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    One Week Later "From the hands of the 101th Mobile Suit Team of the Zeon Earth Assault Force's South African branch: Take as much time as you want, but don't let it be because of us. The ten of us have signed this piece of paper as our will to sacrifice ourselves, with the intention to buy this convoy a strong head start. Make use of it and let them reach Axis. Give them their home, and they'll give the Feds their war." The entirety of Port Elizabeth in South Africa stared at the abyss of a clear night sky. An airfield in the outskirts of the city had opened the doors to the biggest hangar, one that was surprisingly big enough for a Gaw attack carrier. While this happened, sentries watched out for anything that looked even remotely like the glow of a GM's composite visor. The silhouette of a man leaned against a railing at the top of the abandoned control tower, glancing briefly at the hangar where the engineers quietly tried to get the main engine to work again (after a failed launch days prior), then lifting his gaze at the skyline of the thriving metropolis. His hands grasped the handle of a nearby ice container to open the door, taking out a beer can to quench the thirst and placate the heat. Condensation formed in the outer walls of the tin cylinder upon contact with the air. A nearby lamp post ocassionally flickered on and washed him in a warm, faint light, only to abandon him a few moments later. It had been a long day, and it would be a long night. Time seemed to be endless after the Axis officer read that letter he had handed him out loud. Erin had told him that it was a secret meant for the officer, that he or anybody else were never to even glance at it. Now, he knew why. He wouldn’t have left if she were ever to tell him. The woman behind him, of whose presence he was unaware, had been through a lot more. After the battle that ended with the lives of all but two of her team members a week ago, their struggle to live another day was all but lost. However, it didn’t turn into much of a disruption for her plans. Leading the Titans away, they would be sure to be too focused in her team for any kind of attempt at investigating the ruins and finding out about the convoy that was en route to Port Elizabeth. After all, ten pilots weren't much when compared to the whole group of Mobile Suit mechanics, workers and soldiers that would reach Axis. They weren't expecting a battle that early, hoping to gain a head start and lead them further, but the two Zeonics and the Zimmad that had come out of that mess were still enough to keep pushing. Enough to keep moving forward. Enough to eat a few more rounds. And so the three carried on, to what they thought would be their bitter end. Not everything had been lost, however. Two days of constant watch later, Lady Luck smiled upon their perseverance one more time, and had them find a remote village where scarce remnants of the ZEAF had gone into hiding after their base was retaken by the Federation. Scared and tired, the vast majority decided to forgive but not forget, carrying on with a calm rural life and a low profile. Five of them did not forgive either, though, secretly mantaining their Mobile Suits, their uniforms and small arms as best as they could, all of it for the day when the Principality would come back for them. Taking some rest at the local inn, she told them about the convoy that was making its way to Port Elizabeth, and so they agreed to repair her Mobile Suits and join her, with the condition that she tried to take them there. The Gouf Custom and Dom Tropen got up better next morning, while the Zaku’s legs were deemed a lost cause after they never turned on again, and replaced with a Magella Attack’s tracks to be given as a Zaku Tank to the greenest of the bunch. They started marching towards Elizabeth, the three of them plus a blue Zogok and a captured GM that had been painted in green camouflage. Yuri kept travelling by her side, but Lyle decided to stay in the village and help them heal their sick, being as their medic had been lost months ago in an unfortunate, violent robbery, and few of them actually risked a walk into the city. In exchange, the Tropen would be given to the leader of the local squad for him to pilot. Erin knew Lyle’s decision wasn’t all about helping the villagers, but also a result of his doubts after Raphael’s death. She would miss him, but she let him stay, as it would be for the best. No point trying to force somebody to fight when motivated pilots were available, and while his skills as a medic weren’t stellar, they were better than nothing at all. Now, Erin was back. The last week had been nothing if not terrifying. Every corner, every bush, every moving object could be a potential sign of a terrible death to come. Every step was a miracle. But that would be no more. She was safe and sound, and ready to go back to her life of eternal grudges and jingoism. Go ahead. You can say it now, you magnificent bastard. Happy to be there again, she let out a smirk and grabbed a beer can too, leaning against the railing, then looking into his astonished eyes. "I'm home..."
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    For a split second, Teo could feel something in his gut. Something screamed at him, pulled him to turn around. Out of the very corner of his peripheral vision, he saw a dark, squared figure. “A Quel?!” Almost immediately after, far quicker than he was usually capable of, Teo fired the Gelgoog Stutzer’s boosters at full power. A warning blared on his main screen, then several. He was pulling higher than maximum lateral Gs, and he could feel it. For the short few moments he’d catapulted out of the way of the Quel’s beam rifle, Teo felt his arms and legs grow ten times heavier as he was forced downward into his seat, and just as suddenly, he’d fire the Gelgoog’s many maneuvering verniers, quickly changing the direction of the G forces. He was about to puke, black out even, but something inside of him, whatever it was, gnawed at his mind, implanting the need to survive. Come on. Come on. COME ON! It cried, a plea to Teo to fight. What for, he hadn't the slightest clue. It was a feeling at the very back of his mind, a near subconscious drive. His visor would crack, and then shatter, and pieces of it would bury themselves in his cheek. Teo didn't notice. He grit his teeth as the G forces quickly diminished while his movement was arrested by the verniers, and surely enough, Teo brought the Gelgoog’s Beam Machine Gun to bear. His vision, blurred by the rush of blood coming away from his head, slowly recovered as the Quel was brought into his crosshairs. The machine around him creaked and juddered as it recovered from the immense pull of inertia, and soon the distinct burp of rapid beam fire, muffled by the vacuum of space, filled his ears. A volley of mega-particle bolts would rain down on the Quel like a hail of deadly comets, each of the dozens of shots threatening to pose serious damage. The beeping grew louder, more frequent as Teo pushed the limits of the Gelgoog Jager. He could hear the aging generator behind him start to whine with the sounds of overwork and low fuel, but he had to push on. A small utility arm extended from the machine’s front skirt armor, taking the Beam Machine Gun away while he reached for the Gelgoog’s other weapon: its Beam Naginata Splitter. It ignited, sputtering as the machine’s power reserves ran dangerously low, and for an instant the blade of golden energy looked less like a blade and more like a flame. Then, the two halves of the weapon split apart in both of the Gelgoog’s hands, and the blades shrunk, turning white as the energy was compacted into a far denser package. It surged forward, using the last of its reserves in an attempt to dispatch of the GM. Teo had screamed himself hoarse.
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    Grim glared at both men evenly. He could see the gears grinding in Nicky’s head. Ryder cautiously remained quite and Grim did have to pause and wonder if there was hope for them both yet? “Sir. This will not happen again. I'll make sure of it as soon as i cross that door.''  This was the second time Nicky made that promise but Grim could tell it was more heartfelt. The Captain merely nodded and responded softly, “see that you do. Both of you.” He gave both men another quick glance to study their obedient demeanors. He supposed time would tell if these two could help pull off this mission or doom them all. “Dismissed.” With that he moved to return behind his desk and calmly began sitting back down. He paid neither of them little attention as he went back to looking at the papers on his desk. (lackluster but I can’t think of anything else to grill them on :p)
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    Ryder's emotions became very mixed after getting slapped by his superior. Part of him wanted to fight back, but that'd be a one-way ticket to a Titan POW camp. Another part of him respected the Captain for what he did. It showed Ryder that the AEUG had a competent leader who wouldn't put up with people's bullshit. The former Titan didn't agree with the silver-haired man, but he was starting to warm up to the AEUG's leader. Right then, Ryder knew he had to change his act in order to succeed. He had one goal in mind, which was to rise up in the AEUG's ranks. Pissing of their leader wasn't going to help with that. "Like it or not, I gotta play by his rules." Ryder thought to himself. "This is my chance to shine. I can't screw this up." The Lieutenant was going to respond, but the captain was currently chewing out Nicky on the account of Ed Shiro, the GM pilot who perished in battle. He noticed the Captain really seemed to care about the deceased, going as far as to say he was twice the pilot Ryder was. "If he really was that, he wouldn't be dead." His sloppiness didn't get the pilot killed though. It was a mixture of Nicky's incompetence and the man's own skills, so Ryder felt little sympathy. However, it made Ryder realize every life mattered to the Captain. "If I want to get on his good side, I'll have to protect every pilot, no matter how inept they are." Grim stared back at the two, seemingly waiting for a response. Ryder had nothing else to say, but he wasn't sure about Nicky. How would he feel being partially responsible for a teammates death? After all, Ryder had been in the same spot before...
