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    na he survived but now i am heartbroken so thats why havent been around latley. so if someone could fill me in trough msn or mirc would be nice. thanks and sorry if i might seem a bit depressed.
  2. Sorry for my abscense, my girlfriends dog chewed of the broadband cable. I just fixed it so ill be posting tomorrow as i am very tierd right now. Thanks for your patiance.
  3. Just as Isaiah was about to turn around and start an argument with the receptionist behind the counter he leaned on, a girl walked trough the door and as always Isaiah had to look her over and if possible start a conversation. Isaiah waved away the receptionist with a nonchalant gesture with his hand. “Whatever makes you happy princess.” He scanned the girl from top to toe. Dark brown hair decorated her head, it almost looked like silk. A tank top that left some parts of her body to the imagination, and the best of all a pair of shorts that showed the bear skin of her legs. Killer body. Isaiah was still leaning on the counter as the girl had walked up beside him and started to talk to the receptionist. He ran his right hand trough black short cut hair on the right side of his head. He crossed his arms and flexed his muscles as looked the girl intensely in her brown eyes; they could easily match his emerald green eyes any day with a pair of white sheets in the mix. “Oy Oy, what we got here, a female pilot. Are you as good as you look?” Isaiah gave her a wink with his right eye and let a big smile run across his face, revealing his teeth. “Sooo what are you doing in an hour, Coffee on me, I know the perfect spot. Come on I know you want to.” Isaiah broadened his stance and tilted his head making his longer black hair in the Mohawk slid down over his face to the right covering some of his emerald green eyes; he playfully blew it away a couple of times before he pulled it away with his right hand.
  4. Christoph looked a bit uncomfortable as he had forgotten to answer one of the main questions Asahi had asked him. A bit embarrassing to be honest, although it didn’t bother him to much as it was quite the casual meeting. “Sorry, Sir Okina, I apologize for my mistake.” Christoph bowed his head gently for a second before he raised it again and looked Asahi in the eyes. “Yes I got my pilot license every single paper is in order.” Christoph noticed that Asahi threw in a joke with the mobilesuit assignments. Asahi seemed to be quite the joyful and playful squadron leader. This was quite uncommon or at least it was quite uncommon with Christoph´s experience with his prior squadron leaders. “Well an AWACS DINN you say? I would rather use a CGUE, as it has space capability and I gained a high amount of experience with it in the academy. But of course an AWACS DINN has it uses to. Christoph paused for a second. “I agree that the BABI aren’t to most beautiful mobilestuit, designed this century. But it serves it purpose quite well.”
  5. Christoph folded a white napkin and slowly and correctly removed any food he had around his mouth and on his lips, he slowly put it back neatly folded beside his bowl of food. The probability that there would be any was almost none existing as he always made sure to eat in a proper way and don’t spill on his clothes or slob with his food. He brushed of his leather jacket and adjusted its stiff collar. Just because you where eating didn’t mean that you should look sloppy, a the contrary one of the things that separated mankind from the animals was the use of silverware and clothes. Even tough some around this table had some doubtful table manners Christoph used it all correctly and dined formally. Of course there were exceptions where Christoph ate hamburgers and such with his bare hands but these occasions was quite uncommon if he wasn’t surrounded with his closest circle of friends. Christoph turned his attention towards Asahi while he crossed his arms over his chest, his leather jacket let go a faint classic sound of leather rubbing against each other. The white t-shirt underneath wrinkled and his otherwise quite bulky chest muscles disappeared underneath the white cloth. His ice blue eyes looked Asahi straight into the eyes as some stripes of hair made brown lines across his face. “I am quite comfortable with any high-speed mid-ranged mobilesuit. There are several mobilesuits that I think I could reach my full potential in. There are even classic mobilesuits that I think are underused and could still hold the ZAFT banner high in peace and wartime. I am an excellent mid-ranged marksman that gladly covers friendly units with support fire.” If there was one thing that Christoph avoided during a battle it was close combat, he wasn’t the worst close combat fighter but there was something that made him prefer ranged weapons. It might have something to do with that he got plenty of comments in the academy with his ranged weapons when he got none in the close combat classes. He had plenty of “kills” in the practice scenarios against other students at the academy but still he didn’t get any confirmation from his superior that he did well. He couldn’t put his finger on if Asahi was going to be a good squadron leader or if he might be a bit too friendly to his subordinates. But time would tell and as for now he was quite satisfied with Asahi. After all you can’t judge a person too quickly; you never know what they will accomplish in the future. If it didn’t work out to well Christoph could still see them as being friends and that meant a lot to him.
