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  1. Hello everyone I hope that everybody is doing well. I am writing this post to request my character to be on a LOA (leave of abstense). I promise that I will make up something in the story that will make sense for the sudden disaperance, however, the real reason is that for the last 4 months, I have had countless interviews for Attorney's Firms and have been doing a lot of legal writing. I though that I would be able to balance everything including time for this RP, however given the fact that I have not able to get even to the site, I would like to request a LOA. I apologize for the inconvinience that this might create to certain people. Hoefully I will become active in a couple of more months. If you need to contact me, I will pay attention to e-mail and will respond accordingly. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. I though that every class is given some skills that correlates to their class, and the person can choose a personality skill Like Military Training - if you character was in the military he gets a bonus on certain things Educated Man - Wise Wealthy Once they pass lv. 1 they can custimize their skills, but the class system are just recomended. This way if you want to SEED, you can try and do it, but I will try and make it as Hard as I can and the rewards not good enought to not encorage it, and also with the mobile suits stats SEED has only a certain effect, the same with new type ability you can take those however you are sacrificing other feats. The idea is that you don't have to SEED or be a newtype in order to be good, you can be a regular pilot and be really good at piloting and not have special abilities. I mean if the admin wants I can write a formal proposal to them explaining in greater details and write more examples But this is an idea and is all subject to change, however I think the mobile suit should have stats (because they are mechanical) and their stats could be boosted by their character, hence experience pilot would be able to fly a Zaku almost at the same level as someone piloting a Gouff because he is more experience, but this should affect the way we RP minimally However character stats I don't like because it would minize the people that understand their stats and would severly limit their actions. Now that I think about it more certain skills might not avalable to the regular memebers and given to the Mod, (like Wing Commander, or cutimizeable mobile suits, Faction Flag) feats or skills that explains why they can be in charge or a squad. I don't know just bouncing around ideas...have to hear if the big cheese like this idea
  3. Welcome to Advent Destiny, I am sure that you will find the faction that you want to join soon. And I hope you have fun in the site....BTW just to let you know NOVA, Kingdom of Scandinavia will give you a FREE bed for your RP character to sleep in and not to mention that your character will also gets a uniform and our showers are better than the holiday inn express... , no one has offered you a bed in RP before that is how cool we are.
  4. OOC: I know you are probably mad at the asteroid belt idea, however it may be unlikely but a plan like that could work, F=MA, in my case I believe that is A= F/M so the accelation should equal the force divided by the mass which means every time an asteroid hits another the increase mass would reduce it speeds, since the force of the beam rifle is unknown I assumed that it was high, but it a lot of small asteroids where hit they would move all over the area for a couple of seconds then slow down again (which is actually was a plan to lure you there), but you did two attacks on me in one round. You have to let me the opportunity to dodge or accept damage for the first 4 beam shots and then you can fly in and shoot another two. I will integrate both attacks on this post but please dont attack me twice in the same round unless for specific reason. Also please don't write the location of my MS, you place me in the post outside the asteroid belt, this can be partly on my post because I was not specific whether I remain on the asteroid belt. However, this is the combat zone (asteroid belt), please assume that I am in the asteoid belt unless I write otherwise, don't place my suits on a place that I don't mention because I really din't want to leave the asteroid belt, don't worry about that either I will incorporate this