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  1. INTJ introverted intuitive Thinking Judging To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of "definiteness", of self-confidence. This self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for simple arrogance by the less decisive, is actually of a very specific rather than a general nature; its source lies in the specialized knowledge systems that most INTJs start building at an early age. When it comes to their own areas of expertise -- and INTJs can have several -- they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how. INTJs know what they know, and perhaps still more importantly, they know what they don't know. Eheh, I guess I'm naturally smart about something and clueless about another but I still over think ^^;
  2. Persecute, it's spelled Persecute. Seems the hiatus cost you spelling! D: Welcome back, even though I just sorta registered around the time you left ^^;
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    Personally I think you should put up a large blinking message on every page linking to this before you do it. This is my first time Even looking at this topic Regarding the Data Lost and everything, I suggest giving a week's notice before the change itself happens. That way people can save their stuff and had enough time to do it before they suddenly spam topics such as 'O MA GAWD WHAT HAPPEN TO MY STUFF!?!111' I'll just have to back up my profiles for now. Regarding topics made recently made, will they be removed?
  4. Concerning Technology there's still pretty much untapped from SEED than Destiny had showed me. I mean when I first Saw Forbidden Gundam I was kinda surprised by the technology in it. The shielding that bends Shots is similar to Akatsuki. But Akatsuki tends to completely redirect shots, I'm pretty sure ORB can take this tech and use it in some way. EA has Forbidden Suit and can use the Curving beams and blocking beam technology. The Games proved that the beam can go forward or Bend depending on the desire so I'm sure it's credible enough. Phase Shift can be used by all the armies. Considering the time line from Destiny and Advent, they can be implemented into ships or normal suits if necessary. It's old tech but fairly recent still. ZAFT has DRAGOONS. Now the Chaos showed that a normal ( yet drugged up ) earth pilot can use 2 Dragoons. By now I'm sure the technology changed or at least became more usable for normal coordinators. The Targetting from Freedom also was created by ZAFT so they can use it. METEOR attachments also could be implemented into ships and Zaku's. I mean, you people can be original as well. Use tech from the previous series instead of just ripping from other gundam series. It's jsut advice but a lot of Destiny suits sorta provided new tech for every Political group.
  5. ooc- I Did PM you twice about this and received no word from it. Both in War Games and plans. Regarding it, I'm fine with anything or whatever status he'd be placed with. I just got tired of waiting and felt like writing something xD Do as you wish, I was just a bit bored and felt like doing something.
  6. " And who's mind did this come from? " The room was dark at the time as the night had entered itself into the PLANT leaving only streetlights from the window to enter as a figure was sitting on his chair and staring outside, a computer having been on the table who which he had his back upon. The screen having shown that there was a online talk with another figure who's face was hidden. Kaze's eyes having stared outside as his head was supported by his hand, his lips having been barely open as he was wondering what else to say at the new decision having been handed out. " It's not a matter to you. It's an Order from you're superiors. The current tension between the EA and USSA require more direction. " The voice was filled with voice modifications, having been impossible to decode considering the amount of different additions and warping in tone. Kaze had attempted to change it himself but the data left over from the conversation would be completely deleted as if the call was never made. " The Assumed Creation of Suits. Yes, I've heard. " Kaze mentioned. " The PLANT's themselves are worried that this may turn into a global war for the planet. A new Leader of your status and capabilities would be better. " " And of Hitomi? " He had asked wondering what she'd take of this news. The woman had recently become the leader and such a thing may discourage her. If anything threaten her. " She will remain as she is. Consider it a cooperative Leadership. " He sighed, this was too sudden to take already. Having turned his seat around to look at the computer screen he had spotted the shine of glass and peered over to a chess board with glass pieces of black and white having been on the corner. " Do you wish for me to end up like the previous chairman? " He had asked referring to his teacher in medicine. " He served his purpose. That is all. " No answer like always, Kaze's eyes having darted back to the screen as he gave a disappointed look. " I understand. Keep my updated, though communication from now will be more harder to keep. " He had mentioned as he wondered how they would manage. " It had never stopped us before. If we do not communicate, a file will be in your computer from the next move. Remember Kaze, do not disappoint us unless you want your experiment to become public. " His hand twitched while his body remained calm, the fingers tightening a grip on the arm rest as he closed his eyes. " You wish to blackmail me using my Son? " He had mentioned, having understood they would take the chance would do it. " You've changed. Before you had called him a God, A Failed Experiment, and now a Son. Don't let yourself get attached. It will cloud your judgment. " He opened his eyes again to stare at the screen. " I call him Hope. A life that I've played God in, the same would