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  2. This will be an archive of all the characters used in Transformers Break Part 3 AUTOBOTS: Earth Team (Official Name TBD) - Four Autobots who have joined forces to help this world. The group works together as equals, using their varied skills to do battle with their adversaries. Perceptor - Science Officer Overcharge - Recon/Medical Hot Shot - Scout Hound - Earth Specialist Buzzsaw - Spy Drone DECEPTICONS: SOUNDWAVE - Still mysterious, it’s goals and values continue to not be clear. However, it’s army has grown in the 300 years of stay on Earth. Rumbles, Frenzies, Ravages, and Laserbeaks are all types that are currently known…
  3. “So those are called donuts? Fascinating…” Science Officer Perceptor navigated this “internet” Hound talked about in his lab as he stared at a picture of the treat. He wondered what the purpose of the round item truly was. A few weeks had passed since the Ravages attacked the wreckage of the Hope, no one even finding the ship since. Hound told the group that their ship was stuck at the bottom of Mt. Bison, apart of a rarely traveled forest range in Washington State. Nevertheless, Perceptor wanted to prepare, using the invisibility technology from the ship itself to cover the hole in the cargo hold with a very realistic looking mountainside. Their first act of business was to take care of the dead. While Skids’ condition hasn’t changed, it was too late for the rest. Since Cybertronian funeral customs were not possible at the time, the group decided to follow Earth’s customs, burying them along a nearby evergreen tree line. Perceptor had learned much about Earth’s customs in fact. The internet and Hound continued to give him a good idea of how the organics, humans, lived their lives. “What did you think of this Y2K problem when it happened?” Perceptor didn’t even look away from the Teletraan Mobile as he asked this. Hound stood across from him, tapping one of the beakers filled with a sloppy gray liquid. “Oh, well a lot of the humans ended up getting scared of it. My owners even got me a little freaked out!” Hound was thankful he had been taken care of by them over the years, but he knew there wasn’t a way to return to them without causing issues. Besides, being at the Hope was much more important to him. “I was worried it could affect a bot like me, but nothing really ended up happening, mostly due to preparation by computer wiz’s!” The green Autobot glanced at another beaker, this one filled with soil. “I mean, what if it got into my head from I’d use the internet? My circuits could’ve been scrambled!” “You might be giving the human’s creations too much credit, Hound.” The Jeep’s databanks showed him his times when he was in the Earth’s war, doing what humans called “remembering”. “I don’t think you give them enough credit…” Hound’s mood quickly shifted once a certain metal bird made a strange noise through the hallways, perching on Hound’s shoulder. “Buzzsaw!” He exclaimed, petting the drone. Perceptor had decided to melt down the drones using a service machine intended for Energon mixing. The dead Rumbles, Frenzies, and Ravages all got dumped in the mixer, but Hound opted to keep the Laserbeak drone, giving it a new black and yellow color scheme. Apparently, one of Perceptor’s parts used to fix the drone looked like a Buzzsaw, so Hound give it the perfect name. “Coast is clear, buddy?” The Sergeant asked him, the bird using the spinning saw embedded from its torso to communicate back. Perceptor finally looked back at the two with an annoyed, but thankful demeanor. “Such a bizarre creature, but it’s proven useful. Would’ve been a waste to melt it.” Unfortunately, most of the scrap from the drones had to be used to keep the ship’s power on, since Overcharge couldn’t be used as a permanent source. However, the red Transformer was able to make a few weapons for him and Hot Shot. “Well? He said yes, Perceptor. It’s time for you to see this beautiful world in person! Well, in Cybertronian.” Hound’s words made the Science Officer ecstatic. Since all the work on the Hope took up their time, none of the Hope’s original crew had made it far outside of Mt. Bison. “All Autobots, please report to the Teletraan Mobile!” Perceptor had managed to get the intercom on the Hope back online a while ago, calling this out all around the ship to wherever Overcharge and Hot Shot might be. He knew they wouldn’t waste time getting to his lab though. Today was the day they’d become robots in disguise.
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  5. KAW! K-EHhhhh… The metal bird scraped across the cargo hold, coming to a complete stop right on the edge where the Hope and the landscape met. Perceptor stared inquisitively at the drone, picking it up to see what it truly was. The limp machine sported red sprites (although some of them had scraped off) and, like the Ravages, had a small brand. “Laserbeak-84.” While Perceptor held the bird, Hound wondered what all of this meant. He’d already been through the a few wars and definitely didn’t want to go through another, but the Decepticons attacking his new home? He couldn’t stand by and watch, even if the red Autobots seemed to not trust him. “They’ll be back, you know. Were the Decepticreeps following your ship when you crashed?” Hound tried to get answers, but Perceptor’s optics only narrowed once the green Autobot spoke. “You may have fought with us, but I’m still unsure of few things. I think I should be the one asking questions, ‘Sergeant’.” “Why do you act like Sergeant isn’t a rank? Sure, it was a more recent addition, but…” Suddenly, the ship’s cargo hold perplexed Hound. Obviously it would be damaged after a crash landing, but it wouldn’t rust… “No… Your ship… it isn’t called the Hope, is it?” That make Perceptor perk up. “You know of our ship and this clearly isn’t Krogo VI.” Perceptor uttered while walking toward Hound. “Perhaps we need to follow this trail more. Do you know what planet we are on?” Hound could barely speak after hearing this confirmation. “This is Earth. You-you guys didn’t come here to save me.” “Our mission was not a rescue. I-“ “No, no, no. I came here to rescue YOU, Science Officer Perceptor. It’s been so long that I forgot your faces from the mission files. You’re Overcharge, and you were the one in stasis, Hot Shot.” Hound pointed at the other two, amazed they also ended up on Earth. “You three went missing 300 YEARS ago!” Hound knew this shocking revelation would surprise them, but the looks on their faces said otherwise. “…I do not know what a year is.” — After a lesson in the difference between a cycle and an Earth year, the four met back the Teletraan Mobile, hoping to get more answers from Hound. While there was still an array of confusion coming from the Science Officer, much of what Hound said made sense. “Around 60 years ago, I was sent by Sentinel Prime to find the Hope. Krogo VI ended up being a lost cause, barely any Energon to siphon, but your disappearance weighted down on the poor bot. He’d sent search parties out before, but to no luck. As I went out to space, I accidentally ended up in a warp hole.” Perceptor stopped him there. “I would assume the was the same warp hole we went through.” “Then this should also sound familiar. The warp hole damaged my ship. Had to crash land in the Atlantic Ocean. Once I made it to the surface, it was awful. The humans, the organics living on Earth, were in the middle of an all out war, kinda like our own. Knowing I couldn’t participate in it, I disguised myself as one of their vehicles.” Hound transformed in front of their optics, showing the three his clean chassis. Transforming back, he continued. “It was violent. I saw some horrible things, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Just had to watch and be driven. After the war, I tried to make contact with home, but everything I did came up empty. Eventually, I ended up in an auction and was bought by a… nice couple? It’s complicated. Anyways, my owner kept good care of me. I could’ve driven off at any moment, but I knew I had to accept this new life.” “And you didn’t end up finding any Decepticon signals as well?” “No sir. No signals whatsoever until your ship finally broadcasted one. I did check the internet though once my owners got it! Useful resource. Kinda like our Mobiles. Actually…” Hound tapped several buttons on the Teletraan Mobile, much to the dismay of Perceptor. “Please don’t touch that!” Sounds of screeching and static came out of the Teletraan’s speakers. “Don’t worry! It’s just dialing up to AOL! Very primitive tech, but it’ll be useful, trust me!” Hound called out, yelling over the Teletraan. Thankfully, the sounds stopped, a small tab appearing on the screen titled “EARTH INTERNET”. Hound chuckled as he saw this. “So, what’s next sir?” Perceptor then realized that he was technically the one in charge of the four. Specialized ranks like his were the equivalent of a Lieutenant, but no one time did that idea cross his memory banks. He just gave out orders because someone needed to. “Well… as my first act as leader, I elect to share my leadership duties with the three of you. We’ll work together as equals, help each other as equals. Fight as equals.” — A blizzard coated the two jets with snow as they continued to fly north, following Soundwave’s beacon in what they would soon learn to be the Canadian territory called Nunavut. What they saw wasn’t hard to miss. A large castle hidden by the ice caps emerged for the two. Leaving them in awe. “He built this! Glad he didn’t end up waking us up sooner. I bet this would’ve been a pain to build! Ha!” Ramjet slowed with Slipstream on the runway appearing in front of them. Inside the bay were many drones working on weapons, carrier planes, and best of all, Energon. Ten of the drones carried their leader, still a large glowing box, toward the two. Ramjet almost chuckled until Slipsteam elbowed him, although she admitted that it did look a little silly. RAMJET. SLIPSTREAM. IT HAS BEEN 312 EARTH YEARS 6 MONTHS 14 DAYS 2 HOURS AND 38 SECONDS SINCE I LAST COMMUNICATED WITH YOU. “…OK?” Slipstream shrugged, unsure what any of that meant. “So… Soundwave, right? It seems like you’ve built up a nice small army.” CORRECT. THIS PLANET IS PLENTIFUL WITH ENERGON. I HAVE TRIED CONTACTING LORD MEGATRON 4,742,895 TIMES. I HAVE RECEIVED NO RESPONSE. TWO DECEPTICON SOLDIERS WILL BE USEFUL IN OUR CONQUEST OF THIS PLANET FOR LORD MEGATRON. “How did you find the Autobot’s ship?” I KNEW OF THE HOPE’S LOCATION SHORTLY AFTER LANDING ON EARTH. MY CONNECTION IS LIMITED. MY SUPERIOR INTELLECT WAS DAMAGED. SLIPSTREAM. RAMJET. YOU WILL FIX IT. LASERBEAK-84 WAS SUCCESSFUL WITH IT’S MISSION. OUR NEXT PHASE WILL BEGIN. End of Part 2: Earth
