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  1. I made a thread in pointless chatter. I'll try to be active when I can... Thanks for your understanding - Bladester50
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    Err I already was but I will be inactive for a while... Sorry schools started.. Its like this every year. Sighh Well I got mid terms to prepare for. Its grade 9 the year where you gotta focus to get into the nice streams in highschool. I doubt getting good marks in grade 9 is THAT hard but still I'ma focus. I'll be on when I can. Thanks for your understanding. Also Tomorrow My internet is being cut. We're getting new service in my dad's new home once we move there ( abt next week ) I'll be active when i can so don't count me out just yet! Thanks.... GO ORB!
  3. As I said somewhere else. School is KILLING my time on comp. I'll try my best to be on though..
  4. We're in CE 85? ummm I never knew.... Hmmm Well It seems like a nice idea to have it. Though I'm thinking of the main area where that is would be cockpit
  5. Umm RP with people in other factions? I'm good... Though schools killing my computer time...
  6. Uhhh so anyone wanna recap what we decided to do and not do? o.0 I'm going on vacation to ontario soon...just you let you know
  7. just a question... If its put on hold can I do a different coliseum match? Either way.... THIS MATCH IS ON HOLD.
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    its fine. DAMNIT... sighhh well we'll see what happens with the battle.
  9. I'm OK at HTML I can help on a website. Just use my username... Bladester50
  10. Kaoru quickly drew his beam rifle out. He counter fired at the beams. As his beam collided with his opponent's beam it made a small explosion. All the beams were gone but the anti armor missiles were headed strait towards him! Quickly he un - activated his variable phase shift to save his energy. " How was that.... " He said on an open channel. Without phase shift or thrusters his energy was fine. Quickly he ran a little farther from the buster.
  11. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/47052713/ this one. Its small on that so can you like send me a full size? pwease..
  12. Kaoru noticed his battery going down. Maybe overusing thrusters wasn't smart after all. He zoomed down towards the earth and made sure that he had a nice landing. He knew this was what the enemy wanted. The enemy was a long range type. He could of course retaliate with his Scylla but his energy would drain fast. Kaoru wasn`t even in firing range! He could do nothing besides hopefully evade the attacks sent to him. He would wait out the enemies energy. After all those cannons that the enemy held were real drainers too. `` Come on fire... `` Kaoru said in the open channel. Kaoru wondered what his opponent would do. If he was lucky the opponent would fire a barrage of beams and use up most of his energy. He readied himself for anything.
  13. As the referee had started the match Kaoru saw the bleep on his sensors. Quickly flew through the sky towards the enemy. He already had his 60mm beam rifle out. Once he at a fair distance he fired two beams from his beam rifle. Quickly he transformed into his mobile armor form. and flew strait for the buster. He flew behind of the buster and quickly charged then went onto the mobile armor attack form. He blasted the buster with the Scylla energy cannon. Then reverting back to MS form he held his beam rifle in ready. " Lets have some fun... " Kaoru said to his opponent The two beams flew at his opponent. Kaoru waited to see how his opponent would react. It was important to observe his enemy's style and to keep a watch on his energy bar. It didn't seem too drained though he had to be careful.
  14. Kaoru launched from the base that he was in. He started his thrusters and zoomed through to the grasslands where he would soon fight. He sat in his Aegis waiting for the Buster to appear. Once the Buster appeared there would be a fight. It would most likely destroy and burn all this grass. The wind rushed past the grass. Kaoru propelled himself higher, this way he would see when his opponent arrived. While he waited he ran some OS checks. He hoped that everything was fine. After all there would be a devastating fight. Once he was sure that everything was OK he drew he beam rifle in wait. He wondered how long the fight would be. I wish I had ate something before going out here... Oh well its too late now.
  15. So I can post this in the battle place now right? Well I'm guessing I do... I'll introduce myself first..
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