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  1. @konig: Nice screenies. XD But yeah, after her cockpit was damaged, it was essentially lights out. (But yeah, the whole 'using beam rifle sensors' apparently apply here) @carpeno: No prob.
  2. I saw a youtube video about this a few months ago. It's pretty nifty, albeit rather expensive. I think it was the equivalent of 5 US Dollars per play. (Though you get to play as the attacker and defender in 10 minute rounds, I think.) About the only issue I saw was that the view made the perspective as if you were looking out from the cockpit torso, rather than the head. (See the arms and weapons out directly at the sides in the vid)
  3. liubei013

    Dylan Zaiku

    Hmm...where should I start...? First off, format: You should have bold lettering only for the headers. Also, reduce the MASSIVE amount of spacing you got in between each section. Second off, stated faction should be NOVA. The citizenship will be your intended 'nation' of choice. Also, character number indicates which character this would be. (First, second, One, Two, etc.?) Third, in general, your profile History is laden with fragmented and/or incomplete sentences. "His only sibling was James Zaiku Jr, who took care of Dylan for most of his (early?) life." That would be my suggested revision. You have plenty of other sentences like that, so please go through your History and revise those. Also, it should be 'quiet' instead of 'quite.' You also have a few other minor spelling errors here and there. Now for some specifics: Eye color red? While I understand the whole 'Coordinator' modifying genes, I thought red eyes were primarily connected to the condition known as albinism. Your history should have some paragraph breaks for different 'stages' of his life. (i.e. Childhood, then mother's death and effects which could be emphasized, and then 'breaking point' where he and his father went head-to-head, etc.) You could go into more detail about Dylan's relationships, including that of his brother, if it is significant enough. I noticed two inconsistencies as well. First off, you finish off the history with: However, I did not notice anything in the History that suggests that Dylan's father was a pilot. (Only thing I got out of it was that his dad was essentially a 'merchant of death' in a way.) Second off, his History contrasts with your stated Personality where: The above had nothing to do with his History especially when it was stated that he: And those virtues/ideals has nothing to do with any sort of disgust at gene 'tampering.'
  4. We can only hope. :/ And from the convo in ep.3, I have a little hunch about a few things but it's too early to mention 'em. Oh, right, the Haro in the Dynames also serves as an Gundam navigation AI...a Haro that's actually USEFUL...oh, dear god.
  5. Playing Warriors Orochi (Still got plenty of skills and Personal Items to unlock ^^;) And I decided to play Sword of the New World/Granado Espada North American f2p version for the hell of it.
  6. liubei013

    Ryan Leracko

    Not a bad profile and the way you set this profile up in terms of Ryan's personality is quite moving. However, some technical details to pick at first. Please be sure to follow the Character Template. (See the stickied thread.) The headers (i.e. "Full name:..." should be in Bold. Your chosen faction, from the look of it, should be the Earth Alliance. Look at approved profiles in the 'Character Library' for examples. For the 'Clothing,' this part: "Every once in a while he will don a sweatshirt if the temperature drops to extremes, but that’s a rare occurrence." You could describe what he actually wears most of the time as well. As for your History, at the very beginning you could go more thoroughly into what led Ryan to believe his early parts of life were 'dull.' Did his father wish for him to 'suffer' or did you mean his father wished for Ryan to attend high school? A little clarification would be sufficient. I know you are not that familiar with the Cosmic Era or with Gundam SEED in general, but there were two main conflicts in the Cosmic era. The First Valentine War (Gundam SEED) took place in CE 70 while the second took place on CE 72-73 (Gundam SEED Destiny). Both wars were quite devastating with the major cities on Earth affected as the N-Jammers deprived them of nuclear energy (First War) and the subsequent damage from the 'Break the World' incident where a numerous fragments of a space colony fell onto Earth and cause massive damage all over the world (Second War). Ryan was 4 and 6-7 respectively in these wars. You could add more about the possible effects of these conflicts. If you got questions about the wars or the Cosmic Era in general, just ask (see your intro thread. :). As for the rest of the profile, I'm just wondering how Ryan felt when he had to leave his sister as he searched to make a living. Otherwise, it's a decent start.
  7. liubei013