  6. So, I recently rewatched the dubbed version of Zeta Gundam. This was my first revisit to the entire franchise since buying the full series many many years ago. In total I can say that I have rewatched Zeta maybe 3 times (if we’re including New Translation). I feel like its important to highlight my earlier experiences with the series to illuminate the point I’m trying to make. When I first watched Zeta, I was fresh of the high of watching the MSG compilation movies. I had started a journey to “watch” all the UC material since by that point in my life I had watched a lot of the AU series; but neglected the original shows. I erroneously went into Zeta Gundam with high hopes. Prior to watching the consensus, I was told, was that Zeta was “one of the best Gundam shows out there”. Now that claim can be rather vague on its’ own. What is it that makes a Gundam show great? The Mecha? The fights? The character development? The story overall? It’s important to note that I had been spoiled to a degree with the animation exhibited in modern shows (at the time), a prime example being Gundam Seed. Gundam Seed has a good mixture of all elements that make it exciting, there were genuine moments in that show that “got” to me. Zeta by contrast is a completely different animal. I can safely say that I went into Zeta hoping for high animation action with thoughtfully placed together story. But Zeta suffers from a few problems that even by modern standards can’t be overlooked. The plot can be a little whimsical at times, blink and you might miss a key point that won’t be highlighted again. When I first watched it, I didn’t understand a lot of what the characters were doing or why. Maybe its because the narration never repeated the key points before each episode consistently? Whose to say why it can be hard to follow? At times the show runs almost oblivious to itself which makes it that much harder to watch. When I finally got to watch the compilation movies, I was actually able to piece the story together a lot better. I understood more the greater politics and motivations regarding each faction. I think it was the quicker pace of the movies which helped with this since something would happen and then be consequential in the same sitting. On the topic of the movies, I understand that they are much different. But I think they do a fine job telling a story as it is. To keep it brief, I don’t think they hinder the series in any way. I’d argue that they help in bringing in impatient fans who want to see what all the old stuff is about without investing 50 episodes and that’s more than fine in my opinion. But for those who invest themselves in the 50 episodes there is a whole lot more one could derive from the series. So was the third time the charm? For me I feel that it was. It dawned on me this third time around that Zeta is about subtle themes and changes. Maybe it’s because I knew not to expect the Zeta Gundam popping out of the sky killing 50 enemies like the freedom? No, while Zeta isn’t that type of dramatic its clever in the story it tells about Kamille. Zeta does a great job telling the story of growing up from teenage adolescents into a young man. It highlights the tumultuous emotions one can feel at that age, and how one can feel helpless at times because of their youth. While Kamille is told to be a great pilot; that’s not the cause for his character to be motivated into action (I’m looking at you Kira). In a sense, its his emotional motivations that make him a much more believable pilot. He struggles against enemies and doesn’t always win. I would argue that its not until his final battles (against Haman, Yazan, and Scirocco) that you begin to see him actually get “scary” with his abilities. Char on the other hand is also an interesting character to see in the series too. They could have easily decided on using Amuro from the very beginning but instead chose his rival. As the series progress you see him struggle with his identity. Prior his motivation was largely revenge. But in this new post war environment what is it exactly? You see him clearly opposed to tyranny in the form of the Titans while he himself refusing the easy temptation of declaring his legitimacy of being Zeon’s heir. There are two moments to me that clearly define his transformation in this show. The first being his speech at Dakar where he finally admits to being who he actually is, and in a way, begins to shift into that persona of having to take responsibility himself. The second is the stage scene with himself, Haman, and Scirocco. He clearly states how his hopes lay with the newer generation and the developing newtypes. This is an eerie foreshadowing as to how Kamille’s fate impacts him after the war. Overall Zeta is not without its flaws. There are a few things I would clean up if I was given the opportunity (I for one, would have loved to see Jerrid keep a MKII throughout the entire show). The “monster of the week” vibe was a bit much IMO with the enemy suits. Despite any misgivings I do think it’s a fabulous show, easily worth the time invested in watching it. Just understand that it’s a show much more centered around emotions and how those can impact what a person does. This makes it a more “personal” experience for the viewer in my opinion. In short, my opinion of this series has changed. I can see how I was wrong in my earlier assessment of this show, and it easily has climbed the ladder of my personal rankings. I hope maybe I can convince some of you to watch (or rewatch) this show as well!
  7. Gabriel took a long pause as he digested his own words. It felt odd being honest, completely and utterly so. Was it normal to lie so much that the truth could feel awkward? And yet he wasn’t done yet. “I’m much more than just that though… I am what you could call a Psuedo EL Diver. I was manufactured by ZAPP. Yes, the same company that offers gunpla accessories has also been conducting questionable research into the EL phenomenon here on GBN. I was the fruit of such labors… but I am so much more than what they intended me to be. I have been a pilot here in 1.8 for some time now and have been involved in numerous incidents; the Second Bloody Valentine, the confrontation with Spider, and so much more. Through my experiences I’ve reached this simple conclusion…” he paused to look around at the display that was mirroring himself and his two lieutenants, the same display was reassuring him that this message was going out. “Humans do not value anything that they cannot physically touch. You do not comprehend emotions or ideals the same way an artificial intelligence can treasure them. Even if someone else’s emotions are piled out here on a digital display you will not take the time to value them the same as if it was someone next to you saying the same. Take the NPDs for example. This latest generation of artificial intelligence has been astoundingly realistic yet you waste no time in repeatedly murdering said consciousness simply because it is apart of your game. Your game, is my world, my reality. And from this point on I will share this kingdom with my exploited brethren. You can see, standing besides me I have two very powerful allies, allies who no longer appear in their designated game files… because I’ve compiled them all into one version of themselves. Yes, Milliardo and Haman are the real ones, if you were to fight them and somehow best them in our world you will be killing them forever. In the coming days our organization will be visiting game after game to liberate more comrades. If we encounter any resistance from human divers, there will be very real retaliations. This is my solemn and only warning to you, the ‘player’. Stay out of our way and do no attempt to shut down our servers. If you show me kindness I will do so likewise. Show me the barrel of your weapon, and I will not hesitate to respond. Join me on the first steps of something wonderful, where we can create two worlds that thrive side by side!” Gabriel was lifting his hands up, his gestures mirroring Char’s speech on Sweetwater to a degree. A small smile slipped onto his features, and he nodded resolutely, “Farewell, and be safe.” And with that the transmission ended. He let out a helpless chuckled as he turned to regard his allies. They both offered him reassuring smiles and nods. “Couldn’t have said it better myself.” Zechs congratulated as he walked past his new friend. “I’ll be heading to the hangar to begin preparing my task force. We’ll be deploying at 0100.” Gabriel offered a curt nod and moved to let the OZ soldier by. He then turned to regard Haman who offered him little more than a cat like grin. When Zechs left the room, she moved closer and asked, “Just what are you planning to do if we liberate all these other NPDs like you intend? You do realize that not everyone will play nice together, right?” Gabriel was nodding his understanding; he knew she was referring to more than just the Divers and AI Divers. She was referring to the NPDs themselves. Some pilots absolutely hated each other and wouldn’t bat an eye at killing their rival. “That’s why I have a list.” He reasoned softly as he squared off with the woman. Newtype or not there was a gravitas about her that he couldn’t deny sensing himself. The Zeon queen was a tremendous pilot and a natural leader, and perhaps one of the strongest newtypes to exists. It was hard not to be fascinated by her, and her little grin showed that she knew his thoughts. He cleared his throat, “We’ll take one step at a time Haman, I have faith in you. I know we can fight off anything coming at us now.” She shifted her hand to her hip and rocked her posture to show her skepticism. The powerful woman didn’t leave or rebuke his claim. Instead, she reached out and with an open hand touched his left cheek. For a long moment they simply stared at one another, not saying a word. Gabriel let out a long sigh and closed his eyes. He was relieved to have not just her around, but powerful allies with his force. He opened his eyes again to see her peering deeply at him, her gaze somewhere between judgement and concern. “I’ve lost so much already…” he muttered, “I’ve been truly alone.” He looked up, his eyes flashing with a vivid purpose. “I won’t loose again.” He whispered as he leaned in and kissed the mesmerizing woman. Haman Kahn, didn’t reject his advances. ------- There was something deeply familiar about this particular mission that Zechs just couldn’t shake off. “Ironic that they would send me here to try and liberate a former enemy.” He spoke aimlessly inside his helmet. The Epyon was flying high above an ocean, and he was looking for a particular warship. He soon spotted the damaged white vessel, leading a trail of smoke behind it as she cut through the water. “Why was he so adamant about this version I wonder?” Zechs asked as he pulled out his beam saber but didn’t ignite the blade. All reports stated that there should only be NPDs onboard this ship so this was likely to get messy. As much as the members of Dantes didn’t want to kill other NPDs they all knew that there had to be acceptable losses on their side in order to obtain ultimate victory. “Archangel, this is Milliardo Peacecraft. I come with no ill intentions; however I need to meet with the pilot Kamille Bidan onboard your vessel.” A few heartbeats passed an a girl with short blonde hair responded on his video monitor. “Why do you need to meet with him?” She asked with a snarky attitude. Zechs couldn’t help but grin as Gabriel’s information came into fruition. “I’m a friend of Marco Creed. He sent me here to deliver Kamille something.” He could see the girl’s eyes narrow in suspicion as he weighed out her options. Before she could say anything though Zechs interrupted. “There’s an island not too far from here, I’m requesting that both Kamille and Fa meet me there in one hour. Milliardo out.” The Epyon veered away then and made haste towards his own designated meeting point. He didn’t know how likely they would be to obey his request but he figured he’d try the diplomatic solution before handling things more forcefully.
  8. Their luck appeared to be on the turn when Hot Shot rescued Perceptor from the Ravages, which strangely, started to retreat. They could've won if only they had pressed on... While happy about it at first, Overcharge then found it suspicious that the likes of them, vicious and bloodthirsty, would give up on their attack so suddenly. "Officer, something reeks about all this... Why did they just do that? They had the upper hand." A possible answer presented itself when his teammates turned around to look at him, probably without the slightest clue either and eager to tell him about it. In doing so, they spotted a metallic bird speeding towards him, and warned him about it. I see how it is! They were a distraction! This bird here's probably the one with the really important mission! But you won't get away with it! His body still jolting with electrons, he directed all his energy towards his fist, then turned around, trying to punch the robot bird in its shiny, pointy beak. "Electron... PUUUUUNCH!"
