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Military and Civilian Roster -Updated 7/21-


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Leaders & Important People

1.Hitomi Matsuko (fireminerva) - PLANT Supreme Council Head / Januarius Chairwoman

2.Ashellia Ferrinas (Wilhelm) - Aprilius Chairwoman(NPC)

3.Joseph Whilhelm (t569ssgoku) - Maius Chairman(NPC)

4.Sandrilene Apfelsine (hannahkiki) - Junius Chairwoman(NPC)

ZAFT Officers:

1.Alisha Diederich (Wilhelm) - ZAFT General; Purple Uniform(NPC)


Zenastan Tai

1.Landis Exel Zenastan (F.A.I.T.H) - Squadron Leader; Red/White Uniform

2.1.Janus Trine (t569ssgoku) - Flight Lieutenant; Red/White Uniform

3.Ryou Misaki (Ryou Misaki) - Pilot; Green Uniform

4.Charlotte Clarick (Milady) - Pilot; Green Uniform

5.Makoto Corale (Makoto24) - Pilot; Green Uniform

Okina Tai

1.Asahi Okina (Asahi) - Squadron Leader; Red/White Uniform


3.Caine Nightwing (Carpenoctum) - Pilot; Green Uniform

4.Riku Ishimaru(Riku Ishimaru) - Pilot – Green Uniform


Wullf Tai

1.Ahrend von Wullf (fireminerva) - Pilot - Squadron Leader; Red/White Uniform

2.Laike Rinawan (PhoenixForce) - Flight Lieutenant; Red Uniform

3.James Zaiku (XxBRICKSTERxX) - Pilot; Green Uniform

4.Kanto Weyth (MobileWeaponAce) - Pilot; Green Uniform

5.Karl Rhine (Sven Cal Bayan) - Pilot; Green Uniform


1.Brian Tsukamoto (DragonDaimyo) - Flight Lieutenant; Red Uniform

2.Christoph von Crailsheim (Christoph Von Crailsheim) - Flight Lieutenant; Red Uniform

3.Cassia Airla (Cassia) - Pilot; Green Uniform

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I have placed the commander, and Lieutenants into their prospective groups.  Right, now I'll settle for 2 Base team(Asahi & FAITH), and One special Ops team(Wilhelm)


Those that are in the Auxiliary are for the commanders to pick to fill in their team. When you have selected your members, I will place them underneath the team they belong to.

Asahi/Faith you have 2/5 slots for your squads.


When the squads have been filled; when the RP opens up again, there will be a meeting where you will meet your fellow team mates. Don't get me wrong, you can rp with anyone, I just want you all to at least meet your fellow members, so they just don't randomly pop up when X battle or mission is given.


Topic Names for the meetings could be, IE: Briefing room 43A, "Okina-Team" or Briefing Room 44A "Zenastan-team" would be suitable topics for newly created teams. or even you could simply meet at a Bar, and have a private room set up for the orientation.

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Faith, you can either read through which profile of X member you'd think would be a good member for your team. You could send them a PM, or just give me a list of the three others you would want, and I'd update them under your team listing.

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Okay, I've got two more members who agreed, and with DD's approval on my choices. Please add Ryou Misaki (Ryou Misaki) and Charlotte Clarick (Milady) to my roster....Or maybe I can do that myself?  *Feels strange after getting back into moderating for a few weeks only*

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