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    Carter had watched the red Gundam fall down into the colony, he let out a breath and shut his eyes "Damn.. I got lucky" He said to himself, though he had no time to relax- His mobile suit was detecting a machine coming towards him and fast. 'Who the hell?' he thought to himself before finally recognizing the machine; he smirked at it and then turned his MS to face the red comet.. “Come on, Red Comet!" Carter yelled as he went in full throttle. He wanted to greet Char properly, he tightened the grip on his Knuckle Spikes and Shield, his plan was simple.. Rush towards him, get in low and get a strike right to the head unit of the Rick Dias, he smirked confidently.. and as soon as he was close enough he swung at the Red comet and.. Missed? "Where?-" He couldnt even finish his sentence as the Red comet popped up underneath him, kicking his Zaku in the cockpit and pushing him back quite a bit 'Tsk.. I knew he would do that'. The Blue lightning stared down his adversary.. The chest area of his MS was dented, though lucky for him the cockpit was relatively okay.. for now at least. He took in a deep breath, he could fight an NPD at the least, He made his MS Point directly at Char "Come on! Hit me with everyone you have!" He challenged as he dashed at his adversary, winding up for a strong punch with the spiked knuckle, only to feint and try to get behind him to smash the backpack in
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    The entire battlefield was littered with drastically different Gunpla and CPUs fighting all over the Trinames. Madness seemed to unfold around the Lockon fanatic, but his eyes were set on taking out the crazed enemy pilot’s mobile suit. Unfortunately, he wasn’t giving up on his crusade for victory. While his Beam Gun did manage to damage his shoulder, the enemy Gunpla kept going on, swinging directly at the Trinames’. Kyle pushes hard on the controls, turning left from the slash, but his barrel stuck out ahead of him. He grunted as the large GN Sword took a chunk out of the built-in rifle. “Shit!” He thought. "If I fire that now, my whole arm would be damaged!” There wasn’t much time to worry though, as the other machine was pulling back. “You don’t get to damage my creation and get away with it!” He yelled. Pulling out the other GN Pistol, he fired it point blank at the exposed shoulder. Haro had different plans after this, pulling back to get distance between the enemy after the pistol shot. The toy attempted to move the Trinames away from the close combat as Kyle confronted the robot “Damn it Haro! give me back the controls!” While he wanted to do something similar, the sudden fallback made his return fire with both blasters a little wonky. “Acknowledged!” It chirped as the damaged Trinames was returned to the diver.
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    She got lucky. That was all. What was next, Risu was not at all prepared for. She panicked, allowing her hands to leave the controls while the blue mobile suit approached with a vengeance, using its spiked shoulder pad as some kind of knuckle weapon. It’d find its mark, striking Higanbana square in its chest, jostling its pilot about and sending the machine careening towards the colony edge. Thankfully, a well-built gunpla translated into a sturdy machine in the game, and Risu would find that Higanbana suffered relatively little collateral damage as it fell into a suburb below, crushing several houses in its wake. Thoroughly shaken, she stared up at the action above, nearly powerless to change it. What was she even doing? What hope did she have of competing against people like this? A familiar, dreadful feeling begun to resurface, like water or blood beginning to fill her lungs. These were strangers, she reasoned. Complete strangers, but why did she feel like she’d disappointed them? In its current state, Higanbana was powerless to do anything, remaining still in the rubble. Its pilot was choking back tears that had no reason to be shed. Why? Why did she let herself think that she could do this?
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    Hikaru had been forced away from Emma and needed to avoid the pot shots, and on top of that the enemy team had intercepted Kamille first even with his observation and warnings from above the battlefield. Reacting to the Kamille issue had forced him to stop trying to draw Emma away from the fight as planned. Even the tertiary objective to the plan, to draw some enemies away from the main fight if Emma got backup, was only marginally successful at best. The Diver clenched his teeth a bit. Beta Team had seen through and torn apart his plans so fast that it was as if they were Newtypes. He supposed the old adage was true. 'No plan survives contact with the enemy'. Being surprised wouldn't help here though. He had to act. "A bit early to give such feedback on the beta, wouldn't you say? If you want to underestimate them though, be my guest." His shield still raised in a natural blocking position from his deception of Emma and the pot shots already fired by Aida, he covered his machine's left hip from enemy view. The hip-mounted beam gun shifted position briefly while he spoke, the boy feeling a need to use one of his trump cards early due to the situation. With the desperately-hoped-for attack on the nearby Galbaldy Beta by his teammate causing a loud crash though, one that hopefully surprised Aida, Hikaru changed tactics. Quickly strafing to his left, he took aim at the Shot Lancer arm of the enemy machine and fired with the condensed stream of beam particles. If Aida's instincts favored using his shield as he was positioned to do, could he withdraw the extended arm and weapon behind the protection of the shield in time? Or would he instead dodge and risk a less effective weapons lock? If he could remove the dual-purpose weapon or the arm holding it from play, that would likely give a blow to the machine's loadout. It was the best Hikaru could think to do at the moment, but he'd just have to manage.
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    While the others rushed into battle, Hikaru held back for a moment. Those who detected him might think he was securing the exit, but he took a little time to survey the battlefield and reflect. In the cutscene, Emma was in Gundam Unit 02 rather than Kacricon. Kacricon had instead used Unit 01 here. There was also mention of a Scarlet Team, but that was a team name from the Grey Phantom's MS team in War in the Pocket. Was the Grey Phantom and the NT-X nearby? Kamille wasn't even referenced at all in the cut scene. These were light breaks from the canon, but a key one stood out. Kacricon had told Jerid to get into a Hizack. There would thus be no presumption on Kacricon's part later that Jerid was piloting Unit 03 instead of Kamille if things continued on the 'canon' route. That would be a big problem. There was also the fact that Beta Team could be presumed to have the same knowledge of canon as Hikaru and Alpha Team did, and would have no cause to allow Kamille to get anywhere close to Gundam Unit 03 in the first place. The advantages of the canon that gave one team an apparent advantage over the other were wiped away by small tweaks to the narrative and mutual foreknowledge of what canon did survive unaltered. The GBN designers who wrote the scenario did very well to adjust balance without breaking immersion, even employing awareness of canon as a potential trap, but Hikaru had little time to contemplate praise. Beta Gundam's optics scanned the area below from on high, making an educated guess at the timing given the cutscene to narrow down his search window. Thankfully, well behind the empty jeep which was continuing on down the sky panel road after its occupant had dove clear, was a forested area in which a blue-haired boy was momentarily ignored. Kamille Bidan was still playing by the canon for now, but it would only get the NPD wiped out. To be effective, Alpha Team would have to take this narrative even further off the rails. He could only hope that Version 1.8's NPDs were adaptable enough to be guided in such a manner and thus assist. Making a decision and formulating two plans of action, he toggled his communications from Alpha Team's private channel to the shared Alpha and Scarlet Team channel. The Diver then parsed his words carefully. “...Alpha and Argama Teams, this is Hikaru with a SPOTREP. A civilian identified as the son of the Gundam Mk-II's head designer has escaped the Titans' base by charging a security checkpoint with a stolen vehicle in the confusion. He has since abandoned the vehicle. Possibility of defection high, possibility of supplemental intelligence to be obtained on Titans research is moderate. He's the blue-haired boy in the forest close to the combat zone at location 11.54 km longitudinal axis by 5.63 km circumferance axis, though he's mobile. Requesting designation as Secondary Objective so he can be picked up before he's recaptured or killed. I'm about to try and pull a trick out of the GM Camouf's old playbook up here to sow a little chaos and confusion. I can't go grab him myself right now, so I'd appreciate any takers.” It was important not only to convey to his teammates that Kamille could be killed by Beta Team before he even got to his canon role, but also parse it in a way that Char and the NPDs could accept as something actionable rather than confusing meta gibberish. As the Diver got Gundam Unit 02 in his sights, he reflected on his second plan of action and its inspiration. The GM Camouf was an interesting and little known Zeon machine from the later part of the One Year War. Built from various Zeon units and given thin armor, it had the profile and rough appearance of an RGM-79 and took advantage of the fact that Universal Century IFF technology compensated for Minovsky particle interference by making assumptions about what it was seeing and 'filling in the blanks' based on the profile of the machine it was trying to identify. The GM Camouf was meant for black flag operations and had failed because it was too good at its role – the GM Camoufs were shot down by their own assigned Musai after it had misidentified them as hostiles. When Hikaru took aim at Emma Sheen's Gundam Unit 02 with his Beam Rifle and fired from a distance above, he never really intended to hit. He intended to get her attention and to fill the area between them with Minovsky Particles to generate the conditions the GM Camouf was intended for. His own Mobile Suit, which had so much in common with Emma's in shape and appearance, might just achieve the same effect if GBN was faithful enough to the details. The shield he held to protect his machine's torso helped maintain the illusion. If this made him appear as a hostile RX-178 to Emma's sensors as he hoped it would, and the NPD was smart enough to respond appropriately to the shock of a Gundam Mk-II being fielded by her enemy, he might just pull her off the rails too...
