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    If it comes down to it, we'll just have to appoint someone to take over Serpent Tail until we can find out what to do about DD. Fireminerva and myself are already Faction leaders, so we might be able to sit in for DD and assume control of his ST characters as NPCs until a permanent replacement is found, or if DD comes back himself. I don't think any of us wants to lose Serpent Tail , and after finally sitting down to watch Stargazer (Yes, I only watched it last week 0_o), I have to admit that civi Astrays are pretty cool, but yet again, MS choices are the Faction Leader's choice in the end, so until we solve that problem, mobile suit issues will have to be put on hold
  2. Kylier winced in response when Zeru tapped her none-to-lightly on the forehead, rubbing the spot soothingly with one hand as she took in his words. Was she really that easy to read? And why did he even bother to comment on it? Was he trying to give her pointers on how to fake emotions, or was he telling her to not even bother trying? She gave a brief nod when he told her to stop using formalities with him, and it seemed like a reasonable enough a request; after all, they were going to be working together for some time now, so it made sense in a way for them to have a certain level of trust and friendship. However, those thoughts left her mind the moment he mentioned 'boobs and butts'. Even if it was supposed to be a compliment towards her, it sounded more like he was just trying to hit on her, and that was not something that Kylier would be all too thrilled about. "Well, if you're offering, Mr.Ayanami, then I guess it would be impolite not to accept." Kylier said with a smirk. If he tried anything funny, she'd make sure he regretted it; but for now, it was better to play along in case his intentions weren't as perverted as Kylier had thought them to be. "So, do you know your way around Shesha yet? If you're offering lunch, then would it be wrong to assume that you've already got somewhere in mind?"
  3. ((And Kylier takes my 600th post )) "Not that I don't like them... just that I wouldn't have much to say." Kylier replied as Zeru stopped in front of her; having no difficulties in catching up since Kylier had never been all that fast a runner, never having the endurance to be able to train after all. Now that she thought about it, she had probably sounded a little harsh when she had told him not to call her a girl, and while she was sorry about it, she wasn't about to tell him to forget anything she had just told him. She wanted this job to work out well, and since she was now in charge of maintaining Zeru's mobile suit, she would have to get to know both the machine, and the pilot behind it. Okay, so maybe that was a lie. Kylier could take care of Zeru's mobile suit just fine even if he hated her guts and vice versa, but Kylier wasn't a hateful person by nature; couldn't usually muster the resolve to truly hate anyone. Be annoyed by them, yes, want to avoid them, most definitely, but hate them, no. It was easier to befriend a person, or at the least, be indifferent towards them, then to hate them. "I'm sorry if I offended you in any way eariler, Mr.Ayanami. It's just, I would rather not have people thinking I'm a girl." Kylier said, bowing her head almost automatically at the mention of the word 'sorry'. Her face bore a solemn expression as she spoke, though she soon replaced it with that oh so practiced false smile of hers soon thereafter, "I'm not much to look at after all, so its usually better to go about things this way." She added, poking fun at herself in an attempt to give reason to her actions. After all, it was better to bully herself than to let someone else get to her first; an insult loses its sting the second time around after all.
  4. I deleted your post in the Mobile Weapons database Neog, since the database is meant to be reserved for suits we will be using in the RP, and not for those used in the coliseum. Since it's only changing their equipment, the participants can just as easily post their MS armaments here, and have a referee approve them before the match starts. PS: don't forget to post up the proper rules of engagement as well, it helps us Refs keep a track of things.
  5. Well, remember that the Minerva could embed its bridge when it wanted to, so its not like they didn't think of that . Also, remember that in the end, the Gundam series is an anime, and so you have to remember that they want the ships to look visually appealing rather than overly authentic and strategically sound .
  6. Kylier turned around when Zeru spoke, half-expecting him to be speaking to that other woman, only to see him next to her, and looking straight at her. Of course, now she remembered. Micheal had been sure to introduce her as Kylier, and not as Kai, so Zeru was aware of her gender. However, just because Zeru knew of her gender, that didn't mean that everyone else was aware. Nor did it mean that she was confident in having others treat her as a girl while she was in her masculine guise. She quickly turned and muttered another brief "sorry" to the man she had bumped into, before turning back to Zeru, "Hey now, just because I'm not as big as you doesn't mean I'm a girl." She said while plastering a small, false smile on her face. She then moved up next to Zeru, whispering to him briefly while she passed him, "Sir, I'd be much happier if you didn't refer to me that way; could we perhaps take this conversation elsewhere?". With that said, she walked briskly out of the administration building, and away from the general crowd that had formed.
