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  1. You guys need me, or shall I sit here and twiddle my thumbs some more? *twiddles thumbs...plots another EA charrie *
  2. Okay, I've finally done it, I've finally overhauled Hiro to what I think is a more believable level- espescially considering he was very 'suish' before. So I'm guessing he'll have to get approval again, and I guess I'd better officially apply him for Orb again... So, if there's anything that needs fixing, let me know Looking forward to getting back into this RP...can someone RP me a quick overview of what's happened while I've been gone? There's a lot to read and not enough hours in the day.
  3. Uh...I know I said I'd be back a few weeks ago...but Murphy's Law...our phone-line stopped working and work got busy. But I should be back (for real) this time...maybe this weekend; once I've tracked down my old charrie bio and revamped it I'll be back here...so hopefully this weekend Then I should be all sorted out and into a routine
  4. I am here; I know I haven't been active, but I inend to be so shortly. I want to make some changes to my character first though, he's very...lame/weak/sue-ish. Sometime this week I hope to be back into the RP.
  5. OPA


    Heyyy! Just thought I'd pop in and see how things are going...wow, the story has finally kicked off? I'm too busy with work to rejoin the RP...for now; I'll strive to get more active again when I find a schedule (espescially now the the multi-character rule has been lifted >:) Anyways; just thought I'd try to stay up to date at least. I'll see some of you around maybe. PS: Valiant, this site is soo not dial-up firendly. PPS: Dial-up sucks PPPS: Long live the earth alliance!
  6. (OOC: Sorry for my absence guys, My net has been down -and still is- Couple of things I wouldn't have allowed, but you seemed to have worked it out. The next two can get into position for their match now- I'll endeavour to get to the net-cafe everyday; I've gotta go now, I'll try to get on tomorrow and set the scene for the next match and tally up the scores for the last match. Again, sorry for the abcence; it was sudden and unexpected, not sure when my net will be fixed.) The crowds roar their approval of the first match's conclusion. "The winner of the first match between Cannon-ball and No-name is Cannon-ball Blitz!"
  7. (OOC: The way I read it is that you fired one burst (four rounds), and then bolted from cover to cover firing blindly. Everything else was just description. I don't see this as too much action, however, try not to go too far beyond what you've got here. PS; sorry for the late reply, my parents are setting up a new business and guess who has to help )
  8. The two teams had made their choice for their first competitors...finally. "Let the first match between Cannon-ball Blitz and No-name...BEGIN!" A bullhorn wailed as the announcer announced the commencement of the match. This match had officially begun. (OOC: Ok, I want a nice clean match, that means no spitting, no biting, no eye-gouging, no god-modding It's ok Asahi; we all have things that take up time. Enjoy your match guys; I'm in ref mode now)
  9. The crowds roared as the competitors took field. "Ladies and gentlemen; I give you your competitors! First to compete is...where's the line-up? They didn't hand one in What do you mean? there's no line-up? Yeah. Who the hell is running this tournament?! Bill, you left the mike on. Oh...Ladies and gentlemen; team Canon-ball Blitz and team No-name!" (OOC: Seriously, some sort of roster is a big help ...just saying guys )
  10. (OOC: My apologies Val. Okay with Keiji here, let's get this show on the road.) On this Earth, there are different cultures, different customs, and different views; but there is always one thing that unites humanity to throng together in multitudes with passion in their hearts. Competition. Rome had the gladiators- till it fell, then there were the Olympics; now, in Comsic Era 85, there is the Destiny League. "Ladies and Gentlemen; welcome to the C.E. 85 Destiny League!" The roar of the miltitudes nearly completely drowns out the announcers words. "This match in the ladder to League Glory is between 'Cannonball' and 'No-name'! This match takes place in the meticulously recreated city of Paris." In the Colesium, the simulated city of Paris, France sprawls across the field, in its center, standing tall is the Eiffell Tower. "Ladies and Gentlemen; I give you your future champions!...what? oh, could the owner of the vintage black Sedan report to their car- you've left your lights on."
  11. oops, why did i type canon there?...sorry. There won't be a DQ; I'm just trying to convey how urgently we need to get this thing kicked off.
  12. That makes three for Canon-Ball, and two for No-name. We will need at least one more from No-name for this match to meet the bare minimum requirements. Asahi, as team captain please get onto Xen or Keiji about signing in. If the rest of Canon-ball Blitz is unable to compete, I will have to contact Valiant to make arrangements for what is to be done as the tournament rules will not have been met. This could mean a team head-to-head or a disqualification for Canon-ball Blitz...I'm kidding, Valiant will have the say on what will be done. But do please try to get one more member in here Canon-ball; this match needs to get underway yesterday.
  13. Any news on their whereabouts? Val wants this started asap (and I'm sure you guys do too.)
  14. Been talking to Val, I'll be reffing you matches Is this everyone? Give me a heads up on who's starting first and I'll get this match underway pronto.
  15. State of Origin this Wednesday! QUEENSLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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