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  1. If I remember right, an episode in ZZ Gundam (the earlier ones, probably first 10), Z Gundam got hit in the head by a piece of space junk and its visual sensors were effectively killed off. Though, I'm not so sure.
  2. Sadly, there's not much proof of this, other than textual ones and common sense (panoramic view). Too bad they don't show the mobile suits without their frames all the time. In the intro of Patlabor 2, the movie, there was a camera/visual sensor shown that was placed on the torso of the robot. Well, I heard somewhere it would be theoretically possible to still "see" by using the gun targeting sensor of the weapons they carry. This can be seen only on the old beam rifles of the UC era though (the large cap-like thingy on the top of the barrel) OH, that reminds me. If anyone can find the old UC Gundam footage of the last Gundam Vs Zeong fight, we could actually learn of the truth! The RX-78-2 had its ENTIRE head blown off, and even the right arm. Yet somehow, it was able to ACCURATELY hit a small flying head. No, it wasn't Amuro's Newtype abilities; He had abandoned the suit and allowed its learning computer to do it, if I remembered it right. It wouldn't be possible for the Gundam's computer to TARGET it without any visual targeting whatsoever, so I think that the Beam Rifle's targeting sensors aided it for quite abit.
  3. Well actually, there's a game with the name "Monoeyed Gundams" somewhere. Not sure if it actually has some. Though, I'm sure a few CE suits have a third "eye" on their heads. (Gold Frame, Buster) So that might count as "Monoeye" in a way. The ZERO system might require a VERY calm state of mind. Probably dull and boring Kira could do it. No big surprise. >_>
  4. Gundam Battle Royale. Warriors Orochi? I only got a PSP to play Samurai Warriors: State of War.
  5. 15 Exam papers before Grad Night. Then there's the abundance of freedom. Hm.
  6. For some reason... I can imagine the Gundams from Gundam 00 Abusing those Colloid particles. >_>
  7. Rick Doms are just mobile suits. Not a "Gundam". Well, its half a pity Gundams from other eras are pretty much SIMPLE compared to CE technology. Duel Gundam = RX 78-2, while the Gundam Mark II, RX 178 is outclassed by the Assault Shroud. Sad that what took a few years to develop in the UC era took less than a year in CE. <_< But Rick Doms are different from Doms themselves. They don't have the traditional hovering the Doms have, which, is a little sad. Oh yeah, about the little circular module at the torso of a Dom, its actually more of a "flashbang" type of weapon rather than a barrier or whatever in the UC ere. 08th Mobile Suit Team ftw. And IMO, the chest gattlings should be beam; There's a big question of ammo placing. Making it beam is much more... proper?
  8. Heavyarms? Its scarier if you make all his weapons beam. BEAM GATTLING GUNS. Then all you need is an N-Jammer Canceller and watch him match Kira. The best part? He doesn't need to aim. Vayeate and Mercurius is outclassed by Akatsuki, but as mass production suits, it might be interesting.
  9. Very accurate. Online test based on Jung - Myers-Briggs typology I'm an INFJ. What are you? "The Counselor Idealists are abstract in thought and speech, cooperative in reaching their goals, and enterprising and attentive in their interpersonal roles. Counselors focus on human potentials, think in terms of ethical values, and come easily to decisions. The small number of this type (little more than 2 percent) is regrettable, since Counselors have an unusually strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others and genuinely enjoy helping their companions. Although Counsleors tend to be private, sensitive people, and are not generally visible leaders, they nevertheless work quite intensely with those close to them, quietly exerting their influence behind the scenes with their families, friends, and colleagues. This type has great depth of personality; they are themselves complicated, and can understand and deal with complex issues and people." I think it'll be fine to take off the first paragraph so people don't have to go search what it is to see what kind of person you are. Damned accurate. Well, enjoy.
  10. I feel that idea would work. Each faction would have a "Target" to follow and whatnot. But we need the amount of people we had. Some just disappeared. ._.
  11. Lawl. The only thing that I think will "Fit" Into Cosmic Era technology would be things like Nu Gundam and whatnot. Z Gundam too. But damn, I want a bloody Kampfer. <3
  12. Shaftronics

    whats up?