also in my post. If you have a problem or question you can either OOC me or PM and I would be happy to sort it out also the ref can make a call which I would be happy to obey. Just in case I am not mad at you, this is partly my fault because I haven't fought a Gundam duel in 2 years. So I will try to be more presise. Another question is the Ref is supposed to evaluate what happens in every roundor we just continue until there is a dispute? I ask since I got hit he should get points for it. IC: As Alex left the pilot the area of the asteroid plan, he headed to open space. Putting his thrusters to 75% Alex headed out, it would take a couple of seconds for the mess to clear up, since the chain reaction was only as powerful as his beam and the angle of deflection for the beam. In a couple of seconds he heard a small beep on the side. Alex noticed that his opponent was firing at him. This guy wants to play. The first four shots cleared the way for Aegis to move quickly in his direction. Alex looks at the shots and managed to dodge three of them, but since they were fired in quick sequence he was not skillful enough to dodge all of them, one of the beam scrapped Strikes leg. Alex checked the damage report and apparently he lost control on everything that was below the knee of the Gundam. Oi Oi Oi, apparently I got hit, better take this guy more seriously let stop maneuvering around. Alex turned off his thrusters and used his left thrusters on full speed. He managed to turned around Strike and face his opponent. Alex tried to back off from his opponent. Before he could think of something to do, the Aegis Gundam fired two more shots in close range to Strike. Given the fact that Strike turned around the shield was able to absorb the first shot. However, the second shot hit Strike on the edge of Strikes weapons (right) shoulder. Alex hit the damage screened and noticed that the damage was to his coolant valve. If Alex moved Strike shoulder a lot it would eventually become inoperable. Alex noticed that after that attacks his opponent, stop heading towards him. Not thinking twice Alex turn his thrusters to maximum. Noticing that there was nothing but space behind him Alex quickly tried to outflank his opponent by heading to Aegis right. Alex was able to shot a beam shot towards Aegis direction, heading to the middle of the Asteroid belt.
  5. I actually think is random assigment of whatever matches their color....this is my theory, however this is not 100% consistent with the series, this is what make sense for me. Theory number I Those pink and blue are for un elisted personel....which would explain why they got them when they were volunteers in the military and why the extended in the series get them too since they can't be *officially* part of the military. However this is not consisted with the secound half of the series when they all officially get ranks and get in the EA and they don't switch to white. I think the animators became more lazy and screwed consistensy. Also I base this that in Stargazer Sven (sp) had a blue uniform and phantom pain was not an "official" part of the EA. White- Regular Enlisted officers in the EA. The thing here that bug me was Ramius had red on he shoulder while everyone had black. The only explanation that I can think of is that Ramious is infantry rather than the navy of EA. So red shoulder pads means you are in the EA army, which is inconsistent when ZAFT shoots at tanks and EA sholdiers comes out with their hands up. Black - Secret Ops or "Special" Branch in the military Theory II - Just plug in the ZAFT uniforms....is just whatver the person in charge wants to give you really the uniforms dosen't mean anything the red coats thing would never happen in a military...I mean is a big sign saying I am an elite soldiers in ZAFT, sniper please kill the guy that is wearing RED....screw all the green ones. Theory III The Blue and Pink are for non comission officers. This means everyone that does not hold the rank of Ensign or above. However, when the Archanger takes off in episode 2 one of the person was a petty officer I believe (please correct me because I have not seen the show in 2 years) which goes against this theory. Also once they reach Earth Kira gets promoted to Lt. and he still wears the Blue...so this is inconsistent with this theory The White are reserved for actual officers, The Black (Neo) - is just he is soo cool that he deserves his own uniform....
