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  1. Lord of the Rings. Haha that's the only one i've watched out of the 3.
  2. I'm sure they won't mind in the least bit (But you should always reconfirm...)
  3. Joseph hurried down the corridor. Knowing that Constantine is highly ambitious and competitive, he would never have allowed himself to go on a leave during midyear even if he had serious family matters to attend to. The assessment period is coming by, and knowing Constantine, his ex-student, giving a subtle reason such as that to excuse himself from research work isn't going to fool him. As he walked down the dim-lit corridor, he noticed light coming out of a door slit. The door to Constantine's room was ajar, and something was apparently wrong. The room was impeccably neat and tidy as always. The books on the shelf was in sequential order, the bins were emptied and the stacks of research papers were carefully filed away. Nothing looks out of order here, but Constantine would never leave his door ajar when he goes out. Could he have been careless? Dispelling his thoughts, he turned around and walked towards the door. Just as his gaze strayed away from the working desk, a glitter caught his attention. There were finely powdered alloy metals and crystalline particles on the desk, and upon closer examination it was revealed to be gundamium metal and very fine crystal prisms. Joseph recalled that the research institute has never imported such fine crystals in and the only anyone could have them was through cutting the crystals out from a larger prism using a laser blade that is out of bounds to all researchers except the head researcher and himself. He swept the granulated materials away from the notepad, fingers running across writing marks that are etched into the notepad. Joseph picked up a pencil from the desk and feverishly shaded the paper. (On the paper...) The experiment was a success. I have finally figured out the formula to render objects, from as small as a paper clip to as large as a car, invisible to the naked eye. The solution is the alignment of the multiple tiny prisms in fixed positions along the surface of a material. If the object were to stay in a fixed position, light from all direction would be bent according to the positioning of the optical particulate. The effect would be invisibility as recorded in history of what happened to the ship involved in the Philadelphia experiment. Due to the movement of the ship, a light greenish hue is thus seen by witnesses due to changing wavelengths of visible light. Due to the precision and light-bending nature of these prisms, i have thus succeeded in finding a way to render invisibility to an object without wasting energy. In lieu of that, a series of experiments will be conducted to test the practicality and functionality of my technology... on 25th June, experiment 015M revealed that these prisms cannot withstand atmospheric entry... noted in experiment 027H that the prisms cannot coexist with phase shift or trans-phase technology as the prisms... 053M, the use of re-entrant triangles within the chassis of a scrap BuCUE leg negated effects of radar detection... Joseph read the report in disbelief. Deep down, he knew that this technology might be the biggest breakthrough in military science since the HiMAT combat systems used in the Freedom and Justice as well as its variants. Joseph also realised that ZAFT will silence its creators to prevent the technology from leaking out. He bolted out of the room, searching for Constantine. "I hope that it's not too late..."
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    Welcome! Hope you have a nice stay here!
  5. Nicely done character profile. Short and sweet. I'll look forward to RPing with you in greater detail in the future
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    Hikaru Hatake

    Perhaps you could use the spell check. Note the punctuations and the caps. You tried to squeeze too much information in your character profile. Perhaps you could try to leave some of the character development and history to your actual RPing in the format of a flashback of sorts. Paragraphing would be nice. A good first attempt at drafting your character profile.
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    Constantine sat in his armchair, looking at the stack of research papers that have been retrieved from the ZAFT library archives. He gently touched his creased forehead, and sighed in resignment as he stared blankly at the ceiling fan. It's been two months since the commencement of my research, but I have made no breakthrough towards finding a replacement for the energy draining light-bending device used by the Naturals during the Philadelphia Project. While Constantine realised that he could always delve into exploring the mechanics of the Mirage Colloid system, another of Earth Alliance's brainchild, he did not want his work to be deemed as lacking originality and forgettable. His ego has led him to embark on the seemly impossible task to produce a material that could bend light on its own without any energy spent, hence rendering an entire mobile suit invisible. All the information that has been put forth in quantum science has not been able to fully explain how that can be achieved, and the Unified Field Theory has proven futile when applied to the case. Popping two aspirins into his mouth, he reached for a glass of water and sat up straight from his previous slouched posture. Reaching for the next document, he opened the folder and scrolled pass the dense lines of text. Just as he was about to move on to the next document, a line of scribbled words caught his attention. "I have finally succeeded where most scientists have failed. A lasting aspiration to unite the universe in one complete theory..." It was penned by Nikola Tesla, a forefather of science respected for his contributions to the discipline of electromagnetism. There was a brief glint in Constantine's eyes, his instints telling him that this might lead him to the precipice of a breakthrough in his research. As he read on, it dawned on him that what the survivors saw as a greenish fog was in actual an instance of blue-shift, though he did not fully understand the concept of it. "As opposed to many believers that the ship was degaussed and hence was rendered invisible, I have discovered that there were numerous flaws in this feeble attempt to explain the disappearance of the ship. The real reason was that the scientists assigned to this project allowed light to..." The line did not continue as the bottom right of the document was charred. Having renewed faith in his project, Constantine took out his pen and began linking up all the concepts and ideas that he had come across. After a few minutes of intense brainwork, it struck him. All the information points towards one direction. (To be continued...)