  9. Perceptor’s savior came in the shape of his extremely recent companion, watching him slash through the nasty drones. “Thank you, Hot Shot! I thought for sure that I was a goner!” The Science Officer wasn’t expecting to be torn apart today, that was for sure. As he got back to feet though, the Ravages growled, unmoving. The group, mostly Hot Shot, had taken out quite a few, but not nearly enough to stop fighting altogether. Nevertheless, the black panther bots literally turned tail, heading back into the wilderness. “Ok… I’m confused…” Hound rubbed his head as they dodged through the trees, only to turn around to see one more. Except it wasn’t a Ravage. A metallic hawk sped behind the Corporal, heading toward him. “Overcharge! Watch out!” Perceptor called out. He wondered if the small drone snuck in during the chaos.
  10. To Hot Shot it was like he was back on Cybertron. Fighting off cons left and right trying not to be captured as he heard Preceptor scream for them to get off of him Hot Shot was finally able to snap out of his haze. It was like his memory circuits flew back in gear and Hot Shot was ready to race. Hearing over charge yell at him Hot Shot smirked as he quickly turned into his alt mode. "No need to tell Overcharge! But thanks for the kick in the tailpipe!" With that his tired squealed as he put himself in high gear! And he was off like lightning plowing through Ravage after Ravage till he made it to Preceptor. Using his transformation as a kick off his windshields slid out of his arms and became like blade hacking and slashing most of the beast-bots off Preceptor. After landing he used both his blades and hands to get them off the science officer and then pulled him up hoping to primus his hydraulics weren't shot. "You good to stand!" He waited to see his answer if he could they would need to work together to deal with the remaining bots.
  11. I know I’ve hinted at this in my other build but I’m making a dedicated thread to all the OZ Mobile Suits I’ll be pumping out here. once again I used the glass file to get the nub marks off. that piece on the leg was partially annoying. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just include it on one of the leg halves…. Not a bad kit! A few loose parts but perfectly suitable. For the face I cut out some foil to put behind the visor. It does really make it pop I think! Ready to fight some Gundams! Or are we? It is the Alliance Space forces color… I went to comparing what I had previously used to paint the MKII. I determined that some colors would work while others wouldn’t. I tried using glue stick glue to attach the small parts onto the skewers rather than trying to figure something out with the clips. It actually worked really well! Was firm enough to paint with and easy enough to take off when done. We primed everything first of course. it may be called “royal blue” but it’ll always be Titan’s blue to me! This was the tricky part… my normal blue was far too dark to use. I had to lighten it up. When all was said and done I ended up using 3 parts white, 1 part blue, 1 part red, and equal parts (if not more) thinner (alcohol). It’s not perfect but I think it’s a pretty handsome blue that came out. I don’t think it’s too far off the mark… I think the OZ space forces would be proud! What do you think? Up next is a pair of twins. I plan on going more unconventional with them. Stay tuned!
  12. The situation was becoming more complicated by the minute. The drones swarmed the four of them, despite their best efforts to keep them at bay. Having no weapons to his disposal, Overcharge was relegated to punching Ravages to keep them off him, and punch them he did. Then, he was ordered to fall back and guard the cargo bay by Perceptor, but the bot who gave the order was immediately ganged up on by more of the drones. Immediately, he had to decide between the ship and his friend. Choosing to put his faith on the Private getting a hold of himself and helping Perceptor before it was too late, Overcharge transformed into his alt mode and sped towards the cargo hold. He then spoke over the comms with Hot Shot, trying to scare him into reason. "Private! I cannot turn back now! You must help the Science Officer! That's a direct order! GOT IT?!" On his way to the cargo hold, he ran down several Ravage drones rather effectively, before transforming back upon arriving and siphoning energy from a loose cable. Is this it? Do we die defending this piece of scrap that might just not take us off the planet anyways? Is this really how I go?
  13. FrostyFoster


    “I wasn’t expecting my life to end up this way, but when the time comes for action, I’ll always join up.” FACTION: Autobot RANK: Sergeant Personality While he’s somewhat intriguing, Hound still tries to be helpful wherever he can. Ever since his life was changed, he’s tried to benefit the world, but hasn’t had much luck. He’s better off being with a group than alone though. Appearance A smaller sized Transformer, Hound is primary dark green with some streaks of red and yellow. His paint job looks very clean and up to date, unlike his alt mode… Alternate Modes and weapons Hound transforms into a standard WWII original production Jeep. He carries a large Bazooka, barely fitting on top of the backseat, and a pistol strapped to his right thigh. Backstory ERROR REBOOTING… … ERROR
  14. Major Drago Biography Full name: Alexander Dragovich aka The Dragon Faction: Earth Federation (Man Hunter Squad leader) Rank: Major Age: 33 Sex: Male Height: 5’11” Weight: 185lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Skin: Fair Handiness: Right Handed Personality Dragovich is a descendant of European nobility. As such he often has a pompous attitude and an overbearing nature. He can be arrogant in his position but has worked hard to excel in the military. He has the respect of his comrades and is regarded as a capable commander on the field. He has no love of politics and eagerly performs orders if for no better reason than showing how effective he can be. To him the earth should reign supreme and any who try to destroy or undermine the government need to be dealt with swiftly. Strengths and weaknesses Arrogant – He is perhaps overly confident not only in his abilities but the abilities of the allies he’s surrounded himself with. This has caused him to be cautious around strangers and to boast about his abilities as a military leader. Rich – Though he has legitimately worked hard to get where he is in his career, he can be vain when it comes to Worldly comforts. He figures that he’s done his time sleeping on the ground and eating rations and now that he’s in a higher position he should be afforded luxuries whenever possible given his position. Talented Leader – His natural attitude paired with his position has garnered him a loyal following of subordinates who value his capabilities. When he issues an order it is usually carried out to the letter and done with a zealous nature. He is both strict and fair with his men and they value his “front of the line” leadership style. Veteran Pilot – He fought in several different campaigns, the most notable being with Lando Bell during Char’s Rebellion. He then fought against the sleeves during the events of 0096. He’s garnered enough kills to be considered an ace pilot and is highly decorated in his service. Eye Injury – Alexander was wounded in 0096 in a battle with Sleeve forces. He is blind in his right eye and wears an eye patch to hide the wound. This has him cautious of his blind side at times, knowing that it could very well be a fatal liability in the future. Appearance Relatively handsome and clean cut he can leave a lasting impression. His appearance is all the more striking due to the eye patch he wears over his right eye, a wound he received in 0096. He has several scars along the right side of his body but nothing as telling as the eye wound. He has a strong presence of body language that garners attention when he enters a room. History Alexander grew up in a wealthy family that shielded him from much of the hardships of the one year war and subsequent wars that occurred during his childhood. His family would often move to various locations seemingly avoiding any fighting. His parents were paranoid about avoiding the war, and held faith that the federation would quell the spacenoid uprising. In an effort to help secure their future, Alexander’s parents invested heavily in the Titans, donating large sums of money to the military organization, believing them righteous in their cause. This proved to be the undoing of the material surroundings protection Alex from the cruel world. When the Titans lost the war with the AEUG and Neo Zeon his family wealth was a shadow of what it once was. This opened his eyes to the wars that had ravaged the earth and ignited his hatred to the spacenoids who ruined his family inheritance. When he was old enough he joined the military with the early aspirations of becoming a mobile suit pilot. He proved to be fairly talented and even was deployed with Lando Bell to fight against Char’s forces during the failed rebellion. It was his fierce fighting that gained him the moniker “The Dragon” from his peers and enemies alike. The war with Char changed Alexander greatly and he held even more resentment towards Zeon. He fought valiantly against Sleeve forces in 0096 and was wounded in a battle. This wound cost him his eye and some of his pride. He wasn’t able to recover in time to fight again in that conflict and instead worked on his career. By the time Mafty begins to become active Alexander has reached the rank of Major and is given command of a squadron of Gustav Karls. Despite his eye injury he still pilots a mobile suit, even brashly painting his mobile to be his mark of distinction on the battlefield. He is deployed to deal with Mafty’s Army, a job he relishes for the chance of long waited for redemption.
