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Re: Face to Face

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OOC - Sorry Janus but I did god-mod a little bit in this thread, but hopefully you won't object.  I hope that when you post a response that you'll fill in your own thoughts and feelings as you follow my character.


IC - Believing that there was nothing else that needed her attention Hitomi rose from her chair and bowed slightly to her guests.  "Thank you very much for your attendance.  I know that each of you will make our country proud."


Leaving them with a short goodbye Hitomi exited the same way she had entered the room all the time hearing Janus' footsteps as he walked only a few steps behind her.  First she led the young man down a long hallway and then up a set of stairs, the entire time please with how his footsteps remained constant and followed her with no question.  Hopefully this could be someone that she could trust and with whom she would not have to weave a tangled web in order to inspire them to do their duty.


With great patience Hitomi ascended the staircase until she arrived at a large wooden door, like every door in the house this one was designed to stand up to all but the most determined of attacks, but for now Hitomi pushed it open and walked out onto the balcony that it led to.  Moving across it Hitomi heard Janus shut the door behind her but she continued walking until she stopped at the heavy granite railing that ran along the edge of the balcony.  With both hands Hitomi leaned over and held onto it as she looked out over the sprawling colony in front of her.  Finally, after several more moments of silence she spoke to Janus leaving her political tone locked away far inside of her.


"Are you happy with this posting Janus Trine?"

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OOC: Made this slightly too late at night, will check and add some direct thoughts, but it gives what your character most likely needs to continue.


IC: Janus immediately began to follow the Chairwoman as she left the meeting. He was sure to the other captains he looked like the perfect bodyguard following his charge wherever she went without question. However, Janus merely had another faint instinct, following form the one before that he should follow.


Walking through the maze that was the Chairwoman’s mansion, Janus couldn’t help but feel the need to say something. However, he was aware that the Chairwoman must be taking him somewhere for a meeting. If for nothing else, it was now Janus’s duty to follow the Chairwoman as his charge. The stairs and the door equally impressed Janus as the rest of the mansion. Janus closed the doors to allow them some privacy, since his instincts told him that this was to be a private meeting.


After overlooking the bustling city Janus heard the question of the chairwoman. Breaking what he viewed as a slightly awkward few moments of silence. Thankfully for his mask his eyes weren’t able to show the slight shock at the bluntness of her question. “Miss chairwoman, no matter how my personal feelings are toward this assignment I will carry them out to the full extent of my ability,” Janus felt slightly hypocritical as all those words about personal honor and never going against it were swarming in his head. Janus had realized in the last few months however that he would have to take orders and assignments as they were given, and if they violated his conscience and his honor he would deal with that when it happened.


“However, since you have directly asked me how I personally feel, I see no reason that I should not answer. I see nothing wrong in protecting people on any scale, and I have no remorse about fighting to protect something or someone. However, my goal and my reasons for joining ZAFT are at odds with this assignment. My only desire is to become a perfect soldier. I believe that part of that involves never betraying ones own sense of justice and honor. But, I believe that the second part is fighting with no distraction and only to defeat you enemy. A famous general once said, “There is nothing more beautiful than a warrior with no distractions. One could say he is the closest thing to God.” This assignment forces me to fight with what one could perceive as a distraction.”


Janus began to walk towards the railing and looked out at the city, the light dancing off his mask. “For example, if five alliance 105 Daggers came into this colony right now I would obviously have to fight them. However, my assignment requires me not to fight merely to defeat my opponent as quickly as possible, but to ensure that you are not harmed in any way. That could be considered a distraction to a soldier who is looking to achieve absolute victory over his enemies.” Janus turned to face the chairwoman.


“Of course, if I was a member of a normal ZAFT team I could easily feel the same way about protecting my ship and my comrades, sacrificing victory by the distraction of protecting them.” Janus turned leaning on the railing looking at the sky. He felt somewhat improper acting in such a way in front of the leader of the PLANTs, but her body language and the topic of the discussion gave the hint that she would not particularly care. “On the opposite side of the those who protect something are those with a legitimate reason to fight. And it is fully possible that those who are fighting to protect something reach the level of the perfect soldier as well, even willing to suffer what someone would call a total defeat so long as what they hold dear survives.” Janus pushed off the railing and resumed a proper stance, although still slightly informal, in the presence of the Chairwoman. Janus reached up with his right hand to slightly adjust his mask, “This assignment will tell me which is the correct path for me to understand what it is to be a soldier, and what the correct path for one such as myself is.”

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There had been a few more questions in his mind at the moment, all ready to fly from their barrels at a moment's notice, but somehow Landis never managed to get it across. Was it the fear of a rebound from the Chairwoman? Was it simply pure hesitation on his side? He would never know, not so when his train of thought was interrupted by a new presence in the room.