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    Shin laughed as the combatant struggled the shots flying off in other directions and even the fact that he tired to fire one back at him. It didn't matter this Meister was about to be taken out. Shin payed little attention to his thursters warning indicators, this was the moment he had been waiting for his chance to eradicate this Gundam from the field. His machine began to close the gap, his GN Rifle returning to blade form. He arm of his gundam extending into the air to pull off a powerful slash. A large explosion, and then Warnings the pilot couldn't Ignore. "What did you do! KNOCKOFF!" With that he tried to stay with the Dynames but his thruster blew out as he tried to keep himself from being sucked out into space. As him and the Dynames got separated and his machine flew closer and closer to new hole in the colony. Shin had to figure out a way not to get blown into space. If he had been sucked out into space it would take him far to long to get back into action. With a little quick thinking he adjusted his remaining thrusters for a quick burst. His gave him just enough thrust to break free and crash land somewhere on the colony floor. As the dust cleared Shin looked around his systems to see what was affected by the crash. Minimal damage to the outer shell and mostly everything seemed fine. His thrusters where almost completely shot and on further examination his left arm was going to have limited mobility. Looking around the area is was vastly different then where he had been with the pull and burst of his thrusters he didn't really care where he landed just that it wasn't space. He was agitated that, the coward had used his shots to make a way for him to escape. He should have just let his gunpla lose... but no he had to leave a bad taste in Shins mouth and run away. He was no Knockoff, just a coward. As Shin sat in his cockpit coming up with some sort of plan. He could see something in the distance a Gunpla just laying on the ground. It was that TR-6 Woundwort, It had that quiet pilot. With that Shin turned his coms back on. He didnt want to admit it but if he wanted to win they would have to work together especially now that the Astral AGE was maybe at 73% functionality. He would have to rely on them coming together as a "Team" god that word made his skin crawl a bit. "Listen up! The enemy team blew a hole in the colony so be careful. I'm sure it will have all sorts of effects on the terrain for a while.... and I wasnt able to take out the coward in the Dynames." As he finished talking he got a few notifications from the chat from Risu and saw that most all of his team was in combat. With that he raised his gunpla and slowly started moving toward his downed Ally Gunpla. As he started to get closer he saw the wreckage of some other gunpla. He chose to play it safe and used his scope to check out the scene.
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    "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." “I’m a little busy right now…” Thought Kyle as the maniac proceeded to mock him. “Knockoff?! I’m even better than Lockon!” He brought up his own shield in an attempt to deflect the blasts back at the Astray. After all, the Sazabi’s shield was covered in Beam-Resistant coating. “Not this time, budd-“ The first shot scraped across his left arm as it went under the shield, causing some exterior damage. “Damage! Damage!” Haro yelled out! Kyle rolled his eyes, wondering how useful the robot could really be in battle. “Yes I know!” Thankfully, he managed to deflect the next blast back to his enemy, but the same couldn’t be said for the third. Not only did the final blast cause some harm to the shield, knocking Kyle back, but it deflected towards colony’s ground. “Uh oh…” An explosion erupted near the base as a massive hole opened inside, sucking everything it could into the depths of space. Kyle pulled back on the thrusters away from it as many vehicles and people were sucked out of the colony. “DAMMIT!” He said as the controls got tighter. The gaping hole was finally out of range as the Trinames slammed into some nearby trees. He instinctively held his head, even though no physical damage could be done to the diver. Turning on the main camera again, he couldn’t see his opponent anywhere in range. “Hopefully it got sucked out.” Suddenly, the spherical toy bounced up. “Kyle! Kyle!” Haro chirped. “Apolly, Roberto!” Kyle glanced up to see the Rick Dias’ in combat. “I don’t know why they’re so important, but fighting them will be a nice change of pace.” Kyle opened the comm line. “This is Beta Two. Engaging the enemy!” He yelled out as he blasted upward towards them.
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    As the blast erupted from the dual Amfortas beam cannons, Creed grimaced. He studied the effect of his attack. Time seemed to slow down as the reddish blue beam arced out to touch his foe. The Galbaldy foolishly tried to block the attack and Creed had to wonder if the NPD just went daft. The beam was merciless in its course and any damage to the Galbaldy was overshadowed by the arc slamming into the ground of the colony opposite of where they were on the far side. Black smoke retreated from the impact just before being sucked back in by the small hole etched into the colony, leading into space. Satisfied at causing a big enough distraction with the colony damage, Creed transformed his damaged mobile suit into a mobile armor to jet away. Between the growing winds of the colony hole and the damaged arm, the Zero Savior began to drag sluggishly to the right. With his main weapon out of commission and the recharge time between his cannons slow, Creed was relegated to a supporting role; still he looked for the objectives. The black banner of smoke spilling from the inoperable MKII caught his attention first. Really it was just the cockpit that had been destroyed the rest of the mobile suit was still there. Grim furrowed his brow and veered his craft to the abandoned black Gundam. He transformed back into a mobile suit and began to lamely pick up the damaged suit with his good arm. While he had no idea if securing the damaged unit would count towards victory, he was willing to give it a try. If nothing else maybe he could make the enemies panic in assumptions. The only downside to his plan was how vulnerable he would be performing the task. —— Quattro gritted his teeth as the Rick Dias landed home on the blue Zaku. The momentum of the kick transferred over knocking the blue suit away and giving the lieutenant a moment to swing his bazooka back around. As he did so the blue Zaku charged forward to swing a punch at him of all things. Just then a familiar sensation tingled in Quattro’s senses and he instinctively pivoted the cannons on his back to shoot blindly behind himself. He rarely used the weapons and the jolt to his cockpit startled him, in fact the recoil was much too great. The cannons fired successfully but an impact to his back sent the Rick Dias tumbling forward. “Argh! He must have feinted and got me!” Quattro yelled out as he fought the controls. He had little time to orient himself much less properly assess the damage to his machine, but he did quickly realized the back cannons were damaged. “Looks like I have to give this guy some credit!” The lieutenant grimaced. He switched his comm again, “Higanbana please respond if you’re able to assist!”