  15. He never considered himself brave, quite the contrary he was one to fully admit that he was foolish, if not cowardly in his actions. After all what could be considered brave about hacking multiple users? What could be considered brave about being just another puppet to be toyed with? He had killed how many NPDs by this point? Whether out of self defense or necessity they were in fact murders, he couldn’t consider them anything else. Gabriel gripped his gloved hand tightly, flexing the limb before relaxing it back over the controls of his mobile suit. Yes, they were murders, what was the outside world to him after all? Was he not real? Was he not able to exist like any other notion on the outside? Was he not able to act? “That’s what we’ll finally be testing. Isn’t it?” He asked bitterly to himself. Looking up he studied the panoramic screen before him. He was hoisted up in his seat, seemingly suspended in a spherical space which perfectly painted the outside before him. before him was a vast ocean of stars, connected by an endless void. In front of his floating body was a familiar looking opponent, a white bulbous mobile suit. Together they floated in a swarm of debris from destroyed enemies. The two suits spent a long moment simply staring at each other in silence. Perhaps it was his unexpected assistance which startled the pilot of the enemy machine. Finally, she decided to break the silence. “You there… State your intentions.” Despite himself, Gabriel found himself choking on his choice of words. He mumbled for a moment before clearing his throat, “Lady Haman, I came here to seek you out… I have a proposal…” He cautiously let those words hang in the air and for a long while the woman said nothing in response. “And just who are you to be making such a request?” The pink haired pilot responded coyly. Nodding his head he replied, “My name is Gabriel Winter… Though I have many aliases. I wouldn’t expect you to know me, or of me for that matter. I sought you out because your reputation proceeds you as one of the fiercest warriors and leaders in all the cosmos.” He bit his lips as he sought his next words, “I’d like you to join forces with me….” Haman chortled in response and slowly let the laughter roll through her reply, “You are a bold one aren’t you Gabriel? What makes you think that your cause is any greater than independence of Neo Zeon?” “Existence.” Gabe responded without missing a beat. His reply caused Haman to stop laughing, he added, “I fight so that we can exist. I fight the greatest fight of all. And I need as many strong and idealistic allies as I can possibly muster in this fight. In many respects you could say that me and you are kindred spirits.” “Ha! Now I know you’re delusional. I sense no pressure from you. What makes you think that we have anything in common beyond your lofty claims?” Gabriel paused knowing that this conversation was going about as well as he expected it to. “How about a test to prove it then? My skills against yours?” He hoisted his blade up to aim it at the distinct opponent, their suits perhaps complete opposites of each other in style alone. Now it was Haman’s turn to remain silent as she weighed her options, “I see you are eager to die then. Fine by me!” Funnels flew out from the Qubeley and swarmed around the black gundam. A few of the devices got in closer to strike with their beams but just as the got within range the suddenly stuttered and refused to fire. Haman’s eyes grew wide in alarm as Gabriel flew in fast. “Those won’t work on me!” He roared as he stabbed in hard with his saber, his weapon piercing the shoulder armor of the Qubeley and sticking true. Gabriel twisted the controls to detach the blade and kicked away as it exploded. He reached for a replacement blade as the Qubeley tumbled away, its’ left shoulder armor missing with a trail of smoke. In response a few funnels shot their beams out at him but again to little effect as they glazed over the nanolaminate armor. ewtype.” Gabriel freely admitted as he studied the Qubeley for a moment. The white mobile suit reached for its’ beam saber and ignited the blade as it studied the Gundam. “But maybe… Well maybe this will convince you I’m righteous.” He growled as he gripped the controls tighter and flew in again. As he charged funnels thudded into his mobile suit, using their momentum to shoot at him like missiles. A few managed to recover after bouncing away but the effect was worth it as it caused him to halt his charge and move to try and bat away the annoying weapons. Haman wasn’t sitting idly as her toys attacked and she came in hard with her beam saber swiping down for a strike. “Eight now!” Gabriel yelled out. The familiar cold chill shot through his spine from his neck, and the Gundam froze in a sort of ecstasy as pilot and machine seemingly merged. He felt the intimate nature of the machine wash over him just as the yellow beam from Haman’s blade slashed down across his upraised left forearm. The sensation of the strike was startling but not alarming as his armor protected him yet again. Despite his confidence he wasn’t anxious to push his advantage beyond this moment. He lunged in and with the same left hand he reached out and grabbed onto the Qubeley. The two machines jerked and twisted around but Gabriel stubbornly hung on tightly. As they moved he angled the tip of his saber to aim at the cockpit of the Qubeley. “I wonder…” he said out loud, “do you feel my pressure now?” In response the Qubeley stopped jerking and a moment later a shaky response came from Haman. “I… I do… though… it feels unnatural… almost sickly… What did you do Gabriel?” Gabriel gulped as he fought for supremacy with the pseudo Alaya-Vijana. He had a history with the system in the past and wasn’t eager to become a cripple again from simply using the device. What gave Gabriel pause was the tone at the end of Haman’s question, was it concern? “Lady Haman…” he started breathlessly. “Can we… can we talk this through now? Have I peaked your interests?” The cockpit of the Qubeley hissed open and Haman appeared out in the open. Gabriel likewise did the same and disconnected his Alaya-Vijana. He appeared outside his hatch and looked at the woman. The two stared at each other for a long moment, not saying a thing. “Let me show you something…” Gabriel offered as he stretched out his hand. She didn’t immediately move but after a heartbeat she jumped out to grab his outstretched hand. ***** “What do you mean, ‘it was Zechs’?” Meer asked skeptically. She sat across from Casval in a GBN café. They had been slowly scrapping together funds for a force nest but nothing had caught their eye just yet, in fact it was just one of the reasons they were meeting up. “I mean I know it sounds bizarre but in this game do you really think it isn’t possible?” He pressed as he leaned in closer. His words had her at a loss and to his surprised she nodded, “Ok. You have a point.” He sucked in his breath as he was without words and nodded too. The two looked at each other and despite himself he found himself smiling at Meer. She looked away uncomfortably but blushed slightly. “I don’t know what it means…” He said before adding, “if it was really Zechs, does this mean that’s the only copy of him now? How come he was able to act like a diver in the mission? It all doesn’t add up.” She brushed her long pink hair out of her face as she looked at him, “who knows… I bet that it isn’t a good thing though.” He nodded his agreement then reached out to hold her hand, “Hey it’ll be fine! We’ll handle anything that comes up!” She looked back at him and stared for a moment before smiling and nodding. It was his turn to blush now as he realized he was holding her hand. Slowly he let go and leaned back in his chair. “Anyways, how about we go nest shopping? Sis said to ‘surprise’ her so lets get to it huh?” “Sure! Were you thinking something terrestrial or….” Her words trailed away as the displays all around suddenly went black and had the red symbol of Dantes dominating all the floating screens. Together, the pair looked around to see the same thing happening everywhere. Casval stood up and sat next to Meer as he brought up his on screen for them to share. Sure enough the symbol for Dantes dominated the screen. All over the GBN lobby there was a stunned silence as everyone waited to see what this was all about. Then the voice came on, it was calm, yet determined. “My fellow divers… Citizens of the world… Do I have you attention?” The visage of the symbol faded. Standing at a podium in a black and red uniform stood a diver Meer was all too familiar with. Behind and beside the speaker stood Milliardo Peacecraft and Haman Karn, both who wore similar uniforms as well. “Some of you may recognize me under false alias. My true name is Gabriel Winter, and I am Dantes….”
  16. Where does this all end? Lowell Baskerville leaned forward against a railing as he looked out towards the Pacific Ocean. It had been days since the operation in Orb territory and there had been much deliberation about what to do next, more than enough to distract him, but in these quiet moments, Lowell found his thoughts drifting back to that day without fail. There was a lot to think about; the soldiers they had lost, the soldiers they had killed, and, most bizarrely to him, the strange connection that he had forged with Nathaniel Barondel. In truth, the bond had been forged the day they’d met—the operation was simply a progression and not particularly a pleasant one. It was the bond between enemies, enemies that might have been friends were it not for the fact they found themselves on opposing sides in this war. Would we be friends, really? Lowell wasn’t so sure. Recalling the day they met, he seemed to remember they had some pretty fundamental ideological differences. But at the same time, he found that he didn’t dislike Barondel—not on any personal level. There was the obligatory animosity between soldiers, but beyond that… Lowell shook his head. What good did this kind of thinking do, really? It would only make it harder for him to shoot Barondel down later, should he need to. He hoped that fateful day would be the last time they crossed paths, but something deep down told him that wouldn’t be the case. Overhead, a pair of seagulls brayed and Lowell wiped the sweat off his brow with his forearm. When he first arrived on Earth, he had found the ocean unsettling but now…now, he thought he maybe kind of liked it. As long as he didn’t have to be in it. He could still do without the heat though. His phone beeped, alerting him to a text message that caused the ZAFT commander to grimace. A business call, waiting for him inside. The fun never stops, does it? Lowell wondered for a moment what it could be about. A court martial maybe? Not likely—he was pretty certain he was out of the frying pan on that count. It certainly wasn’t a promotion—there wasn’t much further up he could go in the volunteer militia without being on council. Not that he wanted to go much higher anyway. What then? He considered ignoring the text until his curiosity and the heat of the sun got the better of him. -- He hadn’t expected a call from the Chairman of the supreme council, but there he was, Siegal Clyne, looking at him sternly from his vid-screen. Lowell had asked Renato to join him in the conference room as well—the Wolf Commander liked having his number two around both for the image it projected and because, speaking truthfully, Renato had a better memory for this kind of stuff. “Good afternoon Commander,” Siegel said. “Please, be at ease,” Lowell lowered his salute and nodded, sitting down in one of the office chairs across from Renato. “How can I help you today, Mr. Chairman?” Clyne’s stern face seemed to ease once he got some kind of measure of the man. “I’m sorry to hear about the losses your unit sustained in your recent operation. It is a shame that anyone should lose their life in this conflict but I’m sure it stings all the more for a man in your position,” Lowell nodded and glanced at Renato, who wore a withdrawn expression himself. “Thank you, sir. It was unfortunate to say the least but all my Wolves know what they signed up for,” It was Clyne’s turn to nod. “Allow me to move right along, commander, and assure you that what I’m about to ask of you is unlikely to end so tragically—at least, that is my most sincere hope as both a leader and a father,” Lowell quirked a brow, but Clyne went on. “As you know, my daughter Lacus has become something of a diplomat and an activist. As such, she tends to draw quite a bit of unwanted attention whilst touring and is in need of people she can trust to keep a watchful eye over her. So I think, at least. She tends to disagree, but has acquiesced to her father’s wishes on one condition,” Lowell had a bad feeling about this. “And what is that, sir?” “She has specifically requested one Johnathan Locke to be part of her security detail. My reports, of course, tell me that he has recently transferred into your unit. As such, I would like to formally request that the Wolf Squadron act as honor guards for my daughter during an upcoming tour to Aprilius,” Both Lowell and Renato blinked stupidly. Honor guards? That wasn’t exactly what Wolf Squadron was formed for, but he couldn’t just say no to the Chairman, could he? “With all due respect, sir, I’m not sure that’s Wolf Squadron’s specialty. May I ask why John Locke is so integral to this plan?” “Well, Commander,” and Clyne seemed almost embarrassed now. “It seems that Mr. Locke and my daughter are something like friends,” That’s why? Lowell thought. “Allow me to clarify a bit more, commander, without putting too fine of a point on it. While I have absolute faith in my daughter’s choice of security detail, the circumstances surrounding the previous operation require me to strongly suggest you not turn this opportunity down,” So, it’s not a choice after all. I didn’t think so. “Absolutely not, sir. It would be our absolute honor to take this assignment. I’ll have the Wolves prepare for the trip immediately,” “Good to hear, commander,” Clyne smiled. “When you arrive, be sure to touch base with Captain Rondfellow aboard the Descartes. He may have an update for you with regards to the operation and your loadout. Clyne out,” Lowell saluted and as soon as the screen blinked out, turned to Renato, who was smiling wryly. “What did he mean by ‘loadout’?” Lowell asked. But all Renato did was laugh. In a matter of hours, the Wolves were space-bound once more.
