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  2. The inside of her cockpit dimmed as what was left of her Gunpla lied on the floor. The energy ball did its job, giving the win to her opponent. Amy couldn't believe it, but it taught her a few lessons on the defensive capabilities of her Archer. The Phase Shift Armor wouldn't be enough for her next battle, whenever that would be. "Hey there!" Her opponent said. "That was quite a fight!" Amy clicked on the chat to respond. "Yeah, it was! I learned a lot from it." She exclaimed as her machine materialized from the battlefield. The diver appeared back in the GBN lobby, immediately checking her battle record. "71-23 for one on one matches." She thought. "I've played this game way too much, but I have to practice more." She walked up to mission area, noticing that the team above her was going to take the Kobayashi Hayato test. "You do realize that's a no win scenario, right." She said to the three burly men wearing Zeon jackets. The biggest one turned around to Amy as the other two scowled. "You do realize that we're one of the best teams in all of GBN right?" He yelled. "We don't lose any matches!" She smirked. These three looked tough, but looks meant nothing in a cockpit of a mobile suit. "Ok, tough guy. One on one. Right now."
  3. Red warnings lit up Creed’s display as the enemy pushed the broken dagger into the Astray’s neck. It didn’t take an expert to know that damage would be catastrophic, possibly severing the head if he didn’t do something about it. The desperate nature of the enemy’s attack simply reassured the veteran however. A grin slowly grew on the man’s face as the two suits got more and more entangled. He was too close to draw his katana, and it would leave him too open to draw his beam sword. Pulling away would surely sever his suit's head, and his right arm seemed to be barely hanging on. To top it all off his shield jerked suddenly as it began to warp and bend. “For all the marbles…” he grumbled as he deftly moved his good hand from the shield; he quickly slipped it past the deteriorating defense and found a broad opening against the pelvis of the enemy suit, just below the cockpit. Creed began his quote of the manga almost as if it was a prayer, “diverting all power…” The power coupling on the hand sparked wildly as it came to life, forming an unstable energy ball. Additional warning lights flared as he jetted the arm towards his enemy. The angle may have been a little awkward but he had a firm press against the hull of the enemy machine. The impact was sure to be devastating, similar attacks had severed the head off a rival Astray in clean motion, the attack wasn’t without its’ faults though. The explosion jerked his shattered suit away from the enemy. It sent him flying backwards into a boulder. Creed barely had enough sense to look at his own damage. The head of the Astray tilted unnaturally to the side, hanging on by cables and little else. The right arm was missing from the shoulder joint down now. The left arm was severed from the elbow below, sparks fizzled over the wound. About the only thing working on his mobile suit appeared to be his thrusters and legs, with the latter showing moderate damage from the attack. Creed knew that his attack was a “Hail Mary” and he had little hope of fighting beyond that last attempt. The man’s grin didn’t die down however and he merely laughed, “damn that has got to look cool on the replay!” He still didn’t know if he won or lost but big explosions always made him happy. Win or loose, he mused and slowly his attention returned to his foe to see what happened. “Hey there!” He hailed on the public chat, “that was quite a fight!”
  4. […] [crimson] says: u sure tho [crimson] says: cuz once u do this nuthins gonna be back to normal again [risuwu] says: yea [risuwu] says: ill do it -- The next phase of this storyline had come far quicker than Risu had anticipated. Unlike her compatriots, she had little thought of actually changing or upgrading her gunpla, reasoning that it was ‘good enough’. She was far too consumed with her chat conversation just minutes before to notice that things were starting; soon enough, she would find herself alone in the Argama’s launch bay. The rest of the team had long since departed the vessel towards the battlefield, leaving the inexperienced Diver to scramble, making her launch rather inelegant. “H-Higanbana, going out…” “So, you all got a plan, or what?” Risu would hear over the radio. It was that aggressive-looking guy, Shin. There was no doubt he’d be going off on his own again, she thought. This time, though, she’d listen. They were to remain at distance… or something. She thought it prudent to hide behind some of the debris in front of them and hopefully try and help her team from there. Risu knew she was no good in a fight, so the best she could do was try and provide cover from afar. The Higanbana’s Long Beam Rifle/Claw seemed to be effective at long range, judging from what her heads-up-display was telling her. If she stayed out of the way, it would be fine.