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    “There's no excuse. This incident is completely on my shoulders. It will not happen again." Grim squared away at Nicky as the ensign gave the pitiful but expected response. The Captain had been around awhile and could see hate behind the ensign’s eyes. Hatred at what, was hard to tell, Ben would have preferred the ensign be focused on the enemy but suspected it was aimed more at Grim himself. Still the Captain gave a hard stare at the boy before Ryder chimed in. As Ryder rambled on, a small but distinct curl formed on the edge of Grim’s lips. While a part of him could agree with the Titan’s assessment of the situation this wasn’t the forum to address the issues. Grim was beyond stressed and this cocky little bastard was pushing his buttons. Before anyone could understand what had happened Grim’s backhand firmly connected with Ryder’s cheek. The hand flew across and stood hanging in the air, the slap of flesh silencing the room. “Ed Shiro was twice the pilot you will ever be Lieutenant.” Grim’s cold stare could freeze a beam saber, and he glared hard at the sniper. He fought the urge to slap the Titan again, but he knew he needed to get through the pilots ego one way or another. “I need soldiers not divas…” he added as he slowly dropped his hand. “You keep up that attitude Lieutenant and you won’t amount to anything under my command! do I make myself clear?” His eyes shifted dangerously back to Nicky, “and do you understand that Ed Shiro died trying to protect you and the Nemo?” He reached behind him to the desk and hoisted up a folder nearly tossing it at the ensign. Inside the folder was the radio log from the battle and highlighted were Ed’s lines stating how he was trying to protect the ailing Nemo. The comms during the battle were probably flooded with activity and no one but the Firefly seemed to catch his transmissions. Ed was in fact in the GM that Grim had seen getting destroyed by one of the Gaza’s. Grim stared at both men waiting to see if they had any other intelligent remarks to make. ((OOC: redd Shirto seemed too obvious))
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    Ryder looked puzzled. "Headhunter?" He thought. "Has he ever worked with a sniper?" While Ryder was confused, he did understand why Grim would be enraged. As much as he wouldn't like to admit it, his first sortie as an AEUG pilot was somewhat sloppy, but the way things were run in the AEUG was sloppy. As a Titan, things were planned out and it was clear what jobs people had on the battlefield. Ryder was told that he was the squadron leader, but one of the mercs would give him orders. Nicky's actions were self-explanatory, and the other pilots were far from skilled. "Four Gaza-C's shouldn't have been an issue, but it wasn't all my fault." "Sir, my job as a long-range mobile suit pilot is to take out as many enemies as possible before they get in range. A headhunter is what I'm supposed to be." Ryder responded. "And I'd love to be a leader, but when the team doesn't know how to even adequately pilot our mobile suits, like our sitting duck over here, it makes it very challenging." Ryder felt himself get angrier. "Am I even the squadron leader, because one of your mercs was giving me orders. Why is nothing in the AEUG ran efficiently? None of us even know our mission, we were just thrown onto this dumpy ship!" Ryder thought again about the battle. Some blame could be put on him. He needed to be a better teammate, no matter how reckless the AEUG did things. He looked away. "But you are right in expecting better. I expected better from myself too..."
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    Ryder Sarka stood against one of the walls near the sleeping pods, arms crossed. As he reminisced about the recent battle, the former Titan wished he could've gotten more practice in the simulation. It had been months since he'd even been inside a mobile suit, since he was too busy being tortured by the Titans. Luckily, he realized how much the Nemo controlled like the GM Sniper II, one of his older machines he'd piloted before. "Reloading..." He thought to himself. "I got to get faster at that!" Ryder walked to his sleeping pod. "That rifle could take out nearly anything in one hit, why can't it hold more than one shot?!" A red button illuminated near his pod. When he pressed it, the square door hinged up, allowing him inside. It was cramped, but it was supposed to be. After all, the pods weren't meant for comfort. A couple of pictures were taped to the top of his bed. Two were of the squadrons he'd served in with the Titans, the Pursuers and the 41st Strike Team. He looked closer at the Pursuers, noticing his former Commander. "Poor bastard." The other two were taken back when he was in high school, one of him and his friend Maria, and another with his newly enlisted brother, Len, as he grinned in his new uniform. "That was the day he gave me his jacket." Ryder grabbed that jacket, putting it back on as he closed the door. After many years, the jacket had become somewhat torn and ratty. Ryder attempted to fix it many times, but he dreaded the day it would just tear in half from any sort of movement. There wasn't much time for him to think about the past though. Dashwood's voice spoke through the intercom, requesting him and the Ensign, Nick Lavie, to go to Grim's office. "Expected that..." He thought. A debriefing was needed after what they went through. Ryder made his way to the quaint office, seeing his teammate saluting the captain. Ryder followed suit, awaiting a response from the Captain.
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    Grim sat in his chair of his quarters looking over the hastily gathered damage report. Overall the damage had been superficial, a busted window on the bridge scared the hell out of those on duty but the emergency shutter did its job closing quickly. More importantly this was going to have a bad impact for morale. Of course it wouldn’t matter that they had defeated a technological superior force, all the incident seemed to prove was that Zeon was on to them. It would only be a matter of time until another strike force moved in to engage them all. Grim sighed out loud, “I doubt we’re going to catch a break anytime soon…” He rubbed his temples as he glared down at the two personnel files on his desk, “of all the pilots… where’s kamille when you need him?” He bit his lip as he made the comment thinking back to reports he read about the ace, while the kid had been good his attitude left much to be desired. “Who names a boy that… poor kid must have been angsty because of that…” he shook the thought from his head returning to the present. He was going to have a good debriefing with his two “star” pilots. Grim pulled on a phone and held it to his head, “get me Sarka and Lavie! Thank you.” He hung up and got up to pour himself a cup of Tea. A minute later he heard the ship’s PA ask for his two pilots to report to him. He sat back down in his chair sipping at the mug, inhaling the steam. A knocking on his door broke his concentration. Although he was expecting the two pilots, this was perhaps too soon to be the duo. The Captain shrugged and called out, “enter!”
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    "We were lucky," Hiro said as he handed Grace her cup of coffee. She shook her head as she leaned against the bulkhead. "The bridge crew got away with minor injuries, but the damage to the bridge will still hinder our progress." "Stay our course and rendezvous for repairs, that's all that we can do right now," Kamea said as she swung her makeshift wooden staff at Ronald. He dodged easily and replied with a flurry of attacks. "I still say word got back to Zeon." They had been over this. Hiro saw the AEUG pilots take out the fleeing Gaza unit. However, both Kamea and Ronald claimed to have notice a blip flicker briefly on their radar. They did a sweep of the region but nothing came up. Years of experience taught the mercenaries that it was very likely that a hidden Zeon unit had escaped, bring with it the information of the Firefly back to its base. Whether Zeon would take the effort to capture a small AEUG force was another matter. Regardless, the probability gnawed at Hiro. Kamea parried each blow before side stepping the last and retaliated. She said, "It doesn't matter. Whatever happens, we have our job to do. Those AEUG boys better be clocking enough hours of training in the mean time. They were lucky to survive combat, but their luck will run out at some point." "We don't have the best of crew, but we gotta make the best out of the situation," Grace said. She paused and looked at Hiro, "I don't like how we were taken off guard by Zeon. You would think they would have better intelligence given that they planned this whole operation." "Well, then you should do more work. You and Augur." Hiro said. "Sir! Yes, sir!" He emptied his cup of coffee and left the lounge to look for the captain.
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    The Nemo rattled as it was thrown from its laying position. The mobile suit floated as Ryder grabbed on to the controls, positioning it to see the damage caused. Smoke blared from the outside of the bridge. "Not good..." Ryder thought to himself. If they couldn't get the ship to move, they'd all be sitting ducks. The only choice for the Lieutenant was to fly back into the hangar and hope things would be ok. The hangar door opened as Ryder flew back, connecting his rifle back to the wall. There were minor scrapes and paint chipping on his mobile suit, but it was otherwise still very functional. The mobile suit powered down as Ryder floated out of the cockpit. "Hey!" He yelled out to the mechanic. "What's the damage look like?" Ronald turned his head to the pilot. "I'm not sure yet. A lot of crew members are surveying the damage right now!" Ryder pushed off the cockpit door to the neck of the ship. He had no idea how far they were from their destination, so it was unknown how long it'd take for someone to come to their aid. Smoke was all around him when he made it to the neck of the ship. He assumed the bridge crew was wearing normal suits, so unless they took a direct hit inside the bridge, they'd hopefully be fine. "We've had some bad luck..."
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    "Where do you think you're going, girlie?" The space port checkpoint guard's words were almost lost in the clamor that surrounded him, "You actually need a pass and some ID, not glaring at me like some freak." "I musta left them in my other pocket," Delaja couldn't help herself as she hissed the words out under her breath. She took a moment to let out a pent up breath and put on a fake smile, "Sorry about that, here you are." She pressed her palm into the guard's hand and pushed her way through the security checkpoint. A small plastic bag filled with blue crystals was left in the man's possession rather than identification. He quickly hid the bag and grunted something at the next person in line. Delaja's eyes rolled as she mouthed the guard's words while shaking her head. She broke down into a fit of curses before she headed to a bathroom on her path to the private terminals. The door opened itself for her and she made her way in, her fist action was to force the door back shut. If this was an Earth based space port there would be private miniature rooms to use. But this was Mars and it only had a row of open walled stalls with enough of a gap on the bottom to look for feet rather than big indicators to show if a stall is occupied. Just the sight of the gap on the top and bottom of the stalls was enough to make the girl gag. The girl stood there for a solid minute, Delaja made absolutely sure that she was the only one in the bathroom before she claimed the stall at the far end of the room. Before she even opened the door, the sight of water and paper pooling on the ground guided her hand to a stall two doors down. Once in the stall she sat on the water tank with her feet on the toilet seat, hunched over so that she couldn't be seen by anyone that preformed the same check she did moments before. A small plastic bag full of tiny blue crystals, identical to the one she bribed the guard with, fell out of her sleeve and into her open palm. She carefully arranged a small line on the back of her arm before inhaling it through her nose in one quick motion that ended with her eyes clenched shut and an involuntary hiss. Delaja blinked a few times as she looked around the small stall. Her feet trembled as she tried to get off the toilet, little giggles and fits of laughter sounded out every time she pulled her feet back up. It took her several minutes to finally emerge from that stall and when she did she was grabbed by the checkpoint guard. The start of a scream sounded out from the girl before a hand clamped down on her lips. The next scream came from the guard as Delaja bit him as hard as she could. She bit hard enough to tear through his glove and tear open his skin. She'd have continued biting if he didn't throw her off. Delaja bounced off the bathroom stall doors and barely landed on her feet as she scrambled for the door. With a bleeding hand the guard reached for his gun, only to see it clasped in Delaja's hand as she slammed the open button for the door and leave him alone in the women's restroom. Shouts chased after Delaja as she sprinted to her destination, gun in hand. A growing wave of guards formed a stampede as the girl fled for her life her path taking her to the last terminal in the space port, one connected to a ship with the one thing she hated most. But it was the only place she could go. "Why does this shit always happen to me!" Screamed the girl as she dove into the open bridge to the ship. Delaja half rolled, half floated into the ship, her stolen gun smashing the close button, "Get me the fuck out of here!"