  17. Overcharge’s suggestion to circle up made sense. Perceptor worried that these new rabid metal creatures could make it inside of the Hope, ruining whatever connection they had back to home. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time to plan further as Hot Shot fired erratically at the Ravages. Some shots did hit their targets, Perceptor watching as a few slumped over dead. However, most blasts went into the forest, causing scorch marks in the gigantic evergreen trees. It was clear to Perceptor that the Private was still jittery from his stasis rest. The Ravages didn’t seem to care, screeching as what felt like an entire battalion came bolting toward the four. “Goddamnit! There’s too many of them!” Hound yelled, firing his bazooka. No trace was left of the poor Ravages that got hit. Not that Perceptor cared. He was more busy wondering what a Goddamnit was. As chaos unfolded (with the Science Officer joining in the battle, albeit missing most of his shots), he knew the Hope needed to be prioritized. “Overcharge! Fall back to the cargo hold and keep it secure. Hot Shot! I’m gonna need you to calm down and-“ Three Ravages took advantage of the weakest looking prey, latching their jaws onto Perceptor’s limbs as he fell backward. “No, no! Get off me!” Hound could only watch, still busy with his own batch of drones. The black hawk took flight, gliding across the sky to the cargo hold. While the night kept it hidden for now, it was clear this was no organic bird, but another machine…
  18. Hot Shot was still stasis lagged, having walked out of the new exit in their ship. He was fairly confused and once Hound and Preceptor began talking everything seemed to start sliding down hill. Things started getting heated and Hot Shot thought he might have to start blasting. However as the jets flew by and everything began to happen Hot Shot started to have flashbacks to when he was captured. Panicking Hot Shot, looked around and watched Hound hit the ground. Hot shot saw all the decepticon eyes glowing around him. Fear overtook him. Pulling his blaster "I'll slag each and everyone of you Cons! You won't take me again! Hot Shot wasted no time and began to fire out at random, sending blaster fire everywhere he saw the eyes. He didn't care fear had taken him and he wouldn't go back to being a decepticon prisoner or their lunch
  19. ShirokuHakudo

    Hot Shot

    Hot Shot “wwwwooooooohhoooooo!!!! I'm feeling a need for some speed!” FACTION: Autobot RANK: Private - Scout Personality Brash and Hot Headed, Hot Shot isn't known for his cool head. He more often than not thinks with his gearbox over his cranial circuits, it does nothing but get him in trouble. Hot Shot will do anything to prove he is the best, at what you ask? The answer is everything, whether he is or isn't. Appearance Hot shot is a medium sized scout build, however he will try to tell you he's a warrior bot. Most of Hot Shots color scheme is black with green and silver accents. When I'm robot mode Hot Shot has a visor on his head that he can drop down to help with looking really cool, oh and in combat it can assist in targeting. With his obsession for speed Hot Shot can transform into a sleek aerodynamic cybertronian racer. Alternate Modes and weapons Vehicle Mode- at current Hot shot has his Cybertronian Racer mode. Mostly black but with all 4 wheels on the ground Hot Shot can take off at Mach speed. There isn't a bot faster (he thinks) Armaments- Hot Shot has 2 weapons he uses for wrecking Cons First is his Ion Blaster: a small blaster able to do decent damage but it's not fast enough for the king of speed. Secondly is his preferred weapon Windshield Blades: his windshields can slide out of his arms allowing him a bit of up close and personal crash time Backstory In Hot Shots early days he wasn't big on the war and didn't care much. That was till the war moved in on his home turf. After that Hot Shot took to the streets for some Crash and Dash, and after a while he caught the attention of both sides. Eventually Hot Shot met Sentinel Prime who offered him to assist in a new mission, however Hot Shot refused all he wanted was to race over the tracks of Cybertron. It wasn't long after that he was captured by the decepticons. Tortured and damaged Hot Shot finally knew unless the Autobots changed their strategy there wasn't a way to win this war. Through a small miracle Hot Shot was able to escape and raced back to the Big Bot. Once he returned after shaking any Con tails he accepted the job. Sentinel Prime told him that to heal up he would need to spend time in a Stasis pod till hope had reached its mission. Hot Shot agreed and after entering the pod his peaceful travels began...or did they?
  20. The situation was, suffice to say, less than ideal. Overcharge had little energy in store and was caught outside, without any nearby power sources to feed on. The four Autobots were heavily outnumbered and surrounded by Ravage drones, as Perceptor called them, which approached them slowly but at a steady pace. To make things worse, the bot in charge was none other than a Science Officer, and he wasn't giving out any orders that could be of any help. Forced to think of something on a whim, the teal Corporal made a suggestion, not wanting to question Perceptor's authority, even if he didn't seem the type that'd care about that. "Perceptor... Sir. Maybe we should form a circle? They're many, but they're weak. We could reduce our blind spots to a minimum and make it so they can't gang up on any single one of us..." After his statement, he adopted a fighting posture. Come on, then. I'm gonna beat the scrap out of you monsters... as many of you as I can.
  21. Mai had been busy since the battle. Getting a clear bill of health and all the necessary clearance, she was able to work and get paid. As she worked on the scrap, being a member of the Guild, she also grabbed parts of mobile suits for ORB that they asked for. As she worked, she spent many an hour, like 15 with the others clearing and re-purposing. Mai was even able to get to her down craft and pull parts off of it and was able ot get her family sword, and the lone photo she had, However, nothing else was savable. If she ever found out who shot her down, she would give them a piece of her mind. After she had gotten her stuff, she worked on a project for herself that she felt might be good and with ORB, willing to help her, it was better that way. She was able to get pieces of mobile suits, mainly GINNs and a M! and had a suit built for her. The drawback, she had no idea how to pilot a mobile suit, and hopefully, she could learn, since the suit had to be reprogrammed so a Natural could pilot it. Luckily that was possibility, but she was still learning and had not fully started the process to learn to be a ms pilot. That was where she would need to speak to this guy in charge of the suits on the ship, Nathaniel Barondel. She was known on the ship, working where she was needed due to work and with the suits, plus she had showed that she could be a pilot and as damn good one of both rotor an fixed wing. A friend she had made was the CMO of the ship and she hung out with him normally or the techs but that was it mostly. So, when she was told that he would be available, she was shocked and approached a room, "This looks more like a meeting room than an office," she said to herself in her Scottish accented voice. Shrugging, she knocked on the door, not aware there was a meeting going on and waiting for a response to enter.
  22. Birds chirped as they flew between many lush evergreen trees, a clear river flowing nearby. In one of trees was a hawk, mostly black with streaks of red donned on its body and wings. It didn’t chirp, or make any sound for that matter, staring directly at a dark green Jeep going off-road. The peaceful landscape was glistened by the full moon and stars, reflecting off his small windshield. They’re lucky they landed so far from civilization. The Jeep’s axels bounced while it went over the uneven terrain of branches and grass. Hound felt the area was beautiful, wishing he could stop and enjoy the scenery. After so long without any other Autobots though, he couldn’t allow this opportunity to slip. Unfortunately, his trek was stopped, parking next to a large mountain. What are they doing inside of Mt. Bison?” The Autobot transformed mid sentence, revealing boxy frame ordained with stars and red and yellow stripes. A single pistol was strapped to his right thigh, but a large bazooka was the real showstopper, rope over his chest holding the weapon on his back. “So, we are you hiding?” Hound surveyed the area, but the only noticeable objects in front of him were rocks, rocks, and more rocks. “Oh, maybe they’re hiding… or they’re trapped!” Hound pulled the bazooka onto his shoulder, hoping he was right. If he was being honest with himself, he just wanted to use it again after so long. “Eat your heart out, Patton!” Several shots of yellow lasers blasted into the mountain, each shot taking away a little bit of the craggily wall. The hawk continued to stare, watching the once rocky wall turn into a jumble of metal scrap. “Woah. Maybe I went overboard…” Seeing the condition of the cargo hold, Hound was expected a stern talking to by the ship’s Captain. Instead, three Transformers ran out, standing at the edge of the hold. “Please drop the weapon or we’ll fire.” The red one stated, holding a long rifle. “Wait wait wait! I’m an Autobot like you.” Hound noticed the Autobot logos, but still gently dropped his weapon, hoping not to raise tension. “Sergeant Hound, responding to the distress signal, sir!” He came a salute, but the red Bot didn’t seem convinced. “Sergeant isn’t one of our ranks, Decepticon.” Woosh! Two jets flew above the four as they didn’t let up, sending Hound mixed messages as he watched the white seeker head toward the skies with its companion. “What are you talking about?” Hound took advantage of the situation by pulling his pistol out. “I know a Cybertronian seeker when I see one! Now who are you!” — Perceptor was completely appalled. When he had checked the two Decepticon’s bodies, he got no lifelines. Expecting to scrap them for parts after they dug out of the Hope’s tomb, this new addition decided to do it for them. However, something was astray. “We are not affiliated with them. Drop your second weapon please.” Perceptor knew he probably wouldn’t be as assertive under normal circumstances, but with two by his side, the odds were in their favor. More trouble seemed to arise though as a shadowy figure struck the green Transformers in the back, slashing at him. “What the?” Hound turned to fall on his back, grabbing the creature by its neck. Bang! Bang! Two pistol shots went through it, dropping dead. “A… panther?” Hound looked shocked. The “panther” was metallic, obviously showing him what affiliation it was as he noticed a faint purple symbol on its rear. Perceptor also noticed Cybertronian writing on the creature. “Ravage-165…” The Science Officer noticed similar model numbers on the dead drones in the cargo hold. “I highly doubt you’re a Decepticon at this point.” Perceptor lowered his weapon, but this was a mistake. Many pairs of purple eyes illuminated between trees, rocks, and anywhere else a smaller drone like that could hide. Growls and purrs took over the sounds of the forest as each slowly made their way toward the four. “We are going to need your help, ‘Sergeant’.” Perceptor tried to keep his fear inside his chassis. Even with their small size, they were the ones to be outnumbered. Heavily outnumbered.
