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  1. my bad... made some modifications to the rules. Ok I would use a DOM for this match. All we need to do now is to post our MS schematics at the mobile weapons database thread called Custom Battle MS. We will also have to wait for a Referee
  2. Hey anybody want to have a match? I desperately need to earn my license. Here is the premise... We can customize any Non-Gundam, Non-nuclear,mass-produced ground mobile suit . By customize we are allowed to change the armaments and modular equipment of the mobile suit.We are not allowed to put in nuclear reactors to our suit nor put in mirage colloid. To prevent "God-modding" (Over modifying) the referee would hereby judge the suit's schematics and would give specific handicaps to our suits based on their base capabilities. We would post our suits schematics at the thread I'm going to create. Any takers? By the way this would be a triple-threat match.
  3. All right!!! Will battle in the coliseum! yahoo
  4. okay... Hope liubei can rule on this. That or I can RP from a civilian POV
  5. Could I still join in? I could set things up so that I was in the Philippines visiting some relatives or something like that
  6. neogmkuma


    oh man... I finally manage to scrap some time to log on . Sorry RL was a drag for about the last month or two. I swear I’ve at least lost 5 pounds then gained 10. Man… Teaching is hard work… I’ll be more active again…
  7. neogmkuma


    Sorry for being inactive again... I would likely be inactive for two more weeks. Its examination week in the school I'm teaching at and I need to compute the grades of my students. I'll be logging in from time to time but I can't promise when...
  8. Welcome to Team Zoids Aures!!!! The only team crazy and stupid enough to pilot 4 destroys in a coliseum battle!!! I believe only evo_seig has a MS pilot license. But all members of Team Zoids have a license to be jack-a$$es. Hehehe
  9. I believe so... Do you want to join?
  10. What the heck happened to Naruto shippuden!?!
  11. Number of Competitors: 2 on 2 Battlefield: Snowy plains, surrounded by mountain ranges. Restrictions on MS: Mass Produced units only. No Trans Phase, Phase- Shift, Mirage Colloid. No flying units. Customized units acceptable. Battle Mode: Double team challenge Referee:TBD OOC: Anybody who needs a reference battle... Let's make this a good fight. Let's earn those licenses
  12. Just finished rereading the hobbit by JRR Tolkien. Currently starting to reread LOTR trilogy. I am starting to geek out on the elven and orkish language and alphabet... Help me get a social life!!!!
  13. Bought the book during its release. Finished it in 2 days. Let' just say that JK Rowling's style for character dvelopment is very impressive. As for the movies I would like to say that I had watched the first three. The first two were ok but the third... My god it was awful... Never watched it again...
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