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  1. The battle flowed into heated one-on-one conflicts between the members of the two teams. The situation provided a slight relief for Kanzaki, as most of his cohorts preferred fighting individually in the first place. He would later wonder if they had any intention to coordinate themselves in the first place. But explosions shook the atmosphere, Valiant was locked in his sights, and the time for deliberation was nil. And suddenly, movement. A downward thrust propelled Shirai's GINN downward the moment he saw the CGUE drew its gun arm forward. The nimble machine spiralled forward amidst bursts of gunfire, responding with his own. His common sense told him that plowing forward was highly dangerous, but a desire burned within him to discover how much he could get away with, against this man. "Come on!" He taunted, perhaps with the sole reason of bolstering his own confidence.
  2. Fuku with Nodachi

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    Kyle Ashford, reluctantly present while muttering curses under his breath!
  3. There it was, the electricity he desired. Sparkling and pulsating in front of him, waiting to be seized. Showtime. A brief explosion of thrust from the GINN's thrusters pivoted the machine in Arkan's direction. "You don't need to tell me." Shirai, replied, eyeing the angelic ivory-white weapon soaring above him. It was a threatening situation made even more so by the possibility of getting picked off by a rifle. And this man, Valiant - he heard great things about him. Him and his machine. Somehow, he had a feeling that he wouldn't fire just yet - he was waiting for him. Shirai Kanzaki smirked, light glittering in his eyes."I was planning to fight him MYSELF!" A thunderous thrust threw the GINN towards the enemy leader with breakneck pace. Blood rushed to his face, yet even the high acceleration was not enough to wipe the smile off of his face. A series of softer bursts propelled him sideways, allowing the machine to slow down and fly in a circular fashion - he was attempting to circle around him. "Away from everyone else, right? Give me your all, then!" Drawing its assault rifle, the grey GINN let loose a burst of fire as it flew sideways, keeping the CGUE in its sights.
  4. Late night Fil-Am Friendship greetings too.
  5. Name: Fuku Time: Weekdays: 8PM Onwards Weekends: Saturday 2PM Onwards Sunday: 12PM Onwards Timezone: PST (GMT-8)
  6. The "uguu" got to me in the end. Ayu was my least favorite. Nayuki needed more airtime.
  7. In the aftermath of the DESU combo, here comes nearly seven minutes of the various catchphrases of Kanon. Can you watch it till the end?!
  8. Fuku with Nodachi


    Isn't it just a chatroom where you can draw Oekaki?
  9. I forgot Kamen Rider was also one of Kaiser's original pilots. Now it's 100% MORE AWESOME
  10. I've tried the one suggested in the quote, but WMP couldn't play any of them. Are the WMP patches ones that I have to download myself, or are they automatically downloaded? If they are, I suspect it might be the firewall.
  11. I was feeling a bit nostalgic and tried to access a radio stream from back home, but then none of my players are able to play .asx files. Can you help me narrow down my problem? I know it's made for WMP, but I don't think I did anything to mess it up. Thanks in advance!
  12. The bare minimum of Photoshop, Imageready, and Flash. I also use Audacity because I did some Voice Acting during the summer.
  13. Nah, can't help you there. But I tell you, that sound was enough to make me bike for extremely short distances. Haha!
  14. Are the bike parts worth it? I loved it when the sound of my engine changed when I obtained the first engine part.
  15. Strange squeaking noises came from Shirai Kanzaki's cockpit. With dullness mirrored in his eyes, he lazily bit on a thumb as he surveyed his environs. Having had his share of thrilling battles in the past, he was no stranger to the electricity that surged throughout the coliseum. However, remaining stationary within the confines of a cockpit did nothing for the satisfaction Shirai desired. Feeling ill at ease, he fidgeted around in his seat. He had little reason to fight in the coliseum other than to bask in the intensity of the moment. He fought without the burden of a country on his shoulder, giving everything until nothing is left. If he was annihilated, so be it. The foe would be worthy. Not to insinuate that he would lash out blindly without care nor concern; if others depended on his strength, he would show it to be a worthwhile choice. Arkan's relentlessness and Mitsukuri's flexibility... he couldn't have asked for a better Armor Break Cadenza. It was a pity that Ayanami would have to sit this one out, but Shirai had a feeling he would be seeing some action very soon. The tournament was only beginning, after all. It was nearly time to begin. "Finally!" he shouted excitedly as he shot up from his seat. The GINN's monoeye flickered upon the suit's full activation. "Really hypocritical of me, but let's not get excited and stray too far, gents. We don't want to get singled out and crushed, do we?" Shirai mused, as he gave an ineffective pre-match pep talk. It wasn't very informative at all, but he babbled on anyway as he is the 'leader' of the group (a term used quite loosely by the ABC). "Well, we know we don't have to worry about Ryota-kun over here when it comes to that." He laughed. Among the three of them, Sam and himself seemed the most reckless. "But you don't have to think that you have to back us up everytime. Do what you want. Just think of it this way," As he glanced over the GINN's status screen, Shirai Kanzaki flashed a malicious grin. "We're just smashing through an opening for you."
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