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  1. haha - janet (@Janus) and I were back there too so do we count towards the 10 year challenge lol~
  2. Post Destiny might be best given the ability to actually innovate - it actually gives newer members the ability to innovate and create and customise the technology (although the tech would most likely be required to be approved prior to it being allowed)
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    When Houston walked into the hanger, he saw that there were various types of ships that were stationed there unlike the dock which he got off his small transport. Seeing one of the ships that is currently being loaded with equipment, he walked towards it and boarded the transport class ship. Once upon the ship, he walked forward towards the passenger hold area and entered through the door. Seeing that the commander was already sitting in the captain's chair and a man who was wearing visor sitting on one of the first chairs that was just inside the door, he walked in a little more and sat
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    shop-wise its because theres only the blog ownership and character slots on sale that makes the shop not that attractive of a place for me to go to so getting rid of it completely might be a good idea and replacing it with the reward scheme unless you were planning to add more items to buy to the shops. and question on AD 2.0 are we going to keep the mirc chat and the shoutbox cause it seems that there is a minor problem with the mirc chat on a side note: back up completed
  5. HH nodded as Allan left after he finished speaking. He then heard the growl of Dimitri saying that the team should get ready immediately as he too walked away to get his own gear ready. "Must have gotten yelled at before we arrived." he muttered himself as Blake questioned. He relaxed himself and turned to face him before answering "instructions were pretty simple... go into a lab, steal some MS and tech, get out of there alive and wipe that lab flat. The hard part will prob be that we're out numbered by alot." He looked over to Julia and said with a minor sad tone "guess we'll hav
  6. This game seems really really fun. anyone want to organise a mass AD field trip to japan just to play this game??
  7. "Alright, dismissed!" He heard the commander say before giving the salute and walking out with the other 3. Nodding to Blake and Lara as he passed them. He passed through the door and stretching again retrieving the explosive back to his hand. He turned around and asked the others. "You think we'll have enough time to tour this place.... it seems that the boss wants us to get ready and leave pretty quick" he asked whilst turning his head to look at each one of them in turn.
  8. LL's alarms flared as the Murasame turned a corner with the Astray appearing from the right side of the Murasame with its CIWS blazing and both of the sabers out ready for the kill. LL spins the Murasame around to face the Astray and takes a quick lock on the Astray's left hand and shoulder and fires two rapid shots before putting his own beam rifle away and putting up the thrusters to advance to engage the Astray with his own beam saber.
  9. [OOC: By the power that I hold as a ref I now declare this battle postponed until PhoenixForce can get back online once hes finished moving houses]
  10. [OOC: Well if Riku agrees to this match being postpone for the moment... then yeh i can postpone this match till when you get back]
  11. the ending song is called Wana by the black horn info courtesy of wikipediia.org
  12. The Murasame successfully changed from MA to MS mode. But as he looked down at his opponent he realized that the Astray had already landed back on the desert sand and went behind a dune that fully covered the frame. With the left hand he pulled out the beam rifle whilst the right hand pulls out the beam saber. Pushing the thrusters forward to 60%, he guided the Murasame towards the ground close by the Astray and started to thruster left to go around the Astray with the beam rifle ready to fire at any time, ready to start and ignite the final battle. Its almost the end the thought floated thro
  13. [OOC: welcome back boss and yay back on the road!!] "The commander wishes to see you immediately. Please proceed into his office immediately." Lara nodded as she spoke. He gave her a small smile and nodded in return before proceeding into the commander's office. Upon entering the room, his eyes darted around the room which resembled vastness and the luxury of the Oval in the white house with security cameras in also every corner of the room as well as enough well hidden spots to snipe anything that is in the room before settling the gaze back to the man sitting behind the large oak desk
  14. LL fixes the path of the decent so that the Murasame is intercepting the falling Astray he locks onto the shield hand as soon as he gets within beam rifle range and fires the beam cannon. Thats the end of the MA mode... don't want to damage the suit any further he thought to himself as he pulls the stick away to the left and presses the button to transform back to MS mode.
  15. The Astray's falling much faster than expected he thought to himself as he saw the missiles collide with the shield and propel her towards the ground. He also adjust the angle of his own dive so that when the Astray notices him, it'd already be in range of the cannon. However as soon as he noticed that the head of the Astray turning to this direction and the shield going back to the normal position with beam saber on the right hand, he locked on and fired a missile at her shield hand. Increasing the thruster levels to 70% and finger on the cannon trigger, he sped faster towards point where th
  16. (OOC: its fine no harm done. looks fine so far keep going)
  17. Must evade he desperately thought to himself as the beam rifle that the Astray has thrown flies directly at his diving path. He locks onto the beam rifle as quickly as he could and launches one of the remaining 2 missiles that he has left in his arsenal. when this hits... it'd be about 5m before it hits me so it will be able to push me out of there... but i'd get hit too... but I have to avoid confrontation on the opponent's terms... must have my own terms he muttered to himself. He pulls the stick up a little and holds it steady to attempt to pull out of his dive towards the ascendi
  18. well for our storyline mission how many people will there actually be for the infiltration? cause atm there doesnt look like theres many of us (me, Darkness, Dimitri, Blake, Infinitedge and the boss) and it seems to be a little slow moving atm.... looking at all the other factions they seems to have moved at a much further pace that us.... ps: boss we're all waiting for thy glorious signal to move into ur room
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    Re: Spacing

    err..... double spacing.... the only time i ever used it was like when i was in yr 9 and the english teacher required it and like 1 assignment for law in uni earlier this year.... never liked to use it cause it wasted too much paper. the easiest way to do it would prob be ctl+A then ctl+5 in word.... the only advantages that i can see from double spacing would prob be space for comments and it makes ur assignment look bigger.....
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