  5. The Murasaki Archer's shurikens were quite special. Due to the way they were built, the Kimaris' weapons could pierce almost any surface, including Phase Shift Armor. What Amy didn't realize was that those weapons could be used against her if the enemy was smart. As the Astray pushed down on her machine, one of the shuriken's pushed down on the body of the purple Gunpla. "Damn it!" She said as the Archer was given a "stomach" wound. The handle of one of her knife's embedded in the shield smacked into the strongest part of the body, breaking the Folding Razor's blade in two. The partially broken dagger landed on the floor as the battle got worse for her. The Archer lost its footing, falling straight to the ground. As it bumped onto the grassy field, Amy lost control of her Beam Boomerangs, falling out of arm's reach. The Gold Astray kept pushing on the body, jamming the shuriken deeper in into it. The Diver had many options, but she didn't want to give away all of her tricks just yet. "This isn't over Astray!" She yelled as she pushed her right hand up against the head of the machine. While attempting to push the Gold gunpla off, she looked for something she could use. The broken Razor lied on the grass, barely within reach. Using the enemy's broken arm and preoccupied shield to her advantage, she pushed the dagger into the part with the least amount of armor surrounding it, the neck.
  6. Hikaru had spent a little time after the briefing looking to the Buster. With a quick flash of recollection, the boy and his RX-179 Beta Gundam/FXA-00 Flying Armor logged out....only for his full armament and Flying Armor to log back in not long before the mission with the addition of a GAT-X1xx machine's shield in the Buster's colors on its right arm mount. He'd hurriedly freed the Flying Armor and Shield for others to use before he spoke to the group maintaining the Buster and tried to have them replace the conventional shield on the left arm with the new acquisition in case of emergency deployment. He'd once built a model kit for the Buster and thought its lack of Beam Sabers and vulcans was somewhat foolish. The shield he'd modified for it thus housed 75mm CIWS in the face and two Sabers on the back, and that later helped inspire the Beta Gundam's shield armaments. Now that old shield was hopefully being used for something practical. Unable to wait and see if the hangar team would abide by replacing the shield on the Buster with it or even letting both arms bear a shield, Hikaru prepared to launch his in machine. The mobile suit, complete with its new G-Defenser, was not deployed with the Flying Armor attached. His machine was fast enough without it. "Hikaru, RX-179 Beta Gundam, launching!" He truncated the G-Defenser's designation from the call as he launched, speeding off into open space to follow Creed and Shin. He'd have to be mindful of the machine's larger dimensions as he fought and moved, but the capabilities of his unit were notably enhanced now. Something he suspected that he would need. "At this stage? I'm thinking 'kick butt and be mindful of high-yield long range fire or debris field ambush tactics' for now. The Moebius Zero would be fairly ideal for the latter. I could also see them letting others take point while using the Strike as a mobile turret with the Launcher Striker if they go with a canon break. Keeping a rookie Kira tied to the ship for power and sensors to shoot from afar would be an option now that he has allies to do the close up fighting. Can't promise that though. He might be left as-is to be a secondary capture objective, so we'll just have to see." Hikaru had been carefully analyzing how Kira and the Strike might manifest in this battle. Trusting Kira to pilot the Strike might yet be necessary, but having him risk the Strike on the front line was not prudent for the Titans. There were better units and more experienced pilots to handle extended close range combat than in canon. It all came down to how GBN handled things. Already, Hikaru was watching his sensors carefully for long range discharge or signs of the enemy. The debris field had him particularly wary of the Newtype that likely hid within...