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    The tremors slowly faded away, the entire cabin soon became serene as weightlessness permeated around. Edwin unconsciousness tensed his left hand, curling and uncurling the artificial fingers. It was strange how occasionally he genuinely felt as if the digits were his own. It was equally unnerving when he found himself scratching the skin of the prothstetic. They called it phantom pain and it was a sensation he doubted he would ever fully accept. Lifting his gaze from his lame hand he looked around the cabin to study how everyone else was reacting inside the shuttle. If one was studious, they could quickly determine who was new to space and who wasn’t. By this point Edwin was fairly numb to awe inspiring sensation. A young woman was giggling as she let some jewelry twirl in front of her. Another man was grinning like a fool playing with a water bottle. Edwin merely sighed and returned his gaze out the window. He would soon be onboard the Halfbeak class Fortis. The Fortis was a Bauduin family warship and had served as Edwin’s flagship during his patrol duties. As the shuttle escaped earth, Edwin could begin to make out the purplish form of the ship. Onboard was his Graze, and his crew; and he was eager to see both. Perhaps just as importantly was an old friend he was eager to reacquaint with; Erland Falk. Though the two men differed in age by almost a decade, Edwin thought of the younger man like a little brother and often treated him as such. He had been happy for the fellow noble when they had been assigned other duties on Mars. Now it appeared that fate would bring them back together. Gjallarhorn had given Edwin an important mission and was willing to give the Bauduin official any resources he needed, whether it be material or personnel; Edwin chose the latter. The rattle and clanking of the hull snapped Edwin from his contemplation and he tensed himself against his seat as the shuttle connected with the warship to drop him off. After the connection was secure a crewman gave the Captain a thumbs up. Edwin grabbed his briefcase and unbuckled himself to “leap” towards the engineer and the exit. The man gave him a salute and Edwin responded in kind, before moving down the narrow corridor towards his ship. Once he was on board a small collection of his staff saluted a greeting towards him and he returned the gesture yet again. He knew that by the time he found his way to the bridge he’d repeat the process with half his crew. By the time he made it to the bridge a grin did form along the edge of his face as he spotted his old friend. Erland stood staring out the windows, his red back turned toward him. Edwin let out a cheery greeting, “I had no idea that I’d be entertaining a member of the Falk family on my ship!” His tone showed his mock surprise. As he hovered up to the other man he stopped to regard him and offer his hand warmly, “it’s good to see you Erland!”
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    A large waterfall was crashing down onto the rocks below, keeping a large pond filled. Ryder Sarka sat near this lake during his break from his duties at Jaburo. It had been a week since the skirmish with the Zeon Remnants, and things had changed since then. The Commander had received new orders from the higher-ups. The four were to leave for space once Dustin had healed. The Ensign knew little about the assignment, only that they would be apart of a larger division. He hoped that it was a special unit, but only time would tell. As for the Zeon survivors, no search parties ever found them. Ryder assumed they had made it to their destination. He hoped that his next mission would go differently. The Titan picked up a small stone, tossing it across the water. It began to sink as it hit it. "I was never good at skipping stones." Ryder thought to himself. Ryder had been doing a lot of thinking lately. The Titans were something completely different to him, and part of him wished that he'd never joined. He knew it had to be done though. Ryder needed closure for Len's death, and the only way to do that would be through the specialized Zeon killers. He got up and began walking back toward the base. It wouldn't be long before he'd be leaving and going back to space. That got Ryder excited. Not only would it be a change of scenery, since it'd been years since he'd gone back up, but it would be a new chapter in his life as a Titan. he wouldn't allow himself to lose again. This time, thing's would be difference. Ryder Sarka wouldn't allow anything but the best of his abilities in order to become a star in the Titans... FIN
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    Edwin nodded at Erland’s remark about deploying. “Soon enough. Go get some rest and in a few of hours we’ll deploy.” With that he saluted his friend before retreating to his own quarters, he was quite tired from all the traveling. A few hours later an alarm awoke him in his bed and he groggily got up to put in his space suit. The room was sparsely decorated due to the lack of gravity and he struggled to get in his suit. His fake arm floated around him as he put on the combat gear, waiting for the last minute to attach the abomination to the remains of his limb. At last he got the suit and arm on and zipped up the uniform before grabbing his helmet. It didn’t go unnoticed that his left hand shook visibly and he nervously squeezed the device to “loosen” it up before heading into the hallway. He wore a grim look on his face as he saluted the crew and soon found the entrance to his alabaster Graze. He paused as he perched on the lip of the cockpit to study the behemoth and the sword locked on its hip. Flashbacks of the fateful combat that stole his left arm flooded his vision and he could clearly recalled how crumpled up the left side of the machine had been when he was pried out. He equally recalled the eyes of the demon that maimed him, the elegant designs of the Gundam he fought. He shook the thought from his head before going into the cockpit determinedly. As he sat down he locked his helmet on and pulled the straps across his body. He began his religious system checks to awaken his own monster and prepare for combat. As he neared the end of the routine he did a radio check, “are you there Erland? Yohan?” To his delight his Adjutant responded eagerly, “Affirmative Captain! Ready to deploy when you are!” A grin did form on his face, “you ready Erland? Let’s head out.”
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    Ryder walked down, turning away from the Ensign. A wave of emotions seemed to flood inside of him. All he wanted to do at this point was move on, but something wasn't letting him do so. The Lieutenant went back toward the barracks. He hoped that maybe they could arrive at their destination before he woke up. The bleak, dank ship was beginning to bore him, and he wished for a change of scenery. Climbing back into the pod, he began to rest. However, this former Titan would never be able to rest peacefully... Knock Knock! He heard someone banging on the pod door. "Oh, come on. Let me get some sleep." Ryder climbed out, only to see a familiar face staring at him. "I can't believe it..." He said. "Len?" The blond haired brother smirked. "It's great to see you, Ryder!" The Lieutenant ran up to him, as the Sarka brothers hugged. "I thought you were dead!" Ryder cried out as tear began to form. He let go, beginning to take of his jacket. "This belongs to you." Len shook his head. "No, no. You can keep it." He responded. "It fits your badass look." Ryder laughed. "Badass look? Bro, I'm far from being badass." Len chuckled. "Come on, dude. You're pretty cool!" Len put his hand on Ryder's shoulder. "Too bad you killed all those people!" The former Titans expression changed. "What?" Len laughed hysterically. "Look around you, bro!" Ryder began to notice dozens of people on the floor. They were withered, as if all the air was taken from them. "This is only a faction of deaths you caused." Ryder shook his head. "No. NO! I didn't know. Dustin was-" Len turned back to him. "THEY ARE DEAD AND THEY'LL NEVER COME BACK!" Len began to smirk again. "You should join them." Ryder looked back at him. "Stop this! Make it e-" Suddenly, it seemed like all the air was being sucked out as Ryder began to gasp for air. He fell to the floor, trying to breathe. Len watched to his brother suffocated. "AH!" Ryder smacked his head on the top of the pod. "He came to realize it was all a dream. It didn't matter to him though. The nightmares felt real, and they continued to haunt him every night...
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    Erland smiled as he saw Edwin's machine. It looked sleek and fast, like it could take out a whole squad on its own. "Still not as good as mine though." He thought. The Mars Commander wasn't used to the gray space variants of the Graze. In fact, Erland didn't have much experience battling outside of the atmosphere. He hoped that his skills would be adequate, but that wouldn't matter much since he had such a strong mobile suit. The red Schwalbe Graze almost seemed to glimmer as it held its custom lance. Erland was excited to be apart of the mission. Edwin explained the battle plan to him. The two and another pilot, Yohan, would be the main squad while the other Grazes would be a rear guard. "He's right." Erland thought to himself. "Who knows what we're getting ourselves into." He turned back to his colleague. "That's good." He said in response to discussing Yohan. "Whatever it may be, the Grazes of Gjallarhorn will be able to stop it." Erland said. "When shall we be launching?"
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    The young man seized up and gurgled out a cry for help that got drowned by the blood dribbling out from his nose. Jared frowned as he saw the response to the Alaya-Vijnana rejecting one of his comrades. “Dang!” Jared hissed as he turned to regard his tech, a girl by name of Betty. The blonde shrugged at her boss and tapped at her tablet vigorously. Shaking her head she finally announced, “sorry boss, there’s a lock on the operating system. We need a key of some sort to override it.” Jared punched the metal of the cockpit in frustration. The price to gut the cockpit and operating system would be substantial and he now seriously had to contemplate giving this machine in for the bounty. He looked around the hangar while burying his face in the palm of his hand. The momentum of his mock punch on the frame flung him out in a soft revolution into the middle of the hangar; if he was discomforted by the motion he didn’t show it. His thoughts equally whirled around him and he almost missed the presence of a silver haired lass as she burst into the hangar. “I made it! Thanks for waiting for me!” The words made Jared furrow his brow and as he bounced gently into the ceiling, he steadied himself to study the girl closely. A smile now formed on his face. “Your majesty!” He cried out before pushing himself towards the girl. As he sailed he caught himself on the rail side opposite of her. He continue to flash her a toothy grin, “at last we meet princess!” He studied the girl for her reaction, the second thing he noticed was the size of her pupils (the first being the hair). “I’m so glad you could join us on this voyage of the Loose End. I’m her captain, Jared Axle at your service!” He gave her a mock salute, his voice booming loudly to get the attention of everyone on the hangar.