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    The feeling of the clash sent shivers down shins spin. As the blade connected with the barrel and sliced into it, that moment of elation was the only feeling GBN ever gave him. As he began his slight retreat he counted on the counter attack pulling up his shield and blocking the point blank blast. The explosion however did knock him back and send the shield he had so carefully crafted was sent flying but none of that mattered it was time to go back on the attack. He pushed the throttle and rushed back in not allowing the Dynames to get away. What he wasn't expecting was the sudden jerk from the dynames like it was of two minds. This threw him off and as he tried to dodge the blast on clipped his left leg. Sparks shot out of leg and one of Shins thrusters blew. He quickly compensated for the lack of thrust on one side but this meant any kind of retreat was impossible for him now. Not like he would have in the first place. As he was adjusting his thrusters he switched the GN sword rifles to there rifle mode and took a few well aimed shot to the Dynames thrusters as well as the arms and legs to not be overly clear where his actual target was "Come on, Knockoff Stratos! Is that all that scap machine can do!" He would insult and press to make sure this guy's only focus would be him and the battle he longed for.
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    Kamille blinked back tears as debris stung his eyes from the exploding MK II cockpit. He couldn’t comprehend what happened but all he knew was it made him angrier. All that he wanted to do was take the fight to the Titans and now it seemed that he couldn’t. As if to answer his prayers a peculiar looking mobile suit fell out of the sky and into some nearby homes. The glance the teen managed to steal told him that the machine looked in decent shape, maybe the pilot had been killed? The angsty teen took to the streets to find the crashed weapon. Just as he thought he was getting close he spotted a familiar jerk he had dealt with earlier. The blonde hair Titans fellow who had compared him to a girl of all things. As the teen rounded the debris he noticed a girl slumped up and laying very still; it was Fa. Of all the things he’d seen today this was the last thing Kamille expected to see. He didn’t have the heart to check if she was alive or dead for fear of the latter. At that moment Kamille decided it was time to take action into his hands with out without a mobile suit. Gnashing his teeth he growled as he began to run faster toward the direction of the pompous pilot. As Jerid approached the mobile suit armed and anxious to commandeer the vehicle, Kamille tried his best to sneak up behind the pilot. With any luck he hoped to jump the Titans pilot and get the gun out of the Jerk’s hand. —— “I’ll get you next time Char!” Quattro winced at the mention of his identity but had little time to contemplate its meaning as his savior from earlier went plummeting down to the buildings below endangering beloved spacenoids in the process. The NPD instinctively got on the comm to hail the odd AEUG asset, “Spider Lily are you ok?” If the Higanbana was taken out of commission on his account that was going to be even more blood stained on the Lieutenant’s hands. “Risu respond!” Still the red comet didn’t have time to mourn, he had to act. If there was one thing Char Aznable was good at it, it was revenge. The Rick Dias flared its engines to charge the Blue Zaku “I don’t have time for cheap imposters!” Quattro yelled out as he moved in for his iconic meteor kick. —— As the Galbaldy swung its beam saber at Creed, the two mobile suits clashed their blades against the other’s. Marco grimaced as the parry flickered particularly bright. The Saviour swung a leg out wide knocking the Galbaldy back once more and Marco glared out to see what caused the flash. The mark two spewed out black smoke and Marco winced, “dang it! That changes things.” He half wondered if it was the Zero System Playing tricks on him again. His contemplation didn’t last long as the Galbaldy crashed back into his shield. Persistent bugger! Marco thought as he worked his controls to try and ward off the NPD once more. The imagery of the Galbaldy swiping off the Saviour’s head made the experienced diver catch his breath before he realized it was another zero system trick and that his blade indeed caught that devastating strike. It was amazing that the nexus could simulate the effects of the notorious system so well. Marco didn’t like being tied up by a mere NPD; blow for blow the damn Galbaldy was keeping pace with him. With the unoccupied MKII being compromised his options for winning were slipping away. “You’re nobody!” He snarled out loud as he moved to bash his beam sword against the pathetic looking beam saber. Marco was surprised when his attack swished into nothing and the Galbaldy ducked from his attack to retaliate with an unchallenged thrust at his sword arm. The hungry blade bit into his suit’s right arm and an explosion of metal confirmed his fears as his weapon arm flew out lamely, free of its attachments. Scenes from Gundam Seed Destiny flashed in his mind and he feared an eminent demise like Athrun. He instinctively flared his thrusters to back away from the committed Galabaldy. A cold and detached voice beckoned to him then, her voice somehow melodious despite the chaos. “How can nobody cause you such strife?” The Galbaldy’s pilot was talking to him. No, an NPD was taunting him. Marco grimaced at the words and pulled out his dual cannons. With little ceremony he aimed at the close ranged enemy and announced, “how’s this for strife?” Damage or no damage to the colony he no longer cared.