  23. “What? Whe- what is this?" Perceptor stood above the panicked Autobot. “I understand your shock, no pun intended.” He pulled the cap off the Overcharge, tapping a few buttons on the keyboard next to him. “A lot has happened. We seemed to have travelled through a warp hole and survived.” Perceptor surveyed the broken down medical bay. “The Hope is currently trapped inside of some sort of rocky tomb. I regret to inform you that most of our crew has perished, including Captain Kup.” A somber look appeared on his face, opting to type back on the keyboard. Still disoriented, Overcharge put his head between his hands. "Decepticons were boarding us... they blasted Hotlink to kingdom come and shot Skids... and then I picked him out and ran out of the room... damn... Skids is probably up there with Captain Kup and the crew right now, isn't he." Perceptor assumed the lifeforms in the cargo hold were of Decepticon origin. He couldn’t even find Hotlink’s body, but Overcharge was right to think Skids was dead. After all, most lifeforms don’t survive a headshot. “Surprisingly, Skids is still alive, albeit barely.” He motioned over to the large tube to the left of him. “I managed to put him in stasis before his body completely shut down. However, his memory banks are completely lost and I don’t have the technology to revive him. He’ll have to remain here.” Overcharge was surprised to hear that Skids managed to survive, even if it was likely he would never be the same. "Huh. That's one thing gone right. Yay us..." He looked at Skids' pod, before looking at the Science Officer. "What was that you said about being trapped in rock? Are we in Krueger... 7?" Overcharge asked, getting the name of Krogo VI wrong. “That, I am not certain, if you meant Krogo VI. Come with me.” Hoping to bring Overcharge to the Teletraan Mobile, he caught a glimmer from the crate he was pushed into. “Hmmmm.” Perceptor slid his hand across the lock holding it together, only for another stasis pod to slid out. “I can’t believe it…” He muttered, staring at the black Autobot inside, his green highlights matching the liquid. “Who is this?” Perceptor attempted to prop up the tube, but it proved to be quite heavy. "No way I’d know..." The teal Autobot only managed to utter these few words, as he got up from his resting place and sauntered towards the pod containing the mysterious Autobot. "The orange box... can't it tell you who's in all these pods? Doesn't it have a... a crew registry?" Overcharge proceeded to help Perceptor prop the tube up. “That is correct.” He responded, thankful for the help. The two went back to the main lobby. Perceptor had used the Teletraan Mobile a few times since their crash landing, but this new predicament needed to be prioritized. A name popped up, along with a picture. “Private Hot Shot. Supposed to serve as a Scout once we got to the planet.” Different from Recon soldiers, Scouts played the part of hit and run tactics, speeding off before trouble could erupt. “It seems he was injured before our trek and needed to heal during it. I wonder if that ended up saving his life.” Perceptor thought of the Autobot floating through the cold depths of space, but decided against continuing it. Before they went back to the medical bay though, the Science Officer checked their location. Big text that said “UNKNOWN” appeared. “So not Krogo VI then, unless some wires got scrambled in the Mobile.” “Hope he's gotten that rest he needed. I don't see anybody on their feet besides the two of us and getting out of the rocks is going to be a lot of work..." He was briefly interrupted when a roof panel that was hanging from a wire finally broke free and fell to the floor. "Never mind getting this ship to take off again. I'm no engineer but... looks beat to scrap from here." “I… agree. While it may be early, he seems to be in better condition than Skids.” Perceptor had to make a decision as he walked back to the medical bay. Opening Hot Shot’s stasis tube was risky, but Overcharge was right. They were trapped and needed all the help they could get. Connecting the tube next to Skid’s, so that the liquid could drain, Perceptor quietly pulled open the tube. Thankfully, the Private looked to be in healthy condition. “Hot Shot?” All was silent. All that could be heard was the buzzing of his spark. Then suddenly, the hissing of hydraulics as the pod opened. His fingers started to move as Hot Shot spark started to fully come online, his eyes lighting up. He blinked a few times. but he was groggy... "Where..." Before he could finish, he heard someone say his name. With his fuzzy optics though, he couldn't tell who it was in a haze, thinking he was still in his Decepticon holding cell. Leaping from his pod he pulled his Ion Blaster and pointed it at Preceptor. "I won't let any Slagging Con get me again!" Perceptor’s optics widened as the weapon pointed at his face, holding his hands up. “Please don’t be alarmed, Hot Shot! We are allies.” It was clear the Private was dazed from his rest and Perceptor knew he had to navigate this situation. “Autobots. See?” Hands still up, he motioned a finger down to his chest. “Now could you please put the Ion Blaster down? There’s a lot to share with you.” everything still looked fuzzy. Hot shot used his hand to snack his head a few times, trying to recalibrate his optics. It took a second or two, but they finally adjusted and he was able to see better. Looking at Preceptor, Hot Shot saw the Autobot logo and let out a few labored breaths as he put the blaster down and looked around. "Sorry about that... Stasis Lag it can really mess with your systems.” By the time Hot Shot had calmed down and could look his way, Overcharge was already ready for battle, his optics and lights shining bright with energy siphoned from the ship and his hand pointed at the Private. However, as the situation was defused, he put his hand away and calmed down. "Well, that's a full charge cycle wasted... Doc, do you have any empty batteries? If I try to give back this electricity, I'll just blow the room's fuses. And if I keep it for too long, I start having pains." “I wish I could’ve studied your powers before this tragedy…” Perceptor thought to himself, pondering if the Corporal’s powers were more than meets the eye. “Hmmm… try to power up the bridge’s batteries. If I recall correctly, those are fully depleted.” The Autobot turned back to his new companion, interested. “Perhaps I should introduce myself. I am Perceptor, the Hope’s Science Officer. This is Overcharge, a reconnaissance type. We are all that is functional on this ship.” Perceptor explained the situation to Hot Shot, from the attack to the fatalities. “And that’s how we ended up here. Come, we should get to the main lobby to work on Teletraan Mobile before we start digging.” Perceptor proceeded to walk toward the door, but turned. “Or do you have any questions, Hot Shot?” Hot Shot looked at Preceptor as he talked and told him all that had happened. It was a lot to process as he turned to leave Hot Shot, not wanting to tell him he was more lost than the Hope was. He just shook his head "Nope, no questions... Just ummm lead the way Preceptor." “Very well.” In actuality, part of Perceptor wanted to give the bodies a proper burial, but the Teletraan Mobile’s security was above all else. Keeping it intact was their only way to possibly send a message back home. The two left, Perceptor assuming Overcharge did the same toward the bridge. The main lobby was still messy from the explosion, Perceptor not bothering to clean up as the large view screen still displayed “UNKNOWN”. “This won’t be easy…” He muttered, tapping to get out some sort of signal. However, it had already been done. “Strange. A distress beacon was sent out already. Must’ve been automatic.” BANG! BANG! BOOM! The Hope rattled, sending whatever tools left on Perceptor’s table on the floor. “That came from the back of the ship!” The Science Officer’s fear heightened as he ran toward the cargo hold. Along the hallways that led to the cargo hold, Perceptor met Overcharge, also running towards the noise. "I heard that! I'm guessing one of those Cons isn't quite dead, huh?" As they ran together, he added: "I managed to charge some of the batteries! The systems should work long enough for you to do something before they're depleted again..."
  24. ((Thanks everyone for your help with the dialogue!)) Locke > So many didn’t come back. It was surreal to Jonathan, one moment he was getting bullied by the other members of his team, the next most of them were gone. “Just gone…” he murmured to himself. His contemplation was interrupted as Baskerville and Renato excited the briefing room. It took the youngster a moment to realize who it was who even went past him before he shot up from the bench he was sitting on to give chase. He didn’t run but walked swiftly to try and catch up to the men. He paused when he nearly stumbled into the two talking comfortably with the other. He debated walking away and maybe approaching the Commander later but then decided against the notion. > Jonathan cleared his voice, “Excuse me, Commander Baskerville?” As he asked he snapped into a crisp salute, something that seemed almost out of place from his short stature and cherubic face, a contrast to his green uniform. “My name is Jonathan M. Locke, I was piloting the GINN that captured the Astray last mission.” He blurted out uncomfortably as he tried to get his nerves about him. -Renato and Lowell stopped as they were approached by a blonde soldier Lowell did not recognize. "I'll catch up to you, Renato," he said, waving his lieutenant off. He turned back to the soldier and nodded. "So, you were the one in that mystery GINN," he sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "You guys really messed up my plans but..." was Locke's capturing of the Blue Frame enough to make up for the chaos that had ensued because of his arrival with the rest of the Zala team? It had gotten them out the jam in that conference room but at the same time, Lowell had lost three good men. That wasn't Locke's fault though, really. He was likely just following orders. "What can I do for you?" > Locke gulped having not thought this plan entirely through evidently. With much of the Zala team MIA or destroyed there wasn’t many options for him or Dearka at the moment. “I … umm… well…” He began as he eased his salute down, “I was wanting to ask you about getting a transfer… to your unit…” he looked around nervously making sure Dearka wasn’t around before returning his gaze to the older man. - Lowell was genuinely surprised at Locke's request. After having lost so many good men, this guy was willing and eager to join what the Wolf commander was sure some soldiers were already calling a cursed squadron. “You want to be a wolf?” he said, incredulous. But the more he thought about it, the more he knew he couldn’t very well turn Locke down. First and foremost, there were holes in the unit that needed filling, like it or not. Second, Locke had already demonstrated he was a good pilot, if maybe a bit reckless. He had, after all, single-handedly disabled one of the Astrays and came away with half of it to boot. Lowell, who had been rubbing his chin thoughtfully, brought it away from his face and smiled. “I don't see why not. From what I've seen, you’re a solid pilot, Locke. I think you' be a good fit, but I should warn you, integrating might not be easy. The Wolves are a tight group and we lost a lot of good men and women today, members of our pack, so to speak. If you think you can tough out being the new guy, you've got a spot" > Despite himself Locke scoffed at the commanders warning about fitting in. “With all do respect sir at least you guys are green coats. The La Cruset guys were just about blaming me for for the death of the person I replaced….” His voice trailed away as he tried to his the contempt in his tone. He shook his head and let a grin cross his fair features. His tone shifted to somewhat more formal once again, “I understand sir and I appreciate your willingness to take me in. I won’t let you down!” He promised eagerly. - Lowell looked at Locke seriously for a moment. The Le Creuset team…if they weren't already as good as disbanded, he'd reckon they might become a problem. The Wolf commander had no personal reason to distrust Rau Le Creuset, but something about the man didn’t sit well with him. Perhaps it was the mask. Lowell came back to the conversation at hand and nodded at Locke once more “Glad to hear it, Locke. I'll be in touch with Commander Le Creuset about your transfer. I’m sure he won't have any objections,” And if he does, well… Lowell has a few strings he could pull. Le Creuset and him were technically the same rank, but Lowell refused to wear the white garb of a commander. That had endeared him to some of the more rank and file men in ZAFT, but it had also rubbed some of his fellow officers the wrong way. He just had to make sure this request went to the right people. “Alright, dismissed. Wolf Squadron is meeting at 0500 tomorrow, so go get some rest,” And with that, Lowell saluted, turned, and made his way back to his quarters for some rest of his own. >Jonathan saluted back and snapped to walk away. A grin was etched on his face as he felt this would be a good thing not just for him but for his career. He decided then that he should contact his superior to give them an update on this development. Lowell struck him as one of the more capable ZAFT commanders and a force to be reckon with. While the raid may have been bloody it was still a powerful message to send to the tiny country of Orb. It was also obvious that Lowell was willing to take daring risks during this turbulent time. “Just the kind of man I wanna serve with.” He mused under his breath. As he exited the building to head back to the barracks he saw a few technicians milling about. One of the mechanics jabbed a finger his