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  1. The Liberty Freedom came in hard at the Zeta era suit. Marco fired blasts consecutively at the shiny mobile suit only for it to be stunned at best or distracted. “That’s fine!” Marco called out as he got in close. “I was hoping for an excuse to use this!” He howled as the tossed the buster rifle aside and drew out a sword mace from his back. Shiki brough up its blades to block the attack but the force was startling as Marco hit hard with the massive sword. Sensing that his opponent was rattled, a toothy grin grew on Marco’s lips. “Don’t like that?” Before Quattro could bring his weapons
  2. “Ma’am! Blue Frame! Her signal is gone!” Hawthorne’s scowl of frustration froze into an expression of shock. “S-say that again!” She stammered, but shook as she asked. The comm officer looked back to lock eyes with the captain and grimly shook her head and repeated, “Ma’am Blue Frame’s signal dropped off the map. I can’t raise Halston!” Slamming her fist into the chair, Delphine held back any tears, she couldn’t appear weak to her own crew. “Noted…” She stated rather coldly, a contrast to the outrage she was keeping in check. “We have to repeal the enemy before we can do anything…”
  3. “What the-!” Spider grumbled as more and more divers suddenly appeared at his proverbial doorstep. “Just what the hell is going on here?” As he asked, he spun on his heel to glare at the fugitive diver who remained poised on the sofa and only tilted his head in response. Gabriel glared right back at Spider, “You know, I’ve done some shady things in my past. But you take things too far, even for me.” The words caused the hacker to fully turn and regard Gabriel. “You not only bullied people, but you’ve threatened them beyond this digital world. To put it simply… You’ve actually hurt people.
  4. Out of no where a brilliant golden stream of energy coursed across the battlefield and was finally deflected by the Hiyaku Shiki with its’ reflective armor. The energy sputtered around like an acrid fog and the NPDs did take pause to consider the source. Floating above all the combatants was a new mobile suit that no one had seen before. The newcomer hailed the members of Fluers De Noblesse, “How about we make this an even fight?” The Freedom Variant seemed to peer at Wade, “No time for fancy introductions, the name is Marco Creed, and our friend asked if I can help you guys ou
  5. Edmund grumbled something unintelligible as they duo talked about their comrade getting killed. Then Albus went off on poor Eco. Edmund stoically watched but gritted his teeth. Albus may have wanted to be a better team player but he sure wasn’t acting like it. Though in the end it didn’t really matter, after all the circumstances wouldn’t change them being all pushed upon each other. Celestial Being was crippled, forced to fall in on itself to try and salvage its’ abhorrently lofty goals. “In any case… sorry for your loss…” He muttered as he pushed to leave the room. What’s done was done, and
  6. So I’m trail blazing here! We’re going to try “cloning” the hip from red frame to use on Gold Frame. you can see Red Frame doesn’t want to help... But we’re only borrowing the hip... I forgot to take a picture before putting them in the water but we’re using a reusable clay molding material. It arrives in like clear plastic cubes. You dunk them in hot (like boiling) water for 3 minutes then it becomes malleable. you then press the part you want to copy into the material and let it cool down and set. Then you get a second half of the materi
  7. So after a long hiatus due to back injury I’m back to building some Gunpla! So far she’s been an interesting build. A little bit of Déjà vu to the Red Frame which is to be expected for this. It is certainly one of the shiniest kits I’ve ever dealt with, which makes sanding down the parts both more crucial and more painful to do, but these nub marks can be a devil to get out, especially for something so shiny. On the note of nub marks, I’ve added a new tool to my arsenal and I cannot recommend it enough. Especially if you do straight builds and don’t paint
  8. Nathaniel’s frown grew considerably as he got closer to what appeared to be GINNs. Then like a bolt of lightning he felt a familiar sensation. “No! Could it really be him?” He was so engrossed in the alien sensation that he didn’t realize that 76mm rounds were flying towards him until they splattered against his raised shield, eating chunks off the shield and creating a cloud of smoke. Even the attacks felt different, as if they were muddled with a fierce emotion. Despite that, the bullets still hit hard. The impact was sudden and harsh, sending gold frame reeling backwards in a dive towa
  9. “What the hell!” Spider spat out as he came back into the lobby of his mansion. Hunter perked up at the words wondering if the jig was up. It was moments like that he was glad for his mask, so his face didn’t give away his expressions so easily. “What’s the matter?” Aker asked with alarm. In response the hacker pulled up his menu and threw up a video onto the nearest wall. The feed was outside in space, it showed a lone brown Gundam floating off in the distance. The machine was motionless as it studied its surroundings. “I guess you are special aren’t you?” Spider sneered as he glared at
  10. Edmund was surprised by the answer from the bizarre Haro unit. He supposed by this point he really shouldn’t have been surprised by the development. Despite himself his gaze followed both Hayano and Leesa leave the room. His thoughts wondered and when he was asked if he had any questions he blurted out, “Veda?” He shook his head hoping no one would think anything about his words. He zoned out slightly as he considered his thoughts. Maybe I could get access to Veda to figure out more about Leesa and myself? The stoic Meister focused again when he heard Albus mentioning something about the
  11. How Things Could Be… He didn’t understand why he ate. The food tasted just fine, enjoyable even. But why did he eat? Lounging back in his oversized office chair, Aker called out with a mouthful of food. “8 have you had any luck tracking this Spider creep down?” The computer screen in front of the Psuedo EL diver flickered to life and the hacked AI replied, “Negative. The best I can determine is he is using some sort of filter when he logs in.” Aker nodded in agreement; he couldn’t say he was too surprised by that revelation. “He probably logs into his own hellish hacked f
  12. (I have performed the dark ritual of necromancy once and I shall do so again! I was going through my notes and saw that I had written this conclusion a while ago. Figured I’d throw it up here!) For many moments no one reacted. Smoke and debris still rose out from the building that Erland had crashed into. The swirling dust gave a mock sensation of wind rolling across the lunar complex. A particularly large cloud obstructed the view between the two standing grazes and the crimson Gundam. The curtain was a que and seemingly all the active suits bursted into action. Edwin and the Gundam fire
  13. Nathaniel glared as Lowell replied back to his answer. Then it hit him, a moment of absolutely clarity, of sincerity perhaps. This was the first time this strange man had been telling him the truth. It was in that truth that Nathaniel felt like he was experiencing the vastness of the universe, the very sentiment sent a chill down his spine. What is this feeling? Whatever it was he had no doubt now that the man in front of him was his enemy. He couldn’t just attack him could he? Was he that kind of man? For a long while he simply stared at the man, studying him as if this was som
  14. Edmund snuck into the briefing later than usual. Normally he’d be punctual, but he was fiddling with his replacement helmet. His new mask was the spitting image of the one that broke. Even though he was willing to be more upfront with Albus, didn’t mean he was willing to be as open with everyone else, especially Sumeragi. A red flag was still raised in the back of his head about her and he deeply suspected that it had something to do with his past, specifically why he couldn’t fully remember her. The miester’s thoughts trailed away as he heard Albus’ outburst over their newest member. Ed
  15. Nathaniel almost didn’t hear the warning about additional bogeys as another volley slammed into his raised shield. He hissed a curse under his breath as he tried to assess the situation. Being able to fly so far had given him a tremendous advantage but it also made him more liable for these type of situations. Chromatic team had hit into the enemy ranks pretty hard. What little experience and training advantage they had was proving to be a great asset. “I’ve got no choice then…” Nathaniel muttered as he dived Gold Frame in towards the scattering M1’s. At this point the enemy was confused
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