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  1. Try not to be late. That's what she'd said to Blake. So why was she the one running late? It had been that blasted message that she had remembered just as she'd reached the end of her corridor. It had arrived on the transport that had gotten her here, but she'd been unwilling to open it in anything resembling public. Given that it was from her Aunt, who often forwarded Jake's 'upgrades', she'd decided to check it out, even though she should have gone straight to the hangar. It had been worth it, and the short note from Alma (the older woman had forbidden Julia from calling her Aunt on the young woman's 20th birthday) had done wonders to Julia's mood. It had pieced together the tattered effects of her meditation, restoring some of the calm Julia knew she would need for the mission. The mission. Right. She was running late, and that wasn't good. At least it gave her something to think about, rather then leaving her to focus on the fact that this would be only her fourth time on a space transport. Following the aura of worry, she managed to find the transport without asking for directions. Upon seeing the rest of the group, she almost winced. She was late, and had only a vague idea of what was being planned. Listening to Blake, she managed to piece together enough of the information to have a decent idea of what they intended to do. It also gave her a reason to be here, other then acting as back-up, if Dimitri and the commander agreed to Blake's suggestion. After all, who better then the Info Gatherer to get the extra information the group wanted and needed to pull this off with less difficulty? Of course, it all depended on the amount of information they already had on their target. The communications ear-piece could wait, as it was evident that Allan wanted to speak to Dimitri first. With nothing to add to the planning, Julia settled into a seat near Blake. Already, she found herself liking the technician. Her foot absently tapped the bag she'd grabbed from her quarters as she waited.
  2. Julia saluted as they were dismissed, following after the others as they left the commander's office. To say she was pre-occupied would have been an understatement. Half-listening to the opinions of her current 'team', she had to agree - there was no time for exploring the base. At Dimitri's growled reply, she had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. She could understand his frustration, and to an extent, shared it. That didn't mean she had to appreciate his manners. "Guess we'll have to postpone that tour around this place till after the mission completes." She gave Houston a quick nod, and bowed her head in acknowledgment as he left. She sighed, and tried to give Blake a re-assuring smile. "Houston's got a point - We'll probably be pretty outnumbered, but I'm sure we can handle it." She raised a hand in farewell as she headed off to gather her own equipment. "Catch you later Blake. Try not to be late." She liked the technician, even though he hadn't said much since they'd met earlier. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she re-traced the route that had gotten them to the commander's office, and made it back to her quarters without any trouble. Over the eight years she'd been in this line of work, she'd built up a collection of useful items - now she just had to decide what would be best for this mission. It didn't take long to make her choices; Other then her ever present combat knife and a plain handgun, she had chosen to grab a couple of gifts from Jake. One item was a communications head-set that she had no understanding of, other then how to get it working. Supposedly it was protected against most forms of communications jamming. Given that they'd never had issues with communications after Jake had given it to her, she was inclined to believe it worked. If it did, maybe the others would agree that a secure line of communication was a good idea. 'I'll see if I can get this Dimitri guy to look it over. Even he had to admit that it's useful.' She wasn't sure that he accepted her, but that was fine, as she didn't know if she accepted him either. Certain that she had everything she needed, Julia left her room behind, the only sign of her nervousness being the way she fiddled with her necklace as she headed towards the hangar.
  3. Darkness


    I've no suggestions, and as I don't like change until after it's happened, my opinion isn't worth much right now. :-\ Ask me again after the change over. ;) But concerning backing up my info - Done. Although I really wouldn't mind too much if Julia's profile vanished anyway...
  4. Oh, another content issue I've just discovered - Given the promotion of several members a few months ago, shouldn't the Advent Destiny Team be due for an update? Feel free to tell me to go jump in a lake, especially after you've already updated stuff, but I thought you might like to know that it seems a little out-dated...
  5. A couple of hobbies (Two or more): Archery, hiking and writing Favoured gaming platform: Nintendo DS (I actually DON'T get my ass kicked when playing DS games ) Favourite part of the Gundam franchise:Anime (Haven't really had anything to do with the other parts of the franchise ) Favourite video game: Hmmm... It's tie between the Monster Rancher series and Tenchu series A taste of your music playlist: by artist: Delta Goodrem, Anastacia, Pink, the Veronicas... And of course any Gundam Seed themed music. Curse you, evil, addictive Jukebox! If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you be?: Oh, good question. I suppose any person who can keep themselves organised - maybe I'd learn something. Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, for talkativeness, ten being highest: On average, 4. Unless you're a friend. Then it's a 5. If you had a quality you could instantly have, what would it be?: The ability to NOT get tongue-tied. Then I might actually be able to HELP people. 'Cause, you know, it isn't easy to help people if you can't say what you want to say.
  6. If I could keep a story idea going for longer then 10 pages, without rambling and boring my readers, I'd already be working on a novel to be published. As it is, I am working on my length issues. I hope to have something published before my life is over, even if it is just a short story... But I'd rather write a novel, if I can.
