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  1. Seeing the beam coming straight at him he knew he couldn't dodge this one and threw the dead beam rifle in his hand. Jason saw the explosion but it was like a double-edged sword it made a slight smoke screen. For the incoming missiles which he could only see when they were right on top of him he managed to shoot down two of the missiles but had to sacrifice his left arm to block it so he would't lose his head. Jason then closed in on his enemy until he was near point blank range were he shot off both his arrestors aiming for his enemy's arms.He looked down and saw his power read out 45%. "Crap all that shooting off blind might cost me this match"Jason said as he looked back up to the screen.
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    Count me in am not horrible at web design and I'll do anything else you need........really anything.
  3. "Haha"said as he saw a most likely smoke signal. Jason proceeded with caution as he went along. There Jason saw his enemy with her beam saber in the river. "Bad position "said as he charged as his opponent and fired of a round from the CIWS located in his head.
  4. Thank you all I've fixed most of Asahi except for number 7 I ment altercations if you have anything else to add I'd love to hear it all of what you are doing goes to making me better at these things and for you guys taking your time I thank you.
  5. His opponent evaded the building crushing in on her.Seconds later there was a loud beep, going on inside of the cockpit to announce that a shot was coming at him.Quickly firing of his boosters to launch him further into the air as so to dodge the incoming shot but the shot just managed to scrap the rifle and the arm holding it. Jason saw his opponent in the air taking aim while still moving around Jason shot of 2 rounds with the beam rifle. "Crap this rifle isn't going to work again!!!"Jason said as he continued to fly around.
  6. The last book was great I have read all the books and have seen all the movies finished reading last one in two days .Am also reading it over again slowly to see if I missed anything important.
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    That sounds great Asahi lets use it.
  8. Added it I was not sure if I had to wait for it to be approved before putting it. I edited it ran it through an online grammar and spell checker.
  9. Player Player name: Jase Character number: 1 Faction: Serpent Tail General Full name: Jason Lawliet Nickname: Jase Age: 27 Gender: Male Race: Coordinator Occupation: Ex-Detective Birthplace: City of Kusanagi Citizenship: Orb Union Personality: Jase is a calm, intelligent and caring person who has many strange quirks such as preferring to crouch rather than sit, and holding items very delicately. His anger is hidden very well as an adult.When ever you see him he will always have candy in his mouth from lollipops to jawbreakers he is a total candy nut. Appearance Height: 6'0 Weight: 115 (lbs) Hair Colour and Style: Jase is a boy who like most people was born with black hair and he was proud of it he went through alot of styles of such as mohawks and actually an afro at one point. Jase just styles his hair messy pointed down spikes. Eye Colour: Black. Identifying Marks: Tattoo of a cross on his back large size it actually separates his back into four parts. Skin Tone: Tanned. Build: Smaller build not, very muscular. Clothing: For causal attire Jase wears black leather jacket, white shirt underneath the coat and blue jeans. For more serious event he is seen yet rarely wear a tuxedo but usually just gets dress pants and a fancy shirt for most events. Handiness: Left-handed Background Mother: Kitka Lawliet(At there home.) Father: Jukio Lawliet(Retired from Orb military due to injury.) Siblings: Kuruto Lawliet(37 retired from Orb Military to settle down and have a family.) Wife/Girlfriend: None. Personal History: Born to Jukio and Kitka Lawliet on August 19,CE 58 to a family of three. His mother was against the idea of Jase's father serving on Orb's naval ship Iwasaku, as a test pilot of a M1 Astray. His father was testing it so he got stuck picking out the bugs, since he was also the mechanic who worked on them so what happened next was mostly his fault. On the first test with the rotor shrike he crash it when the left blade stopped turning, which caused him to crash into the sea and he suffered smoke inhalation and back problems. He was still there, but to supervise but was only as a retired mechanic which usually help with the programing. Jase's childhood was one where his dad taught him how to be a mechanic, all how to repair things so Jase learned a lot about the M1 Astray and ways to fix it .When he was not learning how to fix Mobile suits he was slacking off at school and being scolded by his teacher in school. Jase had a selected group of friends which he had formed since his first year of school. Jase went through school with a few minor altercations also even though he preferred to be slacking off in class he was quite the genius. But one day something happened that nothing could prepare him for sadly one of his friends was killed by one of his classmates. Jase