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Spiral Of Repeated Mistakes

Ryou Misaki

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The echoes of several footsteps could be heard through the hallway as a man in a black lab coat had been followed by several green ranked soldiers with papers in their hands with questions coming from each of them. Long flowing black hair having been moving with the body and a pair of crimson eyes that stared forwards had been of the lead scientist of Technology in ZAFT getting hassled by the army.


" General Darlton and Janus want to know how the production of things are moving along? " One of them had asked while trying to maintain the scientists long strides. Kaze had been ignoring most of the questions and seemed to have had his own thoughts on mind. " Tell them it's moving along fine. " He had answered giving an answer which lacked detail. " Chairwoman Hitomi had also been wishing to talk to you about the current funding for the next few projects. " Another one had said out while the man's walk had increased in speed from the annoyance of the army. " Tell her to call me instead. " He answered in slight annoyance.


Once through the hallway he had come across the main lobby of the PLANT and had planned to take the elevator to transfer out of Januarius and head off to other areas where he was needed. Having stepped in front of the elevator doors he turned and looked at the other men who had more questions and needed answers from the scientist at least. " I suggest sending the rest of the issues and pressing matter to my office. I wish to be alone. " He had said to them as the doors opened and a soldier was already in salute as he was standing inside the elevator. Kaze had smiled a bit and turned around stepping within as the doors closed to the soldiers who were about to follow him but were cut off, his crimson eyes turning to the soldier who was saluting him who was his son;Ryou Misaki. A pair of golden eyes who were hidden behind a few strands of the messy white hair which the boy had grown and left unattended to the natural messy order. Then again he was not one to talk, his own black hair had been longer that it reached past his shoulders at times.


" You can stop saluting me... " He mentioned and walked over to the seats as the elevator had started to rise up. " Sir! " Ryou answered in response and placed his arm back to his side as he waited by the door. Kaze's smile having remained considering his son's attitude; Serious and Cold. He was proud to have him as a son, truly proud and yet there were...many flaws in that. Ryou was after all his finest project; A remake of the remaining information of Hibiki that he could collect without having been suspected. It did him no good, it was a failure in the end and the result caused a conflict between him and his assistant who had believed in a different theory than he did. In the end it resulted in him doing it alone and causing the womb of his wife to turn into a chamber for where he could create at least something similar to the man's hoped for work.


Kaze had realized it now that the remnants he received were not enough information. And the cost of information made him create a failed coordinator; Ryou. Humanity's desire itself was the improve upon itself and Kaze wished for the same, he wanted to make that ultimate being and help the Coordinator's realize their true function: Help Humanity. George Glenn himself had wished for that desire, yet with the recent issue of Coordinators and Naturals it truly had strayed from that past.


Coordinator's turned ambitious and seeked an identity for themselves. Dubbing themselves a New Species, A Better Species, An Improved Species. And of course with such arrogance in themselves they believed that the people of Earth were things of the past and a step lower in the evolutionary scale. Even now it does not change. People's eyes have grown accustomed to seeing them as 'Naturals' and yet what were Coordinators themselves - 'Unnatural'? The answer itself is No. George Glenn was wrong, Coordinators were no different than Naturals themselves. We have to study, train, adapt and grow old like any other human being. Coordinators are no different, just an arrogant race that in the end started a War simply to dub themselves the true rulers of Humanity.


Humans, or Naturals as they liked to be called are no better themselves. If Coordinators did not exist, their blames would be put to themselves and thus would hate one another. The Planet called Earth would simply be filled with humans hating one another with racism. The government themselves couldn't handle all the issue so they instead blame the Coordinators and PLANTS. 'United in Hatred', as one can picture. The President, Countries and Nations, they all help one another for a sole purpose: Hatred for Coordinators. An easy answer for the government and people who are confused as to why they're poor or have civil issues. Truly...Humans are-


" Dad? " Kaze had opened his eyes to realize that he was lost in thought and had closed his eyes. Having been at the top floor already with his son having placed a hand on his shoulder to bring him back into reality. " How have things been with your team? " He had asked his son as the boy stood up straight once more with a somewhat blank face. " I can't complain....other than the lack of experience for the captain. " He had mentioned as Kaze already knew of that, but it couldn't be helped. " Your not the only one. Other teams are starting fresh... " He mentioned as he had looked over the papers and was thinking of what mobile suit would be best for each person. " I guess... " Ryou had said with a shrug of the shoulders as he titled his head back a bit and looked to the side to the city through the elevator glass.


As he stared at his son with the blank look of his son and innocence in soldiers Kaze had realized how War had changed from wanting trained personnel to wanting young children grow into battle itself. There was also an issue of Coordinators themselves making soldiers for the sole purpose of fighting. Those who are legends in battle and are the perfect soldiers, they are the ones who's genes are entered within other infants until they can make a perfect copy; A Clone. Yet this itself has it's own issues and that's something Kaze himself had been ordered to fix...not that it's public information or even known to most of the chairmen and chairwomen in the council. He wondered himself if Hitomi knew of this.