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    Back at the suburbs, Jerid woke up inside the cockpit of his Hi-Zack, or at least, what remained of it. The console was busted, and many of the panoramic screens were broken too. "What the…?" Disoriented, he spent a moment trying to open the hatch of the Mobile Suit and getting out, only to remember the details of his quick and unfortunate downfall at the hands of one of the black AEUG models, which simply took him by surprise while he tried to destroy the red Gundam, severing the Zack's left arm, before bisecting it with its beam saber, narrowly missing the cockpit and letting his mess of a GM-Zaku hate child fall over a two-story home, crushing most of it, but saving the Mobile Suit from exploding. "DAMN IT!" Now outside the smoking torso of the Hi-Zack, Jerid kicked a mailbox down in anger. "Is this what real wars are like…?" He wouldn't be long into his ramblings before a loud crash brought him back into reality. A blue Zaku, belonging to the sellswords hired by the Titans to defend the colony against high-performance machines, had just punched the red Gundam in the middle of the chest with a spiked shoulder pad. The impact appeared to be strong enough to knock the pilot out or disable the unit entirely, since immediately after that, it fell backwards and started crashing into the ground, destroying a nearby row of houses before stopping at the second-to-last one. Jerid started running towards the enemy machine, putting on his helmet again and grabbing a standard-issue pistol from his thigh holster. The Hi-Zack was out of commission, and it was entirely possible for it to have incurred enough damage to be scrapped altogether, but maybe, he thought as he leaped over the unconscious body of a young girl with black hair, he could steal the Gundam and come back to the fray, better than his fellow test pilots in their comparatively puny Mk-IIs, and repel all that pesky Spacenoid vermin from his colony. Unbeknownst to him, as a Non-Player Diver, he actually stood no chance of entering the cockpit of that machine without the pilot's permission, let alone hijack it. But without anybody there to break it to him, Jerid was now on his way to waste his time attempting to break into Higanbana, fueled by delusions of grandeur. Elsewhere, people still shot each other, but to Aida and the pilot of the RX-179, war was merely a backdrop for their brief exchange of words. Just as he was about to throw another quip, a loud crash and an explosion were heard in quick succession. Initially, he had plans to ignore both, and avoid taking his eyes off the opponent. But when an alert automatically appeared on his dash, reading "NEUTRAL MS DESTROYED", Aida immediately forgot about his course of action, turning his head around, alarmed, to see Unit 03 in the distance, blowing smoke from the cockpit as remains of its hangar rained down from the skies. "They... destroyed it? I don't understand..." He wouldn't get to speak one more word, since the enemy, just like he had predicted before losing his focus, had now trained a large beam rifle on him. Airbatel's sensors caught it only after it had been aimed in Aida's direction, and alarm bells ringed to bring him back to the task at hand. It was too late to dodge, however, as the weapon had been fired already, and so he covered the Airbatel with his shield as best as he could. The beam impacted the shield fully, and Airbatel was pushed back with enough force to knock it back a few meters. "Grrr! It's a bit early to underestimate ME!" Slightly infuriated, the sharply-dressed pilot checked on the condition of his machine, and surprisingly, half his shield was gone. Incredible. Could it be he had grabbed one of the uncoated spares that had yet to receive the anti-beam treatment? In any case, he quickly brought up the weapon and custom movement menu, before selecting one of the specials. "Say hello to Tolle Koenig for me! Shield Throw!" Aida "fired" the loaded move, and Arbatel quickly did a 360 degree turn, detaching the remaining half of the shield to launch it towards the white Gundam as a deadly throwing star of sorts. The shield spinned forward at first, but curved towards the right, where Beta Gundam was standing. Rapidly, Aida's virtually gloved fingers brought up the menu again, this time to select the Shot Lancer's primary firing mode: the spike that gave the weapon its trademark lance shape would be launched at a very high speed at Beta Gundam. As the shield continued its trajectory towards the white Gundam, Aida aimed the Lancer at the left of the enemy machine, where he was most likely to dodge the shield, and hoping to impale any part of it with the spike, he pressed the right thumb button to fire. Meanwhile, Emma and Kacricon fought back-to-back against Apolly and Roberto, while trying to contact Mission Control. After a few tries, they managed to get through the Minovsky interference and spoke to the base commander, whose silhouette was visible on the rooftop, next to a portable antenna that had to be armed on a whim, after a flaming GM II crashed into the regular radio tower right after the initial cutscene. He was filling in for a dead communications crew. "What? The mercenary in the GM dismissed you? And you let him?!" The officer replied furiously. "He said it was an order from Jamaican to let him handle that one..." Emma tried to defend herself, but Kacricon interrupted her. "Fool! Bask and Jamaican must be long gone now! And there’s no way he would have gotten through to the tower when we couldn’t! We have the latest technology here!". Emma still had the temerity to maintain her argument, however: "I don’t know… That GM looks a bit too advanced for something that’s allegedly older than our Gundams..." A new signal soon joined the conversation from the ground. "... hear me?! This is Matosh! Unit 03 was not destroyed by the enemy! The white and red mercenary aimed right at us and destroyed it without a care in the world! Astley and Davis are badly injured! And these nutcases want to put me in a stretcher as well!" Said revelation came as quite a shock for the Titans, but the man in charge of the ‘tower’ was quick to the draw. "Kacooler! Sheen! These are your new orders… destroy the AEUG forces engaging Beta Two, and move in to detain him for interrogation!" While Kacricon took off immediately, changing course to destroy the Orange AGE, Emma took a little more to address the tower, while Apolly and Roberto fell back to reload their Clay Bazookas. "Sir… what about that blue Lieutenant?". She imagined the base commander would simply berate her and tell her to fly away, but he actually took the time to explain. "His offense was… relatively minor. He can remain on this battlefield and be brought to court martial later. If he survives this fray."
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    "What?!-" Carter went as a beam disabled his go to melee weapon, he clicked his tongue and glanced over to the side so that he could see the mobile suit that fired at him, his eyes locked onto the Red Woundwort but he wouldn't have enough time to sit and stare.. since Quattro started firing at him "Damn!" he said as he started to kick things into high gear, he he maxed out his thruster output and narrowly dodged the shots fired from the clay bazooka. "I'll get you next time.. Char" He said over open comms, he flipped backwards and activated his thrusters to make some distance between him and his attackers "Damn, that red one must be a pro or something.." He concluded "They got my sword in the middle of a slash, and at full speed too" he continued to say as he circled around the area that he was in at top speed; he was still being fired at and.. that was very inconvenient for him "Think.. Think.." He closed his eyes and sped up a bit to make himself harder to hit "This is Zeta, and if we're on titans side then Kamille is important.. gotta make sure he's out of the fight but-" He dodged some stray fire coming from the other fights "That red one is after me". He stabilized his mobile suit and stood in front of the red woundwort "Alright.." he said "Here goes nothing" The spiked shoulder of his Zaku quickly popped off along with the Shoulder shield, which he held onto with his hands after tossing the sword aside "I'll show you why they call me Blue Lightning". With that, the blue afterglow of his thrusters appeared once more, leaning forward and blasting off towards the Red Gundam Type, he held the shield up to protect himself as he flew towards them in a spiral motion- then suddenly zig zagging and as soon as he got close he cocked his Zaku's arm back and Threw a punch at full speed!
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    Shin watched the battlefield, always keeping an eye on the Dynames. However as the battle persisted the chatter and message pings started to get out of hand, and with a quick swipe he put the teams com on a 2 min mute. He couldn't keep it on mute forever, no matter how much he wanted to. He wasn't stupid, he would need to know there status and location after he was done with this gundam. Shin stood floating across from the Dynames, a decent distance from him,then he watched the mobile suit behind him begin to move away. It wasn't like he cared, but he made sure to watch his target closely. He didn't need it making any moves he didn't like. It was then he watched it pull out a beam pistol and fired at a mobile suit, that from what he could tell was empty. Was he wasting shots… demonstrating power. No none of that was it. Oh that's right this was zeta after all, but it wasn't like Shin was gonna try to stop the gundam or anything. All he cared about was the fight in front of him. After the shots on the MK II came a volley at Shin. A crooked smile crossed his face. "Finally got that distraction out of the way! GOOD LET'S FIGHT OUR HEARTS OUT!" That volley of shots ment he accepted his challenge and Shin could go all out. Shin rushed at the Dynames at full force, the pot shots where nothing easy to dodge but as he started to close the gap came a real issue. The shot from the smart beam rifle. For just a moment Shin so overcome by the elation of battle had forgotten the beam rifle. Using everything he had he tried to dodge but the beam clipped the top of his left shoulder. The damage was minimal but it exposed the inner workings on his left shoulder. A little electricity sparked off the shoulder but Shin didn't care he had to pay back the Dynames. Finally the gap was closed he was in the best range for him,close. His gundams right arm brought up the blade but this was a faint so that his left GN rifle sword could do its best to cut the barrel of the beam rifle. After his attacks he would do his best to use the thrusters to get himself a little distance before a counter attack.
