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    Just popping by to deliver a message for OPA. He sends his apologies for his absence and asks that you remove him from the referee list Valiant. He's got too much on his plate right now with work and all. Well that's about it, catcha guys later.
  2. I'm afraid to say, people of Advent Destiny that I must retire from the RPG. It has been way too long since I've been in an enjoyable RP and to be quite frank the RPG isn't moving despite being up for close to 10 months; also my interest in Gundams is beginning to dwindle due to this lack of RP so its with these heavy words I say a good bye (though you can always talk to me on MSN if you have me). Caio, been great RPing with you all
  3. Hi there, I don't post much anymore but I do read. One blaring thing: His father died at the age of 98 when he was 15... Now if I do the math that would mean his father was 83 when he was born...?
  4. Shouldn't that be: (FMP - comedy) + 2(Yaoi) + Anerexia + Emo = Gundam 00?
  5. Being a veteran of cut and pastes I know for a fact that this idea is very limited, most art on MAHQ are not only of different sizes but many are in different poses; thus making it hard to convert to fit to another MS.
  6. You know I would have just said the ZAFT's dance,
  7. Nah nah I quit Nao nao
  8. That's cool, I don't own the word Liberty mate.
  9. winders


    There are limited spots per faction for the Pilot Academy, so eg: We have 20 people in EA and it takes say 3 people at a time, then we will need about 7 shots for everyone in EA to get a chance at the Pilot Academy, assuming everyone finishes in due time
  10. Konigstiger has been DC'ed due to inactivity. It's fairly obvious you guys are not putting in enough of an effort to RP this out. Now when I quit as admin I wanted to finish this battle off but since this is how you guys are treating it I think I'll just call this battle over. BATTLE OVER. NO WINNERS
  11. Ugh sorry for the late reply; but unfortunately I've been busy lately. Kaizer has been DC'ed for inactivity
  12. "Oh no, anything but that ma'am." she said dully, repeating a line that Lune had taught her earlier in the day. Most of those activities her sister had recommended were fine with Kyra, except working out; while the blue haired girl did not look like it, she could lift a somewhat remarkable load compared to other girls her age. Which was quite puzzling to those who first experianced it. Still, she was please she had finished the simulator on top in her first try; it opened up a door of opportunities for Kyra. A little bit of practice and she could well become a decent pilot she thought if the elite members of Schatten Dolch were as easy to kill as her sister and the Red Comet... or was it Red Raven? Either way, he had left in quite a hurry.
  13. "Celebration?" Kyra asked, this was definately not military protocol; when a new officer is assigned to a squad they were usually introduced to their duties before given leave to settle in. Urgently, Kyra thought of something she needed to do; "Sorry Lieutenant Zoldark." she said prompty, giving a small salute. "The Captain wants me to supervise the unloading of the first couple GAT-01A2R's." It was somewhat true that the Captain had asked her, but it was more of a request to watch the unloading rather than supervise it. Either way, it would be better to be in the hangar watching the grunts unload machines than being prodded by her sister for an entire afternoon.
  14. The Psycho Soldiers Athena Asamiya - winders Mignon Beart - Kaizer Kula Diamond - Wilhelm Samantha Winson - DragonDaimyo
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