  7. Beam blades locked up as Creed’s stroke fell against the enemy’s twin blades. The veteran hardly celebrated as he made contact, instead his eyes grew in alarm as the enemy fired a devious attack. Twin shurikens fired at him. He was too close to do anything fancy, and Creed knew he had to pay the price. Again his shield helped as it absorbed yet another physical barrage, the proximity of the attack nearly making the disk drive straight through the hardened material. The second attack was less gracious as it dug into his sword arm. It seemed just as he was about to drive his pink blade for a killing blow the power behind the limb suddenly cut out. The beam saber didn’t exactly fall out of his hand but the arm went limp. A lesser pilot would have overreacted by doing something drastic or overly cautious; Creed was not one of those. The experienced diver knew that any good sword fight relied on footwork as much as any sword stroke. Above all else Marco could not let the enemy gain any advantage over him. Instead he doubled down, redlining his thrusters and bashing his shield into his opponent, the embedded weapons in the shield digging into the enemy. Any damage was secondary to his true design, Creed was angling the shield to hit and pin his enemy down; make them stagger and stay on the ground. As he drove the shield into the enemy his saber wielding arm flew out wide, beam saber shutting off as his mobile suit shifted its weight into the enemy. With an arm likely out of the fight he would have to be even more resourceful in his pursuit. His shield was getting more and more damaged and he doubted it would last too much more. That left him with one more beam saber and his katana, the latter being more challenging to wield with the off hand. Gritting his teeth he focused on keeping the shield connected to the enemy. It was simple: Creed would have to resort to being more brutal if he was gonna get out of his predicament.
  8. "Alright! Let's do this" Carter suddenly said to psych himself up, he turned and started walking to his mobile suit; it was brand new, no longer the Blue Zaku that he was so used to- He was in SEED, and he did as the Romans did "Let's see how you'll perform in the field" he said excitedly as he got into the cockpit of his new mobile suit, a combination of the Buster Dagger with parts from the Astray Red Frame and Blue Frame, in his custom Black, Blue, and Silver paint scheme.. The Comet Dagger! It would be his muse for this mission, he booted it up and checked his weapons.. all systems green, saturn engine at the ready for a burst of energy.. He smiled "Heh, still got that new Gunpla smell" He said jokingly to himself as he placed his hands on the controls "Time to get serious.." He said, shutting his eyes and then readying the launch He opened his eyes and smirked "Carter Lee, Comet Dagger, breaking through the battlefield!" he then launched at full speed, feeling the full agility of his mobile suit as he looked around for a place to position himself, the Zeong had hidden behind the debris, which he would love to do if it werent for his bold paint scheme.. he decided to.. take an unconventional tactic. He decided to stand on the back of the archangel, combining his weapons into one so he could use the scope to look out further "In position for shelling!"
  9. For what seemed to be a regular Astray, the machine had its strengths, likely due to the experience of the pilot. As the enemy's machine slashed down at the Archer, Amy turned her machine clockwise, attempting to block the attack with her right beam saber. The strength of the Astray, plus the awkward angle of the block, put tons of pressure on the Gunpla. With all her might, Amy turned again, pushing her other beam saber up against the enemy's by creating an X-shape with the two pink blades. The Astray's weapon was getting dangerously close to her Gunpla's head, sizzling off some of her own paint, just like her opponent. "I won't be able to hold for long." She thought. The angle of the attack was just awkward enough for her to be on the losing side, but she did have a trick up her sleeve, or rather, on her backpack. Two slash disks, taken from the Kimaris, were attached to the machine back thrusters, mostly used as short ranged shuriken. But they could also be launched directly from the mobile suit at opponents. "These are for one time use. Let's make this count!" The slash disks jettisoned for their normal spot, one aimed at the body, while the other was mean't for the Astray's right arm. She hoped that her aiming skills were good enough during this tense situation, but she had to regain her distance from the gold machine.
  10. Hikaru had been expecting less competence. Though he'd hoped that the pilot would descend or fire missiles on the position he'd drawn the enemy's attention to, he instead found that the pilot had seen through the ruse. Missiles streaked out and fanned the area. Hikaru was forced to duck behind the large building he'd adopted as cover only for a missile to strike at its base. The downside of using the shadow of the larger building to conceal himself was that the building was a larger target. The pilot was forced to use his thrusters to move back away from the building as it collapsed while falling at an awkward angle, not able to maintain its shape as it toppled over. "Tch..." Was all Hikaru had time to emit before his cover was blown, the pilot responding by keeping his shield ready and firing his Slack Pack's dual Hydra Gatling Beam Cannons. The ability to generate his own suppressive fire was a boon for a melee-oriented unit, though he didn't expect it to do much. Maybe clip his enemy's wings or intercept further missiles if he was lucky. Closing to melee was a priority, but he needed to regain the initiative first. Or at least keep his enemy from being able to retake the skies.
