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  1. ...Now, waiting for the new NFS. The news of a 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth appearing in the game was surprising, to say at least, since EA generally overlooked cars from Ford Europe in the past.
  2. F.A.I.T.H and me would have said Clannad. And episode 4 was made of lol and combos. According to a Japanese site for something about love matches with anime characters, Kotomi is my sister. Bad thing? [Y/N]
  3. Hinako continued to keep herself on her toes, since the delegation is already meeting up with the representatives from the Equatorial Union. She knows she got an uphill task of giving a sense of confidence to the female Privates that is currently being with the delegation, but it seems that things are far more troubling than keeping their tempers in check, especially after the altercation earlier. And the huge fuss that one of the Privates started. If she was aware of what happened much, much earlier, the Privates would be at the mercy of the sword. Or probably give them a piece of her mind or two, being higher-ranked than the female Privates, something in which she hoped she would not resort to using, since abusing ranks is not her thing. On the physical side, she would be no match for the Privates, both of them are taller than her. But she probably knows the fighting side better. Maybe it was her soft side that let it slide, or maybe it was something else. But she knew it would be better to leave it to the Privates to settle it for themselves; after all, one of them are of the same age with her, and the other was more older, Hinako knew they are old enough to know what is the best course of action for themselves. She was hoping the incident is not marring relationships within the delegation. Generally being serious, she generally saluted back when she was introduced to Minister Yuan by Lieutenant Amherst, as a sign of respect for the man. It is probably something usual for military figures to meet up with the politicians in trips like this, but in Orb's case, the military figureheads are the politicians, at times when they are required to, being the very people that represent Orb in the most crucial times. After all, she know of someone who comes from the Equatorial Union. As expected, the Astray divers were being unloaded on time, now she is only waiting for the cue for her to move away... And the loud thud from behind the delegation distracted her.
  4. A look at wiki's page about mobile weapon sensors does say that mobile suits in the later times have back up sensors. There were other types of sensors (not just the visuals), but they are more prevalent in mobile suits dealing with special operations.
  5. You can still work with half of the head (that is the reason the Gundam-style dual eyes exist) if it was a mobile suit with dual head-sensors. However, in UC, placement of sensors have moved beyond having only the sensors in the head by the time panoramic cockpits are introduced (about 0080); these need sensors all over the mobile suit to capture the display.
  6. Kotomi is just another TEH MAMIKO character, so yeah. I got a good grasp of it thanks to the Internets.
  7. DiRT. But it is a freaking pain in the @$$ just to get the game running at even normal speeds, so I gave up and wait for the next NFS instead.
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    Meh, I always have backups of my avatars and the like, and I have not even been using the money I have (despite being no. 2 cash whore .>" title="" />).
  9. ...And retcon materials suggested that Rick Dias is a mass-produced GP02A.
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    KoS & EU visit

    Sorry about that, but I have been very busy and the finals and stuff. .>" title="" />
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    KoS & EU visit

    Hmmm, the other girls reply first, then I'll make mine.
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    And what a year it is.
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