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    The silver haired girl curled up into a ball and tapped the barrel of her new gun against her head as she took deep breaths. The ship was moving. She escaped. And the Asmodai was here. Her tattoo on her back stung from the thought of that thing. Every time she looked at it in her mind's eye the pain from that needle on her back returned for a moment. "The coin." She said the words as she grabbed at her neck, finding the chain and the golden disk that hung from it quickly. Her fingers fondled the engraving of the Asmodai on it, the feeling of the inverted head was comforting, the demon couldn't awaken without this coin. "Oh thank fuck." Delaja uncurled from a ball and kicked off the door. She was used to space. Completely at ease in three dimensions. A jacket hanging from one of the bridge's chairs with the crew's emblem caught her eye. She looked about the bridge but everyone seemed to have left for a moment. Internally she thanked the coin, a cursed luck charm if she ever had one. The pirate princess quickly slipped the jacket on over her the hoodie she was already wearing. It took Delaja a moment to find the door into the maze of hallways that made up ships like these. She managed to stumble into an empty room, a bed and belongings that litter it make Delaja to doubted it would be empty long enough to sleep. The girl popped the magazine out of her gun and groaned. "Asshole only loaded three? What kind of regula-" She cut herself off and took a deep breath and only let it out after a pair of heartbeats, "You're high. You're angry. Shut up." After a peak out of the room, Delaja started to creep through the hallways, following the plastered signs until she was in front of a door with 'HANGER' printed in bold letters above it. She checked her gun and turned the safety off before she jammed it in her pants so that the grip was hidden in the small of her back and more so by her equally stolen jacket. The girl's hand hovered over the door before she cursed one last time and opened the doors to the hanger. "I made it!" She screamed as she pushed herself against the hanger railing, spitting the last few words out with a scowl, "Thanks for waiting for me!"
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    Edwin gave a discreet nod at Erland’s observation regarding the facility and a weak smile of acknowledgement. True he has more riding on the facility and he couldn’t stand the idea of dissidents controlling property that wasn’t rightfully theirs. Erland broke his train of thought, "If you don't mind, could you take me to the mobile suit hangar? I'd like to see what our firepower is." Edwin swept his hand behind them towards the exit of the bridge. “Of course right this way.” He calmly led the man through the bridge to the hangar. As they entered the bay Edwin gave a grin at his friend as they first saw their Grazes side by side. Red and white the two machines looked poised for action, Edwin knew it would only be too soon. “We have our machines of course. We also have four more Grazes at our disposal…” he swept his hand to hint at the other suits hiding in the hangar. “We don’t know the full strength of the enemy so it will be me you and my adjutant Yohan who deploy first. I want to keep the rest behind as a rear guard in case they decide to attack the Fortis.” He turned to look at this friend reassuringly, “Yohans a good pilot we can count on him.”
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    "Another Calamity War remnant..." He thought to himself. Erland understood the power of those machines. They weren't something to scoff at. Gjallarhorn was powerful, but the strength of even one of those mobile suits would be an issue. "We gotta get a hold of that weapon." Erland looked out to the moon, thinking about the Elion Family, along with Edwin's wife and their son. "I'd imagine this operation is a little more personal for you, considering your family ties." The Falk family had some relations with the Elion's, but nothing major. Erland had no interest in the mining facility, just the fact that this mission would give him something to do. Months of paperwork bored him, so being active in mobile suit combat again enticed him. "But I now understand why I'm here. I won't let you down." He said to the Bauduin Noble. "If you don't mind, could you take me to the mobile suit hangar? I'd like to see what our firepower is."
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    Edwin noticed the sidelong glances at his arm. Erland was of course one of the few people who knew about his injury, he felt surprisingly subconscious about his arm now, as if Erland was seeing through the long sleeve and glove he wore. Edwin shrugged the idea from his head and motioned to the window on the bridge as he moved to stand next to his friend. They both looked out at Space and he cleared his throat. “There’s an Elion Family Mining operation on the moon, which for years have been very lucrative.” Naturally both of their gazes shifted towards the natural satellite. “The entire operation went dark. At first we thought it was technical difficulties, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that it’s more than that. For years the workers have disgruntled by conditions… no small secret.” He flashed his friend a knowing glance. “In any case we have since intercepted transmission heading out towards the colonies suggesting that they found a relic from the calamity war…” he let the last phrase hang in the air as reference to the Great War was weight enough to drag Erland from Mars. “There are terrible weapons from the Calamity war… if dissidents have a weapon… well I don’t think I need to spell it out to you.” He paused as he glared at the moon. “We’re going to storm the facility… hard and fast. That’s why I need you here. I need people I can trust for this one.” In truth Edwin wasn’t entirely sure where Erland or the falk family fell in the recent discussions of worker rights. Gjallarhorn has become increasingly divided on how to treat their colonies and other assets. If this operation went down the way Edwin was imagining it then a lot of dissident workers would die.
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    Jared tapped his fingers impatiently on his arms. He glared out at the hangar as the metal colossus was hoisted into an open mobile suit bay. He glared dangerously at each crewman who touched the weapon and barked out ominously, “careful! Careful… we must take great care with this catch boys and girls!” His tone shifted towards an almost melodic grin as he regarded his crew. His visage was somewhat more dour than usual, the presence of a gundam was an omen of sorts. Good or bad, Jared couldn’t quite decide yet. The stories of demons shaping the world as it was today whirled in his head. Either way, right now he was in the presence of a demon and even the mercenary was feeling giddy at that prospect. As his crew finished their task Jared called out enthusiastically, “once the gundam is secure let’s leave port!” One of his crewman, nodded and floated off to let the bridge know. Normally he would have handled the order himself but this was a triumphant moment and he wanted to bask in the glory of this war machine in front of him. In many regards the presence of the demon was humbling. Maybe he wouldn’t sell it after all. Sure there was a substantial bounty on the machine but a few tweaks and they could make it indecipherable from the original form. A jerk of the ground told him that the Loose End had left port and the ever present grin on Jared’s face grew at the seamless escape thus far. “Shame we couldn’t find the girl too! She’s got quite the bounty on her as well…” Jared mused to no one in particular. His crew was used to his ramblings and could tell he was in a certain mood. “I wonder what will happen to you friend…” he offered to the Gundam as he floated in front of the machine, his posture stiff and arms crossed in serious contemplation
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    Erland had recently arrived on the Fortis, along with his Graze. He gazed out into the depths of space, noticing many star craft speeding through the cold, dark universe. It had been a while since he'd been out of Mars' atmosphere, so the scenery change was nice for him. "I hope Worths will be able to control those men while I'm gone." He thought to himself. Erland would be practically leaving everyone behind for a mission he knew very little about. However, it had to be important if he was requested by his old friend, Edwin. Their families respected each other, but the two noble's were practically brothers. “I had no idea that I’d be entertaining a member of the Falk family on my ship!” Erland looked back to see the man in question. He held out his hand, the non-robotic one, to the branch commander. “It’s good to see you, Erland!” He chuckled and grasped the hand, shaking it. "It's good to see you too, Edwin." Erland said. "It's definitely been awhile." He let go of the hand, noticing the robotic arm, but not paying attention to it. He had no idea what happened, but he understood that was a story for another time. Right now there were more pressing questions. "I apologize if this is too blunt, but I was told you tell me why I'm even here." He asked. While he loved being pulled out of the boring position he was in, he wished to know more about the assignment. "Could you fill me in?
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    I would say start with 2-3 factions and then expand from there, otherwise it'll be hard for interactions between characters.
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    Delaja Scabbard Biography Full name: Delaja Scabbard Alias(es): Princess, Bastard Daughter of the Pirate King, Sarah Blossom Faction: Pirates Rank: Exiled Pirate Princess Age: 16 Sex: Female Height: 5"1' Weight: 90lbs Eyes: Pale Blue Hair: Dyed silver and purple Skin: Pale Handiness: Right handed Personality As cuddly as a teddy bear with sandpaper for fur. Her past has left her a paranoid wreck, feeling forced to exude an air of anger to deter encounters rather than suffer anymore misfortune at anyone's hands. Her trauma is usually buried under a glare and a frown but the slightest hint of entrapment or even being ratted out to the authorities has an equal chance of soliciting violence as her turning tail and running on the spot. She doesn't trust anyone easily, instead her default state addresses as everyone as a threat, especially men. She never trusts men. Strengths and weaknesses Strengths Experienced Pilot - Being forced to pilot mobile suits from a very young age granted Delaja an impressive control over mobile suits, especially with her Alaya-Vijnana System. Alaya-Vijnana System - Implanted at a very young age, it allows her better spacial awareness and control over mobile suits that support it. Weaknesses Misandrist - She hates and distrusts men to an extreme. Paranoid - Its nearly impossible for her to trust anyone. Heavy Trauma - In social situations it quickly becomes clear that she is damaged to the point of being unable to communicate with people normally. Appearance A lanky teenage girl. One side of her head is shaved while the other is dyed purple. Her upper arms have a collection of tattoos that blend together into colorful meshes. A massive black tattoo of the Asmodai Pirates covers her back, it depicts the head of the Gundam Asmodai over two crossed swords. She usually wears clothing that most people would mistake her for being a beggar, a drug addict or a homeless runt. Her gold coin is worn on a chain around her neck. History Born to a legendary Pirate King and one of his crew, outside of his marriage. Quickly labeled as a bastard before her birth she was born to her mother as Sarah Bloom. And as tradition she was inducted into the crew as soon as she could walk. Her father's crew and fame were built on the back of one of the mythical Gundam frames, the ASW-G-69 Gundam Asmodai, from which the crew took its name. But on Delaja's back was only a massive marking, a depiction of the Gundam Asmodai's head. Every member of the crew also had this tattoo. She quickly got the Alaya-Vijnana System forced on her so that she could pilot mobile suits with the rest of the crew. Children were not spared in the Asmodai's crew and were seen more expendable than the older crew members. They were given old or broken mobile suits and Delaja wasn't given any favors for being the Captain's bastard, a fact that gave her the nickname of Princess that was less of a complement and more of a sneer the other crew members would hiss at her. For twelve years she endured being a prisoner by and in the crew, being forced to play the part of a pirate until some part of her finally broke under the pressure. She fled the Asmodai pirates and fled with the key to her father's prized machine, the Gundam Asmodai itself. She stole enough gold to cast a coin to encase the key, sealing it away as if she was trying to calm a real demon by hiding the source of is power. This was a mistake on her part. The moment she left the relative safety of the pirates she had a target painted right between her eyes. The pirates demanded the coin, Galljerhorn wanted her as leverage against her father and every scum bag worth their salt wanted to hold her as ransom, believing her to be a real princess and not a bastard. This insane stew of pursuers lead to anyone she trusted soon turning against her as she found the rules of life in the larger world to be harsher and less forgiving than the simple, strict cruelty of the pirates. But she learned. She learned that keeping the coin away from the pirates made life worth living, their anger a small fraction of the pain they had to repay her. Possessions Coin - The gold coin with the ASW-G-69 Gundam Asmodai's key inside. The coin both sides have the Asmodai Pirates' emblem pressed into it. Mobile Suit Key - Key to her personalized Mobile Suit. Kills None Yet. Role plays Coliseum battles None yet.
