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Re: Entanglement

Ryou Misaki

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" And who's mind did this come from? "


The room was dark at the time as the night had entered itself into the PLANT leaving only streetlights from the window to enter as a figure was sitting on his chair and staring outside, a computer having been on the table who which he had his back upon. The screen having shown that there was a online talk with another figure who's face was hidden. Kaze's eyes having stared outside as his head was supported by his hand, his lips having been barely open as he was wondering what else to say at the new decision having been handed out.


" It's not a matter to you. It's an Order from you're superiors. The current tension between the EA and USSA require more direction. "


The voice was filled with voice modifications, having been impossible to decode considering the amount of different additions and warping in tone. Kaze had attempted to change it himself but the data left over from the conversation would be completely deleted as if the call was never made. " The Assumed Creation of Suits. Yes, I've heard. " Kaze mentioned.


" The PLANT's themselves are worried that this may turn into a global war for the planet. A new Leader of your status and capabilities would be better. "


" And of Hitomi? " He had asked wondering what she'd take of this news. The woman had recently become the leader and such a thing may discourage her. If anything threaten her.


" She will remain as she is. Consider it a cooperative Leadership. "


He sighed, this was too sudden to take already. Having turned his seat around to look at the computer screen he had spotted the shine of glass and peered over to a chess board with glass pieces of black and white having been on the corner. " Do you wish for me to end up like the previous chairman? " He had asked referring to his teacher in medicine.


" He served his purpose. That is all. "


No answer like always, Kaze's eyes having darted back to the screen as he gave a disappointed look. " I understand. Keep my updated, though communication from now will be more harder to keep. " He had mentioned as he wondered how they would manage.


" It had never stopped us before. If we do not communicate, a file will be in your computer from the next move. Remember Kaze, do not disappoint us unless you want your experiment to become public. "


His hand twitched while his body remained calm, the fingers tightening a grip on the arm rest as he closed his eyes. " You wish to blackmail me using my Son? " He had mentioned, having understood they would take the chance would do it.


" You've changed. Before you had called him a God, A Failed Experiment, and now a Son. Don't let yourself get attached. It will cloud your judgment. "


He opened his eyes again to stare at the screen. " I call him Hope. A life that I've played God in, the same would go for her father also. " He mentioned having known the girl must have been his son of all others.


" Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness. We have no further progress with this conversation. We will contact you when it's needed. "


The screen had turned black as the computer shut down completely. A weak sigh escaping Kaze's mouth as his hand moved from supporting his cheek to his head, a weak smile forming. " It's all up to their Will then. " He whispered.




News networks had spread fast and moved to the PLANT's as the sudden spark of political debate had come up of a second Leader. It was a first for Coordinators, having a Cooperative leadership between two entities. The PLANT Supreme Council members having been arguing with themselves as they wondered how such a notion had passed and what it would affect in the future, it was rather unexpected for all of them.


" A Second Supreme Leader?! The PLANT's will just end up in more confusion! "


" Considering our previous ones we will need in case one does as the previous two! It'd be better if Kaze is elected, he's the leading scientist of Technology for the PLANT's. Who else?! "


" For now we'll have to accept it. Whether he steps up or not we'll see. Besides this conversation is not worth our breath. The current issues of Mobile suits being made by USSA and in South America should be our main focus. "


The Council had sighed in frustration, silence finally overtaking the room as a few members looked over to the empty seats as some couldn't make it. The meeting was rather unexpected so it wasn't surprising. Kaze o nthe other hand had to make it to the city in a car that was continually watched by news and several questions being shot at him as he made his way slowly to podium where he would make the speech, the room having been filled with several news networks from which he guessed a few were from Earth and ORB. Never the less there were a few soldiers at his sides that were prepared to defend him if needed.