  6. Isaiah stood in front of the Serpent Tail Headquarters main gate, broad legged almost like in an old western. Dressed in his white tank top a matching pair of white and black camouflage cargo pants with rather large pockets on each side. The right pocket was visibly more worn then the left as Isaiah tend to have his cigarette-pack in that pocket. The constant use of the right pocket had formed a square formed area where you could make out worn-out outlines of cigarette pack. A pair of black sneakers decorated his feet partially covered by the urban camouflage pants, well kept and in mint condition. Isaiah took good care of all his shoes, he could tell much about a person just by taking a look at their shoes. A black bag with the text “The One” sloppy written on it in white, was hanging over his right shoulder containing his few but all so important belongings. Cigarette packs, hair-gel and his old trusty hair trimmer. It almost never went more then a day between his haircuts; he loved his hairstyle with short sides decorated with “g-stripes” done with his hair trimmer. And of course the top of the crown, a “Mohawk” styled longer part in the middle. The hair in front of the “Mohawk” partially covered his eyes and continued over his head in the same long style to end by hanging down over his neck covering his neck skin. A bright white cigarette in his mouth was the finishing touch; the smoke rose upward as he inhaled the smoke holding the cigarette with his right hand. He closed his emerald green eyes, his black hair covering parts of his eyelids in a stylish way. Isaiah slowly removed the cigarette from his mouth and opened his emerald green eyes. He took a quick look at the cigarette. You got to love these. With snap from his middle finger the cigarette flew trough the air and landed just outside the gate in downscaled inferno from the glowing tobacco. Okay lets get this over with. It was the first time Isaiah actually stood outside the Serpent Tail headquarters. After being excepted into Serpent Tail he almost directly got thrown into a Atlantic Federation squad for his first assignment, it was supposed to be a short term rental of his piloting skills. But the “employer” kept on extending the “lease” on Isaiah as he performed better then any of their ordinary pilots. It resulted with Isaiah being stationed at the Atlantic Federation squad for about a year. It didn’t bother Isaiah, and as long as he got paid he couldn’t care less where he was. After all he was in the business for the money and not fancy locations with a five star view. Isaiah walked up to the gate and was quickly met by two Serpent Tail guards that made sure that none authorized persons didn’t enter the area. One of the guards approached the gate and scanned Isaiah from top to toe. “Hey, pretty boy. Step away from the gate.” Isaiah chuckled inside. It’s quite common that he got compliments from the ladies but when the security guard had opened his mouth and the words pretty boy came out it was just a bit too much. He knew that it was meant like an insult rather then a compliment but it was too hilarious to start a big fuzz about. Isaiah crossed his arms and made sure his muscles looked as big as they could. Several hours in the gym lifting weight had paid of. He drew a hand trough his “Mohawk” and smiled with a rather evil smile towards the guard. “Hey melon head aren’t we the jealous one, lady problems I presume.” He didn’t even let the guard have a chance to respond before he buffed himself up even more. “No no I don’t wanna know, not like I care that much about you.” What a total moron “I don’t want to burst your bubble, or hell yeah I wanna burst your bubble. I’m here to see a certain mr Carlini. So get to work and open the gate, servant. Try to find the name Isaiah Hazael. Believe it or not I am not under the name pretty boy.” Isaiah grinned towards the guards and uncrossed his arms. Then he made a motion with his right to the guard as a sign that they should hurry up. The guard turned some pages in a pile of papers he had in a small black folder. His finger followed his eyes as he read trough paper by paper. His finger finally stopped and he mumbled something and let out a loud sigh. Isaiah nodded towards the guard and continued to provoke him with the hurry up motion with his right hand. “Well as you see, I am quite expected.” The guard that had stood silent most of the time tapped the guard with