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  1. yeah next year for me T___T N levels are just a 'stall for time' thing =P
  2. Haha~ Enjoyed myself last night. Hope to have more outings
  3. Oh I thought he asked me out of his own accord. Well, see you guys tommorow!!
  4. Haha~ Okay! And mind my inactivity here =/ I still check back once in a while!
  5. Hey all~ Mind if I drop by? I'm free on that day
  6. It'll be a great thing for a hungry modeler for me who would sit there for hours completing the kit. I don't mind seriously. Once I open the box, I will complete the kit without stopping >__<
  7. Haha~ Anyways, Valiant or anyone who needs any info on upcoming cosplay events, feel free to contact me on msn!!
  8. Jen, did you go? I did. Pity, i didn't read this earlier Could have contacted you to meet up
  9. OPA: Haha..Just take it that I am leaving the family for awhile ^^ FAmily bonds will awlays remain the same right? I'll return when I am alright ;) Drann: Hey..Long time since I heared from you bro. Ray: Sorry rob. I am actually a huge fan of the Alt but had to defeat it then :-[ However, I would really like to have a rematch~ In a few months/years? ^^ Gonan miss the both of you T.T kyuubi: Bye mate. Haha..there's nothing to like bout my rping >.< Ain't as good as alot of the elites here.. evo: O.o Don't have to be so grand desu >.< *Salutes back anyways* I aint really a veteran nor pioneer Rad: haha..I still remember the nights where we would do crazy stuff in the chatroom xD Wind: .>" title="" /> Scare me?? NEVA AND, thanks for everything once again!
  10. *bolts magicaly dissapear* Heh..Sorry bro..I would like to thank you especially for helping me out when I was still a noob and up till now even in times of depression or happiness.. Especially with your mecha's..Which I don't even know how to take care of it and trash it from time to time =.= And, don't worry..I'll be back..say..in like..a few years?
  11. Thanks man..Hope to stay in touch
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