Kaze had realized he spent his time within the elevator long enough so he had stood up and started to walk out and down another long hallway with his son 3 steps behind him. " I'll be needing some time in a room. " He mentioned as Ryou had given a serious 'Sir!' remark back to him and lead him to a room for the time being until a ride was ready to take him back. " Um..what about...meetings and people? " He had asked his father who's simple response was: " Just put them in a meeting room around here and I'll get to them. " He answered and closed the door.


Kaze had sat down behind a desk and opened a laptop with a new email having been received from an Anonymous address which told him ' Continue the Process'. " What a joke...like you're not satisfied with the last two wars... " He whispered, sighing as he opened up a folder and watched the data from the previous wars. " Whether there will be  peace or war...no one but them will know. " He whispered as he turned and opened the window to see the stars outside at least. " At least the stars will be witnesses to Humanity...even now we're traveling beyond the original bounds that's been placed in front of us...and we're repeating the same mistakes.. " He whispered, closing his eyes once more and contemplating the rest of what he had gotten over time.


Ryou on the other hand was running through the corridor in a hectic speed. " Damn it...why'd you leave me to manage all your meetings with people. " He whispered as he didn't even know who wished to speak with the man. This was all too troublesome....

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Kaze sighed and started to type at his computer and brought up the previous War's Data that he compiled from an earlier time. " The Bloody Valentine was probably something that couldn't have been helped...Earth was probably desperate at that moment and just as surprised. " He whispered as he knew the war broke out because of the issue that Earth did it none the less; the PLANT's had requested to know who had shot the missile and the Earth itself with the nations gave no clear Answer for it. PLANT saw it as nothing but that they were defending themselves and thus the N Jammer's were made.


Though it was unprepared and not mentioned until it was made and introduced in the war, it caused more trouble for Earth and more hatred. Nuclear power plants were made useless and more than enough animals along with radio signals were also in the Earth's Atmosphere causing trouble. In the end Earth felt more annoyed and PLANT's didn't give an answer; It sent a Invisible signal of merely saying 'Payback for our PLANT' and it closed the lid on Nuclear Weapons itself.


Of course as Coordinator's were arrogant with their pride of being the New Race and showing off their new completion called 'Mobile Suits' it seems Earth itself had it's own surprise with the Heliopolis incident; 5 Mobile Suits called Gundams. Such a thing was probably expected, yet the progress and power of the suits were much more amazing than first expected. It was simple as to why their suits held such power; Coordinators helped in the construction of the suits themselves. Earth Federation had used ORB's technology to help in the construction of the suits. Perhaps it was a threat of the country itself but the betrayal of it's ideal is still proof that it's no longer Neutral anymore. It'll be noticed later on during the second war also...but back to the original issue at hand.


Though 4 suits were taken by ZAFT, there was one and the battleship; Archangel still within EA's grip. It was a mystery for a while as to how the ship simply managed to survive until news had come from a certain Masked Soldier that a Coordinator was piloting the Strike. Looking at it now it should have made no difference, Coordinators VS Coordinators and it was a number of 4 to 1. It was impossible to have had such a soldier be able to last so long against 4 of his own, even with the mobile armor and battleship supporting it. The discovery will be later realized as to why he survived...


The ship had a very large name to it, and it had the death records of soldiers that most people would either learn to respect it or fear it. But even then for some odd reason it abandoned the EA and soon became a rogue battleship. It had then turned to ORB just in time to have seen the EA's demand for ORB to join the military.


" Freedom...Justice.. " He whispered as he continued to type, having brought up the suit designs on the computers with little interest on such artifacts of the past. The suits saw their defeat during Genesis and Against the Impulse as was written in their history.


Due to the Betrayal of a certain Pink Princess, Freedom was Lost and due to the betrayal of a Chairman's son, Justice was lost. And with both it was the biggest issue of all; N Jammer Cancellors.


It was the largest issue during war; Power. Mobile suits were indeed powerful but the issue was that power would eventually run out in a long drawn out battle. Nuclear power easily solved the energy issue and it wasn't used in nuking the planet either, Coordinators were more kinder one could say. Both Freedom and Justice had the blueprint for it and both suits joined the Archangel which were in ORB.


ORB was soon consumed by the ravages of war due to the EA's need for them to join. Of course it was soon a long drawn out battle with the country having only set itself on flames to avoid joining. Yet it didn't solve anything, amusing how the country that helped in the creations of the 5 suits was now being punished. They even made their own suits to defend the country, such a strong power from having coordinators and naturals together.


The next biggest discovery was of the Coordinator that Ulen Hibiki had made within his artificial womb. Something that interested Kaze extremely, if such a being was still alive then it was the proof that he could recreate it and improve on it. Something he attempted with his own son Ryou, yet he was lacking something that was missing from Mendel; The SEED Factor that had been apparently wiped from the map completely. A bit of DNA, a strand of hair and perhaps it could be remade but for now its too late.


Coordinator's have strayed from their own path too far to help humans and Humans are too binded with their own anger for Coordinators to forgive them. Both sides have no real sense of survival and have no hope either for the future other than Death. Even his own creation, Ryou, wouldn't be allowed to live a normal live as far as he was concerned. Death would have to be the only answer and for such a reason War was necessary.


" The Fruits of Betrayal must be Plucked from the Tree... " He whispered as he continued on his own research, for now it'd do him good to watch the next steps each country and groups out there.

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