the black folder on the shoulder. The guard with the folder mumbled and stepped away from the gate. With one swift motion the gate slid to the side and the passage to the Serpent Tail headquarters laid open for Isaiah. Isaiah adjusted his black bag and blew a stripe of hair away from his face. He gave the guards a wink with his right eye just to bump his shoulder into one of the guards. If they weren’t frustrated before, they sure were now. Isaiah could feel their eyes in his back all the way towards the entrance to the headquarters. He grabbed the handle with his left hand just to turn around and do a sloppy salute with his right hand towards the guards some distance away. Taunting and getting people to do mistakes was one of Isaiah´s favorite things to do. He just loved to make people make a fool out of themselves; he had a million of these stories to tell. He pulled the door open and walked inside, there was a information counter in otherwise quite casual room. A man in his twenties stood behind the counter and greeted Isaiah with a big smile. Isaiah walked up to the counter with swift steps, if you didn’t know better you could almost think Isaiah danced up to the counter. He threw his on the counter with a loud bang. He leaned over the counter with both hands on the edge of the counter and stared the man straight in the eyes with his emerald green eyes. “Hey man, I’m here to see Carlini. Isaiah Hazael is the name, you better remember it you will hear it quite often in the future” Isaiah tapped his left hand fingers on the counter and flexed his right bicep as he continued to lean on the counter, showing of his tattoo. “Yeah get to work and get a hold of mr Caaaarlini.” Before the man even could answer Isaiah turned around and leaned with his back against the man behind the counter. He ran his left hand trough the “mohawk” and pulled the back of his charcoal black hair some. He had a habit to do this making sure that the hair in the neck was at perfect length. As he had made sure it was the perfect length in the neck he used both his hand to feel the “g-strips” on both his heads sides, the short trimmed hair with the buzzed “g-stripes” had been perfect for years and so had the “mohawk”. The Mohawk was always styled and never stood straight up as regular Mohawks, it was styled in a way that made it look striped and longer all the way over his head.
  7. A mercenary, or rather a former mercenary in the Okina squad. This could develop into a problem later on, who knew who a former mercenary was loyal to. Maybe someday he’ll get an offer he can’t refuse and fail to do his duty willingly. It wasn’t right to think something like this about a person he just met but almost every single mercenary Christoph had ran into was double crossing slimebags, of course there are always exceptions everywhere. The question was if the norm within the merc´s was to be double crossing slimebags, let’s hope not. There was something about this Caine character he couldn’t put his finger on, but Christoph would make sure to watch him closely, if it wasn’t enough already that he had a self-proclaimed trouble maker in the squad he had to watch closely. “A mercenary? It’s not to most common thing you will find within the ZAFT ranks. But I am sure that you will develop into a great ZAFT pilot.” Christoph grabbed a silver spoon he was given with the food; he looked over at Caine with pondering blue eyes. Let´s hope he put his merc personality in a chest, locked it up and threw away the key before he joined up with ZAFT Christoph took as spoon full of food from the brownish chicken soup, it was extremely hot. Steam rose from the spoon towards the ceiling making patterns in the air as it made its way upwards. Christoph blew some strong puffs at the spoon before he put it in his mouth, making sure that it was at a normal temperature when he swallowed it. The soup was delicious, perfectly spiced and it seemed like there was no end to culinary experience. With a swift motion and a satisfied look Christoph took another spoon full of soup and continued to eat in a formal manner making sure not to spill or eat in an improper way.
  8. ehm... you might want to talk to the mod and leaders of your faction about your supreme rule over the special forces of the moon. Good Luck.
  9. Just a little detail, your not allowed to have silver as your eyecolor, i guess you could have lenses that are silver colored tough. GL HF!
