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  1. a mobile trace system is a cockpit system where in its most basic terms i can think you. you punch air, your Gundam punches. You kick, your Gundam kicks. Dont ask how vulcans, etc work I am not quite sure. Side effect. Your Gundam losses an arm, yours most likely will be broken from stress. As to the ZERO system, I would (if I was running the show, which I am not and thank god cause Valiant does a great job with it along with all the other mods) be highly restricted. To master the system (to Zech's level) one clearly had to have a present and clear enemy, a collected state, and be physically at peek. Kira is WAY too emotionally unstable to use the system. The only CE pilots I could see mastering the system would be Rey and Athrun, since at the end of Destiny they are the only two who seem to be collected and unconfused enough to overcome the data overload. I mean the only person I truly think mastered the system was Zechs, since Endless Waltz Heero until the very very end was not able to ulitize the system to its fullest. Also, the conversion I am using for the ZERO system focuses mainly to give pilots without newtype powers the awareness to use DRAGOONs how someone with those abilities naturally could. Because even with ZAFT's improved systems, the Chaos and Strike Freedom were unable to use the system to its fullest poteintal. Basically I would install it on a number of Windums and make Gunbarrel Striker packs for them. The full ZERO system would have to be restricted to Gundams since you would only be able to have a veteran RPers able to use the system and not God-Mode with it. The Mobile Doll system I(automated Mobile Suits) could be brought in as well since the EA as of Stargaser was trying to build unmaned mobile suits..
  2. well, I made that assumption based on the fact "Newtypes" in CE can sense each other. Thats why I figured Kira aimed directly at the cockpit (That and revenge for his dead lover, but who is counting)
  3. I am actually now working on transitions for the Mobile Trace System and the Zonal Emotional Range Omitted System (ZERO for those not paying attention) for the Earth Alliance to use on their new Biological CPUs, what with the horrible side effects.
  4. The only thing I really remember but I will go watch all of SEED tonight because I needed an excuse to was that the GINNs Kira pwned as he was escaping with the Freedom only had the front screen gone when Kira hacked off their heads (showed the pilot as his jaw was dropped). Also, I know in the final duel against Le Cruset, at the very end Kira didn't have a screen as he charged at him (assumption: Kira was using his developing newtype powers to hit Le Cruset.) I'll look into the Raider damage as well as other instances of stuff like that. In Gundam Wing we know that machines are equipped with thermal dectors (Sorrowful Battle). The G Gundams had the same issue with the Mobile Trace System.
  5. update, pwning people worldwide at Halo 3. Check out my bungie.net profile (t569ssgoku) to see the amazingness
  6. The city was silent as twilight fell upon the city. Janus stood, wearing his uniform under a black military issue jacket a few feet in front of the Januarius City Memento Stone, built by philanthropist and now council member Joseph Whilhelm. The fact was that Janus had just come from a meeting with said council member. A dozen blue roses were at the base of the statue dedicated to a very special captain in the Great War. Janus answered his cell phone the second it rang, “Good, so all four snipers are set up and we have a 1 mile blackout radius. It helps even though this is not a high traffic area at this time of night. Understand that none of you are to fire, even if they aim guns at me. Very good, thank you old friend.” Janus clicked his cell phone and returned it to his pocket looking in the distance. The square was large enough of a park in the middle of a city. Janus had just walked in and introduced himself at Armory One, with little to no explanation. He had barely even had a chance to speak with any of the soldiers recently. He wanted to meet and speak with them formally but also wanted to see how they reacted under pressure. The commander seems a little soft. That’s all well and good, but I have to know I can fight at my full potential and not spend every second covering ofr them. Most likely should of asked the commander first. Janus laughed a little bit at the irony. He was making sure people his own age were competent soldiers where the closest Janus himself had come to death was nearly crashing a BABI in a live fire training exercise. Looking up Janus spoke to himself, “Good, they are arriving. Lets see if they earned the uniform they were wearing.”
  7. Writing a novel as I am bored at work, having alot of trouble with these amazingly scripted Advent Children quality fights in my head and getting them onto paper.