  6. Alex noticed that he made a remark about liking his shirt more. For the sake of peace he let him wear what he wanted. Alex looked at the young officer as he pointed his right hand to the door and mentioned “After you Sir Alex, you know this place inside out”. Alex looks Mr. Langer in the eyes and noticed a smile. Alex though to himself is probably fake, but it doesn’t matter he would not waste his time on petty issue like those. Alex lead the way to the elevator and showed his roommate where the most critical sections of the base are located. *** At the end of the tour Alex lead Mr. Langer to the shopping area of the base. “Mr. Langer, I believe that I have finished my duty here, however before I leave”. Alex walked in to the store and came back with a full dress white shirt. The dress shirt was from the finest quality and it had a price tag of $200.00. “Whether you like it or not Mr. Langer you are an officer in the Kingdom of Scandinavia, I would not allow you to disgrace this institution. Furthermore, if we are going to be roommates I suggest you look more official…you never know when” Right as Alex was finishing his statement two teenage girls ran in to Alex yelling “Sir Alex….do you want to take a picture with me?”. Alex turned around looked at the girls and said “Sure, excuse me for a second”. Alex posed with the two young girls as they took pictures with him. One of the girls look at the other and said “This is so cool! We got to see Sir Alex here in the base, this is such a great day…just look at him he is soo mature and cool, who is this other guy…ohh he is probably his servant”. Alex interrupted the girls “Excuse me ma’am, this is not a servant, he is my roommate Mr. Langer…he is a soldier in the Kingdom just like me, he fight to uphold the ideals of the Kingdom he is a brave soldier”…the girl looked at Mr. Langer and said “Ohh really it must be a privilege to be together with Sir Alex one of the few Knight of the Kingdom…I have his biography…” As the girl talked to Mr. Langer, Alex wrist communicator turn on. Alex saluted Mr. Langer and said “Please, Excuse me, Mr. Langer”. Alex walked to the public communicator and said “Alex Victorioso ID 24340415” The computer mention “voice and If verification accepted”. The commander on the screen pop up and said “Sir Alex Victorioso, I have a new assignment for you and Mr. Langer, I believe that you studied at Orb’s Universities right?” Alex nodded and mentioned “Yes, Sir”. The commander responded “You are to meet with the Orb forces when they reach the Kingdom of Scandinavia they are showing a new prototype of suit…you are to welcome them and review the suit”. Alex looked at the commander though the screen and said “Commander, are you sure you need BOTH of us for this?, I mean I can take care of it myself, no need to drag someone else on this assignment”…Alex waited for the commander response.
  7. I like the voting system You can also have factions awards given by the faction leader given to the character and intrgrate them to the storyline...like Medal of Courage - Given to a pilot when he risk their life and goes above and beyond Medal of Humanity (or some crap like that) - given to people that support humane causes I think you get the picture each faction should have x awards and give them to their faction memebers for actions that they have done during the battle. This way it encourages people to stay to earn medals and promotion in their faction.
  8. I like Kaizer ideas, but there has to be several explanations, for example in battery power how would the battery work, I mean you have x rounds with your battery and then for every X shots you loose one round of battery? With characters I am not a big fan of the D&D character stats idea. The difference here than in D&D is that in D&D you have to roll for everything (they are exeptions, but that is pretty much the general rule). The problem with this system is that it would limit the character's development from a writing standpoint. For example if a skimmed in intelligence and I came up with this plan to place beam rifles on the top of a montain, then attach a small remote on the enemy MS and lure them to the range of the beam rifles (which can be done with today's thecnology, I imagine in the Gundam Universe is pretty simple)....can my character think of that plan? How do you know if I am smart enought to think something like that. The problem with stats is that sometimes people can't play with a different level of knowledge than the character in game. Also a stats system with out rolling puts some people in a severe disadvantage, they might be dummer in character, and not quick enough plus you have to add the fact that the suit is not as good too. I understand that you want to implement a system where people can potential SEED, and use Dragoon, but stats systems are better left for actual dice rollling where the stats is not the only determining factor. If something like this would happen, I would like more a feat systems. As you level up you gain more feats, wihch could translate to character development better. (ex. feat one - Newtype 1 powers- means whatever something very weak) when I level up X numbers of levels I have the option of taking Newtype 2 or Officer Training (means you can control your squad of NPC in actual battle) or Tactics ....that way mechanics can take the mechanics feats suchs as MS repair, Ship Repair and ultimately be a good enough mechanic that they can boost the stats of