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  1. He couldn’t believe it, he knew it would happen and he still couldn’t fathom what was going on. Aker stood in the lobby of GBN, successfully logged in and looking rather foolish as he flexed his left arm while grinning like an idiot. Clenching his fist he held it in front of him, “that’s more like it! I’ll definitely take better care this time around!” His contemplation was interrupted as he got a message from Wade. At first Aker was startled, thinking that maybe the Fleurs leader had been looking for him all this time. “How long have I been gone?” Aker mumbled to himself as he went for
  2. A few days later Gabriel groaned as he rolled in a familiar bed. His head throbbed, and the sensation didn’t feel any better from his stirring. He slowly rose, sitting up straight and squinting as he spied the rays of the sun peaking into his room from his window. He spied the landscape outside the window, a city skyline resembling Tokyo and the sleepy suburbs of his apartment. In one corner was a terminal used to log into GBN, on an opposite wall was a well sorted out desk with gunpla and other various building materials. “My apartment…” he mumbled as he planted his feet bef
  3. Athrun remained stunned as the Leo darted past him to go aid a comrade. What stunned him most was how outperformed the Aegis was by the eerie looking mobile suit. The difference in strength was too great to ignore. Naturally Athrun’s curiously then fell toward the shuttle which did manage to escape it seemed. “Whoever they were they are someone else’s problem now.” Athrun muttered before turning on his comm channel, “All units regroup inside the base, we need to reassess the situation.” It was the closest he could get to actually retreating given the circumstances. Athrun warned over an open c
  4. The mystery pilot’s smirk evaporated as the peculiar Gundam shot down a handful of their funnel bits. “Why you!” They growled and chuckled after a pause. “You’re lucky I’m on the clock punk or I’d really teach you a lesson!” Shrugging their disappointment aside the pilot sent the remaining bits to attack the GINNs closest to Lacus’ shuttle. The bits danced around sending out a flurry of emerald shots making quick work at destroying or immobilizing a majority of the defense forces left. “Now can’t have you boys spoiling the fun!”the pilot mused and nodded to themselves as they recalled th
  5. May as well update as I wait for turkey! Clipping the parts on can be a bit tedious and even challenging. I made my clips by hot gluing skewers to electric clips. I have a few skewers just bare so I can use the pointy ends too. Some parts I had to get creative with like this shoulder armor, there wasn’t an area I could clip or poke through so instead of using hot glue I decided to try making this ball of play do from my kids to try and fit the part. It’s a little loose but seems to be doing the job for the most part. Now that everything is clipped on (well half of ev
  6. Athrun scoffed at the pathetic attempt to have him lower his guard. It’s true that if he had been alone he likely would have paused to talk things out but here he was with literally the Plants to his back, his homeland, and he couldn’t take such a reckless risk. “I’m not buying that this time!” He roared, more so to dispel his disbelief over the claim that Lacus and Kira would even be together, how ridiculous would that be after all? So caught up in the moment, Athrun didn’t string together the notion why Icaus would know about those two key people in his life. It didn’t matter at that moment
  7. Ajis gasped out as a blue streak flew by him (Carter), “What the hell was that?” he hardly had time to consider as he focused on his objectives. It was becoming clear to him that these weren’t ordinary foes they were facing and that they needed a shift in tactics if they were going to overcome these peculiar foes. He lost track of the black gundam as he was focused on the blue streak sure enough he saw the unit on the ground now but decided to hold his units back as he saw the Leos attempt to counter attack. “We‘ll swoop in if we need to.” He promised as he waited for a moment above. ——
  8. Athrun grimaced as the unknown force responded to his hail. It was a weak excuse they were giving, one that seemed too convenient to be offered at that moment. It was the same Cadet from before who seemingly read Athrun’s thought. “Sir this could be a trap.” Athrun nodded then responded to the fellow coordinator, “I think you’re right, that’s a lot to prove on their behalf…” Athrun switched channels to talk to the mercenary group. “That may be, however we need to confirm your claim. Halt your approach and await our inspection.” Athrun went to move ahead of the amassing GINNs. — Deep
  9. By this point Aker had assumed that Icarus had been the reasonable one of the group. To say that his answer to Aker’s question was akin to a splash of water to the face wasn’t exaggerated. Aker flexed his left arm up and down as he considered the candid response. Part of him wanted to retort, “but you guys can’t die…” before the words could formulate though Wade chimed in; their fearless leader seemed rattled from the last encountered, a fact that oddly seemed to comfort Aker. A sympathetic smile etched along Aker’s face at the explanation Wade gave and he found himself nodded in agreement wit
  10. Clotho yelled out in a blind rage and didn’t think twice as he launched towards the missile barrage. It proved to be the greatest and last mistake of his life. The Flag was battered by the projectiles and erupted into a spray of molten metal and flames, landing just shy of Million. Aker skidded to a stop dumbfounded by the death of the extended. Turning his attention he looked to see another flag, Shani, getting impaled by Wade’s machine. “No…” Aker mumbled as his jaw grew slack from what he was seeing. He thudded his fist against his side monitor, “no damnit!” He clenched his eyes as he consi
  11. Ok so here’s a small update. I looked everything over and looked to see if there was anything worth scribing. Before I screw things up I practiced doing the “light switch” scribe in a piece of of the runner. As you may or may not be able to tell I wasn’t doing a good job, so I decided not to try it on this kit. I did decide to scribe normally by the ankle to try and even out an existing piece separation line. I also added some detail on the feet but that was all I opted to do. This kit was just too busy to really do much else. With all the scribing done it was time to ta
  12. Thought it would be nice to list all the known forces in GBN. Please feel free to add on any, they could either be relevant to a single character or mentioned in passing. There is no particular order to these. I’ll make updates when I’m able to! Challengers of Diamond - Player force used in the main story. Known Characters: · Aida: Cosmotel > Airbatel > Aquatel · Carter Lee: Zaku Foreunner > Comet Dagger · Kyle O’Connor: Trinames Repair > Zeong > Trinames · Apollo: Gundam Oriole · Isla (NPD): Galbaldy > GP03 &g
  13. Orga’s eyes went wide as the strange suit charged in at him, to his credit he brought his blade across to block the sword rush only to be foiled by the feint. When his blade met no resistance he instinctively tried to push the barrel of his rifle forward to make desperate point blank shots. It was this act that saved his sword hand at the cost of having his barrel stabbed instead. The weapon exploded as he attempting to fire the weapon, the explosion sent the Flag falling backwards with Orga hissing, “Why you!” He recovered quickly reaching for his second blade. A little more respect for his o
  14. “Who cares?” The gruff voice replied back to Aker as the flag pushed the Jager away and repositioned its’ blade for a stab. “I’m here to kill you!” Aker cut his thrusters to drop the Astray and avoid the stab thinking it would off balance his opponent. His guess was incorrect as he realized the stab was a feint and the Flag used the distance to raise their rifle and fired a volley at Aker. Again Aker angled the Jager to the right to have the shots explode against his shield, black smoke erupting from the damaged shield. Aker grunted and retracted his blade to level his pistol at the enem
  15. He was hesitant to say that he felt confident but it was hard not to feel that way with such a formidable force on his side. Aker knew what Fleurs was capable of doing and so far they had defied the odds in succeeding so well in all their challenges. “We can do this…” he vowed quietly to himself. His screen opened another window with a magnified view of Lacus loading into a shuttle at the end of the run way. Aker tilted his head as he saw a coffin looking device follow in her wake. The screen magnified again and he saw the face of Kira Yamato inside the casket looking capsule behind a protecti
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