  7. It had been the general standard for scientific writing to be done in the passive voice for some time, and since the majority of my classes are physics and mathematics related, I've kinda had it drilled into my head to use the passive voice. However, it has begun to be more widely accepted to use the active voice as well, and so I've been trained to use both, and I end up using them interchangeably. For the most part, I use whichever one seems to make the sentence sound more appealing, so its not bizarre to see me swap between the two during a post (though I try to at least do each paragraph in a specific voice, or it could become too convoluted). When it comes to any scholarly writing however, I usually stick to purely passive voice, as most reports have you describing what you have done, or will do, and the passive voice seems to work well for giving instructions.
  8. My turn, my turn A couple of hobbies (Two or more):Collecting Redwall novels, gaming, anime (duh <_<) Favoured gaming platform:GBA (so many good RPGs ) Favourite part of the Gundam franchise:Models/Mecha designs Favourite video game:Final Fantasy Tactics, or maybe Riviera: the promised land A taste of your music playlist: Kawai Kenji, Sydney Forest, Linkin Park If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you be?: Hmm, not sure really, anyone rich I guess just so I could go on a shopping spree Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, for talkativeness, ten being highest: 6 (11 if its the right topic *cough*type-moon*cough*) If you had a quality you could instantly have, what would it be?: I know everyone says this, but I'd like to be able to fly... or maybe to be able to shoot spaghetti out of my fingertips x3
  9. Looks good to me Crewman Recruit Rin Akita approved, welcome to the EA! You should be able to see the EA member boards now, so feel free to sign in and see whats going on (aka, a lot of nothing right now )
  10. I used to do a lot of creative writing in my youth, and helped my elementary school publish a small collection of student submitted poetry. Recently however, my classes focus on mathematics and application, so the need to write is far less than it used to be (RPing aside, which I don't count, since its more like talking or acting in a sense). By complete and total coincidence however, my computer science project for the semester is supposed to be an independent programming project, where we make a game of our choice using Java (given the prof's approval, so we don't end up having people somehow make a porn game or a simple calculator <_<). I plan on creating a short visual novel, or at least, it will be a visual novel if I can figure out how to import images and sound into Java; otherwise it won't have much of a 'visual' part, now will it I've tried writing longer stories before, but I could rarely do longer stories. At best, they would end up looking slightly like 'Life of Pi' with some of the chapters being a sentence long (note: Life of Pi is an awesome book, I demand you read it! x3 ). One of my friends is trying to get me to help him write a web-comic if he can get the time to start drawing more images, though if that gets off the ground, I'll also be the one stuck doing the coding for the site *My friend isn't very internet savvy* V_V
  11. Well, first things first, you should be sure to give the copyright information to the picture you're using; its perfectly fine to base characters off of images (I mean, I've got Lune Zoldark, Bian Zoldark, and Ruri Hoshino for characters ), you just have to be sure to give credit where credit is due. If you don't know where the image originates from, then just mention the site you found it at I haven't seen any errors with your history section, Though I will suggest that you consider making some of the people mentioned in it into NPCs at a later date, specifically Lisa Myers and Rin's parents, if they still hold military positions. On that topic, what are Rin's parents up to now? Are they still in the military, and if so, what positions do they hold? Also, you mentioned that Amber was in charge of a Blue Cosmos controlled division of the military; so what happened to her when the 2nd war ended? Blue Cosmos and Logos members were charged as War Criminals and executed, so how did she escape that fate? Did she even know the group she was in was Blue Cosmos/Logos controlled? PS: Can't wait to have you aboard the EA
  12. Looks good to me, though I'm a little saddened by the fact that Dianna was killed off, as one has to give respect to any Natural who could earn an Order of Nebula . Also, its nice to see a face finally put towards one of the few known Mobile Suit production companies (Asimov, Adukaf-Mechano, IMP, Morgenroete, and Acteon are the only known facilities I think), even if he isn't in charge of the company anymore. Should be interesting to see what this guy can do on the political field *nod*
  13. La Sola: Fate/Stay Night A.OST out tracks (a bunch of remixes and themes that were never put in the original F/SN anime soundtrack , hurray for Kawai Kenji )
  14. Wait... Shana Second is out, now? *disappears to go watch Shana*