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    Things picked up quickly as Creed flew ahead. Of course the Red Comet seemed to have a big target on his head. Perfect, Marco thought, let them fight over bragging rights. As he completed his wide arc of the initial battle he spotted what he was intent on. A mobile suit straying away from the skirmish to pursue - nothing? Marco shook his head at the thought as he acquired the Galbaldy. No this special NPD was after a bigger prize, he soon realized. As the Galbaldy froze to point it’s cannon at the ground at someone, Marco pushed the throttle of his Saviour, redlining the machine. Marco’s eyes went wide as the Galbaldy shot at the person who had to be Kamille. He didn’t even have a chance to save the poor kid. It was too fast, how was the NPD that fast? As the distance between his Gundam and the NPD boiled down to double digits, Marco jerked his controls to transform the Saviour back into its mobile suit form. The Saviour’s leg led a kick to the Galbaldy’s torso from the side. The impact shook his mobile suit violently and Creed had to fight with the controls to regain his bearings quickly. The kick worked in slamming the Galbaldy into a sideways fling. As the Saviour jumped off from the enemy Marco pulled the suit’s feet underneath him to perch where the Galbaldy had been standing. It was at that moment that Marco realized that Kamille was quite safe, if not shaken up from the two goliaths colliding in front of him. But how? Marco was certain that the Galbaldy had fired on the defector, was he seeing things? Just then a cold chill ran down Marco’s spine and a nervous grin grew on his face. It was the Zero System, it just had to be! Marco had dabbled with it in the previous build but apparently the developers were taking things to the next level. He shook his head and brought out his Beam Sword, igniting the weapon and pointing the tip at Galbaldy. “Kamille Bidan! Hurry up and get to the MKII!” Marco barked over his suit’s PA. Even as he spoke the Galbaldy uneasily stood up and turned to regard Creed. Marco brought his beam sword up in a guard and contemplated a charge. The Galbaldy decided for him, charging at him in an attack. Marco retaliated, desperate to keep any enemies away from Kamille. If Kamille could just get in the MKII! ____ “Apolly! Roberto! Spread out!” Quattro yelled over the comms for the AEUG. His warning was heeded just as a beam from a strange Gundam shot up at Roberto’s machine. “It appears that the Titans are testing out more than just the black Gundams!” The lieutenant warned gravely. His attention was cut short by the charge of a blue Zaku of all things. The red comet flared his thrusters to dodge the slice, just as a shot from a strange friendly unit raced towards his attacker. Quattro didn’t skip a beat aiming his clay bazooka at the Zaku and sending a volley rather blindly at the Zaku to drive the attacker back. It wasn’t the ideal weapon for a lethal attack with its adhesive rounds loaded but it was better than nothing.
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    The battle raged on, and both teams were starting to disperse, each to their own thing. It wasn't surprising, given that they barely knew each other, Aida knew, but his dramatic mind couldn't afford not to season the battle with some juicy radio dialogue, so he intentionally made his orders very vague and left his teammates to their own devices. This battle was being fought and would be won by independent, original strategies. Still, he had to remain near the front lines to help any of the two if things spiraled out of control, part of his responsibility as the team's automatically appointed leader. Taking cover with his GM behind a Titans prison complex to momentarily avoid the wrath of anyone, he had to come up with a strategy, and fast. The enemy team could have at least one person with a knowledge of Zeta as extensive as his. "Think, think, think… The Green Noa Infiltration is the 08th TMS Team's favorite anniversary venue. We do it every year… Roger plays Jerid, Noah plays Quattro, and Cecilia plays..." Cecilia loved to play Kamille. That was it. Kamille needed to be located, lest he came into contact with Unit 03, and apparently, none of his teammates had come with that idea, seeing as the radio was mostly dialogue by the NPDs battling the Argama Team and dead air. But Kamille was currently far from the engagement area. He couldn't leave his teammates alone, and both were already occupied. Then it hit him. It lacked proper etiquette, but the NPD had been flawlessly obedient so far… "Beta Four, new orders in. You are to search the forest area and outskirts of the base for a suspect to detain. White male, shoulder-length blue hair, yellow shirt, crippling teenage angst." He added that last bit for the shits and giggles, but the NPD did not waver either way. "Initiating search for description-matching subjects." Aida was satisfied, though he felt obligated to say one last thing. "Oh, and Beta Four… let us know if you need backup. Your orders are important." After order acknowledgement from the artificial Diver, whose green Galbaldy distanced itself from the skirmish, he flew fast to avoid enemy fire and studied the situation while nobody focused on him. The Dynames, pretty predictably, tried to snipe Char out of the sky, only to be interrupted by the maniac in the AGE, whose voice could be heard on the team radio for a moment when it challenged the sniping machine. "That's a machine for twelve-year olds, but surprise… he's a grown man", Aida said to himself, paraphrasing Jerid. Blue Lightning was having none of that, and flied past them for a shot at Quattro too, with more success due to his Zaku being geared for speed and firepower, not unlike Char's. Now, both dueled next to the building that had been wrecked by Unit 03. The enemy team's units was more or less in the same disorganized boat, which could be beneficial for him if he acted fast and took advantage of it. The leader of the gang, in the Epyon-themed Savior, was apparently homing on Quattro, probably to defend him, in which case he and Three would probably clash. The very nice Woundwort he had seen before the match was also taking shots at the Blue Lightning, but it wouldn’t pose a problem at all if only somebody could distract the thing. Control of such powerful machine was reduced to almost naught due to the pilot being very obviously a newbie. "The aim is all over the place… Roberto has narrowly avoided death by friendly fire." Was this the pilot’s first sortie? The angry AGE, as stated, was engaging Two. But the real question was… "Where is that white Gundam? It's been real quiet around-" "SAY WHAT?!" "IFF confirms an RX-178 attacking us! The AEUG has brought a Mark Two! Lieutenant Bidan, what is the meaning of this?!" "I… Ensign Sheen, I swear i don't know what you're talking about! Check again!" "It's not just the IFF! I know what I'm seeing!" "Gentlemen, I swear to-" "Franklin. Bask's office. NOW." Not good. The Mark-II based machine was in front of Unit 02, and had managed to have Emma's IFF identify it as a legitimate Mark-II. This, in turn, was stalling her, probably for somebody to pop up and blast her from behind, securing an advantage for Alpha. He wouldn’t let that happen, however, and so he flied towards both Gundams to make his entrance. "Interesting one, aren’t you?", said Aida as he fired his Shot Lancer’s incorporated machine gun to provide cover for Emma. He promptly put a hand on the Mk-IIs shoulder to talk to her, while pointing the Shot Lancer at the Beta Gundam to keep it on the move. "Ensign Sheen, Commander Daninghan has ordered me to take care of this enemy. You are ordered to re-adquire the AEUG’s new models". Aida promptly flied away to keep firing at Alpha’s white Gundam, purposely avoiding Emma’s response to trick her into believing him and switching her target. "But! Sigh..." Emma had no choice, and turned around to check on the other two pilots, who had been busy: while Kacricon held back Apolly and Roberto, who were having a harder time than usual facing him due to the unfamiliar controls on their Rick Diases, Jerid saw an opportunity to score an easy kill on the red Woundwort that flied around, trying to lock onto something at all. "Hehehe! Kacricon! That Mobile Suit is scared! I’m engaging it!", Jerid barked at the radio while putting pedal to the metal, making his green Hi-Zack take off and fly at the red machine with the large rifle. Upon getting to it, Jerid had his mobile suit grab the large rifle to point it away from himself, while trying to have the enemy machine stare down the business end of a a Zaku Machine Gun Kai. "I'll have you plummet to the ground in flames!" Somewhere else, a young boy had come out of the woods to find the chaotic circumstances he had just put himself in. Far away, mobile suits were battling. He had to hurry if he wanted to board the Gundam that had crashed and help the AEUG, and so, he ran faster through the tarmac. But just before getting to the perimeter of the base, a green Galbaldy Beta landed right in front of him, knocking him down with strong gusts of wind and the impact of its foot against the floor. "Subject meeting Search Criteria 01 through 03 found. Compliance with Criteria 04 cannot be analyzed. Possibility of a match… 75%", the Galbaldy's pilot reflected before pointing its beam rifle at Kamille Bidan, latent Newtype and future Gundam-jacking extraordinaire. "Civilian, you are hereby under arrest. Do not attempt to flee. Lethal force is at my immediate availability." Beta Gundam was nearby, and could have helped if not for a very persistent blue GM III, which landed between him and the Galbaldy, seemingly eager to force it into a fight. "So. Alpha has a trickster. Hehehe..." began the pilot of the Airbatel, having its MS strike a dramatic pose, pointing the Shot Lancer at the RX-179 and readying its GM Command shield. "Most people argued that making the NPDs smarter made ordering them almost impossible… but you and i know something. Their blind obedience was merely traded for human-grade gullibility." Beta Gundam had a duel with a nonsense-speaking gentleman on its hands.