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  12. A few lights clicked on in the normally dark room. A thin young man with shaggy brown hair and glasses slowly walked through the room. Slowly he moved a sheet from over a table to reveal a freshly finished gunpla. The man took a deep breath and grabbed it and walked over to the GBN set up. He started the system up and put the VR headset on. The system spoke more like the old style of voice. -please set your Gunpla- With that the man placed the gunpla and logged in. As his character scanned into the lobby he looked totally different, bright red hair and a very fit body. A sharp smiled flashed across his face "Let's get this started!" He headed over to the mission select and chose the mission his team had mostly already started. As Shin loaded in he was near the completed Gunpla he had just finished. He was hopeful this was one of his best creations and it was very well made at least in his eyes. He teleported into the cockpit, he fingered the controls and prepped every console he would need as he readied himself and the mobile suit. Finally as everything was ready he set up the launch sequence. "Shin Hakuren, Astral Age Arise…. Launching" with that his newly upgraded Arise launched with great speed and force. As he flew around and zipped around for a bit he then fell into formation with the others and opened his coms "So, you all got a plan or what?" He spoke with the same aggravated tone he always spoke in but this also seemed a little less hostile then normal but that could everyone's imagination.
  13. The sudden flash of thrusters stole Creed’s attention. The strange mobile suit seemed to phase into existence and it dawned on the veteran that his opponent was using Mirage Calloid (or something like it). His fascination was short lived as the Archer-esque mobile suit jumped straight over him, launching a pair of daggers at him as it went to dazzle past him. Again, Creed wasn’t the type of sword man to bat a projectile out of the air; instead he let go of the hilt as he lifted his shield up with both arms to block the weapons. Between his momentum and shield he ended up only having to block one of the daggers as the other flew past him harmlessly; the other struck deep into the shield, becoming lodged. With his right free hand he reached up to grasp the hilt of his right beam saber. The Astray wasn’t particularly special in terms of features, but something it had was speed and agility. He pushed off another boulder to change his direction and twist around to chase his opponent. As he turned he slashed down with the poised right arm, simultaneously igniting the pink blade of his saber. He knew the stroke was one of desperation but he needed to swing the tide of the battle. The important thing was he now had his shield and weapon directed at his dangerous foe and he was within striking distance. “Let’s get this started!” Marco howled out loud as he moved in for a follow up to his initial attack.
  14. Her attack didn't end up going to plan, but it wasn't a failure either. Amy could tell the other diver had experience, opting to now weave back and forth as they headed toward her location. She was shocked at first, but realized that the boomerang's trajectory would give her position away. The two beam weapons were heading back to their owner, so she had to think quickly in order to not be sliced in two. The Stealth System was out of the question, since its flaw of turning off the Phase Shift Armor could ruin her quickly. Plus, the other Gunpla was coming quickly, making the wise decision of kicking off the boulders. However, Amy noticed a pattern in the Astray's movement that she could take advantage of. Every other boulder was being used. "This'll have to be timed just righ- OH SHIT NOW!" The Boomerangs were close, so her attack began. The Archer ignited its thrusts, landing on top of the boulder it was hiding behind. Pulling out two Folding Razors, Amy leaped into the air, right over her opponent. Throwing the knifes downward at the machine, she rolled into a landing right as the Beam Boomerangs landed in each of the open hands. Her back was toward the Astray, Boomerangs now becoming beam sabers.
