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  1. OOC: Takumi Sawada, Kerberos BuCUE Hound
  2. evo_Sieg

    Hi Everybody

    Hello there! I'll be blunt. Join Serpent Tail! It'll be fun! hehe.. But anyways, do whatever you want and HAVE FUN!
  3. Roll Call List for Team Zoids! konigstiger - Draco "Der Konigstiger" Doernitz evo_Sieg - Takumi "The Wanderer" Sawada neogmkuma - Bob "Green smoker" Rastah Sinclair Aures Convicio - character pending
  4. Its actually a good idea Aures. (It gives us an Archangel-class ship, to start off, hehe..)
  5. (OOC: Why have you pre-empted me in stating that i went left of a certain sand dune, and all the proceeding actions?)
  6. ...there goes "Mr. Destructo" again..
  7. Sieg was fuming inside the BuCUE's cockpit. The dog had already been chained for a very long time as its transport went up the mountain road leading to the staging area. "Could you please just hurry it up, even just a little? I'm running a little late already..." "Sorry about the delay Sir! My reputation for getting you to your battles on time has been tarnished. I sincerely apologize.", said the transport truck's driver. Late. It was the only thing running in Sieg's mind. The reason why they were late? Simple... Flat. A flat tire. On a trailer. A mobile suit trailer. On a moun
  8. Hehe.. Just heeding to a call. I'll let the higher-ups decide. I'm willing to step down for the lady, hehe..
  9. Sieg watches as the Murasame swung and avoided his beam shots. Warning lights and sounds erupt inside the hound's cockpit yet again, with Sieg responding by veering off the course he was bearing to avoid the shots. "Blah, I'm getting tired of this. Land superiority versus air superiority, someone's got to give!" With that Sieg made the Kerberos swing around and went to chase the fleeing Murasame.
  10. Our units are equipped with F1-style paddle shifters! As long as you're very much game and active, then it'll be nice to have you onboard! Let's just wait for Konig's approval before we know if you're formally in.
  11. Age is like wine. It gets better with age.. :shake: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  12. A good idea would be to have people designated to different squadrons, pilot license notwithstanding, and seeing that ORB is one of the greater powers in NOVA, have some of the squadrons deployed (or to be deployed) to fellow Nova nations, especially with USSA's situation and the Equatorial Union's lack of any military force enough to defend itself.
  13. Uhm, sorry to burst your bubbles, but NeoG has authorized me to block this request, since he can't really delete it right now. We're still stuck in the Destiny League, so NeoG can't really participate in this. Sorry..
  14. evo_Sieg

    Zeru Ayanami

    Yup. The spelling need to be corrected. DD pretty much summed-it all up. I'm just seconding the motion (to make it look like I'm doing something.. d'oh!)
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