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    Collapsing Land

    Pilot: Kula Diamond Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X56S/θ Impulse Unit 2 Destiny Silhouette Note: Will make introduction Saturday(10/27) morning when I get off work.
  2. Wilhelm

    New MS Project

    I would pretty much like that as well, the faster we get the kinks worked out the better chance it has to make it through the grading process. Most of your information was quite informative to rehash what I did back at Seed RPG. We just have to think within certain guidelines, we can't really have speed/power/mobility all in one suit. So we should come down with some ideas, that we can combine together to make this suit fearsome, and a thorn in our enemy's sides. Since we already know a lot of Zaft wishes for this suit to come into play, myself included.
  3. Wilhelm

    New MS Project

    General and Technical Data Model number: ZGMF-X2018 Code name: Kampfer (Krieg Advanced Mobile Persecutor Forcing Eminent Retaliation) Unit type: Limited (Test)Production Heavy Assault Use Mobile Suit Manufacturer: Integrated Design Bureau Operator: ZAFT First deployment: CE85 Capacity: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso Height: head height 17.7 meters; overall height 18.2 meters Weight: empty 43.5 metric tons; max gross 78.5 metric tons Construction: Unknown Power plant: Ultra-compact Energy Battery, Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown
  4. Wilhelm

    New MS Project

    Kampfer] Since I'm technically still aligned to Zaft. This is the Kampfer I modified in Seed RPG back in the day. I did an initial conversion with limited depth in the weapon serial numbers. I kept the Kampfer as true to its UC version in terms of speed, and also making its lack of defensive weaponry apparent to give the enemy a false sense of superiority. Also, the electromagnetic chain mine, the Kampfer's best weapon seems to be left out. Its very plausible in the seed world as it was accepted back in Seed Rpg. I left out the panzerfausts(Sp) since they are essentially can be co
  5. Yes, its official I've returned after checking in to see how things were rolling along here at AD. After seeing a few things on the forum, and watching Double 00/UC Gundam I've decided to come back to the community that I left behind.
  6. Hrm, I hate to shoot down the conversions, but why would they need a Zero system where there already is a solution to the Spatially Aware/Newtype issue. The Advanced Quantum Processing System that was used in a variety of Seed Era units, and allows the average pilot the ability to control the weapons in simplistic fashion. From what I read, you intend to use this system to account for X character not being those very few who are allowed to become New types/Spatially Aware. This system appears to give those base players too much of an advantage, by giving them a more automated variant of
  7. Kotor II, Final Fantasy VI Advance, Bleach Shattered Blade, Gundam Seed and Generation of CE. When my seven month old 360 gets back from the ROD hospital in Texas, I can continue to play.Halo 3, Madden 08, NCAA 08, and Ace Combat 6 w flight stick XD. On a side note *t569ssgoku* Are you sure that is your tag for Bungie.net? I've been trying to see your service record to compare. Bungie.net (Aile Striker)
  8. It had been a great time roleplaying with everyone here, and over at Seed RPG all that time ago. My interest in Gundam has dwindled to little more than model making, and writing fics. So I'll have to gracefully step down from my position, and retire from the RP. I'm glad that things are starting up, and I hope that the newcomers, can form bonds that we have in the lengthy period I have served with you all. In closing, I hope that AD lives on with the next generation of role players. I may come back in the future as a role player if my interest peeks once again. Until that time, I'll simpl
  9. ~Seventy Two Months ago~ It all began with a small mistake, which would ultimately change the life for the young commander in the Zaft military. Alisha had started to focus on her private life, thinking of living styles outside of being a soldier for a majority of her life. She had taken a month off to get her life into perspective, and figure out what the next step would be in the rollercoaster called life. Alisha had returned to her once party like self, and started to attend social gatherings. At once such gathering Alisha ran into a young man Takashi Wilhelm. He was a gallant man, wit
  10. Everything looks good to me, looks to be a decent character and would be fun to Rp with.
  11. Faith, you can either read through which profile of X member you'd think would be a good member for your team. You could send them a PM, or just give me a list of the three others you would want, and I'd update them under your team listing.
  12. I have placed the commander, and Lieutenants into their prospective groups. Right, now I'll settle for 2 Base team(Asahi & FAITH), and One special Ops team(Wilhelm) Those that are in the Auxiliary are for the commanders to pick to fill in their team. When you have selected your members, I will place them underneath the team they belong to. Asahi/Faith you have 2/5 slots for your squads. When the squads have been filled; when the RP opens up again, there will be a meeting where you will meet your fellow team mates. Don't get me wrong, you can rp with anyone, I just want you all
  13. Okay with all the new members into the faction, I'm going to do a total rank revamp. Everyone's going to get new ranks, and those who were already in Zaft will be promoted. Squads will be in effect, so you all can become "comrades"
  14. Wilhelm

    Kylier Zergas

    That was an entertaining read, and thus far looks to be a promising character. I find it funny that you made her androgynous. So, now we have to have five or so male characters surround you, and change "Serpent Tail" to the "Ouran Host Club". If it means anything, I believe this profile is good to go. I see no continuity errors, or bulging ones thus far. So theres my few cents into the pot, keep up the good work Kai.
  15. Name: Kula Diamond Arena Nickname: N/A Other Titles: N/A Team: Currently involved with Psycho Soldiers Age: 17 Gender: Female Race: Coordinator Combat Style: Guerrilla Tactics, Preferred MWs: Varies Personality/History: Kula is a serious girl, who tends to think things as they come along. She is quick to take actions, and is well aware of the consequences. She is known to be methodical, and tries to study her enemy before making a tactical strike against its notable weaknesses. It is extremely hard to get Kula flustered; even in dire situations it would seem that she is always carryin
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