He was a surprising one, considering the fact that the only thing he could remember about him was the peculiar mask. Perhaps it was the only feature about him that gave him an identity to people who hardly knew him. Then again, Landis was guilty of simply treating him like a mere acquaintance, a presence to whom you would nod your head in acknowledgement just for the sake of doing so since the two of them recognized each other.


He promptly did so, though it might have seem more like an awkward cocking of his head in Janus' direction. It was at times like these where he would curse his own ineptness for socializing to no end, for he had probably left a bad impression on others and came off as callous and rude to the people around him. Landis was hoping those around him currently knew him a little better than that or were perhaps slightly more understanding.


It was too late for questions, however, as Janus spoke out. The thoughts fled from his head like birds from the hunter, and with her last comment, the Chairwoman rose in an almost regal manner and walked away and out of the room leaving the three commanders in the room.


"Sir, pardon my obtrusivenss, but would all of you be staying for a little longer? Perhaps we could refill your drink. Aside from that, if you wish to leave soon, we would have to help escort you out lest the vastness of the place confuse you."


It was surprising to find butlers, or perhaps manservants being slightly more direct than he expected, but the Chairwoman was a busy person, after all. Landis too had his own things to sort out, and perhaps hang around Januarius for a little while just to get to know the place better, so that he would not look like a lost lamb in the city itself.


"I'll be on my way, thank you." He smiled and a quick and formal one was returned. Although he was confident that he had memorised enough of the route to get out in no more than seven to eight minutes, it was basic courtesy to accept the help of someone who knew the place better than he did. Uncharacteristically downing the rest of the contents in the wine glass in one gulp, he stood up. "Excuse me, gentlemen, but I'll be on my way as well. I have some...pressing matters." He smiled for effect, indicating that all he wanted to do now was simply get out of this place and to somewhere where he could spend some time doing what he wanted. Bowing slightly, he turned to the butler and nodded. The former walked in front of him without a word, the dull sound of his feet upon the carpeted floor echoing in the quiet halls.


He was out sooner than expected, and left with more questions than answers about what the Chairwoman wanted. Still, it was a refreshing experience for Landis, for he knew this was but merely an introduction section. Nothing as jovial as a break-the-ice session, but at least it was nothing like an interrogation either.


Now...Where shall I go?

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"Then that should do well enough," Hitomi said as she backed away from the railing "I only hope that you don't lose sight of those around you while you attempt to be a perfect soldier."  Hitomi sighed, knowing that such ideologies would only be resolved if they worked themselves out.


"Please feel free to move your personal effects into the guest quarters until a more permanent room may be found for you.  Unless you're needed your time is your own so make use of it as you will.  Now, if you have no objections I've had a very long day and I'd like to have some time to myself."

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So, its war games. My boys against Landis'. Sheesh.

As the informal briefing broke off and the Chairwoman left the room, Asahi sighed internally. There were several points of concern, his squad, his leadership, and himself. Asahi didn't consider himself an ace, in fact, he was far from it. Sure, his men could be natural aces for all he knew about their piloting, but it was his command of the squad that could nullify any of their abilities. Either he needed to up the ante on his ability to lead, or just step down from the position of squad leader.

Asahi knew that questions wouldn't have given him any more of a head start than Landis. As a matter of fact, when it came to going head to head with Landis, it worried him even more, let alone squad management.

Oh well, I'll worry about it when it comes. Yeah, thats what I'll do....

Asahi brushed off the negativity and got up from his seat.

"Gentlemen..." he acknowledged each of the accompanying commanders in their faces. Heading out the door, he stuffed his hands inside his pockets and began walking down the hall, in the general direction of the exit. By luck, he found the front door, and saw himself out.

For gods sake. I can't ignore this. Well, its make or break for me I guess. If I don't perform to a standard, I'm screwed. Goodbye Squadron Leader.

He laughed slightly as he left the premises, and stepped onto the street. He probably laughed at the fact he didn't know where he was going. Perhaps.

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“I have no further questions, and thank you for the offer Lady Chairwoman. I will take my leave.” Janus quickly saluted the Chairwoman and walked out of the balcony, making sure to close the doors as he left. His thoughts were wandering as he was escorted to his room. There is something I need to take care of here pretty soon.


As he entered his room, Janus paused for a moment, turning to the aid, "Could you tell me where I could get a car and a dozen red roses?" After receiving his answer, Janus entered his room.


A short time later, Janus left the mansion in a rented car wearing civilians (slacks, a button up shirt, and a jacket) clothing.

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