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    I know I said I'd be back a while ago, but football and choir took my time up, and school is tarting soon... I should be back in a couple of weeks or so.
  2. Ryo Kazunine


    Between Six hour football practices and sleeping, I dont really have time to be around. This excludes the coliseum battle I signed up for, ill try to check daily. Ill be back on regularly next week. Peace.
  3. What you seem to be forgetting is that you get an email to tell you that you have a PM at AD. Or you could just email everyone flat out.
  4. That would probably be best, I cant see any other way to really increase the activity.
  5. Pilot: Ryo Kazunine Mobile Suit: ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited
  6. Sorry for the lateness, but Happy Birthday!
  7. Ryo Kazunine


    I'm going on vacation for a week starting at 4:00 AM tomorrow. I might be on once or twice a day to check PMs or other big things, but otherwise I'll be gone.
  8. Whenever I click on the link to chat, I get a 404 error. I'm just wondering if it's only me or if everyone has this problem?
  9. Welcome! I hope you have a good stay here at AD. Be sure to read the rules and storyline, and be sure to join ZAFT! No, seriously, join whatever faction you want!
  10. The N Dagger N stood its ground as the Gouf made some moves he wasn't expecting. He raised his shield to chest level to once again while sheathing his long sword. The eight beam shots impacted with his shield, leaving scorch marks all over. Ryo saw on his monitor the Mobile Suits status report, and the shield was almost completely broken down. 'A couple more hits like that and my blaster is toast.' He thought to himself. The N Dagger N braced itself, spreading its legs to even out the pressure. He drew the Stiletto from his right hip into his right hand and fired it at the neck of the Gouf. Ryo followed it up by having the N Dagger launch its remaining rocket anchor from his left hand, without a line, also at the Gouf's neck. And without skipping a beat turned his arm so his Hakenfaust piercer lock was straight up. It fired off with a roar, on a path to the Goufs hips. Ryo then targeted five of his wombat missles at the active thrusters of the Gouf. 'Gotta love Heat Seakers.' Ryo snickered and waited for the Gouf to try and escape this.
  11. This is actually very easily achieved. The way to do it would be to have a link in each member's profile to the bio page of each of that member's characters. There would be no other website, just the topic in which the character's profile already is. The only real way I see to improve that would be to remove all replies from those topics, and for each member to make sure to update their bios as the RP progressed.
  12. Ryo raised his shield to chest level and blocked the emerald shots aimed for him. The N Dagger N started running across the sand, toward the blue suit. Ryo scanned the battlefield, his focus shifting from the Gouf to what had blocked his rocket anchor. The N Dagger N slightly repositioned itself, from running directly towards the water, to the right. It stopped dead in its tracks, and sand cloud forming behind him. The N Dagger N reached with right arm and drew his long Anti-Armor sword, slashing the Tempest in half. 'Your Move' Ryo smiled.
  13. Technically, wouldn't Mirage Colloid actually make the suit produce a larger heat signature? If the particles absorb all of the waves that they do, they would be heated up. It's really the same a rock in the desert heating up. It absorbs some of the rays, and that heats it up. It is the transfer of heat by Radiation. So the Mirage Colloid can easily be spotted by heat sensors. Which is why if you made a large thing equipped with Mirage Colloid (Genesis Girty Lue) you would, naturally, build a cooling system for the outer skin.
  14. I would have to say Mwu all the way. He pwnd everyone before the bad guys got Gundams, and still stood up to Le Creuset even though he always has a disadvantage.
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