  15. "Lune." Lune spoke a single word when Linite saluted and bowed, her eyebrows furrowing slightly at the fact that she had been called "Lieutenant Zoldark". It made her sound like her father, and the only times she allowed such things to let slip was when she was in the middle of a mission, or if she was dealing with someone of a lower rank than her. As if to punctuate her annoyance, she raised her left hand and gave Linite a quick, light poke between the eyes; nothing more than a short prod. Afterwards she took a hold of Linite's hand and shook it vigorously, having decided she was going to have fun with this girl until she got her to loosen up a bit. "Glad to meet ya Linite! I'm guessing you got dragged here too then? I'd introduce myself, but apparently I'm already famous; or possibly infamous, depending on who you talk to I guess." Bian and Kyra turned to look towards Lune in unison, with both of them heaving the briefest of sighs before ignoring her and turning towards the more imposing figure that made his way towards them. Both of them saluted Ernst briefly before he spoke, with Bian listening intently to the lieutenant commander's words, while Kyra went back to her reading. It didn't have anything to do with her, so she didn't bother with the conversation, and if it did become important, the vice-admiral would be sure to tell her. "They're usually more organized than this, I'm surprised that such a misdirection even happened. Has the new chancellor even been appointed yet?" He said as he looked towards the air traffic control tower. Since there was a public airport here as well, it should have been second nature to the traffic controllers to direct any aircraft in this vicinity, so only something as huge as a change in government officials would be enough to distract the personnel. "I'm sure we should be receiving some kind of orders soon; there shouldn't be too long of a delay." He said briefly before turning his gaze towards the air traffic control tower once more. To allow so many military craft to land without so much as a single word of greeting or otherwise to their passengers, something would have to be done soon if things didn't change; this just wasn't the time to allow such disorder to arise.
  16. Aannnd, random SRW Image Flood time!!!! -Zenger x Irui ish kawaii -Alt Eisen parts are highly adaptable.... <_< -This is why Zenger isn't allowed in the kitchen anymore *nod* - Wai! Valsione ish kawaii! Can I have one for Lune, eh Valiant? pwease? - And umm...... yeah.....
  17. I think the location style that we have here is best for professional, long term RPs, such as Advent Destiny. It allows us to organize threads easily, and have spaces set aside for us to keep track of information such as descriptions of locations, historical events, and character profiles. It also lets us set up spots for OOC posts and conversations, so they don't clutter up the actual RP. Splitting up the RP according to time in the storyline, or having it all in one single thread (*cough*GaiaOnline*cough*) is better for shorter role plays. You don't need as much space for background information, you don't mind having a bit of OOC chatter because it makes the RP feel a little longer, and if the threads are short, then its not too hard to review. Of course, both layouts have their problems as you stated, but I would still prefer the location style layout we have here over anything else. At the very least, it makes it easier to prevent god-modding and over-posting (one cannot be in Alaska and Beijing at the same time), and it looks professional
  18. OOC: Get the defibrillator..... CLEAR! Kylier looked up to see that things didn't look like they would be quieting down anytime soon, and wondered if she had made the right choice when she joined Serpent Tail. Sure, this place might not have been as strict or as linear as the Orb military had been, but a little structure would have been nice; it almost felt like she was back at high school. She had remained standing behind Micheal as the bickering between his other appointments had continued, but as more and more people arrived, she could only think of leaving. Her appointment was over, she didn't have to officially start working until tomorrow, and so she didn't really have a reason to remain here right now. Also, she could begin to feel like everyone was staring at her, even if they weren't. It was beginning to become crowded, and Kylier wasn't good with crowds. Not that she was afraid of them or anything, just that she really had little interest in social interaction anymore. There was no better company then one's own mind. "Excuse me..." Kylier said quietly as she brushed past Micheal and past the others, though she couldn't help but notice Sakura along the way. A slight tinge of jealousy ran through her as she took in the girl's athletic and tomboyish figure, and the tight fitting clothes she wore to accentuate what curves she had. It was a little insulting when even the tomboys were more feminine than you. Deciding it was better to leave before she could let that jealousy get the better of her, she walked a little faster, before bumping unexpectedly into one of the latest arrivals, an older man whom she had seen surveying the group for a few minutes beforehand. She hadn't made eye contact with him before now, and when she looked up to utter an apology, she couldn't help but notice that they shared the same eye color. It wasn't anything amazing or profound, but it was odd that she ever came this close to someone, and so she rarely noted such little details such as eye-color. "S-sorry, I'll be more careful in the future..."