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    The 1970s The 1970s is the period when anime really exploded, mecha included. At this point it's time to briefly mention an elephant in the room. Throughout the 1970s Korean animation started becoming prevalent. The problem is for a long time Korean animation mostly consisted of knockoffs of Japanese anime titles. This happened because Japanese animation was banned in Korea, and Korea also didn't acknowledge Japanese copyright. In light of this environment, Korean animators produced these knockoffs to meet their country's demand. Korean animation would not start producing original content for well over 20 years, (towards the end of the 1990s.) This thread will not be covering any of these knockoff titles. In the early days of the 1960s, anime on television was in black and white, but in 1972 the first mecha series produced in colour hit the Japanese airwaves: Astroganger. Astroganger still didn't have the pilot in the robot, in fact this robot was sentient. Unfortunately this series still remains largely untranslated and unlicensed in the west to this day. Also in 1972, legendary mecha artist Go Nagai debuted his first mecha anime: Mazinger Z. Go Nagai would make many contributions to the mecha genre, starting with Mazinger Z, which debuted the concept of the pilot controlling the robot from within. This was accomplished by the protagonist piloting an aircraft that could dock on top of Mazinger's head, resulting in the pilot being in the head. Mazinger Z was first released in the west english dubbed as Tranzor Z. Since then it has been fully licensed and released in the west under its original title in subtitled form as well. Mazinger Z was also the first real mecha franchise spawning many sequel series, remakes, and ovas over the years. In 1973, iconic mecha animation studio Sunrise would release its very first mecha series: Zero Tester Behind the scenes Zero Tester featured many crew members that would go on to produce Gundam, but we'll talk more about that later. Unfortunately, Zero Tester remains untranslated and unlicensed in the west. Also in 1973, another big franchise debuted, from the creator of Tetsujin 28: Babel II Like Tetsujin, Babel II kept the hero outside of the robot. Unfortunately, the original 1973 Babel II series remains largely untranslated and unlicensed in the west. However, of the subsequent titles in the Babel II franchise have been licensed and released in the west. In 1974, Go Nagai debuted another iconic franchise: Getter Robo. While we can trace the concept of combining robots back to the Astro Boy story the Snow Leopard, it was Getter Robo that truly brought the concept into the main stream. This was the first time a series centred on this concept, with three transforming robots that could combine to form one larger one. Although subsequent titles in the Getter Robo franchise have been licensed in the west, the original series has not. Fortunately, it has been fully english fansubbed. In 1975, the mecha genre was brought a little more realism in design with the debut of future Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino's very first mecha series Brave Raideen, (still unlicensed in the west; fansubbing is now in progress), though the genre still hadn't fully shed it's 1960s scifi asthetic. Raideen has never been licensed for a western release. It is currently in the process of being fansubbed. Also in 1975, legendary anime studio Tatsunoku debuted on of their earliest mecha franchises in Time Bokan. Time Bokan was primarily a comedy series. A handful of episodes were english dubbed for the west long ago, but the bulk of the series remains unlicensed and untranslated. In 1976, Daikuu Maryuu Gaiking debuted, introducing the concepts of having a mobile carrier for the piloted robots, as well as featuring real world locations outside Japan. The same year Gowapper 5 Godam, the first mecha series with a female lead character was released, (unlicensed and untranslated), and another key mecha franchise, known as the Super Robot Romance Trilogy began with the first entry: Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V. (The other two that would also air by the end of the 1970s were Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V and Fighting King Daimos. ) It was this trilogy that brought a significant paradigm shift to the mecha genre, bringing it from formulaic monster of the week/toy advertising shows to more genuine fleshed out narratives with much more realistic mecha designs. This trilogy has been fully fansubbed, and very recently it has finally been licensed to be released in the west in the near future. In 1977, Yoshiyuki Tomino impacted the mecha genre once again with Invincible Super Man Zanbot 3. This series sought to cover very heavy topics from within the mecha genre that few truly explored at this point such as the reason for child pilots, and the real effects of collateral damage from giant robot fights. Tomino pulled no punches with Zambot 3. Its protagonists were not admired, but hated from the very beginning of the series by those they would be sworn to protect. This was the darkest mecha title up to this point, with no happy fairy tale ending. It was Zambot 3 that earned Tomino the nickname, "Kill 'Em All Tomino", which would be carried on and affirmed in his work with Gundam. Zambot 3 has never been licensed for the west, but is fully fansubbed. That same year, an oddity in the mecha genre, Kyouryuu Daisensou Aizenborg, was released. This series had the distinction of combining live action tokusatsu footage with anime. Tokusatsu is a live action genre of Japanese TV aimed at children featuring giant robots and monsters very similar to Godzilla. Aizenborg has never been licensed for release in the west, but is fully fansubbed. At this point, we need to briefly cover an odd occurrence in the world of Tokusatsu that, (believe it or not), sent ripples throughout the entire mecha genre--both anime and live action. Super Sentai, known by its western adaptation Power Rangers began its life in 1975. Unlike its more modern entries that became Power Rangers, there were no robots, (Zords), in the early seasons. In 1978 Japan premiered their very own Spider-Man tokusatsu series--yes, that Spider-Man. In this Japanese series, they decided to have Spider-Man pilot a giant robot--for the entire series. This strange marriage of Marvel comics and mecha actually became a hit, and from that point forward piloting giant robots would become a staple of tokusatsu and super sentai. Over the years properties would frequently cross over between these worlds, with tokusatsu shows being adapted into anime, and anime being adapted into tokusatsu,. This phenomenon is almost exclusive to the mecha genre. In 1978, Uchuu Majin Daikengou introduced the mechanic of a (retractable) face plate on the giant robot. Daikengou could open it to reveal fangs and spit fire. Future Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino released his next project: Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3, although it was not the success that Zanbot 3 was. Daikengou and Daitarn 3 have never been licensed for release in the west, but are both fully fansubbed. In 1979, Yoshiyuki Tomino released the first series in the long franchise he is best known for: the original Mobile Suit Gundam. There are already plenty of resources on this site to learn more about Gundam, so we won't go into a lot of detail here. However, there is one important thing to note about its beginnings: the original series was not a success. It was actually cancelled, and its producers were forced to conclude the series early. It wasn't until a culmination of Bandai's Gundam model kits, reruns, and the 1980s movie trilogy adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam that the franchise gained it's popularity and embarked on becoming the juggernaut it is today. By the end of the 1970s production of anime was in full force and the ground work for the mecha genre was complete. As we approached the 1980s, mecha was about to enter a golden age with new technologies leading to an explosion of content.... The other Mecha titles of the 1970s: Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster Groizer X Magne Robo Ga-Keen UFO Warrior Dai Apolon Gasshin Sentai Mechander Robo Planetary Robo Danguard Ace Superhuman Combat Team Baratack Ultra-Transforming Magic Robot Ginguiser Future Robo Daltanias Toushi Gordian 1970s Resource Material:
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    Full name: Erland Halvar Falk Faction: Gjallarhorn/ Falk Family Rank: Branch Commander Age: 24 Eyes: Blue Hair White Skin: Pale Handiness: left-handed Personality: Calm and collected. Erland has lived a very pampered life, never having to worry about anything. He's very suave and is popular with the public, but not the military. He's somewhat naive when it comes to Gjallarhorn since his position was practically given to him due to his birthright. Strengths and weaknesses: Charisma - Erland can talk himself out of many situations. His experience in Falk politics has turned him into a very smart man who can come up with responses quickly. Family - He has been raised to live and die for the Falk family. Their loyalty always comes first in any situation. He understands they are the reason he's so powerful in the first place, so he also respects them very much, even when he feels they're doing something immoral. This can lead him to make some dumb decisions. Somewhat skilled pilot - Erland has trained to be a Graze Pilot since he was a teenager, but he's only been in a few skirmishes. Most of the time, the people below him take care of the mess while he attempts to strategize. Unskilled Branch Commander - He was practically thrown into this position, much to the dismay of his soldiers, he has little experience in the role and most of the time, he's helped out by his assistant. Some people even say that the assistant is the real branch commander. Appearance: Erland takes very good care of himself and puts much effort into his appearance. Women of the public idolize him because of this, with some attempting to stalk him. He likes the attention though. History: Erland was born a noble in the Falk Family. While not the most popular of the Seven Stars, the Falk's were one of the most powerful due to how much effort they put into politics and the military.s. Erland is one of five children, with him being the second youngest. Most of his life has been luxurious. Over the years, he was taught to act a certain act by his siblings, which is followed to a T. His family was close with the Bauduin's and Kujan's, allowing him to make many friends. One of which was Edwin Bauduin, a military veteran. At first, Erland was scared of him, due to his bitter nature. However, he learned to enjoy his company. Edwin almost became like another brother to him, since he was the one who first taught him how to pilot a mobile suit, something his real siblings never did. When he became of age, he joined the ranks, becoming assigned to a force on Mars. It didn't take long for him to become a Branch Commander, not because of his skills, but because of family. His father didn't believe him to be as skilled as his other children, so through a couple of backdoor deals, Erland was given his position. Thankfully, he also received an aid by the name of Worths. Worths would deal with most of the branch duties, while Erland just had to look good. The forces he commanded were not pleased, but there was little he could do. After a few minor skirmishes on the planet, Erland was given a top-secret mission on Earth, he had no clue what it was about, only that it had something to do with Edwin, someone he hadn't seen in years... Unit: EB-05s Schwalbe Graze: This red mobile suit was been lance/ short rifle hybrid along with a custom shield. Kills: n/a Role Plays: Iron Blooded Order Coliseum Battles: n/a
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    Artemis bounced between the walls of the ship as she barreled towards a door with a big green restroom sign posted above it in glowing lettering. In her haste she smacked her shoulder against the frame instead of opening the door. The girl let out a series of curses and exclamations of pain before she opened the door and stole her way inside. "Oi anyone in here?" Yelled the pilot after the door shut behind her. Silence was the only reply. She scanned around the doors to the stalls, trying to see if there was any occupied stalls and found none switched to the red occupied signal. "Oh thank god." The farthest stall from the door soon became occupied with more Artemis than most rooms would be comfortable with. She waited until the door was shut securely before the tears returned from her time in space. Her hands covered her eyes as clear droplets began to stream out of them, filling the stall with tiny floating spheres. Artemis almost choked on her sobs as she curled up into a ball herself, tucking her knees under her chin. The crying session dragged out for a few minutes before with one last shivering breath she uncurled herself and took a deep breath. Her eyes had turned red around the edges from having her hands pressed against them and a small trail of snot oozed down from her nostril. She smacked the flush button and hesitantly peeked out of the bathroom stall door. Thankfully for her, the room was still empty. Artemis kicked the toilet and grabbed onto the sink across from her stall. She took deep breaths as she stared herself down for a few moments before she started to clean herself up, but the redness around her eyes refused to subside. "Happy anniversary Serenity." The words came out choked from the girl's sore throat, "Why can't I get over you?" She took one last deep breath before putting on the smile everyone expected from her and kicked her way to the door. She sailed through the open door to the hanger before long and glared at an unpainted Gaza-D that stood unused beside her Gaza-C, most of the paint around the chest and abdomen had gotten scrapped off from the Zaku's attack earlier. "How's my bitch baby lookin'?" Shouted out Artemis to Ginger. "Like it got drunk and slept with a pizza guy again!" Came the swift reply from the mechanic. "It was only twice! You never let me live that down!" The words came between fits of giggles as Artemis sailed up to her Gaza-C, "What needs fixing?"