  15. A boulder to Creed’s left suddenly exploded, a line forming from a slice of some type,trailing through the material. The dust from the explosion sucked behind the source as it flew away, a beam boomerang. Confusion riddled Creed’s face for just a moment before it dawned on him that it was a distraction, or rather that I most likely had to be. Based on the direction of the boomerang it had originated somewhere vaguely in front of him, which meant what exactly? Creed instinctively brought the Astray to his right, weapon poised but still tucked away; and just as he turned his attention away from the exploding boulder a glimmer caught his eye. Two boomerangs! He thought as he jerked his controls to hop backwards into the direction of the cut boulder. There was no way he could track the second projectile, and he feared that he couldn’t do much to prevent the second attack. While he wished he had the skills to cut the boomerang midair he was happy enough as his instincts paid off. The glimmer of the second projectile violently sailed just in front of the Astray’s head. The heat of the beam likely sizzling off some of the paint. The proximity of the weapon was enough to startled Creed, and he stumbled backwards against a boulder which barely stopped him from falling on his butt. Thinking of how “uncool” he must seem he took a deep breath then fired his thrusters. The Astray hobbled back onto its feet and began a trot roughly towards the 2 o’clock from his original position. He didn’t run in a straight line, he knew better. Instead the Astray jerked after every other boulder and would kick off one of the obstacles to make a zig zag approach towards what he was guessing was his enemy’s location. He grimaced as he picked up a tempo to his movements. He still didn’t have a good idea where the enemy was or what he was facing for that matter. Based on the returning vectors of the boomerangs he could make a good guess where to go but nothing was popping out to his eyes. This made the veteran all the more skittish as he kept checking his rear sensors for another trick. If he kept moving maybe he could stir up another attack and get a better idea what he was dealing with. “Bide your time…” he murmured to himself.
  16. Amy sat in the main lobby of GBN, browsing through various modes. "No. No. Definitely no." She said while scrolling down. Eventually, she found what she was looking for. "Close Combat only 1v1." The diver exclaimed. "This could work." As she pressed accept, her avatar was brought to the cockpit or her Gunpla, the Murasaki Archer. With an arsenal of close combat weaponry, the GN Archer had technology from the Blitz Gundam, allowing invisibility. "I probably won't even need it that much." She said as she looked around the large duel zone. "This place is perfect." The Murasaki Archer was currently hidden behind one of the larger boulders this field had to offer. It'd be a challenge to find her, but the same could be said for her opponent. This is until the fake sunlight glistened off the gold mobile. Peeking ever so slightly over the boulder, she saw the Astray, ready to attack with its samurai sword if she got close. "Hmmm. Can't get close with the Folding Razors." She thought. Kyle could likely pick off a mobile suit like this for her, but she was all alone here. Her skill as a diver was all that mattered now. Amy pulled a Beam Boomerang with her right hand, aiming and throwing toward the left side of the machine. She quickly turned on the stealth system, opting to now hide behind another rock almost perpendicular from the Astray. Hoping her distraction would work, she threw the other boomerang toward her real target, the beam sabers on the back of the mobile suit.
  17. ((This is a GBN battle rematch between Roromi and Frosty! Creed will essentially be using just a dolled up Astray Red Frame.)) Creed’s environment shifted from the public GBN lobby into the familiar scene of a Gunpla cockpit. The man stroked his beard as he glanced at the displays and the status of his unit. CIWS empty, beam rifle lost; they weren’t kidding about melee weapons only. The veteran let out a nervous chuckle as he took in the virtual controls. He looked at the environment he was in and was surprised to see that he was on an earthly pasture. It appeared to be set on a high plateau with views all around of deep valleys. The grassy field he was set on danced like waves in the wind, crashing harmlessly across his mobile suit’s feet. There were a few mobile suit sized boulders around, enough to offer brief lapse of cover against an opponent. Enough boulders riddled the field to offer a loose maze with no path clearly seeing the other side of the plateau’s edge. It felt like a perfect dueling ground, not too open, and not too convoluted with obstacles. Cracking his knuckles the man let a grin grow on his face as he took the controls. The Astray Custom Gold frame jerked into motion lifting its colossal hand in front of Creed and swinging the limb over to grasp the hilt of the stories-tall samurai sword on his hip. With his left shielded hand he brought the Astray to hold the scabbard steady and poised to draw the blade out in a slice. He held the blade back, instead opting to stalk the maze, like a samurai stalking a ninja. He was ready to explode into action with a single stroke. His mobile suit strode deliberately and not quickly. The Astray was nimble enough but Creed knew that melee fights could be unpredictable and his best bet was to remain aggressive but cautious. It had been years since Creed had built, much less used this particular unit. Essentially it was the Astray Red Frame but painted up as the gold frame instead. The markings were also custom displaying “OMNI Enforcer” and other earth slogans since this was a unit he had made long before he became a Zapp employee. The armaments consisted of a single samurai sword, his anti beam Shield, and the two beam sabers on his back, not to mention the somewhat unreliable power couplings on the hands. Needless to say he was excited to be using the unit once more. The gold glistened in the sunlight and he couldn’t help but appreciate the aesthetics the unit had to offer. He shook his head letting the notion slip from his mind so he could focus on the challenge before him. He had to find his enemy and destroy them, no matter the cost.
