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  1. INFP here...First of a kind, I hope. ;) ....Wow.
  2. 2 more months of gruelling last-minute defusing of the last-minute bombs thrown from MINDEF and PMC. 3 more COS duties. 4 months to ORD. Gosh, how I wish time could fly. And pigs would too.
  3. And Hecate! Don't forget her. Analysis so far: ef~a tale of memories: Not too bad so far. The story can only serve to get interesting if they keep up the love triangle and develop the Renji/Chihiro relationship and make it a little more complicated. Presentation-wise, though, it might serve to confuse viewers. Shana Second: A stuttering first episode, but vast improvements over the subsequent two gave me great hope that this one will turn out to be even better than the first season, especially in anticipation of the novel content. CLANNAD: Has yet to disappoint, but hasn't gotten me as hooked as I was on Kanon 2006. So far the humor's going great, though, and the Tomoya's backstory is getting it's engine revved up with Nagisa's. Some might feel it to be a little rushed, but so far I guess it's safe to say I'm eagerly anticipating the next one. Bamboo Blade: Two episodes, and I'm hooked. It's nice, good fun with lovable (if a little uninteresting for now) characters and interesting manga spoilers keep me in the loop to continue watching it as well. Nice OP and ED too. That's it for now.
  4. Hey there! Welcome to AD once again. Now that you've brushed up, I hope to see you role playing this time round. Here's to having a good time in AD with the rest of them. Cheers.
  5. F.A.I.T.H

    Dead Fantasy

    ...He oughta get into the business of animation, I wager. It's pretty good, but parts of it were blurry (courtesy of a lack of resources to remedy that, probably).
  6. What then, can constitute as a defensive network, just in the scenario that our neighbours decide to turn a *little* unfriendly? Not that using economic means isn't a feasible idea, but I've got a feeling that somewhere, somehow the narrators will start to build a fire, then throw in some oil bit by bit where it eventually explodes into open conflict. The only question is when, and how prepared we are for it. When it does boil down to that, perhaps a team of soldiers specially trained to defend PLANT can be made, or building defensive turrets or the like on the PLANTs. I'm aware there are quite a few limitations here, but that's all I can think of for the moment.
  7. ...I think playing around with some pirates would do a little bit of a trick. Right now this forum is still in it's testing stages actually, IMO, considering that the shop system isn't up yet (not pointing fingers here). Things WILL truly be getting nowhere if we just came up with our own ideas without much real-time discussion with at least two or three other fellas who can influence the storyline.
  8. The blue expanse spread out before Landis Exel Zenastan like a velvet carpet. It was one of the few times he had the luxury to board a sea transport-any kind of sea transport for that matter. Despite being in space most of the time due to his status and race, Landis had little trouble adapting to the 'insignificant' bumping and jostling one would feel while on a ship. Granted, these waters were barely choppy, but he knew of ignorant people of his own kind finding the notion of traveling across the sea an entirely alien concept, like treading into uncharted and dangerous territory. "Lad, we're almost there...Are you sure you don't want to set an allocated time for us to pick you up? There aren't many services which would be willing to ferry you back, considering all that ruckus we overheard about some 'dangerous experimentation of new firearms' being tried out here..." "It won't be a problem.." Landis replied good-naturedly, but paused as if reconsidering his offer. "...Maybe if you leave a contact number, perhaps I'll be able to call you back to see whether you'll be free after this." "All right, sonny. Don't get yourself screwed up." With the last words of encouragement (as Landis saw it to be), the captain barked out a few orders for the crew to activate the 'launching chute'. The 'launching chute', as Landis had so affectionately termed it, was a part taken from one of those battleships that had been sunk earlier on in the war. Somehow it proved to be useful to this transporting craft, for through it they lived on the tightrope, and through it came the bread and butter of the crew. Landis was not about the laugh at how strange it looked in the middle of a ship like this one as he strapped himself into the cockpit and gave the go-ahead. As the Blast Impulse took to the skies, Landis' looked down to see that his supposed partner was already waiting there, and another suit-the Gaia was already there as well. Landis assessed their options. The Forbidden could be considered an amphibious type, while his Blast Impulse packed a lot of power in one mobile suit. Still, their chances look rather bleak if they had to compete over speed. Furthermore, he had almost no information on his supposed partner, and when teamwork comes into play... Well, guess the odds are stacked against me one way or another... He scratched his head. Wouldn't hurt to get to know him, though... "Blast Impulse is ready...Everything all good there, Forbidden?" Immediately as the words came out, he felt a little foolish, but that was all he could call his compatriot in this battle unless he provided a name.
