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  1. @liubei013: right i havent seen it in a while, thanks for the correction. I always get forget the acguy's name and end up pluggin something else in that sounds similar to me
  2. From what ive watched so far of GSD everyone seems to be unstable except maybe Ray who has his own issues. Also fried brains would be bad, it would attract to many zombies.
  3. In the 8TH MS team they used a camera in the beam rifle itself to kill the gelgoog when the gundam's head had been destroyed.
  4. You coul always write using a creative commons copy write that lets other use your material and ideas as long as they don't profit from it. And i believe there's a stipulation in there for citing the originator of the idea your using.
  5. i haven't seen anything really annoying about them yet. Id just say as long as their not huge and obnoxious then i dont mind it for the greater good of the site.
  6. That makes sense for a wet-navy ship. but wouldn't a warship in space be more like the sub. You wouldn't need a window. You'd be better off using cameras and such same as the mobile suits themselves. While on that note, the control methods for the ships are not shown very either. The mobile suits kinda make sense but they never show any kind of attitude thrusters on ships they just move while trust comes out the back. The archangel and minerva at least have control surfaces to explain some atmospheric movement. If you watch some other space based anime such as Outlaw star of Banner of
  7. definitely all good points and can't really say i disagree with anything. While i know that the mecha are the primary stars so to speak of the various gundam universe i've just always felt they were to much of an afterthought. For instance the archangel proved to be a powerful and resilient ship why not mass produce it instead of the other that they lost by the score unless their crazily expensive. Also other ship designs have always bothered me somewhat. Like how they have the bridge placed in a very easily damaged location. Since their going to be fighting in an environment where comba
  8. Maybe its just me but theres something thats always bothered mt about the various gundam universes. That the spacecraft involved. Other than canon ones shps are about as expendable as toothbrush and as flimsy as pop cans. With all the advancements in technology show in mobile suit use I'd think that they could produce some damnably powerful and much better designed vessels than those shown. The ones they do use seem more and more unoriginal. Since ships have a much longer lived power supply in the CE universe(laser-induced fusion right?) you'd think they could mount some of the shielding
  9. Adokis sat in the bay his transport aircraft. An observer wouldn't have thought that he was about to enter into combat. He was relaxed reading a thick book, occasionally glancing up at a digital clock mounted on the back of the hanger. Marking his place in his book he stood up and climbed a short stairway and into the cockpit. The co-pilot turned and glanced at him. "Good timing sir. We will be entering the drop phase in two minutes. Your good to suit up." Said the pilot who never even looked at him, as he kept a close eye on his gauges. Moving back into the hanger he climbed into
  10. Guess i can take turn. A couple of hobbies (Two or more):Writing, reading, building custom PC's, and games Favoured gaming platform: Xbox Favourite part of the Gundam franchise: anime and the mecha, i love most mecha anime. Favourite video game: Unreal tournament 2004, i love blowing things apart A taste of you music playlist:by artist: Kamelot, Voltaire, My chemical romance, Paramore, Jasper Kid, Muse, Within temptation, Cruxshadows, VNV nation, wolfshiem, The hellsing music, many others. If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you be?: not really a
  11. I'm liking it so far. Some interesting ideas, Some of the characters are a little weird looking but that isnt really a problem. All the mecha look familiar not just the gundams. The ones in the intro look exactly like mecha used by Amalgam in Full metal panic TSR, minus the odd crotch cannon. The new buster rifle like weapon is kinda cool looking.
  12. I write short stories and stuff all the time, mostly i just do it cus weird stuff pops in my head and i want to put it down. Ive had a couple published by my University i don't know if that really counts, but i did get 50 bucks for one of em. As for writing a whole novel, i dont know. I can do shorter and medium length things but I usually kill my idea before it gets that long.
  13. I'll take the Gaia for mine.
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