MS and ships... For either system to work you need to create clases to guide people if your character is a mechanic these are the mechanics ability scores or feats that we recomend or it brings automatically. Means if you choose Capital Ship Officer Class you start with Officer Trainig, and is recomended that you take Tactics....or in a ability score system have high charisma and intelligence and wisom so peopel are more likely to follow orders. While a Pilot might start with MA Piloting, proficient in light weapons or have high dex and int, Mechanics would start with MS/MA Repair and Ship Repair. Now the beuty of the feat system is that people might actually have the chance to pick feats from other clases...let's say you want to be independent from mechinics you might grab you own feat to repair MS/MA so you can fix basic problems, however you scafice from taking another feat that might potentially make you a better pilot. The feats systems puts a limit on skills that you might know, to avoid a person that might be a mechanic, pilot, politian, officer which you can do...but you won't be any good in any one of them. Another problem that I see with the ability scores are the natural vs. coordinators...to be realistic coordinators should get more ability scores in almost every category than a natural. Unless you are a extended and then you can pilot better. How to balance races and make them realistical to the series might be a problem with ability scores, since there is no rolling involved As for ships and how they work, I would say they work like MS their basic stats determines evrtything, but if people in the ship have feats or bonuses to improve the ship. Their stats increase...for example let's take Minerva Red against Minverva White....They both theoretically should move the same rate and have the same firepower, but in Minerva rate you have a mechanic with the feat of Work under presure (I am making this up in the fly) which means for this exercise means that under attack of in a battle he increase the durability of the ship by 2, while the White side has a captain that has manuvering tactics which means that the captain know more manuvers than the standard captain so they add 2 in their dodge bonus, but if their mechanics have the work under pressure feat then the white also gets a plus 2 in durability. However feats means nothing if not use properly in battle. The stats are there to avoid random ship from EA outrunning a Minerva class vessel from Zaft...I mean it can't happen. This could work for MS, I mean Ginn should not beat Strike Freedom in thrusters, but it can use other weapons such as terrain to their advatage and make the battle closer. Like I mention like 5 times in this post the problem with stats is that it inhibits the character from doing stuff, like bluff their way out, or outthink a smarter oponent. Let' me know if you guys like this system and I hope this post makes sense, However I would be more than happy to make the basic system and the Mod and add and subtract feats, the classes that I would recoment Pilot (self explanatory) Mechanic (self explanatory) Ground Soldier (Infantry men) Special Forces (a hybrid of infantry men and pilot) Medical (Doctor, good for a ship and heal characters injuries) Singer or artist (hey!!! celebrities exist in the Gundam World, now that lacus is gone E can claim back all the gossip) Politian (Plot device characters, also good to formulate grand stategies) Ship Officer (Captain of Ship) Paladin (just kidding) Feel free to tell me of classes and possible hybrids...please not hybrids are not supposed to be more powerful than a straigh up class)
  9. Right after his response Alex waited a couple of seconds reading his sensors. The sensors didn’t detect anything. “Strange, he is not moving?” Alex started thinking of all the situation, tuning on the camera and circulating all the angles Alex memorized the location and probable trajectory of the asteroid in the nearby. Strangely one of the asteroids changes their orbit slightly. The advantage of fighting in a asteroid belt is that if you look carefully if something moves out of sequence then something or someone moved it. As the radar didn’t register, the probability the opponent is going to outflank him. “Let’ see how good this kid is”. As Alex was muttering those words to himself, he heard a broadcast coming right behind him saying “You know very well that i will not surrender... and if you want to live, i would suggest turning around.". Alex smiled the kid was honorable to say the least, a fight between two gentleman seems to be the fight that Alex likes. Alex responded “Congratulations!! You successfully outflanked me, but you should be more aware of your surroundings, the defense always have the advantage of ground position…and here is the charge for this lesson of strategy…and also a lesson of basic trigonometry”. Alex aimed his beam rifle to the side of the asteroid. And shot the asteroid. By his calculation the asteroid started a chain of rocks breaking and hitting each other. Turning the thrusters to maximum Alex dodged the one rock that he had to in order leave while leaving a mess of collisions of asteroids to his opponent. “Even though he has phases shift armor every rock that hits his mobile suit drains his power…let see how good of a pilot he is”
  10. OOC: Sorry two bussness trips in one weekend...don't ask me how I do it where do you want the KoS to post when you come officially come to KoS.
