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  1. Makoto was drinking an energy drink as he entered the meeting area. He looked around only to see his Landis, his squad leader sitting alone as other people ran on by. Makoto stopped in the entranceway, backed out slowly then poked his head in looking around only to see a confused Commander Landis sitting by himself. Makoto looked around again, and walked in cautiously, carefully setting his empty can in the recycling bin. He walked slowly and stood in front of the commander. He cautiously saluted and then carefully sat down. He couldn't figure out if he was just extremely late or if by some strange twist of events he was actually on time for once. Makoto sat there looking at his watch, and even kicked his feet out in boredom. He then spoke up. "I am on time right Commander? I thought for sure Clare, or even Brian would be here before ME." Makoto had a confused look on his face and scratched his head trying to figure out what was up. "This isn't some prank is it Commander?" Makoto said with a suspicious look on his face as he reached for his own packet of instructions for the War Games. He carefully read it over and immediately started sweating bullets. One and a half hours! Makoto thought. This is our first time operating as a squad in a mission setting and they want us to do this in that period of time. They must be nuts. Makoto looked around to spot other members of the squad, but at this moment he could not see anyone. So this is what if feels like to be on time, Makoto thought...
  2. Kaizer I regret to inform you that I am not capable of creating your character art any time soon. I really want to do it, just with school and other things going on in my life, it is hard for me to even create doodles, let alone actual peices. I am sorry, but I may still do it in my free time. I am sure others would love to take this offer. Once again I apologize, I am just not capable of doing this at the moment. I hope you will understand.
  3. That made me laugh so hard. Its amazing what people can do in their free time!
  4. Okay sounds good. I have never watched Mai-Hime, or Ouran Host Club, however I will need some reference pictures of Piro (as i have heard of megatokyo, just never really read it) and some of Shiki Tohno. I am glad to hear that you have confidence in me. Is there any specific time-frame that you need this done by? This should be fun!
  5. Hey, Kaizer I could do it for you. I would need some specs and whatnot, but I could do it eventually. It would have to be digital art, but it would be in splendid color. http://athrun-zala-guy.deviantart.com/ that is my deviantart site. check out all of my gallery and tell me if you are interested, because I sure am. I'm always lookin for challenges.
  6. This is what I first pictured Makoto Corale to look like. Of course in MY perfect little world he is a ZAFT Redsuit, but here he is merely a Greensuit. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j200/Makoto24/img003.jpg[/img] And I want Your all's opinion on this picture. I drew it, almost a year and a half ago, and i know there is work to be done, but does it resemble Vincent Valentine from FFVII:AC at all? It was my first attempt at realism in a WHILE. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j200/Makoto24/VincentValentine.jpg[/img]
  7. Name: Makoto Corale Faction: PLANT Rank (in faction): Mobile Suit Pilot, Greensuit Referrer: fireminerva Reference battle: [battle: 1 on 1] Makoto24 vs t569ssgoku
  8. Makoto smiled in return to Clare. He couldn't help but think that she was extremely flirty, especially with Ryou. Then he told Clare, "I know this place has some awesome recepies, but I've never been one for French cuisine. Now Italian or Chinese I'll take any day!" Makoto grinned from ear to ear as he said this. It seemed like he was getting along well with at least some of his squadmates. He then looked at Commander Zenastan and continued his statement. "As I was saying, GINNs were only good untill the Earth Alliance mass produced their own suits, then we needed to upgrade and build better suits like the ZAKU Warrior. But now, the Earth Alliance have better suits then they did before, and so we upgraded to fit that need, with the ZAKU Phantoms, and with their many packs like Slash and Blaze. As of now in the development of mobile suits, I believe that ZAKUs, and those of us fortunate enough to pilot GOUFs will be sufficient to defend the plants. Even if the Earth Alliance upgrades, our ZAKUs are very adaptable, so we should have no problem. Makoto looked around the table to see everyones reactions. He really hoped he wasn't talking to much, he just wanted to state his opinion. Makoto quickly snatched up his bottle of water, and started to drink it. Setting it down he wiped the excess water off with his napkin, and continued to make some observations about his team. He still wasn't sure about that Ryou guy, he seemed really touchy on some topics, like whenever someone mentioned Berlin, or the Destroy gundam that Blue Cosmos came up with, he seemed to tense up. Makoto would have to either become really good friends with this guy, or just avoid him all together, which he never liked doing.
