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  1. Sleeping in his bed, James was rather comfortable. rolling over a faint sound could be heard in the distance. It took only a matter of seconds for him to realize what that sound was. Quickly he jumped out of his bed and made his way to the locker room. As he leaped through his doorway, he made his way down the blue corridors to the locker room. There waiting in his locker was a black suit, which was thrown on. above the hanger was the black helmet which was waiting for James to take and bring tot he battle field. Making adjustments to the suit as he made his way to the hanger Jame's heart was pounding. It had been awhile sense he was out in action. It took only moments for him to ascend into the cockpit of the Savior. Moving the Savior Gundam on tot he catapult, James checked to make sure systems were good. Grabbing the throttle, James talked into his comlink. "James Zaiku, Savior launching." He yelled as the energy from the catapult forcing his back onto the cock pit chair.
  2. Player Player name: XxBRICKSTERxX Character number: Dylan Zaiku Faction: Orb [Free forces] General Full name: Dylan Zaiku Nickname: Zike Age: 19 Gender: male Race: Coordinator Occupation: Pilot Birthplace: December City Citizenship: Orb Personality: Dylan is a quite person. It takes awhile for him to open up and be his true self, which is extremely hyper and a great person to hang out with. Through the happy personality he holds a hatred for ZAFT and the tampering with genes and making coordinators. Even though he is one he disagrees with tampering with god's work. In the cockpit he does not hesitate to achieve his goal, and will kill for a successful mission. Appearance Height: 5' 7'' Weight: 143 .lbs Hair Colour and Style: Brown short, but slightly longer in the front where it stands up. Eye Colour: Red Identifying Marks: Scar on left elbow running up to his shoulder Skin Tone: Tan from being in the sun constantly. Build: Short but very muscular Clothing: Usualy wears baggy jeans, tight t-shirts. Handiness: right handed Background Mother: Heidi Zaiku(Dead) Father: James Zaiku (Dead) Siblings: James Zaiku (ZAFT) Wife/Girlfriend: neither Personal History: Dylan was born in December City. He was the second son to parents, James and Heidi Zaiku. James Zaiku was a business man. He sold weapons and other goods to any buyers. His business depended on war. The more people went to battle the more they wanted his goods. As for his mother, she was a kind hearted person. She came from a rich family and ended up marrying James Zaiku Sr. most likely from a business agreement. His only sibling James Zaiku Jr. Took care of Dylan for most of his life. He is currently a pilot for the ZAFT military. His childhood had ups and downs. Coming from a rich family he started education early, and was tought many things. From proper English, mathematics, advanced science, and many other subjects. The rough part of his childhood was him fighting his father. He was always shunned by his father for being to weak and even as a yougnster extremely immature for his age. The only thing he had for protection from his father was his mother. But at a young age she died. Dylan was to young to comprehend what had happened, she died of a heart attack. He only remembers holding his brother's hand at the funeral and crying. from that point on his new protection was his brother. His father and his brother did not get along but they did not fight As he grew up, he remained his quite self and had several quarrels with his father. Finaly he could not take anymore and at the age of fifteen he told his father his true words. Telling him that he was scum and had no heart his father became enraged and attacked him. James ZAiku Jr. stepped in the way and broke the fight up. But it just became a family brawl, ending with Dylan getting stabbed in the forearm. Getting to the hospital quickly his wounds were bandaged. He realized a that moment he had to leave the PLANTs and get away from his father. Breaking out of the hospital he made his way to the launch sites. storing away on a fritter he made his way to earth and landed on the Onogoro Island. There he was picked up by ship security and was questioned. He told them he wanted to see the earth, when they contacted his father there was no reply. When news came back James Zaiku Sr. had passed away. So instead of sending him back to PLANT he was sent to a ORB orphanage. There he spent two years getting a little bit of education and learned what ORB really fought for. He immediately fell in love with there virtues, and figured if his pig headed father could fly Mobile Suits then he could. On his 18th birthday he enlisted in the ORB Free Forces.
  3. wow, I didn't know that. I just bought a second character and I was trying to find how to apply to the EA. Thanks for telling me that.
  4. I am a member of ZAFT. We have our own thread, how come other factions do not? There should be more child boards in the Faction section. I think this would organize the site a bit.
  5. So let the two finish this and give us more MS's. I Need the pilot license bad just kick the other people out.
  6. As James stepped on to the carrier he shook a bit. This would be his first battle on the ground. With his gear he made the climb to the cockpit of his ZAKU. Memories of him and his father in one of them came back to his head. Flushing them out quickly he made himself comfortable in his seat. The seat was soft, it had not been worn out from battle. As he reached for the throttle and joy sticks, they were smooth. Not worn out. In a sense James was much like this ZAKU. Has not seen battle and not broken in. Storing his gear on the left and the right side compartments James made himself comfortable. When everything was set he climbed out of the cockpit and made his descent to the floor. Looking toward Wullf, James looked at him. Sir, my ZAKU is ready for battle. Should I find a seat and belt in? James said as he looked around at the other ZAKUs.

    New MS Project

    I googled some images of this MS. I like it alot. So not that I have a say, but I approve.
  8. I guess not. What is the proper title so I can legally find it and not use BitTorrent.
  9. We could get a Ring like in G Gundam that surrounds the whole earth. Except not earth...the PLANTs.
  10. Well gee...Now there is no reason for me to finish the series... So what other series am I missing? Which ones are worth watching?
  11. I am currently trying to watch all the Gundam series. I finished both the Seeds, and Gundam Wing. Now I am on G Gundam and I think it is a descent series. I did realize some flaws in the show though. At one time Domon Snaps and yells "Rise Shinning Gundam" But then the Burning Gundam rises.
  12. OOC: No I don't think it would be right to do the mission without you. But can Rp until we get to the actual fighting part of the mission
  13. A couple of hobbies (Two or more): Playing my bass, long boarding, hanging out with friends Favoured gaming platform: PS2 Favourite part of the Gundam franchise: The Anime Favourite video game: Any of the Dot//hacks A taste of your music playlist: Streetlight Manifesto, Big D and the kids Table, Underoath, To Kill The King, I voted for Kudos, The Casualties, Sublime, Skindred, Flaming Tsunamis, Folly, and more SKA and Hardcore music If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you be?: Probably...Angelina Jolie. If I was her I think I would touch myself all day. Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, for talkativeness, ten being highest: 10 I talk all the time...I'm a people person. If you had a quality you could instantly have, what would it be?: To be shy.
  14. If you think about it. Many of the MS are shitty and destroyed very easily. I really do not think that the MS are that much more advanced then the vessels.
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