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  1. Out of interest, is the code for the ship "LMAO" on purpose? Mind, the whole thing looks really cool! I was just saying...caught my eye, it did. So this thing is the ownage weapon, pretty much? Except, the ownage that's big and slow? Or something to that effect? Niiice... I read it fully this time. Is this like, someone's specialised ship? Like, only one of 'em? Or is it like a Nazca; a mass produced battleship/carrier? Sorry, my thickness is unexceedable. Just curious.
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    This intro catches your eye. "I exist" I can imagine what the...actually, scratch the rest of that thought process. Hello! Welcome to the site! Don't look at ugly ol' me for advice! Go and have fun!
  3. o.O hmm... I think must go and change options to get the thingo Val has. I check now...
  4. Ohh... Sorry la...I dunno, I only go Singapore to visit family. Though there's a lot of Chinese Singlos and Malays where I am... I use Simplified in my poor attempts to write... Well, if it's Trad, then it's usually a watchamacall it HK person, 'cause they're the ones that usually use Trad, aye?
  5. o.O *goes off and cries in corner* For free...?
  6. Lol...do we have a thread on this or something? "Who has the best name?" And mind, good evening. Welcome, and enjoy your stay!
  7. The screen was flashing, the green "GO" embedding itself across his readouts for a second or two, before disappearing. Fury decided that he did not have the firepower to take on the Moebius head on; that was most likely a suicide mission against an artillery cannon that would easily shred his Mobile Suit in a few barrages. Instead, Fury opted to dive downwards, hoping to confuse the Mobile Armour while he dodged away from the Moebius. "I can't think of much to do right now..." Fury thought to himself, sighing. The arena, being totally empty, had no cover whatsoever. Deciding that he might as well send the first volley of shots to his opponent, he fired his Iggelstung CIWs in the general direction of the Moebius. "I don't really expect them to hit." Fury smiled, feeling his sweat dampen his eyepatch. "I've got another plan for you." OOC: My apologies and thanx to Rad for telling me about my flaming in the character biios section! Thank you for correcting me! And I expect to be disqualified soon! On account of most probably Godmodding!
  8. A few spelling errors still sorry to highlight earlier... When using ZAFT, I'm not sure but maybe you're supposed to put all in capitals? Smae with any others. Unless one of the Mods or Admin comes in an says that I'm wrong (and I usually am ) The above was kinda confusing...did ya mean he needed to power of the military? Sorry, it's just a bit confusing and all... And you said that he didn't believe in himself even though he's open and energetic. Usually, those kinda people are fairly confident, no? If you want to keep it that way, I don't mind, it's just...yeah. I won't put anything else in, sorry for the uber post earlier ' It was stupid! I know...
  9. Xover


    Aye Aye! My bad! Will edit now!
  10. OOC: Apoloigies. I had stuff. And screwed up computers. So Sorry... OOC: I shall be playing as Nick Fury, the guy Xover was BEFORE his amnesia. So...yeah! Unless Rad says no, but essentially they are the one and same person... "Well, what is this?" Fury growled, to himself, annoyed that he had even accepted a challenge. It was stupid; he didn't have time for this. Heck, he had a family to support! Well...only a brother and sister, but still... Sighing, he tucked the picture of the whole family next to the radar, where it wouldn't get into the way of his piloting. Steadying the whole MS, he checked the weapons one last time. "Igellstung?" he murmured. "Loaded." He responded to himself a moment later. "Beam Sabres...full power." "Shield, optimum condition." Checking the readouts on his radar, he pressed a few buttons, bringing up the specs on the enemy mobile suit-weapon? The mother****** was piloting a Mobile Armour? "Dumbass..." He muttered, then regretted it as he realised the Moebius was equipped with what appeared to be a linear cannon. "That thing is gonna punch through my armour like..." Swearing, Fury readied his thrusters, and began to quickly optimise his settings; the whole fight would be about maneuverability, and because of the size of his MS, he was at a disadvantage. He would need his thrusters at full power if he wanted to stand a chance. "And it's not just that..." he added to himself aloud. "He's got a gun that'll punch through my armour, missiles, and God knows what else on that thing..." The timer on the on-screen readouts began to flash; the match would start in five seconds. "Oh boy. Here goes nothing." Holding the shield to his side, and readying himself for the shock of a burst of speed from the MS, Fury grit his teeth together. And then the timer hit zero. "Let's get this party on the road, mother******!" Fury crowed over the open communications channel. OOC: Sorry. I like my characters swearing a lot... Don't worry I wouldn't do this to someone in real life! OOC: Sorry for being so late, but I've got exams, and there's a good chance my responses might be a bit slow. sorry! '
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    Yes kudos. I was going to unleash some of my horribleness when I review. I shall try... Hmm...I forgot what I wrote here the last time. There's a few illogicities somewhere...but I'll have to go and find them again. There's a few random things like spelling errors here and there (example is tanper in first paragraph) There's a bit of an inconsistency in terms of the tense that you're using; I think you're switching from past to present and to past or something. Just double check...or else I maybe wrong. I usually am... Out of interest, when you mention Violet, isn't she like...a commander? And then she can't defend against a normal guard? Wouldn't she have extensive training or something? Me dunno. You the author. I shall refrain from anything else unless I feel something is not making sense. And PS: Sorry for the random and uncalled for post earlier...
  12. Oops...did I start a bit early? Eeeks...
  13. There was always a parade. Sure, there was a party, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Even Xover did, on the rare occasions that he got out of the hospital. And this was a great excuse: to honour those who died in the War, and yakkety-yak. Really; Xover didn't care. He just wanted to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. Already the crowds were building in anticipation of the gigantic floats that tumbled down the streets. Xover moved in the hope of finding a better spot to watch the procession. (OOC: Very short...I'm just setting mood. Action from other people )
  14. Requesting a referee for http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,454.0.html thnx
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