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  1. Adding, as Edit doesn't seem to work: Player name: Valerian/VAL/Falkonite/etc. Character number: #1 Faction: None, a freeloading slacker, that's what he is.
  2. General Full name: Artemis Valerian Royville Nickname: Val Age: 22 Gender: Male Race: Coordinator Occupation: Freelancer Birthplace: Kingdom of Scandinavia, Northern District Citizenship: Scandinavian Personality: "Somewhat of an inverted and egocentric personality" might be what describes Artemis Royville the best, even though his mind is of such a complex weaving that not even the brightest psychoanalysists of our time have been able to understand what it is in this man that makes him tick. Appearance Height: 1,85 meters tall Weight: 82 kilograms Hair Colour and Style: Somewhat short-cut deep red hair Eye Colour: Crystal blue Identifying Marks: None to mention Skin Tone: Light-toned caucasian Build: Mediocre; not anorectically thin nor obesely overweight. "Dancer's musculature". Clothing: Jeans and shorts of various sorts, aswell as shirts and jackets of many types. Handiness: Rightie. Background Mother: Subject to change. Father: Subject to change. Siblings: Subject to change. Wife/Girlfriend: Single, and happy about it. Personal History: Artemis Valerian Royville, a man surrounded by mystery and loose ends. What we have gathered of him though is listed below. Artemis Valerian Royville is a coordinator, no doubt about it. During his first entry to PLANT space he was - as per custom - his gene-pool was dug into. Contrary to what was suspected to be a routine inspection, the border authorities got but to scratch on the surface on the intel file gathered on this particular person. After each firewall of security clearance they penetrated they found themselves faced with yet another one. The authorities were forced to let this man pass freely, due to his coordinator genestring, but he was kept dibs on for the following months. The hounds were then called of, due to extreme lack of things to observe. The security clearance for his intel was simply shrugged off with a "VIP" and he was left to his own privacy from that point onwards. Artemis Valerian Royville knows how to fly. The intel gathered on him revealed him to be bearing a flight certificate assigned in Kingdom of Scandinavia and worthy of proof even in the PLANTs aswell as global aerospace. The man had been born in the Northern District in Kingdom of Scandinavia, a place considered a barren wasteland of ice and snow in the summer, and a death-trap in the winter. His heritage is covered by multiple layers of "Classified"-errors, thus nothing is known about his parents nor the rest of his bloodline. Note: I am sorry for dropping this as low down as this, but I have great things in mind for this toon and as usual, you must wait for the good things to come. I promise you flash-backs, I promise you an enthralling story. I promise you entertainment.
  3. And once again we get to see the intellectually supreme names of these new Gundams.
  4. Such as those listed by yours truly ages past :p
  5. Will there be any other items available for purchase?
  6. 17 years ago, a child was born to an unsuspecting couple... Now, at this very day, that child has reached the most useless age there is: nearly there but not yet. It is your last chance to flee before this young man reaches full age and begins his reign of terror on this world. There is but one thing to say...: OH SHI- Grats to me on my barf-day!
  7. I'm gonna rob you of your right to edit KoS! 'Tis my duty, mine!
  8. http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=adsfasfasdas
  9. I'm a comic-star! \,,/ >.< \,,/ Also,
  10. [align=center]-------------------------------------[/align] [align=right]Part Two: Guidelines to Proper Roleplay[/align] Now you've got a proper character and all that jazz, and you're itching to tstart weaving a story around your character. Maybe you're in the basic starting zone for newcomers or maybe you're in a place totally other, but one thing is clear: be original. read up on other poeople's posts and stories and try to get inspiration from them. Direct copying is although an absolute no-no. Humble beginnings. So let's say you find yourself in a small cargo-bay, cuffe/tied up and you have no idea where the hell you are. Start by describing your surroundings, describing what the character feels and try to be as plentyful in choosing your words as possible. Something along the lines of... Weaving the past. I myself love flashbacks. There is no other proper way of storytelling then implementing flashbacks of a better, lost life in the midst of a combat situation, with the characting appearing to 'zone out' into his past and awake strengthened anew. This is not limited to battle situations however, you for instance bump into someone on the street and the face of your old sweet-heart pop into your mind. That's a real sway way of storytelling aswell, first letting the audience hear the character whisper the name and then left interested what that name brings in it's background. Here's yet another example: Lost in storyline. You are unique. Thus your writing and story should be unique aswell. More of this goodness to come.
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