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  1. fireminerva

    New MS Project

    Well maybe we should adopt the MW's original principles and focus primarily on speed with a secondary emphasis on power. Though one thing to note is that it is rather lacking in defense.
  2. fireminerva

    New MS Project

    Well first let me say, welcome back. It's nice to see you back again, though I've done a little "retooling" of PLANT since you left; hopefully I've carried on the spirit of PLANT that you and hannahaki left to us. I do like the idea of the Electro-Magnetic Chain Mine, I personally couldn't figure out how to incorporate it into the KAMPFER's design. I also think its interesting that we both incorporated "krieg" into KAMPFER's initials and that the overall idea for the purpose of the MS is fairly similar between our two independent ideas. Maybe we can hash out some of this and togeth
  3. Greetings oh one who's user name is in red, and therefore more primary than my own green listed name; yeah I just made a stupid little art joke.
  4. fireminerva

    New MS Project

    General and Technical Data Model number: ZGMF-2084 Code name: KAMPFER (Krieg Advanced Mobile Protector For Elevated Response) Unit type: Prototype Advanced Assault Unit Manufacturer: Integrated Design Bureau Operator: ZAFT First deployment: C.E. 85 Capacity: Prototype/Recon Model: pilot and co-pilot, in staggered seating; Standard: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso Height: overall height 19.5 meters Weight: 76.23 metric tons Construction: Unknown Power plant: 2 x ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown Equipment and design features: sensors,
  5. fireminerva


    Got it; I think I'll take my chances and leave my stuff as it is, though it wouldn't be too hard to redo if I lost anything.
  6. Assured that his unit was loaded onto both transporters Wullf radioed to the pilot. "Unit 01 please signal unit 02 that both teams are loaded and ready to transport." "Received Foxtrot 01, radioing for takeoff." Leaving everything in the pilots' hands Wullf headed back to the hanger and slipped by the mechanics requesting that they equip his ZAKU with the Gunner pack. As he reached the base of his MW Wullf felt the VoLPHAU lurch as it went airborne. Taking that as his cue Wullf pushed a button on his waist which put his radio into transmit. "Foxtrot 01 to all units drop time is in
  7. 'Well I'm not getting anything done here.' Sakura resisted the urge to pout and instead slipped out of the building certain that she would receive a message from her commanding officer sooner rather than later. Heading out of the building Sakura craned her neck upwards as she examined the interior of Shesha Base wondering just where she would stay until she was assigned to a combat unit. "Well, I suppose that it doesn't matter, something will work out." With that Sakura began to search for a hotel that she could stay in.
  8. OOC - Sorry, I'm not sure how I missed that. It seems that this is all my bad... You know what, let's just run with it and see what happens.
  9. OOC: I wish you had mentioned this to me before you posted it. PLANT's government doesn't really permit for two Supreme Chairpersons, plus you'd be filling the role with an NPC which seems a little taboo. To be honest I was hoping that you'd use your free character to create a new character who would be installed into a high position in PLANT. I do realize that some of this is my fault, I should have communicated with you a little more and for that I apologize. Honestly I'd like it if we could find a way to take either one of your current characters or a new one that you could create an
  10. "That's affirmative Foxtrot two. There are three wizard packs loaded on this VoLPHAU; select the one that you feel suits you best and I'll take one of the other two. In addition you can drop my commander title for the time being, I'll answer to Foxtrot One." Wullf set his radio to scan over all of ZAFT's military frequencies as he radioed Laike. "Laike this if Ahrend, did you copy all that? Let your team know that addressing anyone with use of the command structure is unapproved until we return to base. Between now and then call signs will do."
  11. Sigh, I suppose that I do have to make some sort of formal decision on this since I hold PLANT's Supreme Council Chair. Official Stance: The official stance is obviously in the spoiler column for a reason, and that is so that I can say read between the lines. PLANT does have a defense network, it's called ZAFT. ZAFT holds in its possession the means to fight against any aggressor and can mobilize vast resources of men and equipment at any given time. ZAFT also has the ability to defend the PLANTS from nuclear attack with a Neutron Stampeder, no one ever said that only one was ma
  12. fireminerva

    War Games

    OOC - Due to an incredibly amount of confusion and inactivity the War Games are hereby postponed/canceled. So many people only have one character and I hate to see all of them tied up in an exercise that doesn't seem to be happening. Squad leaders, my encouragement is for you to get creative. Do whatever you need/want to do but try to reorganize your squads; right now everyone in the squads seems to be fairly active so maybe you can work with that. If anyone is interested I could work you into the training session I'm doing with Wullf Tai at the moment; I could either make it work for i
  13. Lieubei has agreed to ref this match so we should be underway just as soon as everyone agrees to the time limit and posting order that I set earlier today.
  14. As of today PLANT once again has two faction leaders, the newest of whom is Ryou Misaki. Though he's just starting off hopefully this will give everyone someone else that they can go to and communicate with, which will take some pressure off of me to spend so much of my free time here. I hope you'll all be welcoming of Ryou in his new position and that you'll cut him some slack until he gets used to wielding SUPREME EXECUTIVE POWER or whatever we're calling it these days. In addition, since we're talking about leadership, I might meld the two original squads into one battlegroup. Since
  15. At this point I don't think that we could protect all of PLANT using satellites, given that there are so many. Unless someone comes up with something rather ingenious I don't want to put up anything like a satellite defense system; I also have a hunch that such a large military initiative would be a violation of one treaty or another.
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