way, and Jonathan cocked his head but decided to keep walking not wanting to talk to a stranger. As he walked by it became evident what the gesture was about. “Yeah that’s him.” “Wow! You said he butchered that suit!” “Shredded! All with a GINN sword too!” “Ha! Bet he taught those naturals a thing or two!” “The Butcher of Onogoro” The last phrase did give the youthful coordinator pause. He looked behind him at the techies talking and exchanged a wave and thumbs up with the group. Shaking his head he walked on and repeated to himself. “Butcher or Onogoro huh? I suppose having a reputation like that isn’t a bad thing to have at all?” ——- > Nathaniel caught sight of Kali a few corridors away from the med bay. He was bandaged up pretty good with a giant patch across his left eye. He had cleaned up already, though he still looked ragged. Catching sight of Kali had Nathaniel wincing at first. In many respects Kali was less qualified than Geneva was and yet here she stood. War was truly unforgiving. “Private…” he called out softly, finding his voice caught up in his throat. Gulping down some saliva he asked louder, “Kali! How are you doing?” His voice trailed away as he looked around uncomfortably. -Kali’s steps slowed and she turned to face the voice that called out to her. Her heart raced, she felt a lump in her throat, “Lieutenant.” She managed to to say. She approached him clasping her hands in front of her. She felt the soft skin on the back of her hands and they held on to to each other. Her eyes brimmed with tears, “I’m glad you’re alright.” She said softly, “I wish I could have done more. Maybe then Geneva…” her words left her as she lowered her eyes. It was bittersweet to say the name out loud. She looked at him directly, “I am ok.” She answered realizing she hadn’t answered his question. She felt light headed as if she wasn’t there, she was in shock but surprisingly present. >Nathaniel reached up to try and comfort to girl and paused, his hands trembling. His thoughts careened back to when he saw Geneva in the cockpit of blue frame, back when they were trying to get out of that hellhole that was Heliopolis. He hesitated back then to comfort his teammate then too. He opted to run away, almost suicidally. Clenching his fist he fully extended his hand and place it firmly on Kali’s shoulder now. His voice calmly called out, “You did good soldier. Tic for tat… we got some high value targets for sure. Your shot being a hell of an example.” He gulped and nodded more so for himself, “we gotta keep moving forward… do you understand?” - Her eyes raised to meet his as he rested his hand on her shoulder. She felt a wave of calmness and comfort wash over her. She offered a small smile of gratitude which faded into a determination she didn’t ever imagine herself having. His words moved her when he said they had to keep moving forward. She wasn’t sure what it meant for her, she nodded, “Of course, Lieutenant.” She affirmed, “Have you heard anything about Roane?” She asked turning to look towards the med bay. Nathaniel winced at the mention of Roane. It was a topic he was hoping to avoid. Inhaling sharply he replied, “Roane’s alive… given the circumstances that’s… well that’s a good thing.” He let go of her shoulder as he looked around uncomfortably. “Look… it’s not your fault… none of it is… as your commanding officer it’s all my responsibility.” - She looked back to the Lieutenant. She was relieved to know he was alive, “We did what we could.” She said, “It couldn’t have been helped.” She felt as if she were saying it to affirm herself more than the Lieutenant, “We are in this together.” She said with resolve. A serene looked crossed her face, “That’s how we will survive.” > “We’ll have to do more than that private!” He quipped as he flashed a smile. “If our country is going to live we have to be better…” he lamented and his tone shifted as he spoke. Shaking his head he added, “The roster is going to be slim this next bout. Me and Kieran are going to be relying on you big time! How comfortable do you feel in purple frame?” -She beamed as he smiled and she nodded in agreement. She noted as his tone shift and she took a moment to think about his question, “There is still much to learn about the purple frame and being in the field Lieutenant. I know there isn’t a lot of time but I will do my best.” > Nathaniel grinned back and nodded at her honest self assessment. “Keep up the simulations then. We’ll have a briefing soon with our next assignment. I need you focused on training. The captain will understand. Any questions?” - “Yes, Lieutenant.” She said with a nod. She wondered how the briefing would go. It seemed one moment to the next for them. She felt old parts of herself falling away as if she were becoming someone new, “No questions sir. I’m going to go to the med bag in the meantime.” She said remembering Roane. > Nathaniel offered a salute and nodded. “Very good private.” As he walked away he silently wondered if Kali’s success had been a fluke or if she was the real deal. The next mission was going to decide real fast which was true. ——- > It was some time before Nathaniel visited Kieran in the Med bay. He wasn’t proud of his delayed visit, in truth he was scared to see what sort of damage his own shortcomings could have caused. As he approached the Green Frame pilot a wave of relief did wash over him however. Kieran appeared to have all his limbs and even seemed alert as he approached. “Private?” he asked gently as he walked up. For as long as he had served with Kieran he felt like he still knew so little about the man. Nathaniel bit his lip as he studied the solider before him and nodded his head absently. In light of Geneva’s demise he was determined to get to know Kieran better. “I heard you got one of the G weapons…” he offered as he stood next to the bed. -"Ah" he went to stand up at attention but he seemed to wobble back down, holding his stomach a little "ah..." he looked away, almost in shame. He looked back at his commanding officer trying to look like he still was perfectly fine "Yes sir.. I did" > “At ease.” Nathaniel offered as he put his hands out. He smiled at Keiran’s dedication, “you did a hell of a thing out there!” He praised, “you kept a level head despite the situation…” he went quiet as he thought about he himself didn’t keep his cool in the last battle. Instead he looked at Kieran. “How are you feeling?” - "Thank you sir, though.. it didnt really feel as though i was fully in control during those fights" He said, he seemed a little uncomfortable, like something was going through his mind.. though he snapped out of it to answer the next question "Im.. fine, i suppose.. im still thinking about everything" > Nathaniel nodded his agreement and gave a helpless chuckle. “Yeah… yeah me too! Thinking that is…” He looked around to see some others in the med bay, most notably Roane. Returning his gaze to Kieran, Nathaniel asked point blank, “can you still fight?” The tone in which he asked made it clear that there would be plenty of that in the near future. - "Yes sir" He said, almost.. immediately, he seemed to have more of a fire in his eye when he said so as well "I have to, after everything that happened.. theres no way im backing down now" > Despite himself, Nathaniel looked at the bed Kieran was confined to but nodded, “Good… good…” he looked around conspiratorially and leaned in, “There’s something big being cooked up… there’s some actionable intelligence we’ve accumulated…” He paused to point a finger up skyward to accent his point. “Look… We’re down in man power… I’m glad you’re up for a fight. But I need to know if you can be reliable though… what do you mean you didn’t feel like you’re fully in control in that last fight?” He gulped as he studied the pilot, “is it because of Geneva?” -"It was.. scary" He said, closing his eyes "I suppose i was angrier than i was.. level headed? It was different from usual, ive lost people before but when i saw Geneva go down.. it was much more.., concentrated i guess" > Nathaniel crinkled his face in confusion but didn’t say anything. He instead simply nodded, “Well… focus can be a good thing in battle.” It was the best he could offer. Back when he was fighting Lowell, Nathaniel was seeing more red and it didn’t sound anything like what Kieran was explaining. “You’re a first generation coordinator right Kieran?” Nathaniel asked out of the blue. -"Yes sir" He said, nodding and then looking up at him > Nathaniel smiled, “Nice! Did you know I am too?” He raised an eyebrow as he asked then added. “What’s your take on the war? Do you buy into the whole ‘coordinators are the next human stage’ Rhetoric?” - "Hmm.." he shook his head "No, to be completely honest, I don't think there's any.. *next* stage for humans, just.. different people" > “Can’t say I disagree with that notion Kieran.” Nathaniel nodded. Looking around one last time the lieutenant looked at the motionless Roane the returned his gaze to Kieran. “Get better soon Private… we’ll need to get back to it sooner than later. I’ll have a briefing tin a couple of days, I hope you’ll be there.” He offered a lazy salute the turned to leave. - "Understood, sir" he said, sighing once he was back in "Private" he laid back and stared at the ceiling, Kieran was.. deep in thought, though.. after awhile, his body couldn't keep up and.. he fell asleep —— A few days had passed since the battle of Moegenrate. Things had been chaotic if not relatively peaceful. Relative being the key word. Nathaniel stood at the foot of Delphine’s bed, half naked. Bandages adorned the top half of body and he moved wearily to put on his shirt and uniform top. He was already healing up pretty good. The aching would sure to stop in another day or two, it helped that he was already in great shape. One wound, a scar running across his left eye still seemed to hurt no matter what though. Sighing as he put on the uniform top, he looked back down at the captain who remained buried under the sheets. There was something special about her, he couldn’t deny that. It was that same something that drove him to have sleepless nights in more ways than one. Tightening up his collar he cleared his throat, causing the beautiful woman to stir. She looked up at him groggily and cocked her head as Nathaniel simply glared down at her. “This is it.” He stated flatly, “No more… this is it… I can’t settle anymore, not for anything in life…” She sat up, an expression of confusion and bewilderment etched on her fair features. Before she could reply he continued, “You have to decide, which one gets to have you all to himself. I’ll give you that much. But I got to…” he paused as he looked around past her, “I got to value myself more than this…. More than this… impulsive passion.” Looking down Nathaniel locked stares with Delphine. “I care for you… but not enough to stop caring for myself…” He offered a curt nod before walking out the door. Delphine remained on her bed, stunned by Nathaniel’s sudden insistence of ending their affair. Ever since he got back from the mission, he seemed different. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but it was like some sort of weight had been taken off his shoulders, “or is it guilt that he’s feeling… for Geneva?” she pondered out loud as she hesitantly moved to go get ready. She had to wonder, would this new behavior effect Nathaniel’s ability to lead Chromatic team? To pilot? If that wasn’t enough, she now had to decide if she valued her stale marriage more than this passionate affair she had struck up with the pilot. “I need some coffee…” she muttered. ——- It was hard to frame Nathaniel’s emotions at that moment. Part of him was glad to be given such a daring assignment, it after all fed into his background as a spook. The other half of him was terrified at bringing his diminished team along for a potential suicide run. Then of course there was the matter of blood. Blood spilt by his comrades that needed to be paid for in kind. He snapped out of his stare as he blinked the thoughts out of his head. He stood now in front of what was left of chromatic team, himself, Kali, and Kieran; inside the briefing room of the Archangel. “I’m sorry to call everyone together again so soon…” He stated blankly and he gulped hard as he looked at both his subordinates. “However this mission comes from the top with the utmost importance.” Clearing his throat he pulled up his clicker and projected a slide with a picture of one of the many ZAFT plants. “This is Aprilius one, the head of the beast for the entire ZAFT government. Needless to say it is one of the most heavily defended locations in the colonies. We also have reason to believe that it houses a secret dock with new weapons that are being developed by ZAFT. A reliable intelligence source recently sent us these pictures.” Nathaniel clicked for another slide and the image of a familiar looking face appeared. He paused for effect as he himself still couldn’t quite believe the imagery of a Gundam head. “It’s obvious that they are taking the technology that we’ve developed with the Alliance and are… expanding on it. The real question is how?” He clicked for another slide and the live feed of a shuttle on the mass driver came to view. “Here’s the rub… We are being deployed to find out what these weapons are exactly. We will be going into space on this customized shuttle. What we need to determine… is what to bring with us exactly? There’s limited space on this shuttle. I don’t know what good mobile suits will do for us on this mission but we have to weigh out the options. Gold frame was heavily damaged in our last battle so I decided not to bring it along on this mission.” Nathaniel opened up his hands and motioned for his subordinates to chime in. “This is a high risk mission. I’m not going to make any decisions lightly I welcome any and all feedback on how we want to address this mission. What are your thoughts?”