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    (OOC, Fa and Kamille are played by Roromi. We RPed this out together before posting it.) “There's a time and a place for duels, and team missions aren't it!” Hikaru exclaimed as the enemy GM III variant attempted to use its machine gun to keep the Beta Gundam at bay. The caliber increase of the weapon did make Hikaru play a bit defensively due to his lack of shield, but Gundarium Gamma armor was likely to have little issue with the rounds as long as they didn't hit something like an optic or vernier. No, what kept Hikaru at bay long enough for Aida to escape his sight were the explosions making nearby holes in the colony wall. This had the effect of causing his machine to be pulled away by the suction, at least until he employed his thrusters. “Seriously?” Hikaru groaned out as he fought to avoid being sucked out into space. Of course, there was something that gave him pause. Zooming in on something which caught his eye due to the contrasting yellow and red, he noted Fa Yuiry of all people. She'd briefly slid along the ground before being sucked up and drawn into the air toward the holes in the colony wall. Alarms triggering in Hikaru's mind as he failed briefly to distinguish between human and NPD, the pilot activated his thrusters and worked to try and guide the Beta Gundam to intercept her in time... At first, Fa slid along the ground but as the winds picked up so did her body. Fa twirled in the air like a ballerina, wind and debris whipping along her body. It was that sense of weightlessness that caused her to gasp awake suddenly. The girl shrieked out in terror as the colony ground shrunk away from her. Her world twirled in a blur as she helplessly flailed her arms and legs out to grasp at anything. Her surprise was complete when she felt her hands grasp onto the cold metallic hand of a mobile suit. This did little to halt her terror as she had no idea what kind of mech had saved her. Catching her in his machine's left hand in a move that invoked mental imagery from Gundam Unicorn's final OVA, he noted the terrified young woman's face. This was supposed to be a non-living entity? It was understandable horror on her face though. If Fa looked behind the Gundam, she'd clearly see the hole in the colony as well as open space and the stars beyond... Hikaru opened the cockpit of his machine, the Beta Gundam looking much like the famous Gundam from the One Year War, and drew the Mobile Suit's hand close to its torso. The boy reached out to Fa with his hand, to pull her into the cockpit. "Hurry! Get inside!" Fa looked around in terror, at first not comprehending what the strange pilot was telling her to do. “Kamille!” She shrieked out, “where’s Kamille?!” It took a moment as common sense soon caught up with her and she jumped into the cockpit finding it preferable than the unpredictability of a mobile suit hand. As she entered the cockpit she trembled with fear as she witness her world literally fall apart around her from the destruction. “Have you seen Kamille Bidan? He’s a boy... a teenager like me...” she began to form her request unsteadily. The fellow adolescent pulled her back firmly and closed the cockpit door behind her, flopping back into the linear seat with the girl on top of him rather than immediately answering. The reason for this became clear as they passed the colony wall with less than two seconds to spare. Fa saw open space all around her through the panoramic monitor, her mind likely believing that she had been that close to death if Hikaru had to guess. He had since forgotten about her artificial nature. Her voice choked back in throat as they entered into space reminding her once again of how fragile her home was. Tears welled in her eyes from the realization that her friend if not her family were dead or soon would be. Shock settled in for her as she trembled in rage and fear. “How... how could you do this?” Was all she could mutter under he breath. Her eyes still glued to the damage outside. Hikaru was quiet for a moment before responding. "I'm sorry...this wasn't what I expected either. This wasn't the plan." He had honest regret, the immersion immense and her grief convincing him. He pressed a sequence of buttons on a console, causing a a pair of jump seats to unfold to the rear and sides of his linear seat in response. "Have a seat and buckle up. Kamille Bidan was last seen fleeing Titans custody. I've already asked my allies to keep an eye open for him. Hopefully one of them can assist. I apologize in advance for re-entering combat after this..." Fa reluctantly sat down and looked around in a panic at the screen. She glared at the pilot and his rather cold responses. Then the weight of his words hit her. Go back into combat? Kamille was fleeing? She wanted to yell at the pilot right there and then but the thought of finding Kamille made her bit her lip. “If it means finding Kamille safely.... well ... please help me find him... I beg you.” Hearing the plea, he nodded lightly. Hikaru ignited the thrusters, pushing the Beta Gundam back into the colony. He knew his words sounded lame. How does someone justify causing such suffering just to play a game? He couldn't. Could he even keep playing if things were this real? "This machine is geared for general combat and capture rather than the sheer damage of whatever did this...hold the phone." Hikaru's screen zoomed in on the red Woundwart...it still hadn't moved? Moreover, a familiar young man was visible on the screen. As Kamille raised his fist up for another swing at the pompous jerk Jerid a loud explosion caused both of them to pause and regard the noise. Kamille’s eyes grew wide as the air around them picked up into a violent steady gust leading towards a hole in the colony. Kamille clenched his teeth to regard Jerid again, not eager to let up the fight just yet. “This is Hikaru to Risu! Please snap out of it! Hurry up and save Kamille! He's the guy with blue hair fighting the enemy in the black pilot suit! He's right there with your machine! Please get him in your cockpit and get back into action! Tell him that Miss Yuiry is worried about him if you have to, just get him inside!” Hikaru looked around him, taking in the battlefield as he spoke. He noted the movement of the blue Zaku toward the Rick Dias/Gundam Mk-II stalemate, and his eyes narrowed. “Not on my watch!” Hikaru extended the Beta Gundam's damaged shield as far as he could, and then used his Beam Rifle's jitte to slash the bottom off of it off, cleaving the Shot Lancer sticking out of it apart in two. The remains of the bottom and its sliding armature were ejected, leaving the intact top of the shield with its vulcans and ammo storage racks in place on his arm's hardpoint. His machine moving in a hurry, it passed a wrecked GM II and picked up its intact shield in the Gundam's hand, re-entering the battle. Claiming a shield from a fallen enemy wasn't something early versions of the game allowed, but it seemed likely to work given how the game seemed to treat debris... “I'll have to try and trust my ally with your friend for the moment, Miss Yuiry. Keep watching that window and let me know right away if I have to withdraw to grab him.” With these words, he fired his beam rifle at the Zaku Forerunner, leading the shot to try and strike the machine as it rushed to intercept...
