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  1. Ah, a new and improved version of the barrier: "Umbra Cruentus" Energy Projector A pair of high-power energy projectors are set into the palms of the False Twilight's hands, large crimson lenses which constantly emit faint illumination, which saturate the immediate space around them with energy when activated. This saturation of energy quickly takes a vague shape, and the extremely high kinetic energy of superheated particles gives it a scarlet coloration; eventually, the movement of these particles is sufficient to ensconce the energy-saturated space within a magnetic envelope, giving it a definitive circular shape and focusing the energy within to form a sort of deceptively substantial barrier of energy. This "pane" of energy serves as a surprisingly formidable shield, one capable of withstanding an extensive range of ballistic projectile and energy-based weaponry, but it was designed with the concept of "quickly escaping the line of fire" in mind rather than the stupidly heroic notion of standing fast before an immense onslaught. As such, they're useful when in a pinch, but are solely for defensive purposes.
  2. Well, this would make it more organized than the pointless chatter would. And I have no idea how the coliseum works, so I should probably look into it.
  3. Bolero

    An Arm

    Well, I was drawing the hand with a vague image of the "shining Gundam" in my head, and all I really remembered was that there were lotsa lines. Well, you were supposed to just ignore the gun part; that thing was just ridiculous.
  4. Bolero

    An Arm

    Well, this is just the severed arm of what could be a Mobile Suit; it's not great, but, well, I'm rather fond of it, as it was basically my first successful attempt at drawing something mecha-related. Try and ignore the ridiculous gun.
  5. I have mad writing skills; I've shown some of my work to English teachers, and apparently my ability is ridiculously good for someone my age; I can read at around 160 Pages per Hour, and possess some limited talent at drawing. I also tend to think of myself as being pretty creative, but i dunno, lawl So, I may not be able to do all your fancy coding and scripting and creating blasphemous mimicries of sentience, but if you need assistance for a storyline I'm your man. ...I can use MS Paint kinda well,too.
  6. I would like to suggest a board where one can roleplay free of restrictions (barring the obvious, of course), in any manner they wish. One can roleplay as currently-unapproved characters, dead characters, or what have you. One may pilot an MS of their own design, a standard MS, or no MS at all, if they wish it. Wars, skirmishes, personal disputes, all can be waged here without consequence; nothing which goes on in the Free RP board matters Outside of the Free RP Board; it is merely a chance to roleplay freely, to get into the role if your character, to work with others to improve roleplaying skills. Though technically "Without Restriction" god-modding is frowned upon, as is unnecessarily belligerent behavior and the like, just like in all forums. The Free RP board would simply be a place to have fun outside of the story. I hope you like this idea.
  7. Hm.. Good point. However, a self-sustaining power source is a nice dream, is it not? Well, really, the materials could be any sort of photo-sensitive substance, I guess I SHOULD improve on that sonic weapon, but really, is just a minor change. Well, hm. As for the cannon, well, it was actually meant for a different suit. I just decided "Hey, maybe Stealth isn't my thing" and tried making a Heavy Combat suit. That was a bust. But, instead of that cannon... How about some sort of energy projectors on the palms? "Umbra Cruentus" Energy Projector A pair of high-power energy projectors set into the palms of the False Twilight's hands, the "Umbra Cruentus" saturate the air with energy, forming a crackling, circular pane of crimson roughly three times larger than the hand from which it was born. This pane of energy is admirably powerful, capable of withstanding a great range of projectile and energy-based weaponry, but it was designed with the concept of quickly escaping fire in mind rather than standing fast before an onslaught of power. As such, they're useful when in a pinch, but are solely for defensive purposes. General and Technical Data Model number: XXXG-01F0 Code name: False Twilight Gundam Unit type: Stealth Assault Mobile Suit Manufacturer: Unknown Operator: Damianos Canem Nocturne First deployment: N/A Capacity: A specially customized, single-person cockpit fitted with a special neural uplink (which allows the pilot to use the False Twilight’s more intricate weapon systems) Height: Overall Height - 18 meters (60 feet) Full Wingspan - 26 Meters (86.67 feet) Weight: 28.45 metric tons (Empty), 79 metric tons (Max Gross) Construction: Superdense Osmium Fractal Power plant: Ultra-Compact Nuclear Fission Reactor; maximum output approximately 12,886 kilowatts Equipment and design features: Mirage Colloid (active stealth unit); Sensors, long range; “Gilded Seraphim” wing binders; Prototype “Phantom’s Cloak” Fixed armaments: V5-02N "Noctis" Sonic Blade, stored on back, hand carried in use; "Umbra Cruentus" Energy Projectors, located on palms Optional hand armaments: 2x R7-3E1 “Parasite” high-output energy cannon, stored in recharge racks, hand carried in use