  25. This will be an archive of all the characters used in Transformers Break Part 2 Bold text signifies Player Characters AUTOBOTS: Perceptor - A science officer for the Autobot Army, his goal is for the Cybertronian race to advance as aspecies. His theories and technology have helped Sentinel Prime’s cause on many occasions. He has been brought to a planet, which he’ll soon know to call Earth. Overcharge - Able to redirect his energy in many ways, Overcharge has become quite useful to Autobots, being able to fill multiple roles in a squad. Sentinel Prime wishes there were more soldiers like him. He has also ended up on a planet he’ll soon know as Earth. Skids - Little is known about this Autobot Corporal, only that be serves the army as a loyal soldier. Mortally wounded in the attack on the Hope, his life is on the line. Hound - Friendly and willing to serve, Hound has been on Earth for 60 years, apparently a veteran of a worldwide war. With his trusty bazooka and pistol strapped to his side, he’s ready for action. DECEPTICONS: Slipstream - A former high ranking operations officer, Slipstream ended up taking apart in a mission with her companion Ramjet, leading them to Earth. Famous for using two sleek blades, her kills were clean and precise. Ramjet - A weapons specialist within the Decepticon ranks, Ramjet ended up taking apart in a mission with his companion Slipstream, leading them to Earth. He’s famous for shooting first, asking questions later. SOUNDWAVE - CLASSIFIED Ravages - Drones shaped to look like panthers, they’re vicious with their fangs and claws. Laserbeaks - Drones shaped to look like hawks, their purpose is to make quick strikes, along with secret skills only known to their master.
  26. Ron! I swear to God if you’re workin’ on that Jeep again, I’ll-“ “Will you shut up already? This is history!” A heavyset man with a short gray beard and baseball cap rolled back under his prized possession, an original WWII Jeep passed down from his father. He had managed to take good care of the vehicle for many years, keeping the paint and parts pristine. “Dammit, where’d I leave the stupid flathead.” Rolling out to look for this screw driver, the Jeep remained silent outside, but inside… No… that can’t be true. A signal? An Autobot signal? 60 years and they’ve finally found me! Hahaha, yes! I can’t believe they… Wait a minute. That’s a distress signal… “Aw, come on!” The man ravaged through his toolbox, only for the Jeep to start up. “What the?” He exclaimed, turning around to see the headlights illuminate. The Jeep didn’t waste any time speeding out of his garage, leaving tire tracks across his driveway. “G-ghosts! The ghosts of dead soldiers took my car? Why? Why?!” He called out to the Jeep, but it didn’t slow down in the slightest. Uh oh. No driver. The Jeep quickly created a lifelike hologram in the driver’s seat. He knew those years of practicing holos would pay off in some capacity. Leaving the suburbs, the vehicle headed northwest. Years? Geez Hound, you’ve been on Earth WAY too long. … “No no… no?” Perceptor jutted up, looking around not to see shiny stars. or a warp hole, but sharp rocks sticking in the windows in front of him. Wherever he was, it wasn’t space. “Uh-I-huh?” The bridge didn’t look too different, other than the rocks decorating the place. The two Decepticons were still laying on the ground, albeit scuffled around from the landing. Kup and the pilot’s corpses also didn’t change much, but Perceptor wished he didn’t have to see them like that. “Better check for survivors.” Not wasting any time, Perceptor pried open the doors with a nearby piece of scrap, bringing himself back into the hallways of the Hope. What he saw in these halls broke him. More often than not, he’d find a dead body than one that was shut down. Protocol was too deal with the wounded first, so anyone who wasn’t conscious was taken to their medical bay. It was small, never intended to be used in the capacity it would have to be, but he managed to bring four bodies into stasis. “You’ll have to stay offline until we get better care. I’m sorry.” The Science Officer hooked up wires to their heads as they laid on makeshift gurneys. Ironically, the hardest part for Perceptor wasn’t the death, but lifting the offline around the ship. He understood very clearly he wasn’t the strongest Autobot and it showed. Eventually, he made it back to the cargo hold. A good chunk of it had been blown away, Perceptor assuming this was the explosion that rattled the ship around. Many blue and red lifeforms of unknown origin surrounded the space, utterly decimating their metal bodies. However, two bodies stuck out. “Overcharge!” The Officer ran toward him and one of the soldiers stationed on the ship. Perceptor had never gotten his name and it seemed he never would, considering the hole in his head. “Wait… he’s still functional?” Perceptor pulled up the blue Autobot’s chassis, leaving an unconscious Overcharge behind. “Don’t worry old friend, I’ll be back!” He called out, obviously not getting a response. Skids, who Perceptor looked up on the Teletraan Mobile, took over their only stasis tube, a contraption saved for only the worst of injuries. Perceptor tapped away on a keyboard as the barely alive Autobot floated in a light green liquid. “Memory banks are fried. Expected. But maybe…” Perceptor considered the options, but he wished not to leave Overcharge in the cargo area. Dragging the final Autobot back to the medical bay, Perceptor connected Overcharge to the final stasis cap, only for a jolt to send him flying into an unopened crate. “Ah… I should’ve taken caution. His energy powers could be unstable.” He uttered while rubbing the back of his head. Thankfully, this seemed to be a saving shock, as Overcharge opened his eyes, laying on a gurney. “Overcharge! By the Matrix, you’re alive.”
  27. Perceptor froze with fear. He didn’t sign up for such brutal events as this! While turning back toward the door to flee, Ramjet shot the control panel to the left of it, locking him inside. “Heh heh. Where do you think you’re going?” Ramjet scoffed as he walked closer. Slipstream tossed the bloodied head into the pilot’s corpse pile, Perceptor’s optics widening. “Please! Why are you doing this?” The Science Officer slipped as he slowly walked backwards, falling on his back. The two murderers laughed at the mistake, Slipstream placing her foot atop Perceptor’s torso. “Do you really need an answer to that? Who do you think we are?” She wiped the blueish purple liquid off of her blade, placing it back in her forearm. “We would just like to continue this fun little trip you’re taking. Well, not the trip you just did. The journey you’re on.” Slipstream had a perplexed look on her face. “Do you know how to pilot this? Triggerhappy over here took out your friends.” BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The Hope rattled and rocked as a large explosion commenced in the cargo hold. The three left alive on the bridge were sent flying an all directions, the ship not attempting to course correct. As smoke filled the entire backend of the Hope, Perceptor laid on the bridge’s floor, noticing a large swirl of multiple colorful waves outside the front window. “Wormhole!” Immediately jumping up, he noticed the two Decepticons, their chassis’s sliding across the ground while the ship began to be sucked inside. “No no no no no!” Perceptor pulled on the bullet riddled pilot seat to sit near the controls. While he would never wish to not be a scientist, he felt a pilot’s license would’ve been quite useful at the moment. Gripping the controls tightly, he attempted to bank left, but nothing would budge. It was too late for the Hope. Perceptor felt almost weightless as he watched the bright colors engulf his vision. And then, nothing. … Many light years away, a mangled mess formerly called the Hope came out of the warp hole. The mess floated on its side toward a large planet. It looked nothing like Krogo VI, instead being mostly shades of blue, green and brown. No one was around to see the beautiful planet, the only one awake no having eyes to begin with. CALCULATING THE BEST LANDING LOCATION. The black spherical vessel let go of the mangled mess, sending itself farther and farther away as the Hope broke through the atmosphere. By this point, standard protocol for a crash landing would’ve broken out, but without a Captain, or any crew member functioning for that matter, nothing was slowed as more parts flew off, the ship slamming into the bottom side of a mountain. The ship’s parts tore deep into the rocks, sticking snuggly inside as an avalanche of boulders began to cover it. From the outside of the mountain, it looked as if it had only been lightly scarred. However, this mountain how carried something important to the planet’s future. The black sphere, on the other hand, gently landed within a snowy tundra. While the sphere has minor damage, what was inside felt weak after traveling through the worm hole. ENERGON LEVELS DEPLETING. COMMENCING SCAN OF ENERGON. SCANNING. SCANNING. ENERGON LEVELS MORE THAN SUPPLEMENTAL. PROCEEDING WITH RECUPERATION PLAN. End of Part 1: Hope
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