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    "Tsk!" Carter clicked his tongue, even after getting the drop on him- The red comet was able to get a shot at the Blue Lightning. "You'll have to do better than that though!" he said, re-orienting himself to face his rival once more, he checked his mobile suit and saw the damage, the beams that the Rick Dias fired found purchase around the legs of the Zaku, though.. his mobility wont hurt much at least. He activated his thrusters, preparing to launch at the Lieutenant at fast speeds, he still had one weapon up his sleeve.. Literally, he aimed his arm forward, and the triple barreled vulcan guns he had installed came to the surface. He started firing at the tumbling Rick Dias while boosting hard towards him, he was preparing to do a quick barrel roll to avoid a head on collision, and.. "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." "What?!-" Carter asked, suddenly veering off course and facing down the Red Comet.. He sighed deeply and shook his head, opening up Communications with him "Next time" He said to him before turning and then going at top speed.. He was searching for the marked enemies.
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    "Uaaaaahhh!" Right in the middle of the spin meant to give his shield some impulse, his rival had simply shot Airbatel in the back with its beam rifle, without a care in the world. "It was in reference to the shield throw decapitation, you thick-headed buzzkill!" While the wing binders had taken a very bad hit, Aida was still able to complete his move, throwing the shield then firing the Shot Lancer at his enemy for a direct hit at… his shield, which had taken the worst of it. And while the Gundam was pretty much in one piece, Airbatel in turn no longer had a chance in the world to compete. The propellant in the wing binders had ignited, destroying the backpack and damaging the unit. His shield was gone, and so was his spike. "This is very bad… I'm grounded." All he had remaining were two beam sabers and his dual machine gun. "I’m relatively powerless… or am I?" Aida wondered, his finger menacingly hovering over the button that activated Airbatel's special functionality: EXAM System. But it was meaningless. His GM had entered the scuffle in an incomplete state, and this was meant to happen. "We were having ourselves a nice little duel, until you decided to show your most treacherous aspect... Beta One, falling back!" As the blue GM retreated on foot, hoping that the machine gun’s fire would be enough to keep the pursuing Gundam at bay, the green Galbaldy kept itself occupied with the Savior. The NPD was as skilled as its opponent this time, but the level of proficiency of the AI was always set before the battle by calculating the odds of each team winning, to give them both an equal chance. Could the Game System have predicted the downfall of Aida? Could the Game System have seen him as the weak link of his force? "Concluding that the defunction of Kamille Bidan will be critical to achieving our goal… Beta Four hereby commences sentencing of target." said the Galbaldy's pilot upon seeing the Zero Savior pull out its beam cannons to point them at her machine, and prepared to block, knowing the Galbaldy would survive a pair of shots. But her shield was oddly angled. Only the NPD could have known the face of the shield was pointed towards the suburbs… More specifically, at the torso of Higanbana, which lied still on its position, for a curious Jerid to climb on top and try to find the switch that opened the hatch. "Damn it, is the hatch even here or in the head? More importantly, what's with this designation… RX-124? Was this Mobile Suit made by our guys? Why does the AEUG have this…?" While Jerid kept looking, a figure climbed on top of Higanbana's torso with a vengeful stance, clad on a recognisable blue and yellow sweater, and holding a metal rod. Right on time, Jerid saw the reflection of his assailant in the shiny metal, and tried to turn around. Instead, he was hit by the rod in the nose, rather than the back of the head. This pissed him off considerably, and he stood up, nose bleeding, to face the angry teenager. "You tried to hit me in the back! Face me like a real man… YOU SISSY!" Jerid and Kamille promptly trading blows right on top of the red Gundam, while the NPD followed their movements by subtly adjusting her shield. Aida was amazed by her grade of control over the Galbaldy Beta. "She can control the machine like it's her own body… But it's not like those expensive Mobile Trace Systems on the market… she still moves like a machine, even though she wouldn't really have a problem imitating us." Another line of thought popped up in Aida's head as he tried to hide behind a radio tower, the only structure tall and wide enough for the task. "The goal of Alpha Team is very obvious… And she spoke of our goal, meaning we have one too… but it's still nowhere to be seen. I don't see it in the HUD, at least. Can she see it? What could it be?" His thoughts were interrupted by a pair of suicidal Titans, speeding past him at full speed on an electric military jeep, headed towards a pair of returning Rick Diases, which had made a trip to the space freighter Alpha Team had deployed from to acquire ammunition for their Clay Bazookas. The Titan in the passenger seat pulled out a portable Surface To Surface missile launcher after getting close enough to Apolly's unit, and yelled out before firing: "SPACENOIDS GET OUT!" An idea crossed Aida's mind, as the Rick Dias dodged the missile meant for one of its waist joints and leaned forwards to destroy the jeep with its Vulcan Phalanx. "Could that be it…? Nothing to lose for trying..." stated the team leader, and grabbed a hold of the mic on the right side of his head to speak on the team line, hopeful things could still be turned around. "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." Airbatel came out from behind the radio tower, and started running towards Roberto and Apolly, taking aim and firing single shots with its machine gun. His ammo count was in the single digits, and his thrusters were gone. He had to be really careful if he wished to get into melee range to try a saber attack on them, and he didn't really know whether Beta Gundam had given up on them just yet. But it could be their only chance...
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    When Aida executed his maneuver, there were three key problems with how he did so. One, he announced his attack. Two, he started a pirouette of all things as part of the move. Three, his enemy was still pointing a beam rifle straight at him. Thus, Hikaru did the most basic thing in the world and simply pulled the trigger to fire on the modified GM III when it willingly exposed its back. Dishonorable? No more than having snipers, he figured. "Tolle? Remember where you are. Quit posing like some tokusentai and give Ryu Jose and Sleggar Law their due!" He wasn't thinking of Captain Bright being around to hear the names of his fallen comrades, he was just a bit irritated at the dissonance. They were in the Universal Century, for goodness sake! While evading the thrown shield as Aida had anticipated, Hikaru returned to the Alpha/Argama channel. "The secondary objective has been targeted! If anyone sees a blue-haired boy in a two-tone blue-green sweater, please save Kamille before the Titans and their allies can-!" Before he could say anything more though, the modified GM III managed to fire its Shot Lancer at the general location where Hikaru had been led to evade the thrown shield. The Shot Lancer was an odd weapon that was easy to underestimate in GBN because of the lore until one saw its relative size. Developed for penetrating the thinner and more toned-down armors of the Second Universal Century's smaller Mobile Suits, a basic to-scale Shot Lancer wouldn't be able to do much against a Gundarium Gamma machine like his in most cases. When employed for GBN, however, Shot Lancers from 1/100 scale kits were often altered by Divers for use with 1/144 scale builds and became roughly 70% larger in each of the three dimensions due to this scale difference. This was a modified model appropriate to a 1/100 scale 14 meter tall machine like the XM-01 Den'an Zon, or a 20.2 meter tall 1/144 scale build post-conversion. While the effectiveness of its heavy machine guns' 70% caliber boost was still an unknown against the Beta Gundam's armor, the lethality of the weapon's primary function wasn't in question. Thus, though Hikaru couldn't work out the math or the details right away, the need to block was evident. Bringing his shield to bear at an angle to intercept and hopefully deflect the blow, Hikaru gritted his teeth and was thrown in his cockpit when the sound of crashing and scraping permeated the air. The Beta Gundam was forced back and lurched to the side, with red warnings briefly flaring on Hikaru's console detailing the strain on the arm and knee joints before abating almost as quickly. Upon stumbling to avoid falling over from the force before recovering, and continuing to move in the direction of the imparted momentum to try and move out of the heavy machine guns' line of fire, he took stock of his situation. The lower part of his shield, bowed inward with a long scrape compromising its structural integrity and anti-beam coating, had thankfully been the greatest casualty. Hikaru didn't want to think of what might have happened had his shield not been angled and if he'd tried to meet the whole of the attack with brute force. "Tch. Clever...ish." Hikaru responded, not willing to praise the enemy too much for his foolhardy move.