  18. Hmm? Niemeyer’s attention was soon brought by his onboard computer to something happening outside his field of vision to the right, according to the way the alarm sounded. Turning into a Mobile Suit and tilting its head towards the stimuli, his DINN briefly stopped, but switched to its simple MA mode once again very soon and kept moving. The pilot had seen enough. Alright, picture taken. It’s not simply above in the air. No point to that when it can shoot me on the top, or ride me while turning me into roast with a saber… The green DINN gained altitude, and soon was lost among the clouds. It’s on the ground, but not anywhere near that flash. An explosion would obviously not trigger near it, no sense to that. A rifle or a grenade both mean he’s far from that building… “but my sensors haven’t picked anything up.” He opened the snapshot he had taken of the area, and noticed something. Bingo. I’ve got it… the projectile hit one of the buildings before exploding. And damage can be seen from this side of it. That means it’s somewhere in that area… The Captain drew an imaginary, C-shaped zone on his head, which seemed to engulf the area where the grenade exploded. He gripped his controls, and activated his first weapons system. "Multipurpose Launcher. HE Rounds. Twenty. Left... four rounds." From the clouds, missiles started to rain towards the city, bombing the streets inside the C-shaped zone. The DINN pilot descended immediately after, facing the zone, to observe the results. “You tried to trick me! Pretty impressive for an A.I, but if you have any sense of self-preservation, this will smoke you out.” You can fly up, or light on those thrusters and simply find more cover. But whichever you do, I'll know where you are. Thank heavens this city is not real. Such a situation would cripple me in real life… i couldn’t simply fire at a city like this. Not with all the treaties and bureaucracy going on.
  19. Nyaa only has Origin, Thunderbolt, IBO, Fighters, Fighters Try Island Wars (but not Try itself), and Divers. BakaBT has turned... weird. Still, i can check other sites and force myself to watch through it if i do find it in subs. Plus now i know where to watch IBO and see if i give it a try.
  20. Amy's Gunpla Collection #1 - Murasaki Archer Base Unit: GNR-101A GN Archer Operator: Amy O'Connor Defensive Systems: Phase Shift Armor - exceptional resistance to physical damage, at the cost of power consumption per hit. Melee Weapons: Folding Razor x4 - Anti-armor knifes that can be used in close combat or thrown. Combat Knife - Large foldable knife used as a last resort. Projectile Weapons: Beam Boomerang - Throwing weapons that emit a short beam blade on one end, and can return to the owner after throwing. Slash Disc - Two high-speed rotating disks that hone in on enemies. Not reusable. Power system: Battery Pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply. Special Abilities/Features: Stealth System - An invisibility system that can hide from plain sight. However, it's Phase Shift Armor is disabled.
  21. Hikaru was more than a little surprised when, after adjusting the ZAKU Warrior Light Armor's parameters, he was thrown straight into a battle. He had no idea that there was an online multiplayer to this system. Perhaps it was something added later? Still, it seemed oddly implemented. He wasn't even given the option to decline. Hikaru would have minded were it his main GBN machine or one of his other builds, but this particular one? "Ah well, maybe it'll be fun." He took note of the terrain, quickly noting that the land surrounding the city was too exposed to serve as cover. It reminded him of the ancient UCGO computer game. The ZAKU have to use the city which it found itself in for cover. He initially sought out an overpass or something but found this to be a city much like those in Europe - ancient enough for roads to be forced to conform to the terrain and old buildings rather than the other way around. Roundabouts were present, though the inclusion of traffic lights at them indicated an American touch. It was a noncommittal mix of old and new. The pilot guided his machine into the shadow of a taller building, careful to turn down the light of his optical sensor to reduce visibility. Getting trapped between buildings was a bad idea since he would need to retain his mobility, so he stayed near some of the wider roads. Primary Directives: Find Enemy Mobile Suit (0/1) Maintain Peace and Order No Secondary Objectives Noting the beginning of the encounter and Shield and Beam Machine Gun at the ready, he decided to wait. It wouldn't be long before he saw a DINN take to the air in the distance, and he clicked his teeth. An aerial unit had an advantage with its ranged armaments. Though he could use cover to his advantage, it wouldn't be ideal. No, he needed to be careful with this. The pilot took one of his machine's grenades and tossed it into the distance from his cover. In a more constrained area between several buildings, one which the DINN might be able to corner a hypothetical enemy, the flash grenade went off. "Come on. Fall for it. Use up your missiles, be drawn in closer, something..." Hikaru uttered, hoping his enemy had an itchy trigger finger.
