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Requesting a Ref for a free battle, details below (this is how you want a ref request right?  you were a little vague on the details):


Free Battle:


Participants: Kaizer (alias Mignon Beart) .vs. Sylia Rose

Battlefield:  Industrial complex arena

Battle mode: 1 on 1

Restrictions on MS: None


Kaizer: Strike Gundam + Lightning Striker

Sylia: Strike Rouge Gundam + Aile Striker

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Uhmm, this is kinda strange but since Rad is still out I'm requesting for a ref to end this match for us. I'm retiring from the battle to join another one, since the fun from it was pretty much sucked out by the length of inactivity.


Requesting for a ref to end this match: --> HERE!!! <--


Thank you very much and good day.


( "And another $5 to you name ref, hehe...  ")

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