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    Dead...? A GM was destroyed in the battle, and rumors that no capsule was spotted were abundant. But... Slowly, Nick stepped forward and reached for the folder, looking at the papers containing a script of every transmission made during the battle, the desperation that was thinly hidden behind every single word, and Shiro's personal file. Born Edward Benjamin Shiro, forty-one years old. Earth Federation Liutenant and AEUG agent ever since its formation after Colony 30. Husband to Lena Shiro Ferrin. Father to a teen, and a preschooler. Jesus fucking Christ... His right hand shook as it tried to reach for the pair of silver-trimmed glasses, taking them off. Such a sight saddened him profoundly, never mind the fact that he knew part of what Grim said was right: he was partially responsible for the death of a good man. Not only a good pilot. A husband. A father. Growing up in one of Hatte's grittiest colonies, he knew this feeling well. He had seen friends of his cry for the loss of their loved ones. He had seen his cousin cry for the loss of his aunt and uncle when Zeon took the capital colony away. It filled him with impotence, and impotence turned into rage. His left hand briefly clutched in anger, he gently set the folder down upon the table from which it was taken, and now looked at his Commanding Officer, hating him no more, but still full of hate. ''Sir. This will not happen again. I'll make sure of it as soon as i cross that door.'' Nick seemed a little different all of a sudden. He cared not about the enraged Commanding Officer that was more likely to unload another slap on his face than to actually dismiss him, nor the star pilot at his right, riding his high horse even after being backhanded across the face, but about what he was doing to do before getting to the sleeping pods, if only to sleep knowing he had tried his best at least once in that day. Not everything was my fault. Shiro died defending me, because i was defenseless. I was defenseless, because i had sortied in an useless Mobile Suit. I sortied in a useless Mobile Suit, because i did not know it was in that condition, not that it should have. And it was in that condition because somebody carelessly left it that way, even though the rest of the Mobile Suits came ready to use. I didn't know it was like that, because there wasn't a maintenance report over the seat, even though that was someone's responsibility too. For want of two nails, we lost the war. Whoever was responsible for this, i'll find out before the day ends, and i'll give him fucking nails.
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    Working for the Zeeks. Hmph. If this shit keeps up, sure, I might. What do I have to say for myself? One of the first and most important jobs you're supposed to do is keep spies at bay. Yet Axis knew when and where to find us, on our first day. YOUR incompetence got us into this. I couldn't get to the unit for the most basic of acquaintances before those fucks appeared. There was no status report inside the cockpit warning me of the mode switch, a task too difficult to be done while all of you repelled the Zeeks, nevermind the fact that in an emergency sortie, you don't have time to go through the whole check-up. And even having so few mechanics in the ship, I was assigned to battle in a shoddily-made Mobile Suit of all people. You knew this would happen, and probably even wanted it. You're merely playing with all of us. This is but a game for your amusement, isn't it? Come on, what do YOU have to say for yourself? Because I didn't expect better from you, yet you still managed to disappoint. Nick looked at Grim with accusing eyes, not even gazing at Ryder. As much as they hated each other's guts, he felt this one was all on Grim, regardless of what the other felt. But he knew such thoughts would get him ejected through the airlock in record time. He couldn't simply give anybody in that ship his two cents. Everybody was unknown, and he was still making his white list. So far, only Hiro and the good-hearted cooks had made a good impression on him. The rest, an unknown force. Not to be trusted. Not to ever see behind the shield. So he put on his best poker face and spoke what they wanted to hear from him. "There's no excuse. This incident is completely on my shoulders. It will not happen again." I won't let you make it happen again.
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    “At ease.” Grim announced as the duo stood before him. He put his mug down and stood up, walking to the side of his desk. He took a moment to study both men trying to gauge what they must have been feeling at that moment. The look on Ben’s face showed that he wasn’t there to pay them praise. “I’ll get straight to the point… what the hell was that out there?!” Grim slammed a fist down on the desk hard shuttering everything on top of it. His eyes pierced at Nicky then surprisingly jumped to Ryder too. “What I don’t understand is how two pilots on opposite ends of the spectrum could fail so miserable?!” Sweeping his hand from the desk he arched a finger and pointed it squarely in Lavie, “training mode?! Do you have any idea the level of danger you put everyone in with that stupid stunt ensign?! Any more incompetent and you may as well be working for the damn zeeks!” His finger waved from Nicky over to Ryder. “And you! You think just because you were a Titan means you are hot stuff don’t you? I thought you were supposed to be a leader? Instead you’re out there acting like a damn headhunter!” Ben’s voice hit a crescendo and he dropped his finger to gaze down between the two men shaking his head. Lowering his voice he muttered “I expect better from you…” he looked up to regard both pilots. “What do you have to say for yourselves?”
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    Ever since getting back on the ship, Nick would spend the whole of his time trying to get the Training Nemo into working condition. As much as he wanted to blame it on Anaheim's rapid manufacturing, certainly a case to be helped by the presence of all those unpainted parts and hastily screwed-on stuff on the Mobile Suit, he knew this one was on him. He couldn't spend a full hour in the ship before the patrol was encountered, and never got to the cockpit, never mind read the status report that was supposed to be inside (not that there was one to boot), but for everyone, everything seemed to be his fault, and the voice of the many often turned into the fake but collective and easy ''truth''. Sad, but unpleasantly true in the cruelest of manners. How ironic. Aaagh. Nothing to do about it but properly screw on these things now, he thought. The Nemo was lucky to survive ramming the Gaza, which even without the best of durability ratings, gave the shoddy assembling a good shake, many of the parts on the verge of coming off when he got back inside. Mechanics were all over the five Mobile Suits, looking to make a list of every part in need of a good screw. All but the Nemos seemed to be exempt, being as the three GMs were built during the beginning of the Gryps Conflict, times in which the Earth Federation had the resources to think they had more than just a shot at defeating a mere group of rebels. Both Nemos were recent, and had no such luck. Some things had come off in both, and while the hotshot ace hadn't slammed the Mobile Suit against anything, the close examination revealed that some parts were off-place too. The crew started properly bolting bodywork on both Mobile Suits, while Nick gave the operating system some finishing touches in the Preferences section, switching on the Metric units to have a clue at how fast was the thing going. Switching the unit to operative mode was a surprisingly bureaucratic task. Sarka probably found his in working condition when he got here... No time to smell the ashes. As he got out of the cockpit, looking to go for maybe another juice bag, or a waffle, the intercom turned on with a red light that changed intensity as Dashwood's voice spoke. However, it was dim all around, since he sounded tired as he called for him and the war criminal to go to Grim's office. Fucking great. Not only will i have to stand a whole stupid lecture from this guy, the other one is going to be there to get a medal and look at me with a smug grin in his face. God if i could only wipe that shit off him with a well-placed jab. I should have gotten those martial arts lessons back at my Side. If only to get the jump on him for a first hit... Fortunately, he was nearby when the announcement was made, since he was trying to get to the cafeteria as he heard it, so it took him but a minute to get to the office's door. The faster i get these two off my back, the sooner i can start training. Axis is onto us, and if we're still as unlucky as we've been, i'll be still inside the Nemo when it happens... He took the two candy from his pocket and opened their wraps, before putting them in the trash bin next to the door and the candy in his mouth. Happy thoughts make happy people, now be a happy fucker and get in that office, thought Nick as he built up the strength to get in. So he shyly knocked on the door, and after being granted access, he made his way in, looking at his commander in the eyes with a tired expression, before sighing and taking his hand to the head to perform a standard military salute, aware of Ryder's absence, but knowing this bliss wouldn't last long.
