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  1. Looking up at the two VoLPHAU sitting out on the runway, Karl sighed. He watched the three ZAKUs, covered in the standard olive drab, be moved onto the aircraft. He stopped and turned to look at all the men running around and chuckled. "With the way these guys are runnin around, you would think that this sortie actually has some sort of importance." Karl noticed that he was the only one who wasn't one board a transport. He turned back around and started to walk towards the VoLPHAU, but at a more brisk pace. He boarded the large transport and headed for his assigned mobile suit. As he approached the suit marked with a large 03, he was approuched by a man with a clipboard. Before the man had said anything, Karl had grabbed the clipboard and walked away. As he stood and looked at the ZAKU that towered above him, he remembered the very first time he had piloted or even seem a mobile suit up close. "Some how, the awe just isn't around anymore." Walking forward and grabbing the lift, Karl was raised into the air and drawn towards the cockpit of his new machine. Hoping off the lift, he walked into the cockpit and as soon as he sat down, he closed the doors. "Everything has that new car smell, it's pissing me off. Christ, this is what we have to pilot, give me anything over this thing any day." He reached down and pulled his MP3 player out and changed the song. Turning his attention back to the machine, he looked at his list of possible equipment. Looking at his options, he shook his head. "I think I'll just go without any of this crap. This stuff is just gonna slow me down." Karl then started to work on his communications and established a one way channel with the rest of his "team". I can hear them, but they can't talk to me. He sat back in the seat and waited for this little show to begin.
  2. Karl watched the blade head strait towards the side of his GINN. "Bout time, I can finish this now." The force of the blade cutting into the side of the suit was giving Karl a hard time with the controls. Fortunately for him, the blade got stuck about half way through the waist, so he had a little more time. Looking down at the self destruct handle, Karl sighed. "I didn't want to have to resort to this, but oh well." He moved the GINN's left arm up, slowly, and stabbed the massive sword into the right side of the other mobile suit. "There that oughta hold him... for the moment." He took his hands of the GINN's controls and grabbed the self destruct handle, pulling up and starting the count down. The cockpit door cover blew off and Karl floated out. Looking at the the GOUF, he saluted and left. "With that sword stuck in his waist, he won't be able move unless he cuts himself in half and then I win anyways." Looking back, he smiled. "If he's smart, he'll bail out, if not... he's dearly departed."
  3. Mikhail looked up from his daze and saw that the pilot of the Blast Impulse had opened a channel with him. He looked back down before giving the simple reply "Yes". He paused for a moment, then continued. "I only ask that you stay out of my way, or I'll shoot you." He stopped and turned his attention back to the mobile suit that was closest to him, but Mikhail left the channel open, wondering if the other pilot would respond to this advise. Most did, and not positively.
  4. Karl brought the headphones up to his ears and gently placed them in. Pulling his hand out of the gray bag, he brought the MP3 player up to his face. This thing is pretty beaten up, maybe I'm due for a new one. After this "mission", I head into town and get one. He looked up just as Wullf was beginning his briefing. Glancing back down at the screen, he browsed through the songs until he found one he liked. Starting it, he turned the volume up loud enough to block everything else, including Wullf. He found it funny the attention all the other people seemed to be giving Wullf, almost like his advise was going to save their lives. Time seemed to pass slowly, despite the music blaring in his ears. It looked as if Wullf was rapping his little speech up. Bout god damn time he finished this. He grabbed the cords attaching the headphones and yanked them out of his ears. "This thing should last the rest of the exercise at least." He watched all the other pilots head towards the cage and smirked. "These guys didn't even come prepared." He grabbed the bag and walked out towards the hellipad A.