  10. Christoph noticed that Hitomi glanced over at an old clock that filled two purposes, telling the time and decoration, it was beautiful clock, at least Christoph taught so. His family owned several of these old clocks when they lived back in Eurasia. The ticking sound reminded him of old times with his family and friends, they used to sit in the living room with a fire burning in the fireplace, Christoph and his brother Fredrich. Christoph smiled to himself as he remembered his brothers face in the flickering light from the fireplace, happy days that wore now gone. Fredrich always told him stories about ancient times, dragons, knights and wizards were common in those stories. As they got older the stories changed into real-life experiences like girls and other teenage problems. The last few years the teenage problems changed into rather serious discussions between his father and Fredrich about his EA MS squad with Christoph trying to keep up with the discussions. Unknowingly Christoph had cracked a rather big smile when he taught about his brother and family. He soon realized that he was smiling widely, showing his white teeth to everyone around the table, Christoph continued to smile and looked Hitomi in the eyes. “It’s an honor to hear that you have such faith in me.” Christoph closed his eyes and bowed his head slightly as a sign of gratitude and respect. “I am sure that everyone around this table will do their best to honor you and ZAFT.” Christoph raised his head and looked Landis and Brian in the eyes. He made a fist with both his hand and but them on the table in front of him and returned his focus on Hitomi. “Chairwoman Hitomi, is there a specific reason that the Zenestan and Okina squads are present at this table. I must admit I am a bit curious that why we have the honor to be invited to your estate.”
  11. LT, well that was something that Christoph wasn’t used to be called, he didn’t even have a nickname and he sure hoped it wouldn’t be LT. It didn’t offend him but he was quite surprised by the sudden “outburst” from Caine. Christoph leaned back and looked at Caine, it seems like he doesn’t listen to well. Let’s see if he can remember it this time then. “Pilot Nightwing, as I said before I was born and lived in the Eurasian Federation before, I lived there more then half my life before I moved to the PLANT´s with my family.” He looked at Caine to make sure that he paid attention this time around, in a causal conversation it didn’t bother Christoph that he had to tell the same thing twice. But at a formal event or a military operation, he excepted everyone to take in the information the first time they were told. “I am quite positive that we will be sent to earth at sometime, after all it’s a great experience and some practice in none artificial-gravity is even better for your development as a MS pilot.”
  12. I know fireminerva already made a topic about this, but I feel that this is out of most importance. We (Asahi) cannot assign you to a mobilesuit if you don’t have a Basic Pilot License, be sure to apply for a BSL. If you don’t, you might miss some action later on. The Pilot Academy can be found here. http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/board,18.0.html This apply to the Zenestan squad also, but i am sure that FAITH is on top of it.
  13. Christoph listened carefully to Landis and Brian’s reports about the Zenestan squad, if only the Okina squad had been as lucky as the Zenestan squad. The Okina squad had several problems with their assignment to their specific mobilesuit´s. Even right now Asahi Okina was trying to solve the problems with the mobilesuits, hence his absence. “Flight lieutenant, Tsukamoto, Commander Zenestan. Its good to hear about your squad’s high morale, there is nothing that boosts a squad performance more then high morale.” Christoph nods at Brian and Landis, he adjusts the neck of his crimson red uniform, he felt the pressure of being a squad-leader as Asahi was not present. Christop twirled the wine and took zip from the glass, it caressed his throat, it almost felt like liquid red silk as it passed downwards to his stomach. He gently placed the glass back on the table in front of him. He ice blue eyes focused on Hitomi, she was a very young chairwoman, but it didn’t bother Christoph after all he was quite a young himself to be sitting at the same table as the chairwoman of ZAFT. There had been quite many young soldiers in ZAFT´s military, if his memory served him right there had been a pilot as young as sixteen years of age some time ago. “As for the Okina squad, our morale is at a peak and I feel like we can tackle any problem or problems that might arise. As you have noticed that the Okina squad leader, Asahi Okina, isn’t present here today because of some logistic problems with our mobilesuits. But I will do my best to answer any questions you might have chairwoman Matsuko.” Christoph looked around the table and made eye contact with both Brian and Landis, he made a smooth movement with his hand along the table. “And of course if you gentlemen have any questions I will do my best to answer them as well.” Christoph did his best to look as an authority figure as he spoke; making sure that he was taken serious. “As for our safety chairwoman Matsuko, I entrust my life to any ZAFT mobilesuit. I believe that I can make a difference in any battle with any ZAFT mobilesuit. I would gladly pilot a GINN. If you have faith and your mind set on something, I believe that you can accomplish it.” A sparkle could be seen in his eyes as he spoke warmly about ZAFT´s mobilesuits, quality and reliability.
  14. thank you o great one All hail DD !
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