  7. I know I've already mentioned it elsewhere, but the Storyline in the navigation bar needs to be updated since the rping restart and the inclusion of the Serpant Tail mercenary group. That's all I've noticed
  8. Well, I must admit I haven't read the history - Those paragraphs are a little too big for me right now, given that I've been reading for most of the morning. I did check over the General section, and found a couple of typos in the personality section. Second sentence, careless should probably be care less Third sentence, occation should be occasion, and the sentence would probably flow better if you had '...occasion, can be found doing her homework.' The forth sentence, to me at least, seems a little awkward. Hope this helps a little
  9. At the mention of Meddiggo, Julia stiffened. Until Dimitri had informed them of who the client was, she'd been all for it. Exasperated, she kept her mouth shut. Her previous experiences didn't matter - at least, they shouldn't. Her own personal opinion certainly had no place here, or when she considered the mission. Professionally, the mission, and Dimitri's plan were acceptable. Personally... Julia had something of a history with the mercenary group Alliso. She didn't like them, and they didn't like her. A few years ago, Julia had accepted a task from them on behalf of the small group she'd been working with. It had called for an intel gatherer, and there had been a statement of confidentiality. Her group had kept their side of the agreement - Meddiggo hadn't. In retaliation, and acting idependantly from her group, she'd started hunting the leader of Alliso. Along the way, she'd managed to encounter a few members of the mercenary group, and had left them with a message - Dreamer was displeased, and Meddiggo was going to feel it. She'd yet to fully act upon that message, but she had a little list. Most names on that list had been crossed off, including the topmost name. Meddiggo was still on that list, but Julia looked forward to the day she could put a little red line through it. Personal hatred for Meddigo aside, the mission seemed alright, and she stepped forward, to offer her opinion. She snapped off a sloppy salute, one that proved that she had little experience in showing respect for rank. A tiny frown formed at her own inability to perform correctly - she'd really have to work on that. "Sir, though I regret that this mission was accepted before anyone had a chance to discuss it, I believe Houston and Allan are right - We'll gain much and lose little." With nothing else to say, and her own indecision and annoyance already slipping through her professional mask, she stepped back with another salute. The Soldiers of Fire would lose little, but her pride would take a rather large blow. 'I should have expected this,' she thought bitterly, 'I knew there had to be disadvantages to being part of such a large organization... And I can't afford to turn down the first mission I receive just because I have personal issues with the client... Still, should I inform the commander that I have personal reservations about this? I know it's not something my resume states, and it could effect my performance on the field.' It wouldn't wait. It had to be said. She refused to endanger anyone else because of her own personal issues. If it meant that she was looked down upon because she could not seperate this part of her personal and professional lives, and was deemed unable to participate, so be it. Stepping forward and saluting again, she took a moment to recollect herself. "Sir, I have had previous experiences with this client that have not gone well. I fear it may effect my abilities during the mission." ((If anyone has issues with Julia's previous encounter with Meddiggo and Allios - namely Dimitri and Valiant - let me know, disregard this post, and I'll re-write Julia's reaction to the mission details. Thanks))
  10. Darkness


    I'm not going to be on much for the next couple of weeks. I've just started a Business Administration course, but as it's been going for the last 5 weeks, I have a lot of catching up to do, so I can't be too active on AD until I've caught up.
  11. I'm with Kaizer on this. Whilst AD's layout might scare off some people, it can also be rather encouraging to find such a well organized rp forum. I might not have much experience with other rping forums beyond AD and gaiaonline, but I've found myself visiting AD more regularly then elsewhere, because it's more organized (And it has great rpers too!). Whilst it can be a little annoying to have to check through all the forums to begin with, it really is worth it. A possible solution may be a more up-to-date Storyline section, but as that would probably just increase the workload for all the admin, faction and nation leaders, it's understandable if no-one wants to seriously consider it. You guys already have a hard enough time keeping up with everything you need to do already. All in all, I think AD's rp layout is perfectly fine as is.
  12. I was certainly thinking of doing eye colour - I'll make it my next ah, 'project'. I suppose that's really what this is, isn't it? A mini project that I've set myself Thanks for the suggestion liubei.
  13. That's a great idea - it solves the problem of how to figure out who gets featured! We should probably add some more questions to our list though... But once we've done that, I nominate Asahi to go first! It's your suggestion after all Asahi.
  14. Hmm, guess it goes to show just how much I like everyone here - I don't usually put photos up on the net. Big pictures, unfortunately - probably should have re-sized them first. me pride and joy of my baking attempts - birthday cake for my dad The gorgeous little man of the house, my cat Ripple
  15. Glad to have been of service. I really like the last question. Hmm, I was thinking random selection for the order... But that would probably make more work for whoever ends up organizing this...
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