  9. At last.... The mixture of trepidation and slight exhilaration struck him like a wave against a rocky beach. Any politician would know that showing a little too much enthusiasm would blight the professional atmosphere his people had tried so hard to set up. Even if the first thing he wanted to see coming out of the Takemikazuchi was the Astray Diver, jumping up and down about it like a child who wanted to see his potential new toy was not going to help. He had always been in control ever since his ascension, and will always be. It took little effort to single out the ORB Representative Demetrius Amherst. While he had only taken the first few tottering baby steps into the political world, peers who had been abroad to ORB for several trips of varying reasons were waxing lyrical about him. He personally hated such talk, but knew that despite certain exaggerations, the talk held a unbreakable pillar of truth in it. Demetrius Amherst was most certainly an excellent example even for Parliament candidates. How the bespectacled man managed to keep focus on two posts of such contrasting natures at one time was not entirely beyond the understanding of Phillip, and he grudgingly admitted that Representative Amherst might be great enough to change to course of history as compared to him. Aside from that, there was no mistaking the short, perhaps formal-looking hairstyle and the spectacles on the man's face. His pace was neither fast nor slow, and each step seems to carry with him the confidence needed to take on heavy responsibilities without feeling the pressure all the time, not withstanding the fact that he was one of the first to alight from the carrier. Phillip walked, not entirely caring about the fact that his officers and ministers were a little too used to the bothersome rehearsals. The irregular pattering of feet behind him indicated exactly how quick they were in realising that their leader had already gone ahead of them by a few steps, and it wasn't exactly what he wanted, even though such a mistake would go by unnoticed. Putting on an amiable smile on his face and seemingly gaining more confidence with each step he took towards the ORB delegation, Phillip felt once more the temptation to hurry on with proprieties to see the mobile suit in action, but he quelled it quickly as he reached Representative Amherst. Looking at him straight in the eye and with an unfaltering smile, he raised his hand in an invitation for a handshake. "Welcome to our fair Union, Representative Amherst." Lowering his voice just a little, he continued. "I do hope that our meeting here won't eclipse what would actually be the main purpose of this visit, and I seek your understanding in what some people might deem as demands on the part of my country."
  10. Since when has this topic been on? I can't believe I missed this... Anyway, I've not really been doing much despite having the want to write something original. So far I've written three unfinished fanfictions, and will probably remain unfinished if work keeps coming my way. Still, Currently I'm contemplating on putting up an idea for a original fantasy story, despite the deteoriation of my confidence by people and events along the way. For aspiring authors, I think it's essential to take note that writing a novel isn't as simple as using purely your inspiration. Grand scale planning is needed if you want to keep the readers hooked, as well as proof-reading not just for the normal errors one might make, but for any plot holes you might have left along the way. Things have to make sense, and 'predictability' should not be a frequent appearance in your story. As of now, I'm thinking that short stories, and perhaps even writing fanfiction can be a good start.
  11. *Aftermath Thoughts on Gundam 00, episode 1*: Well, it wasn't really that explosive of an episode, for those of you who remembered Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny. The pilot episode was a little like that of Gundam Wing, except the fact that they jumped straight into the story about their organisation instead of dallying around. Setsuna's past at the start was interesting enough to speculate what kind of a childhood he had, and how he had got to Kurdistan (or something) as a child soldier. The Gundam that saved his ass then looked a little like the one in the first UC series. Interestingly, I like the designs. Unorthodox they may be as compared to recent designs, the team of Meisters are well-balanced in terms of combat ability. You have a melee specialist (Exia), a long-ranged sharpshooter (Dynames), a speedy flyer (Kyrios) and the One with THE BIG GUNS (Virtue). From what I've heard, apparently some of the pilots' names were an inside joke from the producers, as you should have guessed by now (Lockon Stratos and Alleluyah Haptism). Another thing that interests me is the usual love interest(s) for our protagonists. There's the one 'unidentified' female shown with Setsuna at the start. I'm putting my money on Marina Ismail, but we'll see how it goes. Not too bad for a start, considering the amount of action, the declaration of Celestial Being's existence and purpose as well as the introduction of the mechas and (slight) introduction of the characters. For now, it looks really promising.
  12. Hmm...This IS a hard choice... Destiny Gundam? If that's too overpowered, I'll stick with Blast Impulse.
  13. I prefer Kotomi and Tomoyo, kct, but then again, I haven't had an inkling of CLANNAD's story. Maybe the new season will at least comfort me over Mai's loss in the Saimoe tournament.
  14. Well, CLANNAD and Shakugan no Shana Second are out. Those two are practically THE reason why I sit in front of the computer, wishing that the downloads would go faster. In other cases, Dragonaut seems promising, in case anyone wants a mecha fix other than Gundam 00 which airs on Saturday in Japan. And (Just have to say this) those were really great OP themes from CLANNAD and Shakugan.
  15. Sorry for the late reply. Apparently the Internet at my workplace was still down, and I got home a little while ago. If this is all good and done, shall we decide what Gundams we will (and are allowed to) pilot?
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