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  1. Roromi

    Cosmic Era RP planning

    The more I think about it the more I like the post destiny idea. My biggest concern is filling in the tech gap. Btw great to see you again HHLkill3r!
  2. Roromi

    Universal Century RP planning

    I might be interested in joining. Depends on the setting and what not. My UC knowledge isn’t as great as CE but I might be able to work a character into something.
  3. Gundam strife... cloud strife... would be cool/a shame if you could paint it one color. Would love to see your dedicated kitbash!
  4. I’m sure somewhere in the bowels of this forum there’s a similar topic but I thought this would be fun to ask and discuss on here. So it’s simple, what is your favorite Gundam and why? For the sake of this conversation let’s keep this to Gundams only! We can do mass produced and special units down the road. I’ll start first! My favorite is Exia! Even over the OO from that series, the exia has this appeal that never washed away as the series progressed. I like that it has an array of beam sabers and even physical blades. I really liked the sword/shield/rifle combination it has too. From a purely fan perspective I like that it could switch from these old school beam saber fights to using this butcher blade on its arm. I also appreciated that they made it super agile and tough carrying on even after getting heavily damaged. It simply strikes me as having this balance of being menacing, destructible, and timeless. I hope someday to make a seed conversion... for reasons! how about you guys?!
  5. Roromi

    What are you reading?

    I’ll allow it! What podcast do you listen to currently?
  6. Those are pretty cool looking! I like that they seem kinda classy.
  7. I used to be an avid reader in my youth. Now that I’m an adult I find it harder to simply read a book. However, I still get lucky once in awhile to actually read something and with audible I’ve picked up at least listening to some great books and stories! I have a bad habit of starting a book reading some of it then picking up another. As it stands right now I’m midway through The Two Towers (Tolkien), and Jurassic Park The Lost World (Crichton). Also because audible rocks I’m listening to Day by Day Armageddon Beyond Exile (J.L. Bourne) it’s an awesome zombie series if anyone is into that! But I digress, what are some of the things you guys are reading currently (Or listening to)?
  8. Roromi

    Ian’s Gunpla displays

    Haha see the only safe place I can keep my stuff is in my garage on my workbench otherwise I have kids pawing at the “toys” or worse dogs getting their mouths on things. Gimme some time and I’ll get a decent backdrop. I need the criticism to get my butt in gear!
  9. So I just finished watching Gundam Build Fighters and it got me fired up to look at my old models. Plus the discussion on here got me excited to share some of the displays I gathered. Really the only Gunpla I’m technically showing is my precious Overflag. But I figured the other things were just as interesting! As time goes on I’m hoping to go back and fix up old kits and I’ll share them here. Cheers!
  10. Roromi

    SEED RPG restored

    My god the nostalgia there! I’m excited that this still exists!
  11. Roromi

    Cosmic Era RP planning

    I’m a bigger fan of post seed / pre destiny. I feel like there’s more fuel for conflict that can be picked up. It would be easy to retcon or ignore main characters and just have our people run with events. I think this would be a fresher start too. Thats my two cents I’ll go with whatever you guys decide though!
  12. Can’t go wrong with Haman! For reasons I can’t fully explain I feel like saying Lunimaria Hawke. I kinda liked her being a grunt and being somewhat skilled enough to not be helpless.
  13. Roromi

    Orbies (2012-ish)

    That’s cool! Almost makes me wish I was in ORB at the time 😉
  14. Roromi

    New Gundam RP timeline

    I’d feel most comfortable with CE. Maybe down the road I’d be willing to try something else? I also like the idea of post seed/ pre destiny. It would be fun to twist the story from there but also have the technology resources that we see from destiny.