  19. I used to be like that, having 3-4 characters planned for introduction at some point in time (like back at SEED RPG ), but now with school and RPs with other friends going on, I don't really have the time to make additional characters (currently RP'ing 10 characters over 4 RPs, NPCs excluded 0_o. And oddly enough, only two of those 10 are guys <_<). Recently I've just started to think more about character development rather than characters themselves, which means I've thought up multiple future events for some of my charries, all of which could end up taking my characters in different directions. Listening to music does seem to help, as Janus said, but it sometimes gets me too caught up in things, and I end up daydreaming for too long V_V.
  20. Currently watching........ nothing *le gasp* Haven't had much time to watch anime recently, so there's not much I've seen recently. I saw the first few episodes of ZnT second season, but I stopped once classes started again. FAITH and DragonDaimyo are right in saying that ZnT is worth watching though, both first and second season (though you won't understand much if you miss the first season, plus its hilarious to boot ). Right now, I guess I'd have more of a 'to do' list for animes I need to see: -Zero no Tsukaima, Second Season -Claymore -Shakugan no Shana, Second Season (it should be coming out this fall )
  21. [[OOC: Yep Yep, thats why I gave her to your group Liu ]] "Cause its like we're gonna end up fighting any time soon, right?" Lune said jokingly towards ChengHu when she heard him reply to her off-hand remark. Lune wasn't the kind of person to keep up with current events however, and had no idea of the growing tensions between the nations here on Earth. Even this meeting didn't pique her curiosity all too much. So what if some of OMNI's most renowned groups were all gathering for some reason or another? For all Lune knew, this was just one of her father's crazy plans, which, while frustrating as hell to figure out, usually turned out for the best. Lune's father glared momentarily towards Lune the moment she turned away, but stopped when Kyra tugged on one of his sleeves and pointed towards yet another transport plane as it made its landing. Kyra and Bian turned their attentions towards the craft as yet another group of soldiers disembarked from it, dressed in the same standard issue overcoats that the majority of the Red Dragon Guard members were wearing. "It seems the rest of the guests are arriving; now all we need is the man of the hour." Bian said quietly, more to himself than to anyone around him. When ChengHu motioned towards the rest of his group, Bian turned back towards ChengHu and nodded, "They look to be a fine group of soldiers, I would say that you've done a fine job training them thus far." Bian said while keeping an eye towards the newest group. Lune, however, wasn't nearly as cautious as her father was, and when she finally took notice of the new arrivals, she shifted her attention away from the Red Dragon Guard and onto the newcomers; managing to catch the gaze of one of the women, who, of course, was taller than her. When she took a second look, she took notice of the woman's long blond locks, and she was surprised that she was able to look after so much hair. Lune preferred a shorter hairstyle herself, but of course, that was also because her hair was as unruly as she was; making it impossible to keep it under control if she let it grow too far past her shoulders. "Oi! Who have we got here? Hey father, how many people were supposed to come to this thing anyway?" Lune called out to Bian as she approached the group. Her father merely shrugged his shoulders, knowing that there was Lune didn't really expect an answer anyway. Now that Lune's attention had been brought towards the newcomers, Kyra decided it was best to remain silent, and kept to her reading; not leaving the vice-admiral's side in case he should ask anything of her.