  22. No canon characters. Otherwise it will be quite troublesome trying to deal with them or explain what happened to them. Check Nyaa or BakaBT?
  23. Hmm what if we did our own version of destiny’s timeline?
  24. It was a very quiet night aboard Captain Niemeyer's regal-looking vessel, the Florence. Nothing was showing up on the scanners, there wouldn't be an attack from the Federation (or other undesirable groups) either, not so soon after the last one, and they'd already been served dinner. Now there would be only two things to do: fall asleep on the Captain's chair out of boredom while making his rounds, dropping his cup of tea in the floor, or go to his quarters and stare at the ceiling for hours, having already exhausted his supply of sleep aid pills. Well it definitely won't be either. I'd rather die than do this again and again every night… or rather, it’ll kill me. God, i can’t think clearly anymore. Getting up from his chair, he left his Executive Officer, Pizzini, in charge of the chair, the tea and countless sensors that beeped as soon as they picked up some wildlife on the ground. He lied to him about having to check up with the mechanics one last time before going to sleep, even though Lieutenant Pizzini most likely knew already: they wouldn't find him on his bed anytime soon, but rather, in the cockpit of his personal DINN, running simulations. And soon enough, he was in the hangar, preparing to enter the machine, painted green with golden and red accents, a color scheme inspired by the Zaku IIs of the Zeon Royal Guard. A black uniform jacket and white peaked cap were tucked under the seat, as he closed the hatch behind him and fired up the electrical systems, leaving the engines, actuators and Minovsky Reactor inactive. He navigated the simulator's menu slowly, out of boredom. He'd tried it all out in ZAFT's catalog: the BuCUE, the GOOhN, the ZnO, among others. The chief engineer, a One Year War veteran, had even hooked him up with data cartridges to simulate Mobile Suits of previous eras, such as various Zaku I and II variants, the Flight Type Gouf, GM Sniper II and even a Gundam… of which there only seemed to remain a round head with manipulators attached to the sides and a cannon on top. A very weird contraption that looked more like a Ball than a Gundam, but a Gundam's a Gundam, and so the enigmatic B Gundam remained the jewel of the crown in his collection of Mobile Suit data. One day, I shall obtain the rest of its body and know what controlling a Gundam truly feels like. Then, he found a new option. “Duel”? What’s this one do? Must have come with the newest firmware… Eager to find something new to finally feel in need of a nap, he pressed the button, and braced himself as the screen turned dark, only showing a single word on screen: “SEARCHING”, and the Mobile Suit’s HUD. Thus, he knew the system had selected the default Mobile Suit… his own. I won’t be unacquainted with the controls, at the very least. Now, before his eyes appeared a city. A floodplain surrounded by gently rolling hills, with buildings too diverse to be characterised by any particular architectural style, partly because of their varying ages, and intrincate streets navigating the massive city, with unintuitive turns, dangerous looking roundabouts and most particularly, traffic lights on the left side of the roads, when present. The skies were gray and cloudy, but the weather looked stable and the wind was bearable. It reminds me of one of those cities smack dab in Federation territory, as shown in my high school geography books. The DINN, standing next to a hangar in an airport with a layout not unlike Carpentaria Base’s, took off to the skies and deployed its six golden wings, as Niemeyer’s objectives appeared in the HUD. Primary Directives: Find Enemy Mobile Suit (0/1) Restore Peace and Order No Secondary Objectives Only one enemy? So that’s what it meant by “Duel”. Well, if it’s just one of them, he ought to be skilled enough. Better be wary of my surroundings...