go for her father also. " He mentioned having known the girl must have been his son of all others. " Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness. We have no further progress with this conversation. We will contact you when it's needed. " The screen had turned black as the computer shut down completely. A weak sigh escaping Kaze's mouth as his hand moved from supporting his cheek to his head, a weak smile forming. " It's all up to their Will then. " He whispered. Morning News networks had spread fast and moved to the PLANT's as the sudden spark of political debate had come up of a second Leader. It was a first for Coordinators, having a Cooperative leadership between two entities. The PLANT Supreme Council members having been arguing with themselves as they wondered how such a notion had passed and what it would affect in the future, it was rather unexpected for all of them. " A Second Supreme Leader?! The PLANT's will just end up in more confusion! " " Considering our previous ones we will need in case one does as the previous two! It'd be better if Kaze is elected, he's the leading scientist of Technology for the PLANT's. Who else?! " " For now we'll have to accept it. Whether he steps up or not we'll see. Besides this conversation is not worth our breath. The current issues of Mobile suits being made by USSA and in South America should be our main focus. " The Council had sighed in frustration, silence finally overtaking the room as a few members looked over to the empty seats as some couldn't make it. The meeting was rather unexpected so it wasn't surprising. Kaze o nthe other hand had to make it to the city in a car that was continually watched by news and several questions being shot at him as he made his way slowly to podium where he would make the speech, the room having been filled with several news networks from which he guessed a few were from Earth and ORB. Never the less there were a few soldiers at his sides that were prepared to defend him if needed. " I've come to talk about the speculation and rumors that have been going around. And they are true, I will be become the second Chairman of the PLANT's. Regarding my partner Hitomi she will remain also in control so this will be a cooperative leadership. It's rather sudden but for the progress of the PLANT's I feel as if I had no choice to deny it. As many as you know I am also the leading scientist for the military of ZAFT and you may be worried my views are towards War when they're completely far from it. I have been a doctor before and know full well the pain and loss of War. That's why...I wish to ask for a chance. That is all, I'll take no questions. " The speech was short but he had no desire to continue, having turned as a few people started to shout out questions and come close to him which made the soldiers and bodyguards start to move as they stopped them as he came out the door and into the main room of the Supreme Council building. Having sighed as he turned to look at the rock of the whale like creature that the first coordinator had brought back from space. Having smiled he opened his mouth and spoke: " Those who have a gift fail to understand the feelings of those who don't and those who don't envy those who do. "
  7. Or Killed in Action :3 Depending on how long he may be gone, for story wise it'd be better to say he's dead. Then it'd be more shocking to suddenly make him appear.
  8. Yes well, I'll still call it a mini genesis and we should make it into one too <
  9. Don't double post. PLANT's already have a miniature Genesis that was shown during Destiny that protected it from Nuclear Attack. I've already discussed with Luibei about a similar barrier around the PLANTs just as the Artemis had around it's base. You'd need only a few satellites to encase it but such power would need Nuclear Energy and such. As much as PLANT's needing protection, the miniature Genesis gun is fine enough.
  10. When you think about these series... It's never about the ships, It's about the suits. I mean, if it was simple battleships and etc it'd turn into Star Wars, etc. Along with funding. Phase shift armor was recently discovered, and the wars sort of start up funding and kill it at the same time considering the losses each place has. Dragoons are also a ZAFT discovery, having a newtype/whatever connection with the user. But with the Chaos recently having been made. It could be assumed that a human pilot(Even a Drugged up One) could control at least 2 Dragoons as shown with the Chaos. Akatsuki well, I'm not sure since Cagalli never used it and Mu's newtype or something. As for Ships...they aren't known for their life-spans. Mobile suits are smaller and can destroy ships much more easier. If a new ship is made then it'd be a easier target, no matter the power and equipment. And a Ship is Huge, It'd need a Nuclear Reactor just to survive and recharge the weapons compared to a little suit. Along with one giant ship being made, you can simply make 2 high graded suits. Think of it simply... Series=Mechs not Ships(Even Archangels/White Ship) Need some 'Gundam' to survive. Large Giant Ship VS 2-3 High Graded Suits. It's a simple matter of funding and how much of a target you're gonna be compared to the rest. Funding itself also matters, I'd rather take the high graded suits. One Life VS Ship Lives. If that ship blows, you lose at least a hundred or 50. You'd lose a good pilot but...they're born all the time and can be trained.
  11. The guy with glasses wears pink shirts and a purple colored suit It's funny cause for someone so feminine he has Virtue and that suit is friggin fat and overpowered. Personally Dynames is gonna die a sad death, suit seems too...far range. They better make it something good or else it's gonna die fast. Kyrios just reminded me of Wing Zero. or Epyon...whichever..more like Zero though. Exias...Evangelion all the way They just need to put Shinji or Asuka in there instead.