  11. Alex sat on the engineering section of the base trying to improve his calibration with the interface with the OP system. Although for Alex this was not crucial, for the military it was very important. For the last three days Alex has been improving his interface, but all that he was able to achieve was 1% improvement. Somehow, the OP system is not very compatible with Alex, but he was still capable in fighting with a suit the only problem is that his reaction time is slower than the average pilot. At noon, Alex was interrupted in his work. All of the sudden his computer screen flashed incoming call. Sir Alex turned on the call. The image of the commander of the base flashed in front of Alex screen. Alex stopped all the typing and proceeded to salute the commander saying, “Sir Alex Victorioso, reporting to your call as requested”. The commander proceeded to salute the young officer “Sir Alex Victorioso, I have received a request to fix your water heater correct?”. Alex nodded and said “That is correct sir!”. The Commander smiled and said “Due to peacetime cuts we won’t be able to fix the water heater, instead I am assigning you to new quarters” Alex nodded as he understood the predicament “You are assigned now to room 102, with a roommate Rob Langer, he just arrived to the base you are ordered to show him around the base”. As soon as Alex heard the situation he yelled “WHAT?!?!, Commander there must be a mistake…I mean a roommate!!!!” The Commander looked at Alex in the monitor and said “Nope no mistake, this is an order”. Alex: You can’t be serious!!!!! Show him around too!!!! Are you sure I can stay in my old room” Commander: No is against regulation, besides you haven’t been able to socialize anybody…for a political figure you need to socialize more. And Alex once more this is not a request this is an order, understood?” Alex: Yes sir. As the conversation finished, Alex slammed his face to the monitor. “AHHHH, why does this have to happen to me…what happens if the person is a cheerful…worse yet maybe he is dump…I should join ZAFT coordinators are at least smart enough to leave me alone….cheesh…the price of loyalty”. Alex a little bit mad walked to room 102. Using his new key he opened the door. He noticed someone lying on the bed. Using his professional tone of voice Alex mentioned “Mr. Langer I presume…my name is Sir Alex Victorioso….please address me as Sir, since it is my title. I am sure this is going to be a good “bonding” experience…however, I actually don’t care as long as you don’t say anything stupid we should get along fine. I am also instructed to show you around the base, however there were no order to be your buddy….as long as you keep to your things and don’t intervene on my things we should get along” Alex looked at his new roommate he was hearing a standard uniform however; he noticed that he had a cheap undershirt. “I assume that you need shopping for new clothes because that shirt is hideous, better cover it with the uniform”.
  12. Alex was never an experienced combatant; however, he one thing was apparent to him. Time appeared to be in a standstill. For Alex it seemed that time was almost in a standstill. What it seemed to be an half hour was actually ten minutes. Ten minutes that Alex stood behind an Asteroid, he saw a small bleep in the system. It seemed to him that his opponent entered the opposite side of the asteroid. Because of all of the debris and movement in the area it was hard to calculate his trajectory. Grabbing the controls of the Strike Gundam, Alex began to think moves ahead. “Let’s see on the opposite sides, if I go full speed he would be able to easily tell where I was, hence losing my stealth advantage and opening myself for a surprise attack.” Not thinking that he wanted to defeat himself, Alex though to do something more interesting. Opening the international aid broadcast channel Alex did a bold move. “This is Alex Victorioso of the Kingdom of Scandinavia transmitting to unknown pilot for enemy mobile suit. If you surrender now, I am more than willing to give you proper treatment. This is your final warning”. As Alex closed the signal, he understood the possibility of the enemy pilot surrendering are slim. But that was not the point, the point was to let him know where he was. As soon Alex finished the broadcast, he used his air thruster, to do a low energy maneuver behind another asteroid in the opposite direction of his persecution of his opponent. “Let’s see what he does, run to target, shoot at target, try a surprise maneuver or do nothing, this should be interesting what the enemy pilot does….good way to judge his character”. Alex thought to himself.
  13. Yeah, I might do that. To bad about the peace treaty....however according to Gundam SEED rules 1. No one in Strike dies...is the safest Gundam in the word 2. If you have someone with pink hair in charge, you are allowed to break treaties and put whatever you want in your military....now who has pink hair to put in in charge of NOVA....
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