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  1. Valiant

    Group purchase

    I've come across these kits so far: PG Unicorn PG Phenex PG Strike These are at around 40% cheaper than Amazon prices, excluding shipping. So I'll have to work out how much they would cost with shipping. I've also come across MG but I didn't really pay attention since I'm personally looking for PG kits. Let me know if you are interested in certain MG kits. To move this forward, I'll need to know what's the average you pay for MG and PG kit where you are, or where you usually buy from. Then we can see if this is a feasible thing to try.
  2. Valiant

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to Advent Destiny. Would love to explore how a Wing RP would develop.
  3. Hiro nodded. “Understood, Captain. I just want to make sure we’re on the same page. Our goals are aligned and my team will do our utmost to make them happen.” He turned and left the room, heading straight to his team’s bunker. Thrace and Valerii were working out. “Where’s Augur?” “Went to grab some food,” came Thrace’s curt reply followed by a grunt as she lifted the weights again. Valerii was lying on the ground after finishing a set of crunches. “Care to join us, Apollo?” Hiro shook his head. “Not now. I’m going to head out. The Captain has agreed to sending a scout ahead. Thi
  4. Hiro looked at the AEUG captain. “I believe we have enough pilots and mobile suits between the two teams to maintain four-hour shifts for the rest of our journey to the *Rose*.” Hiro and Kamea Thrace were the main pilots for the Draconis Fury. As the backup pilot, Grace Valerii would rotate between the two mobile suits when either of them were off duty. This covered twelve hours. The AEUG had four mobile suits and a cycle would see them clear another sixteen hours. If they maintained their current speed, they were less than 80 hours from the *Rose*. That would be less than three shif
  5. Standing to take the Captain’s proffered hand, Hiro knew from the conversation that Grimsdottir was indeed a soldier accustomed to the military ways. However, they were on a mercenary ship sneaking around in a smuggling run. His team had more experience in this type of operations. He planned to have a longer discussion with the Captain but the brief exchange has told him that he had to step in and take a more proactive role in leading the mission. *From the way the AEUG is handling the mission, they probably don’t even know what’s in the cargo themselves. Or are we just a diversion
  6. “Thank you for your concern, Captain. However, your apologies are completely unwarranted as much as appreciate your gesture,” Hiro said. “We don’t have a habit of debriefs unless circumstances require us to do so. In this case, I believe there’s an outstanding point in the report I sent you.” Grimsdottir was going to speak but Hiro raised a finger and went on. “My team has been treated well. Perhaps our reputation precedes us. In any case, the Draconis Fury gets the job done, no questions asked. I understand the gravity of this mission when I signed my team up for this. For the AEUG to us
  7. Hiro pressed the bell at the entrance of Grimsdottir’s office and the metal door slid open. As he walked into the office, he saw the captain’s head buried in a pile of papers on his desk. He had been surprised when he saw the AEUG personnel accustomed to using physical reports. Perhaps it was due the nature of their line of work that the Draconis Fury and the rest of the Galleon Combine operated using data pads and preferred to view their reports digitally on screens. Leaving a paper trail was risky business for mercenaries, and the often had to destroy data in short notice. Choosin
  8. Alyssa entered the strategy room and the low voices of discussion ceased immediately. She wore her black Zeon uniform that bore the crest of House Arano emblazoned on the left collar. The V-shaped neckline dived deep enough to just give a hint of her cleavage, with the wings of the Zeon emblem hugging the the curves of her breasts. Sitting herself at the head of the large rectangular table in the middle of the room, she scanned the room with a quick glance. Lieutenant Alexander Mori had gathered half a dozen of her senior officers for the meeting. She stated, “I believe you’ve all read th
  9. There was a persistent bug with character creation. That's finally been resolved and you should be able to create your characters again. Leave a comment below if you still have issues. I'm organising the existing characters. If you have unapproved characters, post the character names here so I can have them approved.
  10. Anyone keen on getting some custom kits on a group purchase? I'm working on a list of stuff I can find here. In the mean time, it'll be good to see who would be interested and whether it'll be worth our while to get this going.
  11. Roll call! Let us know if you were in the RP and would like to get back into the groove of it. If you were in and would like to drop out due to various reasons, let us know too. Time to move this to the next phase!
  12. Valiant

    Server migration

    The migration is complete. We'r now live from Japan so those of you from across the Pacific Ocean should get better speeds compared to when we were on our Singapore server. Everything went smoothly aside from the delay due, so I don't foresee any issues. As usual, let me know if you encounter any problems.
  13. We're moving! The site is moving to a new server. Expect intermittent downtime for the next couple of days as we move and wait for the domain to propagate.
  14. Valiant


    Hey guys! How's it going? I hope all is well with every one. I've updated the site. As per each update, keep an eye out for any issues that might creep their way in. Let me know and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.
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