  22. *glares at Konig* You know I can transfer her to my squad at any time j/k Seriously speaking, I'm quite impressed by this picture, both for how well you drew the EA uniform, and for the character's...'features'... Also, crazy hairstyles are a must for anime characters, so bonus points for you
  23. GuAIZ is derived from the tech developed when the Freedom, Justice, Providence, and Dreadnought were built, and it was made to replace the CGUE as a limited production type model. In terms of general performance abilities, then yes, the GuAIZ outperforms both the Astray (Which was rushed into production rather quickly, and nowhere near as well balanced as the A1 Astray or the Murasame), and the 105 Dagger (the true Strike Dagger, not the 10-minute hack job they had in SEED). However, Asahi mentioned that the 105's get access to the Striker Packs, which means it can go into almost any situation with an upper-hand, whereas the Astray and GuAIZ are limited in their choice of equipment. Because the Dagger can thus be customized to better suit the pilot's skills and needs, I think the 105 Dagger is a better overall suit. Unfortunately, the Astray is too streamlined and basic to have any edge against either the Dagger or GuAIZ, so while it is a strong design, it just doesn't hold up in long-term warfare. Of course, this is all opinionated, so its still up to debate.
  24. OOC - Poke DragonDaimyo, Ishian and Shaftronics to post and we be able to keep going
  25. ((OOC: Yaawwwn..... huh, what? peoples? )) Bian and Lune looked skywards as a second transport made its landing, with Lune being somewhat jealous of its occupants for having received such a smooth landing. Kyra remained aloof to the plane's landing, choosing to ignore the aircraft in favor of her book, which was less of a book, and more of a set of detailed schematics for some of the Earth Alliances older model mobile suits. It was business as usual for her, and while studying these schematics might not end up helping her get through the vigorous training that Lune had started preparing for her, it helped to pass the time, and kept her from getting involved with Lune whenever she started acting impulsively; i.e. nearly every waking moment of the day. Lune couldn't help but smirk at the East Asian representatives as they milled out onto the runway, each one of them wearing a heavy overcoat to keep them from freezing in the cold weather here at the Kremlin. Lune had seemed to inherit her father's resilience, as neither she nor Bian seemed bothered by the weather despite wearing their standard issue uniforms. Of course, Lune's uniform couldn't be called 'standard', since she not only wore the men's uniform, but insisted on wearing it sloppily. Kyra sometimes pondered as to why Lune dressed the way she did, but she couldn't help but be somewhat jealous of her right now, as a regulation skirt didn't do much to keep your legs warm. Regardless, Kyra kept her attention fixed on her reading, as it was just a matter of toning out the cold, as she did with everything else that she didn't enjoy. "Lieutenant Commander Liu is it? Leader of the Red Dragon Guard if I'm not mistaken?" Bian said as he returned ChengHu's salute. Kyra seemed to notice her foster father's movements, and turned her attention away from her book long enough to salute ChengHu as well. Lune on the other hand chose not to salute, but acknowledged ChenHu's presence with a silent nod. Instead, she was casting her eyes over the rest of ChengHu's men, anxious to get a good look at the Republic of East Asia's renowned Red Dragon Guard. "Ones rank seems to mean less in times of peace, and it doesn't hurt that I requested the task; it's been mostly paperwork and drilling new recruits these past few months." Bian said, opting to take things in a more friendly manner. Of course, what Bian saw as friendly others would still see as professional, but that was how he was. An old head on young shoulders, and only recently had his shoulders began to start catching up with his head. Kyra remained silent as Bian spoke, returning to her reading since no one had specifically spoken to her. "My daughters, Lune Zoldark and Kyra Relm." Bian added curtly, nodding towards Lune and Kyra in turn. While Kyra remained engrossed in her book, Lune looked towards her father when he said her name, giving a cheshire grin before turning her attention back towards the rest of the REA representatives. In particular, Lune spotted a fair skinned boy who looked like he couldn't be much older than Kyra was. Unfortunately, despite being closer to Kyra in age, he was closer to Lune herself in height, and he might even be a few centimeters taller than her; though that may be more of a visual effect from the overcoat than anything. Of course he'd be taller than her, it seemed that Kyra was about the only person who was ever shorter than her, and the novelty of that was beginning to wear off. Ok, so she lied; she would never get tired of having the shorter Kyra around. "It can't be that cold out, is it?" Lune said in an off-hand manner as she looked towards Johnathon. Hopefully she wouldn't have another straight-faced kid like Kyra on her hands, but then again, if he was it would give her a chance to figure out new ways of getting Kyra to talk; without having her younger sister sending her odd looks at nearly everything she said.
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