    Well, the Serpent Tail operatives we've seen usually... 1) Already have their own mobile suits. (Elijah Kiel had his old GINN from ZAFT before he joined) 2) acquired through unorthodox means. (Blue frame. But I can't remember if that was for a job offer.) Then again, even Gai Murakumo had his own customized GINN, despite being from Socius, which is from Earth. I'd just conclude they get 'em the same way the Junk Guild get their parts; Black market, part auctions, etc. But straight from the manufacturer, considering they aren't produced from a company that's directly under the government (Like the Zeonic Company in the UC Era), I guess its plausible. Hm.
  13. He was aware that Kylier would suspect him of flirting with her, but he had done that out of goodwill. He had thought that a little touch on the slightly intimate side was enough to break the ice for a little. But he knew that she would be fully aware of his actions and words from then on. Silently remembering that little, important detail, he went on to hum thoughtfully. "Well, I guess I do have a place in mind. Got any transport? If not, I could give you a ride." He paused for a while, before adding. "You can sit at the back if you'd prefer." Trying to sound at his very best, as nice as possible.
  14. Join whatever you want, really. The main problem is that our Faction Leader has gone KIA without any notice.
  15. Depending on what I need, like clarity in my posts, or just length, I switch between the two. Passive helps for making your posts look a lot longer than it should be and its pretty good for schoolwork when meeting a word quota.
  16. "When you smile next time Kylier, take a good look in the mirror. Your eyes aren't honest about it." He said with a slight grin, playfully tapping his index finger on Kylier's head. Zeru was a very casual person, truly emphasizing the value of being friends outside duties. He wanted the best relations with his working crew, so they could do their best in whatever they did together. He wanted everyone to work in a very positive mood. And Kylier was no exception. "Just call me Zeru, or anything you find comfortable calling me with. Formalities make me feel old." He said, frowning as much as he could, before cracking it with a chuckle. He looked away from Kylier for a moment, taking in the fresh air (albeit with the scent of oil and gunpowder), before turning his head to face her. "You look like a fine lass. Not all men look for boobs and butts. Some look for something different. As for me..." He trailed off, thoughtfully rubbing his chin, before he continued on. "Anything you'd like to do? Lunch or to discuss anything official between us? Mobile suit specs or anything?" He had said, trying to sound nice and not imposing about it.
  17. Getting off-topic also gets on my nerves. At any rate, you girls have a good storyline planned for the future? For the roleplay I mean.
  18. Answer my question please? <_< Only weapons or also Modular equipment like Wizard packs and whatnot?
  19. As she whispered to him, he couldn't help but to chuckle for a bit. He wondered why the girl had wanted her gender to remain anonymously male. Of course, he wasn't in any position to judge her, other than his own opinions, which he'd rather keep to himself. He turned around and followed her through the crowd, having a little more trouble than she had due to his larger size. But he managed to catch up to her outside anyway. As she stopped on a quieter spot, he stopped with his arms crossed, and allowed himself another comment to start off the conversation with. "You don't really like social crowds I take it?"
  20. I'm a little tired of your little "holier-than-thou", but eh. Whatever.
  21. Oh yeah, one thing.... The Enact's deflecting bar for a shield is hot.
  22. Going for it. A couple of hobbies (Two or more): Cycling, Gaming Favoured gaming platform: Playstation Portable. Favourite part of the Gundam franchise: Mechanical Schematics Favourite video game: Armored Core series A taste of your music playlist: Anime themes, Eminem, Story of the Year - Untill the Day I Die, Three Doors Down - Here without you. If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you be?: I'll reply this with a question. What would a guy do if he traded bodies with a girl for one day? ;3 Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, for talkativeness, ten being highest: Variable. I'm just random. I can be 10 when I want to with my friends or just 1 if I feel that there's no one worth talking to. If you had a quality you could instantly have, what would it be?: Speak friggin' Japanese so I can understand my Rengou Vs ZAFT and Macross VF-X 2. <_<
  23. I'm a fan of Eminem, I've been listening to him ever since he's debuted back then. Thanks for the comments anyway.
  24. Aye aye. My "acquaintances" are skeptical since I listen to Japanese songs or songs that are in a language I don't understand more than English songs, but whatever. They can burn in hell. I've got plenty of friends that do too. Lawl
  25. Oh? You've aroused my curiosity for quite a bit.
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