  5. Mikhail eyed the small, brown, vile in his hand. He glanced back up looking at the sky. "Huh, nice day to fight..." It seemed as if he was the first one there, but he wasn't totally sure. The helmet in his left hand felt heavy and for the first time in ages, Mikhail found himself a little nervous. He stood there, on that island and remembered what he had been told before he had left. The words ran through his head as vividly as they had when he first heard them. "Now, I will only repeat this once, so listen well. This vile contains enough Gamma Glipheptin for exactly half an hour. That's about 2.5 doses. should you happen to fail to finish the fight, there will be another vile inside the Forbidden. This vile will contain enough for another hour at most. After that, you're on your own. The picture of the scientist faded from view as Mikhail opened his eyes. He looked back down at the vile again and sighed. I can't drink this until the fight begins. If i drink it too soon, then it'll run out before the fighting is over. But in all actuality, it might to that anyway. Damn, half an hour. No one can end a fight like this in half an hour. Unfortunately, Mikhail had hoped that he would be right on time, getting there just as the fight had begun, so Mikhail hadn't brought anything to occupy his time if he was early. He walked back towards the Forbidden which casted a long shadow over over the grounds. He grabbed the lift and headed up towards the cockpit. When he reached it, Mikhail climbed in and brought up the radar. Glancing back and forth over the screen, Mikhail swore under his breath. "God damn it. Where the hell are they?" Although Mikhail was a patient person, he had a quick and bad temper and he was starting to lost his patients. Climbing back out of the cockpit and onto the door, he sat down on the warm metal, letting his feet hang over the edge. "I wish I had brought the mobile suit technical specifications. At least I could do something." Staring off into the distance, Mikhail remembered his other instructions. We have have authorized the use of deadly force if need be. You are instructed to push that machine to the limits of it's technology. If need be, prolong the fight in order to determine the combat effectiveness of the Forbidden against ZAFT's more advanced Mobile suits. The suit is far too important to lose, but you on the other hand, are an expendable asset. I repeat, test the Forbidden, prevent ANY damage to it, and test the skill of the other pilots. Mikhail had long since lost track of time. His watch had been broken since he left the Earth forces carrier. His thoughts were disturbed by an alarm in the Forbidden's cockpit. Mikhail stretched, got up and walked back into the cockpit. Looking at the radar, Mikhail nodded his head and grabbed his helmet off the console. He looked at the radar again. "Mobile suit is to far to get a model type. Well, no matter. Unless it is the... Blast Impulse, then I'll just shoot it down. Looks like another 20 or 25 minutes before it arrives. That gives me just enough time to get under the water." With that, Mikhail sealed the cockpit off and activated the mobile suit's systems. Turning the massive Forbidden around and moved it to the water and started in. When the water was about 20 feet taller than the mobile suit, Mikhail stopped it and turned the non essential systems off. "All most game time."
  6. Karl was dazed, but not stupid. He clearly saw the hand move across the torso, holding the sword like it was in a sheath. "Stupid bastard's gunna try and cut me in two." Karl paused and shifted his weight in the seat. "There might only be one option for this, and I must say that I'm not a fan of it." Taking his hand off the right control stick, he reached down and placed his hand on the self destruct handle. Even with the glove on, the could feel the cool metal underneath his hand. "Well, this should be the last move of the game." Karl moved his right hand to the communications and opened a channel with the other pilot. "Pilot, even if I lose, I guess I can be proud in the sence that I near defeated you and your GOUF in an old GINN. Anyways, good luck pilot. Karl had only one strategy: charge in, take the hit, destroy the enemy. God speed.
  7. If we have moved onto the mobile suit choices, then will this work? Pilot: Mikhail Draganov Mobile Suit: GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam
  8. Karl continued down the corridor looking for the door. Once again, Karl was greeted with an unplesent blast of hot air as he opened the door. "Well, now that his royal pain in the ass has given his order, I believe that this is the part where I tell him to shove it." Karl walked around the building and dropped his bag onto the ground. Crouching down over the grey canvas bag, he unzipped it and pulled out a lump of bandages. "God damn, this is gunna sting a little" Karl said as he pulled, slightly, on the neck cover. Grabbing the collar in his fist, Karl ripped the collar away from the cut. "This thing had already started to clot? What the hell was the point in doin this then?" Separating one of the bandages from the rest, he placed it onto the cut, pulled the collar back up and onto the bandage to hold it in place and threw the stuff back into his bag. He zipped it up as he walked towards the front door, slinging the bag over his shoulder just as he pulled the door open. He continued down the hall, which was unusually quiet. Stopping for a moment, Karl wondered if they had even started yet. "If they have, great. Less of listening to Wullf and that other guy... whatever his name is. If they haven't, then the rest of the "team" hasn't shown up yet." Karl resumed his walk down the quiet hall, stopping in front of his door. Reaching down and grabbing the cool handle, Karl turned the knob and pushed the door open. Looking around, he saw only James and Wullf. Just great. The newbie and the prick. "Did ya miss me?"
  9. "Ya he did. He didn't even do it for a real reason either. He told me to go and get this little cut checked out." Karl pulled the suits collar down to show James the "little" cut. "It's not even bleedin that much, stupid douche. We'll no matter, I'll get to let some of this frustration go during this exercise." With that, Karl turned and walked towards the aid station.
  10. If there is still a spot open, I'll join and pilot the Forbidden Gundam.
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