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    Ryder ran to help out his fellow Ensign, but he was too late. The only machine left was a mangled GM Quel, with no Gouf custom in sight. "DAMMIT!" He yelled out. He knew that their leader would join up with the other two functional suits. It was unlikely that they'd find them now. Ryder turned off his beam saber and put it up in its slot, noticing movement at the bottom right side of his screen. It was Dustin, bleeding out on his own pilot seat... "Uh... Commander? We're gonna need a medic." A few hours later, Ryder sat in the hangar bay, looking at the mess of mobile suits inside. Two other pilots sat by him, saying nothing to each other. Albert, who had a bandage on his nose, looked at the other one. It was the surviving GM Kai pilot, who's headless mobile suit had fallen off a ridge, missing the battle. His poor skills as a pilot ended up saving his life. As for Dustin, he was being treated in the Medea's medbay. Last time Ryder saw him, the injured Lieutenant Junior Grade was mumbling something about Gabriel to the Commander. Speaking of, Ryder hadn't seen Gabe since they all got on the ship. He thought that maybe the other Ensign wasn't taking his loss very well. However, the silence had gone on for too long and Ryder tried to lighten things. "You know, seven out of ten isn't that bad." He joked. Albert glared directly at him. "Ten out of ten is what we strive for. The Titans are only satisfied if every Zeon is dead." The Commander stood up. "Through you just reminded me of our little friend in the cell. Come with me." Ryder and the other soldier. "Not you." exclaimed Albert. "This is Titan business." The two walked to the brig. "What about Gabe?" Ryder asked. The older Titan frowned. "Gabe... did something on the battlefield. I'm gonna have a talk with him later." They opened the cell door to find a Zeon Remnant Soldier cuffed to a chair, bleeding. It was one of the Zaku pilots, who Ryder had incapacitated once trees had fallen on his mobile suit. "Watch and learn." said Albert as the walked toward their prisoner. "This is how the Titans conduct business." Albert tried to make eye contact with the soldier but to no avail. "Tell me where your friends are headed." The soldier looked up at him, spitting blood in the Commander's face. "The other ones tried. You're getting nothing out of me." He uttered. Albert responded by pulling out his pistol, smacking the Zeon prisoner in his face. "TELL ME!" He yelled as blood dripped down his enemy's face. Ryder was shocked. Albert was harsh, but he didn't expect him to torture the prisoner. He thought that maybe something happened on the battlefield. The soldier grinned, looking back up at Albert. "Sieg... Zeon..." Albert scowled, turning away. "We're done here." He said to Ryder. Just as he walked to the door, he turned around, putting a 9mm sized hole in the Zeon soldiers head.
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    Albert finished transmitting, and the voice of a young woman would reach for his ears. The woman who had just been shot through the chest by a 60mm round was rapidly bleeding out, and losing consciousness. But she was still alive, and with her last breath, she had drawn her own sidearm, a standard issue Naban Type 62, before surprising her killer with her last words, staring down the sights of the Zeon pistol, ready to shoot it at the Titans commanding officer that had mistaken her for a corpse too soon. “You’re a fool… it might be a lost one, but at least we follow… urgh! We… we follow…”, she managed to utter, holding back the extreme pain she was going through, but as she tried to finish the sentence and pull the trigger, she realized it was too late. Her strength was not enough anymore for any of the two, and so Sara Levchenko ceased to live, dropping her bloodied gun right on Albert's face, hitting him in the nose and making it bleed. Now Albert sat in his cockpit, awaiting rescue, and reflecting on the purpose of it all while death looked him straight in the eye, as it hung above him and dirtied him with the blood of those whom he had killed. The smoke cloud had begun to dissipate, and Erin kept battling against the dark blue Mobile Suit. She had managed to anger it beyond recognition: a minute earlier, its pilot treated the fight like a game. Now he was shouting at her, telling her to shut up, that she knew nothing. “I know nothing? Oh, boy. We had to try to drop an entire colony in Jaburo just to demonstrate how badly you had mistreated us. Then your beloved Federation chose to preserve itself at the cost of a whole chunk of Australia, with all the deaths that implied. Shameful, cowardly and pathetic.” Her Gouf spun over its right leg like a dancer, nimbly dodging the particle blade and positioning the Quel to its left, before grabbing its arm in a similar manner to Levchenko, with a lot more of success due to the strength difference between the Gouf's arms and the Quel's. However, she didn't count with her words enraging the pilot any further, making him drop the beam saber out of its left hand and grabbing it with the right for another hard-hitting strike. All she could do was to quickly raise her left arm to put it in the path of the blade, which upon contact with the magazine of her arm gatlings made it explode, shattering the transparent visor that had been put in front of the monoeye and leaving most of the left arm of the mobile suit in ruins, as its pilot made it pull back to recover, while the Quel put the breather to good use. “Now you've done it! I am gonna. Mess. You. Up!”, she exclaimed, hell-bent on dragging on the battle, but an incoming transmission interrupted what would have been further unnecessary bloodshed. It was Yuri, from the safety of the infinite forest. “Retreat, Commander! The sniper is coming for you, it's now or never!”, he yelled at the radio, before Erin replied back, seemingly intending to hold back the dark navy Mobile Suits for them to run away. “The show must go on! You've still got a shuttle to catch, so run away and don't waste those lives of yours!”. Lyle turned on his mic and joined the discussion, attempting to make her come to her senses, and knowing her better than Yuri, he had more luck. “You've got a shuttle to catch too! Don't throw away your life on being a distraction! You also promised Dominic to put it to good use, so come back and walk us to the stupid shuttle, will ya?!” Lyle struck a sensitive chord on her, and she reluctantly considered clinging on to her life. There wasn't much time, for the Quel was preparing to charge at her with the beam saber again, and the Sniper II wasn't that much far from them now. Finally, she made up her mind, and prepared for the GM's attack. “Aaaarrrgh! I can't believe I'm doing this!”. The Quel fired up its thrusters at her Gouf, stopping at a close distance by burying its foot on the dirt, swiping to its right again with the beam saber in both hands. As it pulled out the exact same maneuver than seconds before, Erin knew where to strike, and made the Gouf pull its right arm backwards beforehand. Then, before the blade could reach her, she made a throw forward, and the Quel pilot would only know too late that she had unleashed the Gouf's infamous heat rod, when a long, red-hot rope came down upon his Mobile Suit with the throwing motion. Like a lightning, it struck down the Quel, first slashing the left arm's joint, then a piece of the torso, missing the cockpit by a few centimeters. It then went on to melt the left leg’s first stretch, then finally the right knee. Losing three of its limbs at the same time, the Quel hit the floor hard, trying to land on its missing feet and crushing what was left of the right leg under its weight as a result. As quickly as it made its attack, the Gouf retracted the heat rod into the right arm, and gave the Quel a good view of its back, as it bent its knees, preparing to thrust into the forest. Before it did so, it gave the Quel's pilot a last word. “I’m sorry. I held back.” And so the Gouf flew away. The Quel used its sole remaining arm to lift the Mobile Suit and fire its vulcans at it, futilely. The Sniper fired its bullpup in a burst at it too, but it was too far to get a reliable shot by the time it was finished aiming, so the three bullets were wasted, flying at the lowering sun. The battle was over. The operational debut of their team, the Titans defeated seven Mobile Suits, but three of them ran away, and the fact that they were all together on that cursed forest meant going after them alone in the GM Sniper was too risky despite the deplorable condition they were in. Ryder had to let go of them, regardless of whether anybody at the base felt he had taken the right decision or was just being cowardly.
