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  1. INTJ introverted intuitive Thinking Judging To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of "definiteness", of self-confidence. This self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for simple arrogance by the less decisive, is actually of a very specific rather than a general nature; its source lies in the specialized knowledge systems that most INTJs start building at an early age. When it comes to their own areas of expertise -- and INTJs can have several -- they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how. INTJs know what they know, and p
  2. Persecute, it's spelled Persecute. Seems the hiatus cost you spelling! D: Welcome back, even though I just sorta registered around the time you left ^^;
  3. Ryou Misaki


    Personally I think you should put up a large blinking message on every page linking to this before you do it. This is my first time Even looking at this topic Regarding the Data Lost and everything, I suggest giving a week's notice before the change itself happens. That way people can save their stuff and had enough time to do it before they suddenly spam topics such as 'O MA GAWD WHAT HAPPEN TO MY STUFF!?!111' I'll just have to back up my profiles for now. Regarding topics made recently made, will they be removed?
  4. Concerning Technology there's still pretty much untapped from SEED than Destiny had showed me. I mean when I first Saw Forbidden Gundam I was kinda surprised by the technology in it. The shielding that bends Shots is similar to Akatsuki. But Akatsuki tends to completely redirect shots, I'm pretty sure ORB can take this tech and use it in some way. EA has Forbidden Suit and can use the Curving beams and blocking beam technology. The Games proved that the beam can go forward or Bend depending on the desire so I'm sure it's credible enough. Phase Shift can be used by all the armies.
  5. ooc- I Did PM you twice about this and received no word from it. Both in War Games and plans. Regarding it, I'm fine with anything or whatever status he'd be placed with. I just got tired of waiting and felt like writing something xD Do as you wish, I was just a bit bored and felt like doing something.
  6. " And who's mind did this come from? " The room was dark at the time as the night had entered itself into the PLANT leaving only streetlights from the window to enter as a figure was sitting on his chair and staring outside, a computer having been on the table who which he had his back upon. The screen having shown that there was a online talk with another figure who's face was hidden. Kaze's eyes having stared outside as his head was supported by his hand, his lips having been barely open as he was wondering what else to say at the new decision having been handed out. " It's not a mat
  7. Or Killed in Action :3 Depending on how long he may be gone, for story wise it'd be better to say he's dead. Then it'd be more shocking to suddenly make him appear.
  8. Yes well, I'll still call it a mini genesis and we should make it into one too <
  9. Don't double post. PLANT's already have a miniature Genesis that was shown during Destiny that protected it from Nuclear Attack. I've already discussed with Luibei about a similar barrier around the PLANTs just as the Artemis had around it's base. You'd need only a few satellites to encase it but such power would need Nuclear Energy and such. As much as PLANT's needing protection, the miniature Genesis gun is fine enough.
  10. When you think about these series... It's never about the ships, It's about the suits. I mean, if it was simple battleships and etc it'd turn into Star Wars, etc. Along with funding. Phase shift armor was recently discovered, and the wars sort of start up funding and kill it at the same time considering the losses each place has. Dragoons are also a ZAFT discovery, having a newtype/whatever connection with the user. But with the Chaos recently having been made. It could be assumed that a human pilot(Even a Drugged up One) could control at least 2 Dragoons as shown with the Chao
  11. The guy with glasses wears pink shirts and a purple colored suit It's funny cause for someone so feminine he has Virtue and that suit is friggin fat and overpowered. Personally Dynames is gonna die a sad death, suit seems too...far range. They better make it something good or else it's gonna die fast. Kyrios just reminded me of Wing Zero. or Epyon...whichever..more like Zero though. Exias...Evangelion all the way They just need to put Shinji or Asuka in there instead.
  12. Aha, it just hit me. The main characters voice actor; Sutsuna I think it was his name and the pilot of Exia is Yagami Light of death note I kept thinking ' Damn it, so familiar. ' and then it suddenly hit me.
  13. Ryou Misaki

    War Games

    An Hour Ago The Suit felt odd at least once worn, having been a custom color of black. Though the shoulder padding was still white and the lining on the sides had a crimson color to it. " And this is supposed to be my suit? " He had asked looking across the changing room at the man that was leaning across the lockers; His Father. " Yes. I'm glad the suit is to your fitting at least, I was worried you grew. " He had said as Ryou picked up his helmet. " Either way this 'War Game' is a test. " He mentioned as he looked at Ryou who obviously knew a she turned around the closed the locket w
  14. Thus the End. >_> (( Sorry to be a spoil sport, but this topic just makes me feel like spam and increasing one's own post number ))
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