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Scars that Won't Heal


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OOC: this is a slight character building thread for me. I am also using it to introduce my character’s father, who I need to most likely have made into an NPC. If someone wants to drop in feel free.


IC: Michael was on his knees hunched over at the foot of the Januarius City Memento Stone. The memento stones were statues made by Michael’s father at the end of the Bloody Valentine War to honor the sacrifices of those who lost their lives and for virtues that Coordinators and mankind must learn to live by.  One was in each PLANT.


The Januarius City memento stone held special meaning to Michael, and within a few moments his tears were falling onto the dozen roses left at its base. The Januarius City Memento Stone was “The Guardian”, and it was a statue of Michael’s mother, who died in the first war. Michael nearly broke the mask that he was now holding in his lap as more and more tears fell. Finally Michael was able to look at the twilight sky.


Michael was filled with memories of the last time he was here a few years ago. When he finally stood up to his father and made the decision to join ZAFT. He was a stubborn man, who had tried to control Janus’s life. “Why mom, why did you leave me with him, and why did you die to protect other people.” Janus couldn’t even muster the energy at the time to scream. More and more tears fell till Michael just hit the ground with his right fist.


After a few moments Michael stood up facing the statue. Putting his mask back on Janus turned and began to slowly walk away from the memento stone. His covered eyes were still showing the signs of his anger and his doubt. This is the right thing to do, I am walking the only path available to me right now. I'll defeat every enemy until I find the answers I want.

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Karl had always payed his respects to his fallen comrades, ever year since the end of the first war. As time moved on and battles raged across the cosmos and Earth, this list of names that were being remembered here grew. As Karl neared the memento stone, he heard someone talking in the distance.


“Why mom, why did you leave me with him, and why did you die to protect other people.”


He stood there, taken back by this stupid question. He had never once heard anyone ask why a ZAFT soldier died, for what reason. Karl had always assumed that the answer to the question was plainly obvious. He stood there for a moment as tried to decide on his next course of action. Karl made his decision and stepped out from his cover. "Why would you ask such a stupid question?"


It came out before Karl could stop himself. There was a younger man there, walking away. He didn't stop the first time, so Karl asked again. "Hey, you." This time, however, it seemed that Karl had gotten his attention.

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