  9. Makoto heard this, and was happy it was finally over, but at the same time he was dissapointed that it ended. The warrior in him was awakened and he wanted more, but then he remembered all of his training and being an honorable soldier. With that thought he re-opened a communications link between him and Janus. He opened his cockpit hatch, and stood on it so that Janus could see him. Makoto raised his right hand in a salute to his fellow pilot. "Good fight Janus. I am grateful to know that you are my ally and that we could possibly end up fighting along side each other on the battlefield someday." With that, Makoto returned to his cockpit, and shut the hatch. He then followed Janus' ZAKU out of the hangar.
  10. What?! Makoto was shocked to see that Janus defelcted the tomahawk throw. He then responded to what Janus had said, "Fine, I WILL DEFEAT YOU!" He saw Janus lower his left shoulder and charge preparing to strike. Makoto lowered his left shoulder in return and held his beam rifel in his right hand. Then he shot backwards as they collided. Makoto checked his suit, only to realize that his left sheild was cut clean through, and his right arm was gone from the elbow down. "Shoot....this is not good." He saw that Janus had passed him after the charge, and Makoto spun around and locked on to Janus' arm with the axe, and his cockpit. Heh. Which one will you block? If you choose to block the cockpit shot, then you are virtually weaponless, but if you choose to block the arm shot, then you are dead. Then he thought to himself I hope this ends...both of our suits cant handle much more of this...
  11. Makoto's vision started to come back, but as he did he felt a large bang, and his ZAKU got thrown backwards. As his vision slowly returned he realized that the left shield that was covering his cockpit had a huge gash in it. He was surprised it didn't go all the way through. Someone must be watching out for me... He thought as he then turned to see the opposing ZAKU attempting to leave the hangar, although it was moving rather slow. "Wow, I must have really done some damage...heh, time to end this!" He reattatched the grenade to his hip, and then proceeded to reach up for his last tomahawk, but realized that the left arm had some trouble moving up to get it. It must have happened when he hit my sheild...damn. Makoto finally grabbed the tomahawk and switched it to the ZAKU's right hand, and then proceeded to throw it at Janus' mid-section. "This has to end now!" [EDIT: goku reminded me of the grenade i was holding, and truth be told....i just forgot about it. I edited it to place it back onto my hip.]
  12. Makoto grinned as he saw the explosion down the hall. He started to move forward then saw the black ZAKU stading, without a Slash pack. "Crap...How'd you dodge that?!" Makoto then saw Janus arm and throw a grenade, but by the time he realized what Janus was doing it was too late. The blast went off and blinded Makoto. Instinctively Makoto gripped the trigger and opened fire down the hall with his slash gatling guns. He kept firing unleashing a barrage of blasts at Janus, because that was all he could do, due to his impared sight. He eventually stopped and pulled a grenade from his belt. Not arming it, he hid it behind a sheild as he covered up vital points on the ZAKU preparing for the worst.
  13. Makoto saw the mobile suit fly past him at incredible speeds. He kept his main thruster turned off but quickly moved into the hallway pulling out and throwing one of his beam tomahawks right at Janus' suit. "Heh. Dodge that!" Makoto grinned as he then proceeded to pull out his beam rifle out and lock on to the opposing ZAKU's knee joints. "Take this!" Makoto yelled as he fired off 4 shots at the black ZAKU. If those shots connected, along with the tomahawk, then Janus' mobility would decline sharply and Makoto would be able to take this battle easily.
  14. [OOC: Terribly Sorry for the delay. I've just not been myself lately in the head. Too much stuff going on, and I may not always be able to respond within a day, just because...well parents...blah blah...okay back to the fight...] Makoto noticed that his shots never connected with the opposing mobile suit. Hmmm...This guy is fast. He noticed that he was almost at the hangar and picked up the pace. He decided to swirl around so he was facing the facility, but as he pulled his shield away he noticed a couple of shots heading his way. Fortunately none of them were dangerously close, and most of them hit debris. However he did have to flip 90 degrees down to dodge one of them. Hmmm...my only chance is to get into the facility. Makoto thought as he entered the entrance to the hangar. Makoto quickly hid behind a wall perpendicular to the entry-way of the hangar, and shut off his main thruster temporarily so his heat signature would not be as strong. Hiding behind the wall he put the ZAKU's hands on the beam axe preparing to strike. Makoto looked around as he waited to see if there were any more spots where he could launch a surpise attack. He grinned and then waited for the enemy to appear, so he could hopefully end this quickly.
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