    Heya, welcome and all that. Forum role-playing isn't that hard, especially if you have a compentency in writing. It's essentially 'being in your character's shoes' while either events occur around you or you are actively involved, depending on the situation. Writing in the third-person and active voice tends to be the norm around here. At the forum index, scroll down until you get into the main Roleplay sections. The system here works by having different sections for actual 'locations' within the Cosmic Era (GSEED & SEED Destiny). Then Threads in these sections play out as various members interact. You can take a look at the various active threads to get an idea of how we roleplay here. You don't have to be fully familiar with Gundam (in fact, few of us here are wholly familiar with each and EVERY aspect of Gundam; it's that vast) though this RP site is a follow up of the Cosmic Era. If you have any specific questions about the Cosmic Era, feel free to ask. (But basically, it's about piloting big robots, though there are a multitude of roles out there that doesn't involved piloting mechs. :) ) As for your profile, I'm looking through it right now as I post this. ^_^
  8. I wish you'd let us know sooner, but I appreciate it. (Better late than never. :) ) Okay, that makes two on Leave.
  9. Yeah, that's the idea. Heck, we could even do so for another series, but in a way that the participants wouldn't have to have known the initial background.
  10. That would be sweet. A suggestion would be to add other OOC RP elements into AD. I believe someone else brought up a suggest for something like the Coliseum but where only the characters go head to head in melee combat, as an example. t569 also started something interesting at the Coliseum where we essentially have x number of RPers versus him with the ref as a semi-DM. I was thinking that this could be expanded to allow members to 'take' part in battles both in the actual CE and heck, even UC history as well as one of their own design. I had something else to mention but I just forgot what it was. ~.~
  11. It was an Acguy, carpeno. Also, the damage from the hit rattled the cockpit heavily and damaging the screen (as well as the actual hatch). It was the coordination between Karen and Eledore that allowed Karen to one-shot the Acguy. *watched 08th MS Team FAR too many times* @Val: Yeah, they do. @Drannk: Probably because they are reacting as if THEY are the ones about to get shot, impaled, or grabbed in the face. :P @topic: That's a good point and it isn't only prevalent in various Gundam series. It's true that the 360 Panoramic cockpit view would IMPLY that the said suit has numerous cameras but as also mentioned, there isn't much concrete proof of that. As for other sensors, there are numerous types but in generally we only see a basic radar layout with symbols, colored dots, and tones to indicate enemies and friendlies for the most part. Only some cases where other sensors (i.e. IR, Magres, Night Vision) were ever used.
  12. Gundam 00 Haven't watched the first season of Shana, so I have no frickin' clue as to all the hullaballoo about it. Any recommendations for this season?
  13. Bladester: No problem man. I appreciate you letting us know about your status. (Unlike a bunch of other people... .>" title="" /> )
  14. That's what t569 did with the Taurus and I did with the Serpent. But yeah, that's a good point as well. *looks at various Zeon/Neo-Zeon/EF GM designs* (Uh, Rick Doms would just be a variation of the DOM Trooper designed by Terminal. Then again, my redesigning for the Serpent for the REA would be creating a DOM-like MW)
  15. [OOC: Hmm...interesting outcome. We don't have exact guidelines for self-destruction or departing one's MW...but from an objective battle damage assessment, I will rule this match to be a DRAW. This is due to the severe damage of the GOUF after the explosion and the complete destruction of the GINN (while attempting to take out the opponent). Excellent match on both your parts.]
  16. liubei013

    KoS & EU visit

    Depends. I'll be looking through your profile revisions very soon, OPA.
  17. (Btw, I just finished the conversion of the Serpent Custom if anyone was wondering. Specs will go up if/when it is approved.)
  18. 'Between posts'? I never noticed any. o_O But yeah, if that was the case, then those should go.
  19. liubei013


    Ah, good point about the shop. I think for character slots, we should 'give' permissions to members who'd want additional characters on the basis of their roleplaying in general, rather than by some arbitrary 'cash' amount. (i.e. If someone just roleplays a character sporadically but wants another character, the slot wouldn't be given because they wouldn't devote the full effort in RPing that character)
  20. At least with the layout on the 'side' of the forum, it doesn't seem as intrusive as say 'pop-ups/unders' or horizontal banners.
  21. I done this a little over two years ago...same result: INTJ ...figures. .>" title="" />
  22. liubei013


    This update will be nice. I have my image links on Photobucket, so no worries there. As for profiles, I always type them up on Word or Notepad before submitting them on-site anyways. As for shop stuff, you should at least have a list of what people 'purchased' and/or what characters they got before you make the move. (If you need help with that, let me know.) EDIT: Meep, it's Valentine and hannah. ._.
  23. liubei013

    Collapsing Land

    @t569: Don't worry about that. That's what a ref is for. I'll take this match, but I'll need a finalized confirmed roster before I can give the green light. (And hopefully those who signed up can actually commit this time .>" title="" /> )
  24. Heya, welcome (again) and all that.
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