was so infuriated by his friend's death that he confronted the boy who had killed his friend named Benjif. Jase tried as hard as he could to kill Benjif he could not, Jase was to weak and had his arm broken in the fight, Benjif told Jase that he was sorry he killed Jase's friend and that it was an accident. Later Jase's father took him to the hospital Jase told his father what had happened and his father told him that he was going to enroll him in Karate as soon as his arm was healed. Jase spent a lot of time depressed at the fact he would never see his friend again and he would never be able talk to him about girls, sports and their futures. Jase went through high school with exemplary marks and without any altercations after his grade school fight. His group of friend's even though, one short was all with him they also were very smart except for one which Jase tutored him. At sixteen Jase joined the Orb Military, as mechanic and was quite good at it seeing as he had been involved with these systems since he was young. It was actually his father who told him it would be better for Jase, if he left Nova Military and went to do what he had wanted to do all along. So with his father's encouragement Jase started working at a local police station while also going to police college. Jase Became a police officer at the age of twenty-one but he did not want to just be a normal police officer so he sent in his resume to the detective department at the station. Jase got bad news he had to be wait three years after become a police officer to become a detective .So three years later and after nearly get shot and got ran over he once again sent in a letter for him to be a detective and this time he got accepted. Being a detective was great and all but Jase knew his life need more then what the detective job had to offer. Which was more paperwork then action which he was interested in. Jase thought long and hard about another job he could possible consider doing Jase thought but his only two passions in life was being a detective or a mechanic again like he had been in the military and this time he would not tell his dad and mom so they would not worry he told his brother but swore him to secrecy. With the money he accumulated he bought an one way ticket to the Shesha Colony where he knew was the Serpent Tail Hq where he wished to visit to see if he could get a job there.
  10. "This is to easy to be an actual attack"Jason said as he shot down the two missiles with the CIWS in the mobile suits head.As soon as he shot them down his opponent seemed to disappear behind buildings. "Its the only weapon at long range I can use"Jason said as he flew up into the air trying spot his opponent. "There you are "said as he spotted his enemy behind some buildings.Jason aimed for the building surrounding the enemy instead of the enemy directly and shot of four shots hoping to cave the buildings in and there in the air stayed Jason's suit waiting for the result.
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    I'd say from scratch.
  12. "What have I got my self into"sighed Jason as he ran numerous plans through his mind. "That whole arrestor idea seemed better in my head eh I guess these things don't always turn out like you want"grunted Jason as he had finally came up with and idea. With the shot from the 350mm gun launcher coming at him fast he shot off the arrestor that remained at the discarded shield that laid 2m away from his mobile suit. "Part 1 done"said Jason as he retracted the arrestor with the shield attached to it and used threw the shield and used it as a defensive projectile the shot was so powerful the shield was melted right before his eyes. With that he retracted the arrestor that was around the waist of the Buster Dagger and backed off so he had a distance of at least 5 meters between each other.
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    I redid a lot of this I'd appreciate any comments and would like to try to get this re-approved if need be.
  14. Quickly he saw his opponent swing around the buildings and fire at Jason's GuAIZ the shot was so rapid that even though he moved his shield to block his shoulder got scratched a bit and that cause some of the armor to be melted away. "Nice one your good"said calmly.Jason then pushed on the thrusters and through his suit at the enemy firing his extensional arrestor hoping to grab onto his enemy. But just encase his opponent dodged Jason shot off 5 rounds at his opponent and the surrounding buildings then through his shield at the enemy Buster dagger with the beam claw extended.
  15. Jason finally got the signal to head out as the doors were opening the second there was enough space for him to get out he pushed the thrusters to full and dash out of the gate.The camera view changed to a destroyed city Jason couldn't locate his enemy My opponent must have gone for cover.he thought. Jason just began shooting at the random buildings the looked to be intact in total he shot off 5 shots.Then he dashed once again behind a building he hadn't shot at hope to see his opponent reaction. (OOC:I didn't know if I could start attacking.)
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