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  1. Janus

    Orbies (2012-ish)

    @BrightBlurr Dont remember michiko's last name... might be able to find more if I dig in my mac files if those still exist lol
  2. Janus

    Orbies (2012-ish)

    I just wanted to be able to edit my OP lol
  3. Janus

    Orbies (2012-ish)

    That would make sense huh. BUT I CANT EDIT OPs D8< @Valiant
  4. Janus

    Orbies (2012-ish)

    I’ll see who I can pull in. It’s been a while.
  5. I mean you’re in China Val, you can be smuggled anywhere really 😄
  6. Soo I can't edit the OP lol. Here are the documents I have: Wiki style articles: Orb Bloody Valentine Memorial (never shared) USSA overview + history Moregenroete history Orb FREE Ranks and uniform Tech stuff EUV-X 01 (EU - NOVA) EUV-X 02 (EU - NOVA) RG-09 Berah I (KoS - NOVA) RG-10 Berah II (KoS - NOVA) Story related stuff Plot facts NOVA Timeline gap CE74-84 AD TIMELINE GAP (all factions) Character related stuff ZAFT Factio
  7. Aussie from Sydney but in Canada.
  8. One for the old members for if they return 😄 I have forgotten names but here's my best shot from left to right: Demetrius Amherst (liubei) Michiko something-or-rather (BrightBlurr) Forgot lol (Outlaw) - might be wrong lol Forgot lol Kinokiita Rozenfeld (Kino) Adikiita Rozenfeld (Kino) Janus Chikai Matsuo (Janus) Ryouta Mitsukuri (kct) - might be wrong lol Hinako Shirakawa (kct) Yaichiro Kage ( MM007) Rekia Shino Kage (Janus) Aaron Renaults (Janus) Forgot lol
  9. So I have files I'd saved up over the years on AD that spans from character profiles (not just my own) to the timeline up to CE84 for all factions. The latter is something that covers a good amount of the overarching content that was worked upon by the combined efforts of the late remaining team of Narrators. I'll list the files I have up a bit later, but I was wondering if anyone was remotely interested in continuing roughly where we left off with some chunks being retcon-ed in or out. So anyone?
  10. We're going to spam this thread now? XD
  11. Whilst trailing along, the thought of what she did to another crew member crept back in mind. She immediately gave her head a frantic but almost unnoticeable shake. "Not here, not now" she muttered to herself as they continued walking. She watched as a particularly younger member approached them before the rest of his party ever so slightly. Only within several feet did Janus realize it was Minister Yuan. As he formally addressed a more than befitting welcome, Janus unconsciously shifted her eyesight to the ramp that was lowering from their VTOL. Janus reverted back in time
  12. Janus

    KoS & EU visit

    Shut up temari *glares*
  13. Janus ceased fire as soon as the murasame countered. 'Left bias', Janus analyzed in a split second. She rationally made an abrupt dodge to her right, safely out of the both beams. She landed from her jump, swiftly reverse held her saber in the left hand, and launched her unit again to just pass by the enemy's left. By then, her opponent was only just launching whilst reaching for his Type 70J. She had her right saber ready in front of her main body leveling diagonally as backup and her left horizontally parallel to the ground in line and ready to amputate both legs of her enemy. 'If he's
  14. Janus

    KoS & EU visit

    wait... or did you mean you wanted me and temari to overtake you and you catch up after ours?
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