  8. The Advent Team has recently held a meeting over the Pilot Academy issue and has assigned a fellow admin member to draft out the specifics. However, there has been some difficulties in trying to integrate the Academy into the RPing system and stitching it up with the rest of the upcoming features(eg. monetary system) would take some time. In all, the Advent Team would like to provide all members with a smooth and enjoyable RPing experience, and is working hard to iron out all the little complications and contradicting details. Please be patient and i can assure you that this site would be better in the coming years.
  9. Constantine here. I have received feedback from some members regarding my previous profile and their concern was that i might attempt to play God. Hence, as an assurance of sorts, i have posted an entirely new character profile. Hope this satisfies members who hope to see less rp-ers adopting characters who are angst ridden, depressed or whom are victims of war and abuse.
  10. General Full name: Constantine Nickname: N/A Age: 19 Gender: Male Race: Coordinator Occupation: Student Birthplace: November City Citizenship: ZAFT Personality: Light hearted and enthusiastic and has a penchant for alternative music. He shows a high level of commitment to his work, and is willing to sacrifice anything to produce work of the highest quality. Despite being a Coordinator, he does not inherit the intelligence of one, hence his success is almost always attributed to his diligence and hard work. As a result of his pursuit of excellence, he evolved to become a perfectionist and suffered from chronic sleep disorder. He has to depend on medicine to regulate his sleeping pattern and may at times show spontaneous violent tendencies. Appearance Height: 174cm Weight: 54kg Hair Colour and Style: Black and ruffled Eye Colour: Brown Identifying Marks: None Skin Tone: Pale Build: Normal build Clothing: Long sleeved shirt with long pants. Wears a compulsory laboratory attire while working in the laboratory which consists of a white full length lab coat and goggles with latex gloves. Handiness: Right-handed Background Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Wife/Girlfriend: N/A Personal History: Constantine was born an orphan. He was found at the gates of a church and retrieved by the reverend who gave him the name Constantine, named after the Angelici which was a fabled order of priests. Constantine was told that his mother died giving birth to him, and that his father could not support him financially due to heavy debts incurred in a failed business venture. This ultimately had an impact on Constantine, who believed that everyone alive should be self-sufficient and should not rely on others to provide themselves with a living. Hence upon the encourage and guidance of the reverend, he attended the Heliopolis College and graduated with honours in the field of Physics, granting him a rare chance to collaborate with prestigious scientists of his time on several projects. As a result of the ongoing war between the Coordinators and the Naturals, social sciences have taken a backseat and the ZAFT research department has permitted grants to developing wartime weapons and new military technology. Seeing that this could be mean being at the frontiers of science and creating history, Constantine volunteered and after several stringent selection tests, he was finally drafted in and was assigned to investigate on the Philadelphia Project and come up with a material that could bend electromagnetic radiation, rendering an object invisible to the naked eye and undetectable on radar without any expenditure of energy and totally reliant on the light bending properties of the material itself. Constantine figured that this was essentially an improvement of the current Mirage Colloid technology, which uses plasma containing devices like the tokamak to manipulate the Mirage Colloid gas particles with a high consumption of energy which depletes the battery life of a mobile suit. As he strived to establish a link between aerodynamics and diffraction, he began to wonder if the technology would herald in a new era of pandemonium and war…
  11. Guessed i forgot to state which teams i support: EPL: Arsenal Italian Serie A: Roma Spanish La Liga: Deportivo La Coruna Dutch Eredivisie: Ajax Amsterdam Bundesliga: VfB Stuttgart Scottish Premier League: Hearts
  12. Liverpool spent no less than 15 million euros on buying players. From Dirk Kuyt to Craig Bellamy to Fabio Aurelio to Mark Gonzalez to Jermaine Pennant, none except Kuyt have shown potential to lead Liverpool back to their glory days. Pennant and Bellamy were explosive but ineffectual, and that is basically due to Benitez's tactics, not his rotation policy. From my point of view, rotation is a must in the premiership, and it is wise that Benitez actually keeps Luis Garcia fresh for Champion's League games, because he is by and large Liverpool's european talisman, much like what Totti was for Roma in their domestic campaign. I propose that Benitez scrap Sami Hyypiabecause his response time is rapidly deteriorating with age. He's no Sheringham or Gary Speed. Agger and Paletta should get more first team action. Secondly, Gerrard should return to becoming a complete central midfielder to complement Xabi Alonso, who by now should have been the successor to Pirlo as the next "deep" midfield playmaker. Liverpool should play defensively away with their midfield anchored in their own half and let Kuyt and Bellamy more space to run, because that's what Bellamy's good at. At home, Crouch should pair up with Kuyt to spearhead the attack. Lastly, buy a replacement for Steve Finnan because he is the only right back that Liverpool has.
  13. Well at least you had Zlatan Ibrahimovich. People from Australia had Viduka and Tim Cahill. I had Indra Sahdan and Nor Alam Shah OMG!
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