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    "Forget the roleplayer! This guy's crazy!" Kyle's beam was just stopped by what looked to be a mix between the Astray and an Age Gundam. Not that it mattered, since the lunatic piloting it seemed to be out for virtual blood. "Why'd I have to end up with these type of people?" He thought to himself. Kyle liked to have fun in the game, but he knew that interesting people would always try to ruin that for him. "Haro!" He blared out. "Looks like we got oursel- HARO!" Kyle looked at the Char inspired toy, only to see it stare intently at a certain mobile suit. "MK II! MK II!" The toy chirped. The diver turned to see the unmanned MK-II was lying down, waiting for some boy with a girl's name to steal it. Kyle had heard radio chatter about Kamille. Both teams seemed to be intently watching over the boy. "Too bad he won't have a mobile suit to go to." Kyle used the Trinames left arm and pulled one of his GN Pistols out, firing at the cockpit of the black machine twice. "That thing was more trouble than it was worth." He thought as smoke came out of the machine's torso. "I got bigger problems right now." Kyle took the pistol and pointed both it and the Smart Beam Gun directly at the primary colored Gunpla. Without the distraction, Haro instinctively pulled the Trinames back in order to get more distance between the two. He could only aim the Beam Gun, since the pistol wasn't made for long range, but he fired both at the Astral Age, hoping to do some sort of damage as the other's fought among themselves.
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    Even before she could get her bearings, Risu was deposited unceremoniously into the cockpit of her mobile suit. She let out a yelp of surprise as, on its own, the Higanbana was catapulted away from the ramp of the Argama, sending her back into her seat the same way a rollercoaster might when moving quickly along the rail. After a while, however, the inertial pull of her body against the seat would subside as she adjusted to the speed of the TR-6. “...Alpha and Scarlet Teams, this is Hikaru with a SPOTREP. A civilian identified as the son of the Gundam Mk-II's head designer has escaped the Titans' base by charging a security checkpoint with a stolen vehicle in the confusion. He has since abandoned the vehicle. Possibility of defection high, possibility of supplemental intelligence to be obtained on Titans research is moderate. He's the blue-haired boy in the forest close to the combat zone at location 11.5…” The din of a conversation Risu couldn’t possibly understand seemed to dominate the mostly silent soundscape of space, save for the quiet din of a simulated reactor somewhere behind her. She couldn’t see anything in the black, save for the… giant cylinder thing flying towards her to dominate her vision. If that cutscene thing was anything to go on, she was going to follow the blonde guy in the red robot. He seemed important. Slowly, she begun to steer Higanabana towards the Rick Dias, watching as it approached the colony, entering through the main docking port and shooting some kind of glue at a pair of astronauts who didn’t seem to be too cooperative. She’d follow it as it entered the colony, her eyes widening at just how… green everything was inside, but just as she was admiring her new surroundings, a blue robot closed in. [risu] : watch out! Without thinking, she’d pull the trigger on one of her controls, and just as quick, Higanbana’s long beam rifle raised into view, taking a single shot in the Zaku’s direction. It’d miss, but the lance of deadly magenta energy would graze its heat blade, causing considerable damage to the weapon. Risu fired again, the shot veering far off behind the enemy mobile suit, but a third shot would be aimed at the average between the two previous, which happened to be right at the Zaku. She was careless, and those mega particle beams that had missed would strike the colony wall behind it.
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    I wanna make the MKII in its stock glory but I’m gonna add a little twist with some decals if I can. I’m looking to kit bash some wing suits down the road, friend of mine left me a bunch of his wing Gunpla and I have no other use for them. As for the airlines can’t say that I did get the idea from that lol. Just a funny coincidence. I suspect it’ll make a huge difference when I paint the eyes red. More will come soon enough!
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    So I just finished watching Gundam Build Fighters and it got me fired up to look at my old models. Plus the discussion on here got me excited to share some of the displays I gathered. Really the only Gunpla I’m technically showing is my precious Overflag. But I figured the other things were just as interesting! As time goes on I’m hoping to go back and fix up old kits and I’ll share them here. Cheers!
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    Infinitely cool. The airbrushing is flawless on that Mobility Shroud, especially for the silver Shroud part and the actual torso. And a blade in an arm is always a plus in my book, not to mention two of them for symmetry. The stock MkII will be beautiful in their own right, especially with a glossy finish to go with Zeta's aesthetics, but don't forget kitbashes! Gunpla is Freedom! Side note: did you take inspiration from the All Nippon Airlines RX-78-2? It has a fairly similar color scheme to that Duel.
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    Gotta love necromancy! Been talking a lot with replicator about Gunpla and it’s invigorated me to really swing at it hard again lately. So much in fact that I’ve dug out my kits from 10 years ago and have been working to kinda revamp them and to brush up on more advance techniques beyond just slapping them together. I’m excited to start on my RG Titans MKII soon too! First was my old buster kit. For that one I just focused on doing some weathering techniques and attempt at panel lining. It’s still really half hazard but much better than it originally was. The Second is my old Duel. I’ve never been a fan of the assault shroud and all these years I enjoyed just the original version of it. By doing some Gunpla searches online I got inspiration for what to attempt with the shroud parts I had lying around as well as parts I had from strike rouge’s IWSP pack that I never used. It’s a mild alteration but dramatic I believe. Still haven’t thought of much of a name for it but I like to think of it as. “Mobility shroud” perhaps? The other thing I practiced with this kit was trying to get rid of seam lines and cleaning up nubs. I’m particularly proud at my first attempt at air brushing as well! At this point I’d say I still have some fine details (like the eyes and vents) as well as additional weathering to be done. Irregardless I still think it’s coming along promising! I filled the seams by making a plastic cement created from the scrap plastic on the runners in the kit. I cut them up and put the scrap in a mason jar with acetone. Once it melted down the plastic I scraped it on. Admittedly this could use more practice and refinement of the application but I enjoyed the relatively cheap price tag it offers! finally painted up! I appreciate any feedback I’m still very much amateur hour but I think I’m getting better!
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    Haha see the only safe place I can keep my stuff is in my garage on my workbench otherwise I have kids pawing at the “toys” or worse dogs getting their mouths on things. Gimme some time and I’ll get a decent backdrop. I need the criticism to get my butt in gear!
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    Can we talk about the mess in the background? Would be cool to show some close-ups if you worked on some detailing. Thanks for sharing, Ian
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