already. Oh man, oh man...
  15. Artemis's screens became walls of red exclamation marks. The trackers on the approaching mobile suits both became red triangles with flashing exclamation marks. With one new marker represented by a green square with the tag AMBER. The tag guides the girl's hand to fumble for her coms, to hear her crew mate's words; we're being attacked. "Well they're shooting back aren't they-" Artemis cut herself off as she yanked back on her controls, sending her backwards as the Gelgoog opened fire, last few shots crossing over were she was moments before, the only thing saving her being the distance between the two suits, "Yes being attacked! Very much! Can you take the Gelgoog? You're faster than I am." A high pitched beeping dragged Artemis's eyes back to the Zaku. It was charging her with arms spread wide open. The distance between them pops up in big red numbers under its tag, and it was dropping like a rock tied to an anvil wearing concrete shoes. "No touching you pervert!" She screams as she tears the beam saber from her right shoulder, igniting it. The beam saber met the Zaku's shoulder, shearing it off and leaving a glowing orange ring of molten metal in it's place, "What is with these old guys always grabbing me!" The Zaku wouldn't be denied it's embrace., apparently, and so Artemis wouldn't be denied when her Gaza brought it's elbow up and smashed it down onto the Zaku's head, dislodging her from the one armed antique. Her beam saber slashed through space once more, leaving the Zaku with two missing arms and no hugs. "Amber I'm coming back to assist you, the Zaku is probably harmless now," She grumbled into her com as her thrusters roared into life, she was moving already but away from the Gelgoog and Amber due to the Zaku's tackle, "Put it down if it comes close again though." Beam saber in hand she launched at the flashes of light echoing in the darkness and the red triangle and the green square. She aimed herself at the triangle and engaged her transformation, folding her suit over and pointing her Knuckle Buster and two cannons at it.
  16. "Well... If I don't step in, someone might die. If I step in, they might think I'm the enemy. Eh, screw it." Leon set his Mobile Suit's reactor output to its maximum, and charged the Gaza-C. "You look like you need a hug!" Once in range, Leon's Zaku's arms wrapped around its target's waist area, and he started trying to pull it back towards the Repentance.
  17. Quickly, the yellow circle that labeled the Gaza-C turned into a red diamond as its pilot brought its weapons to bear. Teo hadn’t prepared for a fight, but if that’s what she wanted, he would need to defend himself. “Repentance, call your mobile suit off!” He’d call out, though slowly, he’d unlatch the beam machine gun at his mobile suit’s rear skirt, tucking the stock under the Gelgoog’s arm. The Gelgoog Stutzer surged forward, oddly enough much in the same manner a certain ace would usually do during the One Year War. He was trying to scare the Gaza pilot off in hopes of defusing the situation. Teo paused for a moment as he came up on the approach, nearing the Gaza-C. For a moment, he hesitated, but as it fired a few shots from its Knuckle Buster, he had little choice but to retaliate. However, before he could get properly targeted on the mobile suit, a veritable wall of tracers very nearly grazed his suit from his right. It was another mobile suit, with an unknown IFF, though after a moment or two, it would change, even as the red diamond hovered over it. ‘DRA-C’ “What the hell...?!” Teo grit his teeth as he fired all of his Gelgoog’s left RCS thrusters, sending the machine off in one direction away from the withering barrage of gunfire. “Repentance, I’m friendly!” He could feel the blood rush to one side of his body, and for a moment, he begun to waver, but he steeled himself, letting out a loud grunt as he regained control of his mobile suit. “Why are you shooting?!” The Gaza pilot was persistent, he had to give them that, and soon enough, he would bring his own weapon to bear. He squeezed the trigger on his control stick, watching the weapon charge up before releasing a short volley of angry green energy in their direction. Being a short-range weapon, however, most of the shots would fizzle out into a cloud of mega-particle mist before they even reached the Gaza.
  18. Four Gaza-C's jetted toward them, firing at the hull of the ship. "Shit!" Ryder yelled out as a beam slid across the Firefly. He had positioned his Nemo on top of the hull, laying the AEUG suit down. "Captain!" He said through the comms. "I've got four Gaza-C's in their mobile armor mode!" Ryder had never fought one of the Neo Zeon suits outside of simulations, especially not their transformed mode. He grunted as he positioned the rifle at the one on the right side of the group. "Once I hit one of them, they'll all scatter. You'll have to be quick to fire back at them!" Ryder looked through the scope of the rifle, attempting to aim the reticle right down the middle of the enemy machine's eye. Luckily, this could completely destroy the suit, since its cockpit was positioned behind it. Numbers flashed all across his screen. Distance, movement, and speed were all big parts of a sniper, but Ryder's trained years for this. The pilot aimed, exhaled, and fired. The large beam sped toward one of the Gaza-C's, missing the eye, but hitting its beam gun almost directly. The Mobile Suit ignited, going out in a blaze of fire. "Damn, that was a little too far up. I can do better." He thought. As expected, the other three scattered, making it much harder for him to hit another. The magazine fell out, with Ryder trying to reload as fast as possible. "It'll take a while for me to reload!" He yelled. "You need to..." Suddenly, the three Zeeks began firing all at once as they flew closer to the vessel! "Dammit! Ensign! Hiro! Where are you?!"
  19. It was an uneasy feeling “dropping” out of the Firefly. Never in all his piloting experience did he have to deploy in such a bizarre fashion. Grim hardly had the time to admire the precarious circumstances as he quickly got his bearings and used his thrusters to get distance from the ship. They had six mobile suits in total, with two of them having to be strapped to the outside of the ship. Grim took up a firing position in front of the port side of the Firefly, resisting the urge to use the ship as cover itself. He steadied his breath to look out at the stars and ready his shield and beam rifle. He tried to maintain a covering position so the rest of the mobile suits could safely deploy. He checked his com unit and hailed Ryder, Grim figured that the Titan had to have deployed nearly as quickly as he had. “How’s it looking Lieutenant? Do you have eyes on the enemy yet?” Grim knew from experience that if the sniper didn’t already see the enemy that they all would soon enough. Grim kept his eyes peeled on the panoramic screen looking for movement or flashes of light. Before he could hear Ryder’s response a flash of light flickered towards the Firefly, a beam glancing a hit across the hull. Grim cursed and sent a volley back near the origin of the beam. Now he could barely make out the specs of enemy mobile suits on the monitor in front of him and he knew it was about to get serious. Grim keyed the general com line, “all mobile suits protect the Firefly at all costs!” He realigned his rifle at the source of the first shot and fired again, this time trying to lead in front of where the Zeek was heading towards. The Gaza wasn’t going to make it easy as it simply avoided his distant shooting. If the could deploy all of their mobile suits then they could boast numbers, something which might make the zeeks second guess this skirmish. This would be test as well to see how much Grim could trust Ryder and all the other pilots on board as well.
  20. Limited editions. Prices usually double or triple after you buy them. I've seen the 35th anniversary ones going at five times the retail price.
  21. Happened to so many series, sadly.
  22. Lol they're only 3 to five thousand dollars. For a watch haha.
  23. Both! There's a main story mode where all the characters meet, but you can also do random missions. (There's also a historical mode where the missions are based on scenes from the anime.)
  24. I used to do them out of the box and just apply the decals. Nowadays I collect and keep them sealed until the day I get an airbrush.
  25. Haven't tried the Gundam ones but I've played several Dynasty Warrior games. Fun to mash the buttons and hack away. Does it have a story or is it just mission based?
  26. If I had the means I totally would lol dang that’s pricey for a watch!
  27. Want me to do some research on titanfall for you?
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