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  1. If you have a character pending approval, and it has been approved by the game master but not in the system, drop me a message.
  2. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  4. Yes that database was corrupted. This was restored from an earlier backup.
  5. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  6. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. MM007


      Thank you very much!  I wonder just what kind of fun I can get into here!  I've never been satisfied with the lack of Gundam SEED RP out there...

  7. It's that time of the year again! I'm glad to mark the 15th year of Advent Destiny with the relaunch of our site and to see new faces becoming familiar figures amongst us. Here's to more awesome years ahead!
  8. Zeta Destiny is a Universal Century so you will need to conform to the setting. Also, check the factions to see the available faction choices for characters in this RP.
  9. I would say start with 2-3 factions and then expand from there, otherwise it'll be hard for interactions between characters.
  10. We are having a short regular maintenance at around 23:00 GMT+8 on 12 June. Check the Discord channel for details. I will put a notice in the chat and on the boards before maintenance kicks in. It should be a painless 15-minute downtime if all goes well.
  11. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  12. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  13. "We were lucky," Hiro said as he handed Grace her cup of coffee. She shook her head as she leaned against the bulkhead. "The bridge crew got away with minor injuries, but the damage to the bridge will still hinder our progress." "Stay our course and rendezvous for repairs, that's all that we can do right now," Kamea said as she swung her makeshift wooden staff at Ronald. He dodged easily and replied with a flurry of attacks. "I still say word got back to Zeon." They had been over this. Hiro saw the AEUG pilots take out the fleeing Gaza unit. However, both Kamea and Ronald claimed to have notice a blip flicker briefly on their radar. They did a sweep of the region but nothing came up. Years of experience taught the mercenaries that it was very likely that a hidden Zeon unit had escaped, bring with it the information of the Firefly back to its base. Whether Zeon would take the effort to capture a small AEUG force was another matter. Regardless, the probability gnawed at Hiro. Kamea parried each blow before side stepping the last and retaliated. She said, "It doesn't matter. Whatever happens, we have our job to do. Those AEUG boys better be clocking enough hours of training in the mean time. They were lucky to survive combat, but their luck will run out at some point." "We don't have the best of crew, but we gotta make the best out of the situation," Grace said. She paused and looked at Hiro, "I don't like how we were taken off guard by Zeon. You would think they would have better intelligence given that they planned this whole operation." "Well, then you should do more work. You and Augur." Hiro said. "Sir! Yes, sir!" He emptied his cup of coffee and left the lounge to look for the captain.
  14. The boy looked at Alyssa, bemused. She took a step backwards, ashamed by her impulsiveness. Yet his eyes sparkled, as though he smiled at her soul. He reached out with one hand and tucked her hair behind an ear. Alyssa blushed involuntarily. Then he shoved her backwards and walked off. Alyssa fell, but she never hit the ground. She was falling faster and faster. Then she woke up with a start. This dream again. Him again. She shook her head to push him out of her mind. The doorbell rang. Alyssa flicked on the intercoms. Alex appeared on the screen. "M'Lady, are you alright? I wasn't able to get through the intercoms so I thought to come here personally." She saw the missed call on the screen. She was tired so she took a nap, but she felt even more tired than she was before she went to bed. "My apologies, I was sleeping and missed the calls. What's the matter?" Alex would only interrupt her sleep if it was something urgent. He could take care of most issues that came up. He said, "Forgive my intrusion, M'Lady. We have reports that the salvagers went to Von Braun City. I have set course for the Moon. Our contacts will have the salvagers by the time we arrive." She nodded and waited. He had more serious issues to present to her. "There's another set of intelligence report that you need to look at, M'Lady. I have sent the files to you. They are of utmost priority." "I will look at them. Meet me at strategy room in an hour." Alyssa dismissed her assistant and proceeded to freshen herself. Then she sat down at her desk, poured herself some tea, and begun going through the reports Alex had forwarded her.
