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  1. Hello everyone I hope that everybody is doing well. I am writing this post to request my character to be on a LOA (leave of abstense). I promise that I will make up something in the story that will make sense for the sudden disaperance, however, the real reason is that for the last 4 months, I have had countless interviews for Attorney's Firms and have been doing a lot of legal writing. I though that I would be able to balance everything including time for this RP, however given the fact that I have not able to get even to the site, I would like to request a LOA. I apologize for t
  2. I though that every class is given some skills that correlates to their class, and the person can choose a personality skill Like Military Training - if you character was in the military he gets a bonus on certain things Educated Man - Wise Wealthy Once they pass lv. 1 they can custimize their skills, but the class system are just recomended. This way if you want to SEED, you can try and do it, but I will try and make it as Hard as I can and the rewards not good enought to not encorage it, and also with the mobile suits stats SEED has only a certain effect, the same with new
  3. Aures Convicio

    Hi Y'all

    Welcome to Advent Destiny, I am sure that you will find the faction that you want to join soon. And I hope you have fun in the site....BTW just to let you know NOVA, Kingdom of Scandinavia will give you a FREE bed for your RP character to sleep in and not to mention that your character will also gets a uniform and our showers are better than the holiday inn express... , no one has offered you a bed in RP before that is how cool we are.
  4. OOC: I know you are probably mad at the asteroid belt idea, however it may be unlikely but a plan like that could work, F=MA, in my case I believe that is A= F/M so the accelation should equal the force divided by the mass which means every time an asteroid hits another the increase mass would reduce it speeds, since the force of the beam rifle is unknown I assumed that it was high, but it a lot of small asteroids where hit they would move all over the area for a couple of seconds then slow down again (which is actually was a plan to lure you there), but you did two attacks on me in one round.
  5. OOC: Alex Victorioso, MBF-M1 M1 Astray.
  6. I actually think is random assigment of whatever matches their color....this is my theory, however this is not 100% consistent with the series, this is what make sense for me. Theory number I Those pink and blue are for un elisted personel....which would explain why they got them when they were volunteers in the military and why the extended in the series get them too since they can't be *officially* part of the military. However this is not consisted with the secound half of the series when they all officially get ranks and get in the EA and they don't switch to white. I think the
  7. Alex noticed that he made a remark about liking his shirt more. For the sake of peace he let him wear what he wanted. Alex looked at the young officer as he pointed his right hand to the door and mentioned “After you Sir Alex, you know this place inside out”. Alex looks Mr. Langer in the eyes and noticed a smile. Alex though to himself is probably fake, but it doesn’t matter he would not waste his time on petty issue like those. Alex lead the way to the elevator and showed his roommate where the most critical sections of the base are located. *** At the end of the tour Alex le
  8. I like the voting system You can also have factions awards given by the faction leader given to the character and intrgrate them to the storyline...like Medal of Courage - Given to a pilot when he risk their life and goes above and beyond Medal of Humanity (or some crap like that) - given to people that support humane causes I think you get the picture each faction should have x awards and give them to their faction memebers for actions that they have done during the battle. This way it encourages people to stay to earn medals and promotion in their faction.
  9. I like Kaizer ideas, but there has to be several explanations, for example in battery power how would the battery work, I mean you have x rounds with your battery and then for every X shots you loose one round of battery? With characters I am not a big fan of the D&D character stats idea. The difference here than in D&D is that in D&D you have to roll for everything (they are exeptions, but that is pretty much the general rule). The problem with this system is that it would limit the character's development from a writing standpoint. For example if a skimmed in intelligence
  10. Right after his response Alex waited a couple of seconds reading his sensors. The sensors didn’t detect anything. “Strange, he is not moving?” Alex started thinking of all the situation, tuning on the camera and circulating all the angles Alex memorized the location and probable trajectory of the asteroid in the nearby. Strangely one of the asteroids changes their orbit slightly. The advantage of fighting in a asteroid belt is that if you look carefully if something moves out of sequence then something or someone moved it. As the radar didn’t register, the probability the opponent is
  11. OOC: Sorry two bussness trips in one weekend...don't ask me how I do it where do you want the KoS to post when you come officially come to KoS.
  12. Should we be doing anything in KoS?
  13. Alex sat on the engineering section of the base trying to improve his calibration with the interface with the OP system. Although for Alex this was not crucial, for the military it was very important. For the last three days Alex has been improving his interface, but all that he was able to achieve was 1% improvement. Somehow, the OP system is not very compatible with Alex, but he was still capable in fighting with a suit the only problem is that his reaction time is slower than the average pilot. At noon, Alex was interrupted in his work. All of the sudden his computer screen flash
  14. Alex was never an experienced combatant; however, he one thing was apparent to him. Time appeared to be in a standstill. For Alex it seemed that time was almost in a standstill. What it seemed to be an half hour was actually ten minutes. Ten minutes that Alex stood behind an Asteroid, he saw a small bleep in the system. It seemed to him that his opponent entered the opposite side of the asteroid. Because of all of the debris and movement in the area it was hard to calculate his trajectory. Grabbing the controls of the Strike Gundam, Alex began to think moves ahead. “Let’s see
  15. Yeah, I might do that. To bad about the peace treaty....however according to Gundam SEED rules 1. No one in Strike dies...is the safest Gundam in the word 2. If you have someone with pink hair in charge, you are allowed to break treaties and put whatever you want in your military....now who has pink hair to put in in charge of NOVA....
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