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Current anime season


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So like what you guys are watching in this new anime season?




Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~ - having supervision of Nishimata herself over the design of the characters this time (Shuffle! and Soul Link is total crap in terms of art) + Avex is a good enough reason. Have a storyline stronger than the other 2 mentioned animes

CODE GEASS - Lelouch of the Rebellion - Sunrise, meh. Hope there is inert amounts of mecha action, I heard the mecha designers did some good mechas (I forgot whether they included Gundams or not, but I remembered the designer did some recent designs) (SPECIAL EDIT: OK, I'm really watching this since one of the mecha designers did the uber-Itano Circus-filled Eureka7, and another of the designers is from BEE-CRAFT, which designed some of the Master Grade kits, 1/100 Legend, I-Justice, Gold Frame AMATU kits (and the upcoming 1/100 Saviour), the awesome half of Gundam SEED called Gundam SEED Astray, especially the OHGAWDAWESOME Gundam Astrays (ZOMG) like this and this, and recently ZOMGSTRIKENOIR Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Stargazer. Another one did designs for GitS, which from what I know is awesome). That is recent for sure, but now I don't like it

Gift ~eternal rainbow~ - bishoujo anime, my bro might be more interested, but the male lead is awesome for being different from the typical harem male lead

Yoake - same reason as above, he absolutely loves Feena >.>

Happiness! - similar reasons as above, he absolutely loves the black-haired girl (Koyuki) in the game .>" title="" />

Galaxy Angel-Rune - the promise of a storyline faithful to the Galaxy Angel II games/manga makes this an interesting watch, but I'm rather disappointed now

Bartender - 'God's Glass' sounds cheesy, hope it is something as badass as Akagi

Negima!? - might give this a shot

Otoboku - okama anime, somehow I got over the D.C.S.S.-ish character art (since I got used to D.C.S.S.). My bro is looking forward to this more than me, but after watching it I think it's insanely funny with the chibis


Special mention:


Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation - SRX team. Masoukishin Lord of the Elementals. Alt Eisen's right hand. Zengar Zonbolt and the insane amounts of hotblood he displays when he says 'I AM THE SWORD THAT SMITES EVIL'. And a lot more. I mean, a hell lot more.


My 120GB total HDDs is going to die this time.

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I'm actually not watching that much anime right now, there's not alot thats sparking my interest.  Thats not to say that I'm not watching anything though.


Bleach (curse Kai for getting me addicted to it)

Eureka 7 (its weird, but its got mecha, so.....)

Naruto (Curse shadow and my school friends for dragging me back into this one)

Shangetsuhan Shakuan Tsukihime (trying to watch it now that I have Melty Blood ReAct and one of the Tsukihime Manga)

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Must Sees:


Death Note: Beautiful. That's the only way to describe this. The animation and voice-overs are incredible. This is my top priority this fall.

Pumpkin Scissors: Fascinating concept. I want watch it just to find out about the ATT soldiers. Plus it has an FMA-type feel to it, which is never a bad thing.

Kanon 2006: Good animation, great music, plus the voice of Haruhi's Kyon is doing Yuuichi. VA-match made in heaven. Uguu~.



Galaxy Ange-Rune: I was going to ignore this, but I heard very good things about the first episode, so I figure it can't hurt to check it out.

Tokimeki Memorial: This appears to be based off of a very popular game (don't know for sure), but that's never a guarantee of quality. If I can find it, I figure I'll check out at least the first episode.

Negima?!: I've got this sitting on my hard drive and I really need to check it out. I heard it was a beautiful piece of animation, but we'll see.

Super Robot Wars: ...It's Super Robot Wars. Mecha! That alone buys it one episode of invesitigation.

Code GEASS: Heard good things, both before and after the premiere. Worth a check-out.

Asatte no Houkou: Again, interesting concept, but the first episode was rather lacking. I'll check out one, maybe two more eps. before I drop it. It has potential, just execution issues.

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto: It's the Bakumatsu! Reminds me of Kenshin, and if it's even half as good as Kenshin, it'll be worth watching.

Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru: After reading a summary of the first episode, it looks like a laugh riot. I really want to check it out.


I think I'm gonna need another hard drive.

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Hmmnm I am mostly reading mangas but animes...hmmm


Bleach-I like manga more but anime is good too

Prince of tennis OVA-anime has ended weird...well it was weird for the most of the time but OVAs are normall (nothing close to manga but I watch them)

Stargazer-I downloaded stage 3 yesterday and I like all of them...I wonder if Sven will appear in delta astray...he was great character

Juuni Kokki-it's not new anime..not even close to it but I have been watching it recently and liked it

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Bleach fillers are made of lol, but Naruto ones are more lol (although I don't really watch them). Naruto's one ending soon, since the new OP is up.


The bleach fillers are ending soon to, based on the new OP and Ending. And you will need Bittorrent to download Hellsing OVA and then just search it on Baka-Updates.

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