  15. His team was already in the bunker when he got there. The red normal suits trimmed with black were easy to spot among the white and orange suits of the AEUG. Grace Valerii and Ronald Boone were assisting the AEUG mechanics with the mobile suits in the cargo bay. The AEUG had retrofitted the cargo bay to serve as a hangar bay but it was far from being a one suitable for handling battle situations. How did the Zeons find us so fast? Kamea Thrace was at the airlock. "Just in time, boss. I was about to head out without you." The Galleon Combine mobile suits had the honour of being stowed away in containers attached to the hull of the Firefly. The transport ship could only carry four mobile suits and the AEUG had filled that up. This was a simple compromise when it was made, but a daunting one now that they had to waddle out into space and clamber to get into their mobile suits. Hiro wondered if whoever made the agreement had experienced going into combat in this manner. "Let's get going, Starbuck," Hiro said as he put his helmet on. Kamea did likewise and initiated the depressurisation. The hatched opened and the air escaped almost instantly. Their magnetic boots held them to the deck. Kamea headed out without hesitation, and Hiro followed after her. They disengaged their boots and drifted to their respective containers. Hiro disliked leaving his fate to a single cable attached to the hull but it was a lot quicker than plodding step by step along the hull. He punched in his access code and gained entry to the container. The GM-II laid flat on its back. They had prepared the equipment beforehand in anticipation of a possible sortie. Hiro hopped into the cockpit and powered up the suit. The top of the container opened and he pushed the suit into space. Hiro waited for the suit to drift a distance away from the hull before igniting the thrusters to push him into the emptiness. It felt good to be back in space. "Apollo, check your six," Kamea's voice came over the comms. Hiro glanced at the screen and saw her IFF indicator falling in on his wing. "Good hunting, Starbuck." Ronald Boone had been relaying updates on the battlefield to them while they prepped. The AEUG CIC officer was doing her job well but Hiro preferred to get the reports from his own man. Ron knew both pilots so well that he could anticipate what they would do and analyse what they could do, so his updates often gave them an edge during combat. The AEUG sniper took out an enemy Gaza while the Zeons downed a GM unit. Even with the young boy Nicky withdrawing from battle, they outnumbered their enemies four to two. The chatter on the AEUG channel reminded Hiro of this early days as a mercenary. No wonder the AEUG had to hire us. The war has really taken a toll on their ranks. Either that or they chose to hand Grimsdottir with an inexperienced team. "Sorry we're late to the party. It was a little inconvenient getting to our suits." Hiro spoke to the AEUG channel as he sped up to chase the remaining enemies. The two Gaza units kept formation as they turned back to make another pass at the AEUG forces. He frowned at a sudden thought that occurred to him. If the Zeons knew what we were transporting they would have attempted to take out our mobile suits instead of attacking the ship directly. Perhaps the Zeons did not know about this mission after all. Then as if reading his thoughts, one of the Gaza units veered off formation while its counterpart continued its charge. "Ryder! Get that Gaza before it escapes! Starbuck, deal with this fella." Leaving Kamea to deal with the attacking mobile suit, Hiro gave chase. However, the Gaza was the faster mobile suit. It would be hard pressed to even keep pace in his GM-II. He hoped Ryder could take out the Gaza before it went out of range. They could not afford for word of the Firefly to get back to the Zeons.
  16. All OOC chatter should be posted here. Reminder that the Firefly is a transport ship with no catapult. I was halfway through writing about launching when I realised that myself. We might need to start a turn sequence once things get up to speed.
  17. Limited editions. Prices usually double or triple after you buy them. I've seen the 35th anniversary ones going at five times the retail price.
  18. Happened to so many series, sadly.
  19. I used to do them out of the box and just apply the decals. Nowadays I collect and keep them sealed until the day I get an airbrush.
  20. Haven't tried the Gundam ones but I've played several Dynasty Warrior games. Fun to mash the buttons and hack away. Does it have a story or is it just mission based?
  21. The aroma of the coffee made him feel more energised even before he started drinking it. Hiro made a mental note to give his regards to the cooks the next time. It was one of the better cups he had in a while. Too bad I have to cover that fragrance with the milk. Damned stomach. He loved to drink his coffee black but some brews were a little too strong for his guts. Hiro used to down several cups of the black stuff at a time. Maybe that caused his stomach to be so touch at this age. Whatever his guts disliked, he stayed away from. Just like this ex-Titans guy who sat opposite him. Ryder Sarka. It surprised Hiro to see a Titans serving with the AEUG. All Titans members had been arrested, trailed, and imprisoned. He wondered how Ryder managed to wriggle his way out of jail time. Even his self-proclaimed sniping abilities would be far from a redeeming factor for the AEUG authority to add him to their ranks. They were desperately shorthanded, but not that desperate or shorthanded. Or were they? It did not matter to Hiro or his crew, but he never liked to be taken by surprise. The brief bristling exchange between the AEUG pilots came as no surprise, however. Hiro expected Ryder to be detested by the AEUG soldiers. It would take him quite a while to earn their trust and acceptance, though his behaviour indicated he could not care less. He might even be enjoying the thinly-veiled contempt from his comrades. Nick's voice broke into this thoughts. "I'm not sure I would trust an ex-Titan pointing sniping at my direction in the battlefield either... Nick, was it? Yes, Nick." Hiro had gone through their files. He had seen better pilots and more experienced soldiers in his time, but the pilots assigned to the Firefly would do fine in the mission. As long as nothing went wrong. The nagging feeling was starting to irritate him. He appreciated his gut feelings. They saved his hide more times than he would have preferred. They kept him alive nevertheless. It was hard to ignore it, yet there was naught he could do about it. He turned his attention back to the AEUG pilot before him. "Tell me about yourself, Nick."
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