  25. Worried about this option. I didn't get to finish Destiny. Long gone in the rotation when i finally made time for it.
  26. Creed settled into the virtual cockpit for Bael. He cracked his neck then popped his knuckles. He scowled at the screens as they lit up. Marco was in a serious mood today. No more experimenting, no more half taken measures. Today, Creed meant business. Gritting his teeth he gripped the controls for the powerful machine. “Marco Creed, Bael taking off.” He grumbled out loud as Bael made its way down the catapult of the Versailles. When the alabaster mech cleared the ship he flared the thrusters and spun the elegant mobile suit in a barrel roll. When he got to a safe distance from the Versailles he shifted the suit to gaze back at his teammates. He turned just in time to see Hikaru launch off with his tell tale Gundam and G weapon. Creed watched his team launched off one after the other. His mind wandered with each thruster flare and he found himself contemplating just how the day was going to turn out. His gloves hands caresses the controls affectionately. In just a few moments he’d be putting the golden blades of Bael to maximum effect, a smirk grew on his lips in anticipation. Still part of him grimaced at the notion of even working with the renowned nihilist Rae Le Cruset, but Creed knew now was the time to put such thoughts aside. Never mind the fact that in this world Rau’s logic could somewhat be considered reasonable. If Alpha team was gonna succeed in taking down an unsinkable ship they’d have to be indelible in their actions today.
  27. Hikaru waited at the Gundam Base for his younger sisters who were currently fulfilling their duties as Puru image girls. They made time for him, but there were points where they were pulled away and he was left alone. His parents had been having them bring him to the Gundam Base so he wouldn't become a complete shut-in. There were still times like this where they had to go record voice lines or officiate events in GBN that he wasn't part of, which left him little to do. The latest anime/GBN crossover event left them busy. As he pondered what Gunpla to build to pass the time, he saw two high school-aged boys storm out of a room he'd never been in before. “Can you believe that? Who uses a system that wrecks the Gunpla you use with it?” One half-shouted angrily. “At least you won. My GOUF Ignited was pretty much destroyed...” The other one said, more grumbling than shouting. The two left the Gundam Base in clear irritation, making Hikaru curious. Navigating his wheelchair to the room and entering, he realized what what had made the pair angry. There was a Gunpla Duel setup in the room, and the system still had the two discarded Gunpla within. One was a High Grade ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited and the other was a High Grade ZGMF-1100/K Slash ZAKU Warrior. Indeed, the GOUF was very heavily damaged while the ZAKU had damage to some of its more superficial shoulder and ankle armor, its shield, its stock beam tomahawk, and its its leg energy piping. Laying claim to the parts, Hikaru headed to the build table and also took stock of various discarded pieces and runners which he'd collected from the establishment for turning into plastic for his 3D Printer. Noting some verniers, and a Heat Hawk with a broken handle, he got to work. Painting the parts wasn't possible right now, though he detailed seams with an ultra fine permanent marker and filed down various nubs. The base units were made stock by rookies, and he had to use the plastic spudger tool in a few places to disassemble the unit to fix things. The similarities between the GOUF Ignited and the ZAKU Warrior meant some parts commonality for fixing the internal frame. The eventual end result was a ZAKU Warrior with stripped down shoulder and ankle armor, a GOUF Ignited Shield which had heated spikes and a pair of "Draupnir" Beam Guns in the face that held a Tempest Composite Beam Sword, racks on the hips that could store E-Pacs or missiles, extra verniers in the legs where there were once power cable connectors, and an optional Slash Wizard Pack. “Not bad for trash parts...” Hikaru said, smiling to himself. His new ZAKU Warrior Light Armor may not have been the best build he made, but it wasn't something to be ashamed of at least. Scanning it with the GBN scanner parts in his wheelchair and resolving to use that data to maintain or improve it later, he re-entered the empty Gunpla Duel room. Placing it onto the device where the ZAKU Warrior originally was, he accessed the system to fine-tune its specifications. He was also more than a little curious about how the Gunpla Duel system worked. It was a bit before his time, after all.
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