  8. [OCC: sorry but since we need 6 people total to get starting/launching posts in I went ahead and started this thread so we can at least get this out of the way] Havoc sat in complete darkness looking at his pocket watch waiting for the clock to strike the proper time. He could smell the tension in the air as the Dominion II approached debris belt sector 1502. Havoc was a war veteran and came to this abandoned sector to start a new life. Too bad for him that the asteroid he and people like him settled on was a major supplier of valuable ores and fuels. This United Alliance Tactical whatever group was en route to “Remove” them. Not even the silence of space could be maintained as the explosion went off. Within seconds Havoc hit the activation button on his Sword Strike E. As the gauges and machine came to life Havoc a small gesture toward the ship. Havoc already knew his attacking force was doing the exact same as him. They had been waiting for hours now, their machines only hooked up to life support attachments. Now, now the bloodshed began. Dozens of GINNs and L Daggers started toward the ship, “These men have come to take from us everything we hold dear. Scatter their remains to ends of space!” Havoc knew the battle was coming, he had been sent dozens of requests to leave, but this was home, and these people were going to fight. He waited with his “elite” unit, otherwise people who had some good experience piloting mobile suits. The rest would be able to fly in and launch missiles at the ship and fight to some degree. But Havoc wanted this backup plan on standby. The GINNs and Daggers began to launch toward the Dominion II to send it to the pits of hell.
  9. Well, a command ship is way too large it seems to power Phase Shift. Besides, in todays age it seems more proper to have the anti-beam coating on the ship that something hat negates physical attacks. The Forbidden is based on some essence of colloid particles (the same stuff that makes the Blitz vanish). The Chaos and the Legend used an improved psycomm system that allowed a natural awareness pilot to use the system, but It seems that it is still better to have a newtype using that system But Beam Saber + Colloid Particles = Beam Scythe!, which gets you a Deathscythe! Finished the tech specs. now have to do the annoying writeup and the pray that the Junius Seven Treaty got voided, since any use of colloid particles was banned.
  10. ya, as I said those machines are all still being created and written up. Will take under advisement, thank you
  11. and its what I am doing with the Leo and Aries for the Earth Alliance and the Virgo for ORB
  12. Actually, on the Heavyarms ZERO they all are beam cannons, didnt want to think of the cost to resupply that thing constantly...basically the heavy arms is a walking Meteor without the super beam cannons. The base version the chest gatlings are still bullet fedm but the double cannon is beam fired. also, Vayate and Mercurius have some tricks that make them fly better than that pimped out ride Cagalli cant use... For starters the Vayate's cannon is basically a focused positron cannon designed to break shields and shoot at extremely extremly long ranges; still working on it
  13. Actually, the entire AC gundams can fit I am working/finishing conversions as we speak, so ZAFT can crush you! Gundam Deathsycthe (Ver Ka. model, duetrion beam powered) in progress, figured out way to give it a beam scythe. Technically illegal since it does feature an upgraded Mirrage Collid System. Features trans-phase armor Gundam Heavyarms (Upgraded GW version w/ double gatling gun, duetrion beam powered) in progress. Features new Particle Phase Armor as well as Trans-phase armor Vayaete and Mercurius (Almost done, working out bugs) these two really needed the most overhaul and I had to name the new defensors (thanx MobileWeaponAce). But basic additions, each recieved a pair of "shorty" beam guns, a beam saber, etc. Gundam Shenlong (GW Version) features beam guns instead of flamethrower, features Particle Phase Armor as well as Trans-phase armor Tallgease (Trieze version): hammering out a few things, like how to convert the DoberGun into something more CE-like. Wing Gundam Zero (Angel) not even close, concerned that it is basically the Freedom and the Destiny put together... Wing Gundam (Ver Ka) not even close, concerned that it is basically the Freedom and the Destiny put together... Epyon: Added some beam rifles and nearly done Heavyarms (Waltz): just scary...like Destroy scary...need to balance more Oh, I finished the Taurus conversions and am nearly done with the Virgo conversions shockingly for ORB (since they need it most).
  14. t569ssgoku

    Collapsing Land

    I guess we can go ahead and lock this in. Forces Deployment for battle, Collasping Land, t569ssgoku VS the WORLD!!!!! NPCs for the World Forces x1 disabled Archangel Class warship, the Dominion II PCs Blake0831: GAT-X131 Calamity Gundam darkphoenix: GAT-X252 Forbidden Gundam forbiddenxXGundam: RGX-01 Chaos Gundam MobileWeaponAce: RGX-02 Abyss Gundam XxBRICKSTERxX: ZGMF-X23S Savior Gundam T569ssgoku Forces (NPC) x10 Assulat GINNs (equipped with heavy anti ship equipment, aka the missile pack equipment) x5 GINNs Insurgent Types x20 Dagger Ls w/o any striker packs x5 Dagger Ls with Launcher Strike Deployment: the Assualt GINNs and the Dagger Ls will be deployed seperately to port and starboard and will attack at the commencement of the battle. My seperate force will be deployed secretly (aka the 5 extra GINNs and Launcher Daggers and my Sword Strike E) since obviously we would not know that ship was carrying 5 Gundams! I most likely will enter the battle pretty quickly upon realizing this. T569ssgoku Forces "Havoc": GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike E I most likely will start the intro thread soon enough, just so everyone can get in and begin ASAP.
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