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  1. Full Name:Roy Samm Brewer Nickname:Sam Age:19(Born on October 3, C.E. 66) Gender:Male Race:Natural Occupation:MS Pilot Birthplace:Jeanerette,Louisiana,Atlantic Federation Citizenship:Jeanerette,Louisiana,Atlantic Federation Personality:Nice, but usually does things before thinking them through. Height:5 feet, 11 inches Weight:130 lbs Hair Color and Style:Dirty Blonde Eye Color:Hazel Identifying Marks:Scar on Left Cheek Skin Tone:Un-tanned White Build:Athletic Clothing:Jeans,T-Shirt,Boots Handiness:Right Handed Mother:Maria Brewer Father:Gage Brewer Siblings:None Wife/Girlfriend:None Personal History:(Will add when I can. Ran out of time doing the other things.)
  2. All your base are belong to Zim.
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    Yes. I will post my profile here tomorrow.
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    My profile on Seed RPG is done.
  5. EA with Windam or Slaughter Dagger. Not sure.
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    Re: Hello

    Hi There! Welcome.
  7. This is better than most of the other RPGs I've been on.
  8. Hello. Welcome to the site.
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    You might remeber by the Incomplete ''Andrew Simmons Profile."
  10. I remeber you! You had that Giganticly long profile on SEED Rpg. Welcome.
  11. That reminds me how people were waiting for the Xbox 360.
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