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  1. ((OOC: I'm sorry for being absent but school semester is ending so i have to study for exams and do all my ISU's. SO I'll catch up as soon as it is my next turn after next Saturday(or sooner, hopefully) but in till then you can count Seth as an NPC and control him however necessary)))
  2. I've got the PC ver. and for the De Ragon there is a nice spot that a well informed Ranger can take advantage of if he has a shotgun with ice bullets. This spot is at a certain angle behind one of the front legs where you can get 2 targets with all 4 shots + 50% if you use ice.
  3. Yeah the next time on is cool . And the OP is awsome, and they do change the ED so it is even more like a show.
  4. I got it last Sunday and I've basically been playing it whenever i have the chance. I'm on Chapter 11 with a level 54 Ethan with the 1337(that means leet for you who didn't know) Cannon (see sig ) and hopefully i will be online soon.
  5. Just finished watching Fate Stay/Night. It was really good for an Anime based on a Dating game. Lots of fighting and good character development.
  6. As i to just got assigned here i will cast my vote for Blood hounds, because it sounds cooler
  7. “Yeah, Alliance cutbacks and all that bureaucratic nonsense. Soon we’ll be expected to all use the same Mobile Armour, probably why we haven’t been assigned as well.” Seth found this response odd for some reason, maybe because it had sarcasm in it or maybe it was something else. He had never been good at tell when people were being sarcastic or not. However if it was sarcastic or not Seth had to agree with what was said, It did seem like everything was a little cheaper than what Abel had written in his letters home. Perhaps it was because of treaty or as Laine had said maybe it was just the bureaucrats just trying to get more money by making it seem like they had less. Whichever one it was, Seth decided that he should dwell on it as it was better then living in a small apartment barely making the money for rent and food. “Are we getting settled in alright? I just need to make sure you’re all in the right room.” As he had been deep in thought he hadn’t noticed that someone else had now joined there little group. This time however it was a Female and after a quick look he saw that she was ensign. In response to what she said he just kind of nodded his head in a non-committal way and tried not to stare at this ensign even though she was quite pretty. “It’s nice to see you again ensign.” Now yet another person had joined them, this time it was kid, he must have been only around 13 years old. This really surprised him as he had always thought that the military was really strict about its rules but here was someone who was well below the minimum age in an official uniform. Of course he had heard of child prodigies skipping grades in school or something like that but one so young to be in the military was unheard of to Seth. “I guess what they say about anything being possible is true…” he thought. Next thing he knows is that the ensign and the boy were gone and Laine was saying : “Everybody else just saw that right? The boy? In uniform… And I was just joking about Alliance being hard pressed, yet they are now hiring children!” Seth’s first thought was “I guess he was joking about what he said earlier then.” “I guess he must be extremely good if they let him join, but it is still insane that they let him in. I would have thought that the government would have something to say about it but I guess not.” Seth said while walking in to the room and throwing his bag on one of the beds. (((I agree with the posting order)))
  8. OOC: Sorry it took me so long to respond and that it is short but I just remembered I have a project due on Monday so I have been doing that frantically for the past few days. IC: After 3 long years of training Seth was done his training and was now kind of excited that he that much closer to actually going on active duty. Before that however he still had to go though the actual waiting to be assigned to active duty but he was closer than ever. Upon Arriving at the base he was assigned a room number and told that he was bunking up with someone who had also just got of training and was waiting assignment. “Even with these restrictions on the military I guess there still isn’t enough space for everyone to have there own room” he thought while walking over to where his room was. As he got close he noticed that someone was standing at the door already. “I guess this Laine person is already here. I wonder he has unpacked already.” But as he got closer he heard what this man was saying and that combined with the other person he saw in the room he decided that the man inside the room was Laine and the other person was some else. “I wasn’t aware that it was three people per room?” he said as soon as he was at a respectful distance.
  9. Welcome and have fun Good choice in Gundams BTW.
  10. It's subbed then? God, i should go to Gundam sites more often. Better go download it.
  11. I'll stick with my 1.5 with most of the same features through add-ons.
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    Welcome and have fun and unlike those guys *points up* i like your sig
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