  12. Aha, it just hit me. The main characters voice actor; Sutsuna I think it was his name and the pilot of Exia is Yagami Light of death note I kept thinking ' Damn it, so familiar. ' and then it suddenly hit me.
  13. Ryou Misaki

    War Games

    An Hour Ago The Suit felt odd at least once worn, having been a custom color of black. Though the shoulder padding was still white and the lining on the sides had a crimson color to it. " And this is supposed to be my suit? " He had asked looking across the changing room at the man that was leaning across the lockers; His Father. " Yes. I'm glad the suit is to your fitting at least, I was worried you grew. " He had said as Ryou picked up his helmet. " Either way this 'War Game' is a test. " He mentioned as he looked at Ryou who obviously knew a she turned around the closed the locket with his clothing within. " I'm sure anybody could tell. I'm sure whoever wins will die first. " Ryou said and turned around crossing his arms and leaning back on the lockers. " The better team may go on the front lines. That's the only thing...it'd be better to lose. " He whispered as he smirked. His father smirked himself. " But losing would mean death after all. Just treat it like a battle. " He had said and then reached into his pocket and threw a small USB stick at him which Ryou caught easily enough. " Plug it into your suit when you start the battle. It'll scan you fighting abilities, compared to previous records and battles. Might give you improvements or failure. " The man said and walked out, having left Ryou in the locker room by himself as he looked down at the small crimson stick and sighed. " Acting like a Father now.......Idiot. You should realize you don't know the first thing about it. " Present Ryou had been walking around the base at the time, having looked at the suits that were given to them. His arms crossed as he looked up at one of the suits and started to daydream about how the battle may go, was it better to lose or win in this kind of situation? Losing would mean that the other team may be placed on the front lines and in more danger but... Ryou smirked as he had such a cowardly way of thinking, he was actually placing his bet on the other team so they might die. How shallow could a man get- " Good morning! " A sudden slap on the back had made him trip forward as he turned around with one hand reached for his back as it felt pain. " Ow, only a slap like that could belong to.. " He turned and saw the smiling face of the operator he had before in several times. A Girl with hazel hair and light brown eyes, having had her hands on her hips. " Oi, you should really stop daydreaming and get back to the control room. I heard your commander and a few members are around..it's gonna start soon anyway. These War Games...Honestly I don't know why we're doing this in the first place. I mean the chairwoman could think of " She would start rambling pretty easily, but she was a good person at heart. At least she was a good person to talk with besides Clare. At least she'd be in another room watching this and talking with him, maybe it'd be more easier now if- " So you kiss Clare Yet? " Ryou had jumped back as her face was up close to him as she whispered the question. " W-what?! What kind of idiotic idea is that?! " He had shouted out as a few people looked over at them, the girl grabbing Ryou in a head lock as she whispered. " Shhh, don't make such a commotion. I was only wondering if little Ryou grew up from the Academy. I mean where are those crazy male urges that must be going through your head? " She asked in a rather funny tone. " What 'urges'?...She's a friend.. " He had whispered as the girl sighed and let go of him. " Puberty must have missed you. You know a girl can only wait so long. " She said waving a finger at him as she walked past. " Get back to the command post~ " She had hummed as she left him picking up his helmet. " What was that all about...? " He whispered and sighed. Ryou had then gone back to the command room and noticed Makoto and Landis as he placed the helmet under his arm and saluted his team leader and Makoto. " Ryou Misaki. Reporting in. " He said in a stronger tone. Meeting Room Kaze had entered the meeting room a bit late, having heard the speech echoing through the hallways and speaker phones. " Mastsuko and Diedrich know how to play the crowd. " He whispered as he opened the room and stepped in, with his arm's crossed. Having heard a few whispers as he passed a few people and sat down. " Oh? Mizaki's gonna be watching this? " " His son is in it. I'd expect nothing less from the man. " " But he rarely makes these sort of appearances. He is the leading scientist in technology, shouldn't he be doing something? " " Even the chairwoman is here. I'm sure everybody is having a day off for this. Now Shush. " His eyes traveled down to his hands, having not been interested in much of the speech and more interested in personal thoughts. He knew ZAFT was protecting the colonies and during the absence that there was a small hole to kill many leading people, though he doubted it. Any ships coming in had been stopped 2 weeks before, and the war games had been announced to a rather large surprise to everybody only 3 days ago. Along with everybody inside the colony and area having had a thorough check in background and reports. Only soldier of a year's experience may have joined to be within this area. Security was tight, for now he'd let himself remain calm and enjoy the small game for the masses.
  14. Thus the End. >_> (( Sorry to be a spoil sport, but this topic just makes me feel like spam and increasing one's own post number ))
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