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    Sorry Valiant, can't think of any suggestions/improvements right now for "AD 2.0" But I've backed up my stuff and I'm bracing myself for this radical change
  2. Asahi

    Dead Fantasy

    mySQL injection? O.o Ok ok, I'll admit I have no idea what that is, but thanks for modifying the post for me And yes, I know this is a useless post. I just wanted you to know I'm grateful
  3. Asahi

    Dead Fantasy

    Yeah, it sure is :P Although I hate the ending to "Haloid" >_> (watch it, you'll know what I'm talking about) Love the choreography in Dead Fantasy lol (IMO bad name...) The way the fight "flows" is top notch *thumbs up* edit: what the hey, its kinda off topic, but i'll put the link to the Master Chief vs Samus video, for the fun of it (I don't know how to put the player in my post, like Valiant did O_O)
  4. *ahem* and after getting whammed by fireminerva... Series * Mobile Suit Gundam - 0 * Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - 8 I don't believe in a sign of Zeta. Bad part of the story was Kamille lol * Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - 0 * Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - 0 * Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket - 0 * Mobile Suit Gundam F91 - 0 * Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - 6 TOP GUN IN SPACE XD Thats both a good thing and a bad thing ;) Redemption was the whole "Zeon remnants" theme * Mobile Suit Victory Gundam - 0 I'm neutral :| * Mobile Fighter G Gundam - 0 * New Mobile
  5. Y'know, i've never thought of this before. In my mind, energy shielding on ships was only relegated to the Western Sci-Fi (Star Wars, Homeworld, etc.), while ships without shielding was only in the Gundam universe. I still don't know why the Gundam ships don't have shielding (in any of the stories, UC, CE AC etc) but then, if you think about it, they're not actually that weak. Example. In UC, it takes Zaku aces to take out cap ships, and even then, taking out one is still a mean feat (looks at Johnny Ridden and Char.) CE really plays up the whole godmod concept with the Gundams. Not to prove
  6. They're breaking the norm here lol. I'll admit however, after I watched the episode, I wanted more although I can't get over how weird the Enact's face looks..(or does it have a face?) Ok, sure, you might think 00 is shit, but hey, I'm giving it a chance (And i'm one of the UC gundam fans!). I'm at odds with the character design thou. Its all pretty boys and even prettier girls *snicker* (they sure didn't skimp of the character hairstyles. Nearly everyone has curls...I'm scared now...) Although I might point out these things, I'm still interested in how this story will turn out. The only th
  7. Ok, i'm kicking myself here XP BIG EDIT Just pounce on this damn thread, much like Temari did . @Temari: LMAO, didn't read the rules didjya? Ahh nevermind, since JUST POUNCING on this thread is so much better than nomination!
  8. The premise of this new "game" is that we use this thread to get to know each other better You answer several set questions, (please be reasonable and please make sense lol). Here's a basic rundown of the staple questions. A couple of hobbies (Two or more): Favoured gaming platform: Favourite part of the Gundam franchise (incl. plastic models, anime, mange, rping, etc..): Favourite video game: A taste of your music playlist. list some of you favourite songs: If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you be? No boundaries on what this could be, but
  9. Asahi


    Hehe, welcome laddie! You'd make a fine addition to our cohorts of RPers (if thats a good thing ) Anyway, welcome and all. Be sure to check out our rules for RPing and whatnot (general etiquette), whats going on with the "Advent Destiny" storyline and the "getting started" section. Sure, I know this sounds atypical and such, but heck, I can't help it Anyway, get yourself propelled into the roleplay! But most of all, have fun (-_- I suggest the Colosseum. Always good for a quick fix) PS: although I'm not trying to lower the confidence of our site, I feel its been a bit quiet lately....
  10. OOC: OMG Well, since there's nothing going on, I think we either end this thread, or you'd like a cup of small chat, that'd go down well too IC: Asahi looked abruptly at Caine, his expression the same as a deer caught in the headlights. "Hmm, and here I was thinking I was the only one who knew about the war games...Well, I guess you have a point. And now that I think of it, we don't even have enough numbers to pull off some worthwhile training." Asahi was quite surprised at Caine, although he lied about not having enough numbers. So long as he could have an environment where he could g
  11. Asahi

    Zero 3000

    Heheh, I had this game bookmarked, I thought it would be awesome. But I heard from 4chan this is just Diablo 2 with mecha. Its point and click, kill. Repeat (They don't even let you customize the colour of your machine. ) But don't let something that those rude little ruffians at 4chan sway your opinion. (Heck thats why they like to insult each other so much. *ahem* Off topic) I'd actually like some REAL opinions on this game (If anyone has bothered to DL this and register. My comp doesn't even meet minimum specs LOL )
  12. Haha, I am the eternal slacker!!! I should be studying, but I'm playing Fire Emblem (the 1st english one on the GBA) and Starcraft on PC (not up to Brood War yet, i'm playing campaign) Edit: Its Blizzard season for me! I've also got Diablo 2 LOD installed to play over lan with my friends every friday night lol. We're only act 2 thou, coz we started last week lol
  13. thanks Darkness. Now that I think of it, this idea reminds me alot of the DeviantArt's info page, where the person has a few questions they fill out. So here's a short list of Darkness's ideas and a few of mine A couple of hobbies Favoured gaming platform Favourite part of the Gundam franchise (incl. plastic models, anime, mange, rping, etc..) Favourite video game. OF ALL TIME!!! A taste of you music playlist. list some of you favourite songs [li]If you had the choice of being re-incarnated, what would you be? No boundaries on what this could be, but please, no "I wanna be Kira "Jesus"
  14. Haha, nice work there Darkness I'd agree that its quite random of you to do this as well and on that note, I'll keep you in mind if there's any strange or random topic which needs some studying (or debating )
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