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  1. I'm still in Utah. I've been bouncing around the state ever since graduation. Moved three times, and might well move again in a few months. 🙂
  2. Given past experience, I'm pretty comfortable with doing a CE-era RP. I'm open to UC as well, though I don't know much of canon past Char's Counterattack.
  3. DragonDaimyo

    Introduce yourself!

    Well, hello everyone! It was a bit of a shock to see an email from Advent Destiny after all this time. I've heard of thread necromancy, but this is the first instance of forum necromancy I've heard of. Not complaining, though! 🙂 I'm DragonDaimyo, though if you've seen anyone on the internets named Hobbles or Hobbles 1822, that's my usual screen name these days. I got involved in the old Seed RPG way back in 2005, and had a blast of a time with this and other RP sites, mostly Gundam related. I had first watched Gundam Seed a few months before I found the site, and it was what got me into w
  4. I, too, find no problems here. Looks good. [align=center]Serpent Tail[/align] [align=center][/align] Ian George Roromi, your application to join the Serpent Tail mercenary forces has been accepted. You will join with the rank of Recruit Pilot. The Serpent Tail is an old and well-known mercenary group which prides itself on its long record of excellent service to our clients. As a member of the Serpent Tail, you will be expected to contribute toward continuing this tradition. Please report to the Serpent Tail Central Command at Shesha Colony as soon as possible. When you arri
  5. As Kaizer noted, we had a storyline reset, so nothing big's happened quite yet. We're still in the Pre-war type phase. Orb was thrown in with NOVA along with the Kingdom of Scandanavia and USSA, so now NOVA is a major faction on par with PLANT and EA. And yes, Serpent Tail will now be a competing mercenary group with SoF (Join ST ). You should also take note of the revised Pilot Academy, which now only requires a Coliseum battle by the applicant, along with having their faction leader sponsor them, to receive a Basic Pilot License. As for current RPs, you should definitely take note o
  6. DragonDaimyo

    Heya Guys

    Holy smeg! It's Rob!! Sorry to hear to hear about what's going on with Keri's family, but I hope everything is starting to move into calmer waters now. As Valiant said, give her our best. At any rate, we'd love love to have you back if you've the time and inclination. As for Ray, you'd just have to modify him as per the new storyline (since he's a ZAFTie, it probably doesn't entail much, if any, effort ) and you're good to go.
  7. ((I apologize for taking so long to post here. My work's gotten fairly crazy lately. Murphy's Law has been in full effect. )) "That sounds like a plan to me. Shesha's a pretty nice place once you get settled in. Of course, I'm looking at it through a father's eyes, so you single folk might not agree." Micheal smiled, then gave a sigh that reeked of resignation. "Well, I suppose you're both dismissed. I have another appointment due to start here in a few minutes, and I think I need to head this cowboy off at the pass. I'll see you both down to the lobby." ((Don't take this as forcing yo
  8. DragonDaimyo


    Nice to have you with us, Blake. Welcome and enjoy your stay.
  9. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I really don't think that canon characters rule applies to OOC, or even to some IC comments on them, since they are, in my opinion, rather infamous parts of the CE universe's history. See fireminerva's post in Face-to-Face with the oblique reference to Freedom and Justice to get my context. Even if the Martian colonies are determined to exist now (not saying they didn't, but the project might have been abandoned and the people brought back to the Earth Sphere), without GENESIS Alpha or a similar system, it would around a year to get there via conventional dr
  10. @liubei013: Yeah, I finally finished Love Hina a couple days ago. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a happy ending, even if I did see it coming for the last 6 volumes. ^_^ Now if only Negima would come out faster. Blargh. _<" title="" /> As for the present, the first few installments of the Twilight of the Clans series have started coming in, and I've already finished Volume 1. Very good series thus far, IMO, though the fact that there's a bunch of different authors kinda shakes things up. They were really cheap, though. Most of them were only 3 USD.
  11. DragonDaimyo

    Tenka Doushi

    As already noted, you need to use the standard template. On a less monotonous note, I'll now move on. Nationality... I'm pretty darn certain there are no Martian colonies in the CE universe. Humanity remains confined to Earth Sphere (Earth, Luna, orbital colonies), so that will need to be corrected. As for your genetic enhancements, I don't *think* there'll be a problem, but you should probably run it past Valiant anyways, since its fairly nonstandard Coordinator mods.
  12. DragonDaimyo

    ello hello

    Hello there! Nice to see you've taken a liking to the site. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  13. Brian watched the video played by the Chairwoman with a very morbid interest. On one hand, he had never seen such combat on film before, and he realized that if he were to watch it with an eye on the mobile suits, he might pick up some good piloting ideas. Such analysis was next to impossible at the moment, however, because of the gruesome nature of the combat. This was no training video; it was live combat between two armies where the majority of the forces fielded had only one objective: the complete destruction of all enemy military personnel and civilian populations. The pilots were out fo
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