  8. Good to hear. Man, I just logged in and after posting this I'll take a look at the various new things. What a mess, what a mess. Yeah, the "Parasite" guns are pretty powerful... But, well, unless you can manage to hit a key point(s) on the Mobile Suit, you'll have to land quite a few shots. After all, the False Twilight focuses on Stealth rather than Brute Force. I did state the purpose of the wings, though. They collect energy, like a secondary power generator in case of emergency, such as for use in especially long-range missions or when the suit is taxing its normal power reserves. Yeah, the Mirage is pretty over-the-top. It was originally just going to be really diverse and adjustable (i.e., different lengths, concentrations, even color for aesthetic purposes), but I totally blew it out of proportion with the Fallacy system. Instead... What about some sort of sonic weapon? Still, I worked rather hard on that system, so do you think I can keep that, if at least for later use in spacecraft or mobile armor as a power source when it is perfected (no critical mass)? I need some way to obtain money for this suit, and... Well, I imagine a self-sustaining power source would fetch a pretty hefty sum. As for the "Twilight," well, originally the conduits on the palms were going to just focus a large amount of energy and release it in a white-hot "lance" of energy. It was called the "Twilight Spear," and would mess up a mobile suit if it caught one, but it traveled in a straight line, and didn't go very far. I mostly changed it for, well, stealth purposes. The garrote is like a lightsaber, really; concentrated energy shaped by magnetic fields and something of a gyroscopic effect. I mean, they've already created pretty insane stuff, like planet-sized impregnable forcefields and massive laser batteries which can cut through anything; this really doesn't seem to be too much of a stretch. I could just convert the conduits into, like, extremely high-output, close-contact EMP cannons or something. Basically undetectable, and capable of permanently crippling a suit from VERY close range; well, permanently, unless they're very well-shielded against EMP. These are just some concept weapons... V5-02N "Noctis" Sonic Blade A thin, crystalline shaft emerges from a handle composed of high-density composite plastoids, but it is not in fact the "blade" of this weapon. When activated, it utilizes the fundamental properties of vibration to great affect, as this crystal begins to vibrate along a specific frequency which causes almost every conventional metal to shake apart or "dissolve" into its component particles when contact is made.The weapon, due to being composed largely of sound waves, is an invisible distortion, making it ideal for stealth missions.The "Noctis" can also be set along another, similar frequency, which causes energy matrices (i.e. beam weapons, energy fields, etc.) to destabilize and diffuse into the air. This weapon is largely useless against organic or non-metallic substances. V5-09T “Igneus” Shockwave Cannon A rather large, handheld cannon which utilizes more advanced principles of vibration to create destruction on the battlefield. It releases extremely powerful shockwaves, sonic explosions which cannot truly be heard or seen outside of distortions, which are capable of momentarily stunning, damaging, sometimes even crippling(if significantly lacking in shielding) most any form of Mobile Suit. There is a vast multitude of wavelengths and frequencies available for use, whose effects can range from the scrambling of missile guidance systems to the disruption of a wide variety of energy fields; though currently such a wavelength has not been found, it is believed one such frequency may even destabilize Phase Shift Armor.
  9. Which is why I posted it here, so I could get around these large flaws. So, are there any ways I could improve my various weapons and such so as to bring them within less... Godly parameters?
  10. Hm, so this was a bust. So much for that.
  11. As for suggestions, well, There's always my idea.
  12. Thanks, Alex. I'd like to take Soldiers of Fire for 800 please? *Ding ding ding* "Oh, it's the daily double!" "Okay contestant, your question is: What godly entity is thought to have given the gift of fire to humanity?" What is Prometheus? "And he's correct! That's 1600 points!" lol am i doin it rite
  13. This overall seems to be an overly complicated process. Instead of using an avatar, why not instead using the Signature, so as to allow more space? Perhaps, instead of a picture, one could instead name their Gundam and list its equipment in their Signature instead: this would be far less work, and could prove to be more efficient. In fact, each piece of equipment could be linked to an appropriate site (profile, article, or whichever it is you might prefer) which would allow other users to actually identify/understand the equipment a fellow member is using. A picture can't always convey such things. Perhaps, for an example: [align=center]XXXG-01F0 False Twilight[/align] [align=center]FT-42M “Mirage” Prototype Beam Weapon “Twilight” Energy Garrote 2x R7-3E1 “Parasite” High-Output Energy Cannon Superdense Osmium Fractal Prototype “Phantom’s Cloak” “Gilded Seraphim” Wing Binders N-Jammer Canceler Mirage Colloid [/align] [align=center][b][color=navy][size=110]Mobile Suit Name[/size][/color][/b] [center][i][color=blue]Fixed Armaments[/color] [color=teal]Optional Armaments[/color] [color=steelblue]Equipment[/color][/align] Yes, something like that would probably work wonders. Not to mention the fact that, if custom equipment/armaments/etc. become acceptable, then that leaves some people without a pretty picture to flaunt (like me) and that makes me a SAD panda. Also, Summer School sucks.
  14. Personally: what I'm wondering about is whether or not the very CONCEPT of such a complicated weapon as the Mirage is acceptable. Or rather, more to the point, whether the Fallacy System is adequately plausible. If it is, I basically intend to churn out a whole product line using it; self-sustaining Armaments and Power Plants and such. I originally had the whole idea written out, but I've lost it; Valiant might still have it, hopefully, so maybe I can put it up here to better explain the concept. Of course it'll at least be a little while before I can, as there's the fact that if until being perfected the system is very dangerous. Once complete, the old designs are being permanently destroyed; imagine if a terrorist group or enemy faction got hold of such technology, to use it for the flaw's power? If a bunch a fanatics or warmongers got hold of unstoppable Weapons of Mass Destruction, a weapon that is to space like what an eraser is to a penciled drawing. Terrifying.
  15. Also, in terms of Anime... www.veoh.com > www.youtube.com If you'll excuse me, I must go watch Monster now. Great show, great show.
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