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    Part One: Rise, Junk Zaku! "Really, faggot, you still play with toys?" Snorted out Joseph Cooper, leader of his own little trio consisting of himself, Rico Gibraltar and Albert Bastion. The toy Cooper was referring to was a model of a MS-06 Zaku II that Artemis had built, "Zeon trash to boot!" The Zaku met the ground and then the heel of the boy's boot, the plastic splintered easily and turned into a pile of green plastic shards covered in a fine layer of dust. Artemis saw all of this at eye level while being held down under Gibraltar and Bastion's knees. A knife was clenched in the girl's hand. Her teeth were barred. These events had played out almost exactly the same every week almost like clockwork for years, ever since Artemis had gotten her first Zaku toy as a child. It wouldn't end differently this time either. A rock sailed through the air and conked Cooper on the forehead, where a scar had formed over the years of getting hit there so often with sharp rocks. "Hey jerk off squad, get the fuck off my girlfriend!" Serenity was right on time as usual, "I'm the only one slowed on top of her ass!" "Great your psycho sister," muttered Bastion as he threw his arms up to protect his own head, "Joe your parents need to medicate that bitch before she kills us!" Artemis rolled into Bastion, giving his now unprotected crotch a visit from her shin as she scrambled to try to get to her feet, half running on two feet and half climbing the slight hill up before she hid behind Serenity, she hugged the taller girl's arm against her own face and glared down at the trio of boys. "What the fuck Serenity!?" Screamed Cooper as he clutched his forehead with both hands, "Fucking protect your tranny girlfriend. You both are perfect for each other, you're both fucking nuts!" Two middle fingers flew up at the same time, one from Artemis and the other from Serenity. The trio slink off along the path as the lovers give each other a big squeeze. "What are you doing out here? You know those goons drink near the old air field," Serenity coos down to Artemis as the green haired girl pressed her face into the her girlfriend's chest, "Aside from wanting an excuse to rub your face in my boobs of course." "You know that thing I've been working on? I finally finished it!" Artemis chirped out the words while she looked up. She bounced to give her girlfriend a kiss on the lips, "Its inside!" "Didn't the Federation abandon this place like a decade ago? Its bombed to shit anyway, babe," whined Serenity as Artemis began to drag her through a break in the chain link fence that ringed the old military base, "What could possibly be in this dump that you fixed?" "Its a mobile suit of my own creation!" Giggled out Artemis as she lead her girlfriend to one of the close by hangers, pushing it open with her shoulder, "We call it the Junk Zaku!" "We?" The word almost caught in Serenity's throat as she caught sight of the first thing in the hanger, a Neo Zeon flag, "Artemis. Holy shit. This is... Awesome! I mean my dumbass parents are shipping me to Earth tomorrow but I could probably hook up with a Zeon cell there." "I'm supposed to get in the Zaku and get it to port tonight," Artemis's voice lowered as she gently pushed Serenity over to one of the rows of lockers and benches that filled the area before the work bays and the massive arched main floor, "Wanna come with?" Rather than having given Artemis an answer, Serenity pushed the smaller girl herself, down against one of the benches. Artemis was pinned under Serenity and much like a turtle on its back, she could not wiggle side to side to freedom. The wiggles were soon quelled by a nibble to Artemis's neck, causing her limbs to turn to jelly as those bubble gum pink lips sealed around her skin. Artemis's hands flew to push Serenity off of her but only succeeded in getting her arms pinned above her head by one of the larger girl's arms. "N- Serein- Uhgg..." Artemis couldn't form words if she tried. Her mind and tongue were both useless before she finally rolled onto the ground, ending up on top of the other girl, "B-babe! Not the place." Sereintiy balled her fists into paws and gently pawed at her girlfriend's cheek, her face as red as the Zeon flag they passed moments earlier. Artemis sat up on the taller girl's hips, Serenity gave a playful thrust. "Every time we're alone all you wanna do is bang," snorted Artemis before finally escaping Serenity's grasp, "Come on I wanna show you my Zaku!" Serenity opened her mouth to retort but it was covered by Artemis's hand and given a harsh shoosh. The pair of girls skitter through the dark and near abandoned hanger. Parts of military equipment lay strewn about, in fragments and parts. Parts of mobile suits lay strewn apart in far less frequency. Zaku limbs, Gelgoog armor and a couple boxes of parts with 'ZEON' and 'FED ASSHOLES' in marker written on them in bold lettering. In the middle of that mess stood the culmination of all that junk. A Zaku crafted out of not only mobile suits but anything Artemis could get her hands on. Above the elbows the suit had little armor but instead a mess of cables coiled around the forearms and plugged into the hands. The legs were ripped from a Gelgoog but how the legs were removed rendered them in need of repair. Within the Zaku's hands it held a shield made from the armor that was originally on its legs with a massive Neo Zeon emblem painted on in bright red and the reason for all the wires on the arms, the massive heat spear. The spear had more or less the parts of two heat hawks assembled into a massive halibard with a massive spear point. "You're going to fight in that?" Whispered Serenity as she stared into the open cockpit, "Can we at least fuck in first it for good luck?" Artemis rolled her eyes as the first of the explosions shook the hanger, sending both girls to the ground.
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    Grim watched in amazement as Nicky performed a bash against the Gaza. The Captain didn’t know whether to be amused or angered at the persistence of the ensign. Nicky made his retreat, and Grim snapped out of his gawking, moving in to slash at the Gaza. His pink blade sailed harmlessly past the enemy suit however. “What the-“ Grim shifted the grip on the saber to slash sideways but was surprised again when the Zeek simply dodged by flaring their thrusters to levitate over the strike. Growling, Grim swept the blade back in a diagonal slash upwards, again missing the newer suit. The bright flash of thrusters alarmed Grim at first, then he noticed the enemy shifted into a mobile armor and speeding away in retreat. Grim knew that his GM couldn’t chase the Zeon suit and he simply disengaged the beam saber as the Zeek bolted away. Dazed by the escape of the Zeek, Grim barely noticed the movement near the nose of the Firefly. It was the first Gaza that Ryder had hit, apparently crippled. It drifted at an awkward angle still in its mobile armor configuration, bleeding out white fire retardant. The vision seemed surreal, unnatural, like the Gaza had been frozen in time. Grim shifted the GM to look at the Zeon unit, and his eyes narrowed as he stared at the crippled unit. It was amusing how the Gaza slowly, yet definitely, sailed towards the bridge of the Firefly. Almost as if the Zeek intended to land on the ship. To Grim life wasn’t filled with coincidences, “shoot the Gaza! Shoot it!” He yelled frantically as he fired his thrusters to dive for the deceitful Gaza. Everyone had been so engrossed with the battle that the crippled Gaza didn’t seem important. “Firefly di-!” Grims voice was washed over with the shrill voice of a stranger over the radio, “Sieg Zeon!” An explosion followed as the Gaza self destructed, mere meters from the Bridge of the Firefly. Grim was barely halfway across the “neck” of the ship. The explosion wasn’t particularly violent at that distance but it was bright. He winced instinctively and halted his charge. As the explosion cleared he frantically got on his comm, “Firefly status?!” (OOC: figured we could make that damage as superficial or as extreme as we’d like. Thoughts?)
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    Ryder listened to the intercom, sighing in the process. "Looks like my workout isn't over yet." He scoffed. He looked around to find a pilot suit, noticing one of many hanged up on a nearby rack. It was a standard orange normal suit for the AEUG, but Ryder didn't mind. "I'm sure I'll get my own custom uniform later." He thought. Putting on the normal suit was a challenge to him. His hands still felt raw and every touch stung, but the pilot eventually got it on. "Snug fit." He floated back to his seat, looking to see his superior getting in the white GM II, confirming to Ryder that was his and not Hiro's. He quickly used the controls and buttons to get ready for the battle, making sure the Nemo was in combat mode, not training mode. The AEUG mobile suit started, with Ryder making it reach for the beam sniper. "Can't forget these." He said as it grabbed several magazines for the weapon, clipping them to its waist. The Nemo also took a spare regular beam rifle, knowing that they had extras. The decked-out mobile suit waited for one of the doors to open, but nothing seemed to occur. It had to wait for the others to sortie before opening, letting the air out. "I hope they can make it in time..."
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    Grim sat in the Captain’s chair nervously. The cargo they had to transport to the Rose was seemingly too important to be transporting on a near piece of junk, but the AEUG had been dealt a severe blow from the battle at Gryps. So many leaders, so many resources plundered, “and for what?” Grim muttered to himself. Neo Zeon was setting up shop like the one year war hadn’t even happened and the Federation was still in its fitful slumber. It was up to him and the AEUG to stop this madness. “To avoid another Winter…” he mused as he stared thoughtfully out at the stars. He smirked as he recalled a long dormant memory before shaking the notion out of his head. The intercom buzzed and the comms officer got on the PA system. Grim eyed the back of the Alistar’s head as he gave a long winded introduction and even cringed as the man mentioned Grim’s status. As Alistar finished up he looked around seemingly pleased with himself and Grim chimed in almost bitterly, “thank you Alister, for the announcement.” Seemingly oblivious Alister flashed a toothy grin and responded, “Any time boss!” Grim did his best to stop himself from sighing out loud. He was used to the rigid discipline that the Federation demanded, not this loose consortium of soldiers working together. At times he was amazed that he was somehow in charge of it all now. Grim cleared his throat, “make all haste to La Vie En Rose!” He stood up and added, “I’ll be on our ‘so called hangar’… contact me at once if there is anything unusual.” He couldn’t explain why he felt the need to goto the mobile suits. Maybe it was because he was feeling uneasy about their deployment from Von Braun. As he entered the makeshift hangar he looked around at the suits and found the bleached hull of his GM, the paint seemingly worn off from extending use. As he hovered towards it he took note of the Nemo assigned to Ryder and could tell someone was inside it. Probably the sniper getting some training in, Grim mused. As a rule he didn’t exactly agree with the Titans, he didn’t disapprove of their original intentions either; ultimately they simply lost sight of their original purpose. Spies on the other hand unnerved him, even if they were friendly. This Ryder fellow seemed like a necessary evil however and what better way to keep an eye on him than right under Grim’s own nose. The pilot in Grim felt the urge to fly out in the trusty GM, inside the suit of armor he could fight giants, he could change the world. He loathed and craved the responsibility of being a leader, he needed to feel in control of his situation; and right now he simply didn’t. “Captain!” Grim furrowed his brow to glare up at the speakers near the ceiling, Alistar’s voice blared from the tiny speakers, “Captain if you can hear me? We got Zeeks coming from port side!” Cursing the Captain jumped into the cockpit of his mobile suit and keyed on the radio to the bridge, “get everyone in their battle stations now! I’ll head out in the GM!” Grim hastily began the process of getting his suit ready to launch while barking into the radio, “how many are you seeing Actual?” As Grim fought to get a space suit on he could hear Alistar say something about 4 contacts. He finally got his suit on and settled down in his seat, pulling the straps across his body, “repeat again, how many tangos?” There was a pause and Alistar’s voice came in clearly now, “4 I repeat 4 identical zeon units, Looks like Gaza-C class.” Grim’s blood turned cold at the revelation and he could feel the adrenaline of pre-battle begin to flow in his veins, he fought the excitement to remain in control. “Get our suits deployed.” He responded as calmly as he could muster. He worked the controls to poise the GM for the deployment, or rather, the dumping from the Firedfly that would get him into the fight. Let’s see how our boys do, he mused silently. (OOC: this was longer than I intended lol.)
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