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  1. Here's an animated image of the 8th MS Team scenario. Karen was ambushed by an ACguy and (as from the image) the head is totally smashed. After that, Karen's MS was pushed back and was still capable of firing at the ACguy. So, it would seem that the MS sensors are still active. Then the ACguy, again attacked Karen's MS to the cockpit smashing a proportion of it open. this is the view from the inside. AS you can see static on the left side monitor. Her front and left monitors were trashed, and from what karen said...her sensors were also out.
  2. Gundam 00 boasts the only gundams incapable to be hijacked. All thanks to the first retinal scan. ;D. Finally... a safe weapon.
  3. ZERO System in AD...OMG :D If only you knew how perfect that is for the new 3rd Generation Extended that have been developed. Which reminds me to make that write-up. ;D Mobile Trace System? Is that AI? I'm hearing dolls. What about Minovsky Particles...those ballon decoys, for ships? Funny that CE doesnt have MIRVs. It could have already ended the war much faster
  4. In CE...better check the last Strike vs Aegis fight on the islands. If I could remember, the Aegis's head was cutted off and was still able to continue fighting and able to transform back to MA. Maybe because during MA mode, the Aegis may have other sensors. In UC, in 8th MS Team...I could remember one of the Gundams there had its head punched out by an ACguy (ACguy's finest hour ;D). The pilot of the RX-78(G) was that red haired tomboysh girl. All of its sensors were dead as it head was smashed out. It was still able to defeat the ACguy thanks to manual coordinations from the outside an
  5. ENTJ...so thats why...
  6. hhmm...From what I heard the meisters names are all code names. They haven't given out the'r real names, I think.
  7. konigstiger

    Dead Fantasy

    If you're thinking thats made with same game models, its not. He made his own 3D models nearly identical to the actual models used in the orginal games. Very good animator or he could have acquired some pre-made animations. Impresive, very impressive...though only a low quality game type texturing and rendering.
  8. I haven't seen all the other series, but I'm now getting every episode of Gundam there is. Except for those whom I feel to be really...sorry for the word...worthless. So lemme try this. Series * Mobile Suit Gundam - 3 - not watched; fine mecha; bad anime but there is special edition out with some new additional footage; still giving a go for this * Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - 3 - not watched; nice mecha; bad anime; still giving a go * Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - 3 - not watched; nice mecha; bad anime; still giving a go * Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - 8 - watched; superior mecha;
  9. Concerning bridges, a ship has practically two bridges, except for carriers which has 3. The Ship Control (Bridge), The CIC (Combat Information Center) and for the carrier, Flight Control. Those embedded bridges on ships of today are CIC. Even a carrier has a CIC, hell all modern ship has. The Ship controls are necessary to be outside the hull offer viewing purposes. Sometimes, sensors not always needed for ship control and a naked eye is needed. Unless of course you a submarine which only rely on sonar. But there is also a danger of using too much and not much sensors. Too much, and you'll be
  10. I think its not just about godmod to blame about ships being too cheap to handle in CE. I think the producers were also thinking about what is the true Naval power of today. Being that, todays NAVYs much rely now on seaborne aircrafts rather than a ship to ship battles. So if you can see the similarities, as the aircrafts now are like the MSs of CE. If you know very much of your history lessons during WWII in the pacific, it was japan themselves had seen through and were conceited that seaborne aircrafts will be the greatest reliance throughout the war and they have proven that theory thro
  11. A couple of hobbies (Two or more): 3D Modeling, Draw, Gaming, Anime, airoft battle, live-fire marksmanship Favoured gaming platform: The all powerful... PC Favourite part of the Gundam franchise: Mecha Design, Sci-Fi tech, Militaria Favourite video game: PC...Company of Heroes, Sniper Elite, Call of Duty Series, Medal of Honor Series, Command and Conquer Series, Star Wars: Galactic Battlgrounds, Star Wars: Battle front II, Starcraft, Warcraft, Worms: Armageddon. Console(even if I haven't got one)... Metal Gear Series, Shadow of Colossus, Ace Combat Series, Resident Evil Series, Soul Ca
  12. STAND YOUR GROUND!!! I dont care whatever this "mysterious" suits are. I dont care what their capabilities are. I dont care how goku boast about how much this suits are "superior" to ours. Thats why this is more of a tactical engagement. You are not alone in this fight. If we are to succeed, I will need full cooperation with you guys and that you have full confidence in taking on this suits, whatever they are. Sorry shout out orders already...but I believe this is for the betterment. I think Janus cant bring the full potential of the Impulse. Darkphoenix, would you care to exchange with ja
  13. I see...forget what I said...I could very well see now were you're getting at...and pretty much see were this is leading to. And I could probably have guesses on what suits your talking about Since, technically, most of the suits you have assigned to us were utilized by EA...I think we could ascertain that this could be some what an EA vs ZAFT scenario. We could just launch from normal Drake class...or would you want to be classy and launch from an Archangel class.
  14. GAT-X252 Forbidden. No other choice but to take "The crab". but I'm somehow troubled that theres 6 of us and it would look like its gonna be against some NPC suits or from your first post...the Destroy. Ands its gonna be done by only you. To make it a more worth while fight, I dont mind going to the opposing force. I dont see this only as only to practice our tactical, combat, team-work skills...what I see here is the prospect of not just merely first grade MS license but of a higher grade license. Hope you grant my request.
  15. i might want to join this...but it will depend on the conditions. So, could you post your conditions before I make my final decision
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