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  1. Because "cowboys" are unreliable And thanks for pointing it out. Forgot to edit that part.
  2. Heh thanks And ORB I guees
  3. Ok I tried to correct it
  4. his makes a lot more sense to me. Because I don't know what sort of license is required to be a captain in Gundam universe ...anyway I will try to correct the history so my character won't be captain .>" title="" /> EDIT:Ok I tried to correct it. No captain status this time.
  5. Would "He gained spot of captain on Susanoo's bridge." be better? Well when it comes to training-Ewan had a lot of experience already (he had been 1st. commander long time before he became captain)
  6. btw. can anyone tell me some constructive criticsm so I would make bio better
  7. Yay! Should be O.K. now. One great friend helped me out ...
  8. I've read it again and corrceted some stuff that I could find. I think that I'll just ask my friend to help me out with this
  9. You know. It's not like I don't know theory. But when I write something longer then I make stupid mistakes. The problem is that I can't correct my own writings...I don’t know why
  10. Heh that's pretty hard isn't it? ...you know using good English means to use proper grammar but using proper grammar requires using good English I'll try to do something with that grammar but have to find out how (you know I can find some errors because I know all the theory and stuff but I can't make it great with no help)
  11. Hmmm the only editor which I have is Word and it helps with spelling but not grammar . Tried to use StyleWriter but it helped just a little. So if someone knows some editor for proper grammar check then I'll be thankful.
  12. General Full name: Ewan O’Brien Nickname: people used to call him cowboy when he was young, later (during the war) people called him Tenken Age: 49 Gender: male Race: Natural Occupation: Leader of financial company Birthplace: ORB Citizenship: ORB Personality: Despite his popularity and reputation he is easygoing. He doesn’t like any conventional moves in battles and always looks for creative way to solve problems. Other than that he likes to be alone when he can think about his own problems. He isn’t shining star of society as he always disappears in crowd of those who want to be shining stars. He doesn’t want to be in the middle of everything either (what is sometimes annoying for his partners). He also posses good rhetorical skills what makes him good diplomat as well. Appearance Height: 1.79 metres Weight: 69 kilograms Hair Colour and Style: : longer, grey...he also has a short beard Eye Colour: grey Identifying Marks: none Skin Tone: darker but not dark Build: well-build but shows signs of ageing Clothing: changes from time to time Handiness: Right-handed Background Mother: Mary O’Brien Father: William O’Brien Siblings: none Wife: Elizabeth Personal History: Born into rich O'Brien (they came from Britain but moved to autonomous ORB) family as their only child, Ewan grew up with everything he wanted. Ewan's parents expected him to be the next inheritor of the O'Brien's international company, but they were shocked o hear that Ewan would be attending military school after finishing his studies. Ewan had no other choice but to work as hard as possible because bad results would show to his parents attending a military academy was wrong. However, with his skills to solve many problems, he was able to get through. He graduated the military academy with exceptional reputation. Next years in service for Orb's military turned out to be very fruitful. Even Ewan's parents were proud as he quickly rose in the ranks. He eventually became the 1st officer on one of Orb's first battleships. However, his prospertiy came to an end, as in one mission, he put his entire ship's crew in jeopardy. Although nothing serious happened, Ewan was transferred to work in office. As the admiral stated, "Cowboys were not needed on the battlefield." As he spent some time in office, his opinion about the military service had changed completely. At one point, he was thinking of quitting the military until he was assigned to the development team of the new Izumo class battleships. As a military consultant, his job was to support Morgenroete's team with ideas and suggestions to improve the system. After his job was done, he returned to the rank of 1st officer on Susanoo. When the 2nd Bloody Valentine War erupted, Ewan got more responsibility on the Susanoo’s bridge. He became captain’s right hand, Ewan helped his captain when needed and supported his captain with advices during the battles. Ewan eventually became even more popular than his captain. But Ewan has never been let to command the ship alone (he could not lose the mark of “cowboy” who was not welcomed on the seat of captain) He gained an excessive amount of victories on the board of Susanoo, which gained him a lot of reputation in ORB's military. Because of these massive victories he had achieved, people coined him with the nickname Tenken (meaning Heaven's punishment). Even though awarded with prestige and honor, Ewan had nothing to be proud of. The victories were painful on both sides, as he lost many friends during the battle. After the war had ended, he decided that it was time to retire from the military. He saw no reason to stay in it anymore. Ewan's faher died in C.E. 79 and Ewan, who become well-known in ORB, was chosen to take over the company of his family. With immense responsibility, it was his duty to follow his father's footsteps. Ewan decided to invest into research of new technologies and eventually it paid off. His company signed the deal with ORB's military and provided them with the company's latest inventions. In C.E. 81 he married young Elizabeth (who was 20 years younger than Ewan). This marriage was not accepted by both sides of family, but they had no courage to say it into Ewan's eyes. The two did not care for what others had thought. The fact that they loved each other was the only important thing. Now it is C.E. 85 and Ewan's times spent on the bridges of battleships have become too distant. He was drawn into "normal" life and eventually stopped to think about his past. But maybe the time will come when Ewan will wear uniform of ORB's military again.Yes only time will tell.
  13. Yay...cool...congrats to everyone
  14. Actually that's what I am waiting for ...I basicly can't create char I want without asking faction leader if I can have character like that
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