" I've come to talk about the speculation and rumors that have been going around. And they are true, I will be become the second Chairman of the PLANT's. Regarding my partner Hitomi she will remain also in control so this will be a cooperative leadership. It's rather sudden but for the progress of the PLANT's I feel as if I had no choice to deny it. As many as you know I am also the leading scientist for the military of ZAFT and you may be worried my views are towards War when they're completely far from it. I have been a doctor before and know full well the pain and loss of War. That's why...I wish to ask for a chance. That is all, I'll take no questions. "


The speech was short but he had no desire to continue, having turned as a few people started to shout out questions and come close to him which made the soldiers and bodyguards start to move as they stopped them as he came out the door and into the main room of the Supreme Council building. Having sighed as he turned to look at the rock of the whale like creature that the first coordinator had brought back from space. Having smiled he opened his mouth and spoke:


" Those who have a gift fail to understand the feelings of those who don't and those who don't envy those who do. "

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OOC: I wish you had mentioned this to me before you posted it.  PLANT's government doesn't really permit for two Supreme Chairpersons, plus you'd be filling the role with an NPC which seems a little taboo.


To be honest I was hoping that you'd use your free character to create a new character who would be installed into a high position in PLANT.  I do realize that some of this is my fault, I should have communicated with you a little more and for that I apologize.  Honestly I'd like it if we could find a way to take either one of your current characters or a new one that you could create and install that character as head of ZAFT, a position whose power would rival that of the Supreme Chairpersons.  Why don't you PM me and we'll work this out?

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ooc- I Did PM you twice about this and received no word from it. Both in War Games and plans. Regarding it, I'm fine with anything or whatever status he'd be placed with. I just got tired of waiting and felt like writing something xD


Do as you wish, I was just a bit bored and felt like doing something.

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At the meeting


Whilhelm sat powerless at the council meeting. He had seen this sad state of affairs before, but never sat present as it unfolded. Whilhelm had said little, knowing that his junior status along with how the debate was raging that it would do no good. Immediately following now Co-Supreme Council Chair Mizaki’s speech, Whilhelm used a rear exit to return to his private chambers. He immediately issued a statement through his aides regarding this change of events.


At least for now they will be busy questioning Mizaki and Hitomi regarding this. I fear other powers are at work here, but I cannot act yet, not in my weak position. The issues with new mobile suit development need to be dealt with, but these people seem to want to lead us down the same path once again. I will not allow the waters of war to repeat again. But on to other matters

Joseph Whilhelm stood, looking at his back wall, which featured a display of his late wife. Next to it was a picture of Michael winning a science fair. A buzz at door let Joseph know his next appointment was here.


A ZAFT red uniform walked in, “Lieutenant Janus Trine reporting for duty Representative Whilhelm.” Representative Whilhelm waited for the door to close, knowing that he was safe in this chamber and that he could say whatever he wanted. “Lieutenant Trine, what do you think of these changes of events?” Janus had feelings about this announcement, but he answered differently, “Sir, I have no opinion on this matter. As a soldier of ZAFT I take my orders from the Supreme Commander of ZAFT, but I will follow the orders of the PLANT Supreme Council as they are dictated to me.”


Joseph sighed, having little time for this conversation, he quickly turned and threw a knife at Janus’s head. Janus was able to dodge the blade, instinctively pulling his pistol on his attacker. Feeling his face, Michael realized that he was never the target of that attack. His father started talking in a stern voice, having drawn a weapon of his own, “I have no time to speak to a mindless solider of ZAFT. Who am I speaking to?”


Janus held the gun still aimed at his father, struck by his words. Even fresh to command Janus had felt his priorities change. In the Primerial Guard, he didn’t fight at his best, always thinking about how to protect other people. Commander Wullf’s words about combat and ZAFT and war still rung constantly in his head, Why am I fighting, who am I fighting against. This man is not my enemy, “My name…my name is Michael David Whilhelm, however I took the name Janus Trine to honor the woman behind you, my mother…”


“Michael, who is your enemy? Why did you put on that uniform? Did you do it to follow your own dreams? Or was there another reason?”


Michael gripped down on his gun, holding it tightly in his gloved hand  “People through all times have wished for war to stop, yet it never happens. I plan to go to hell and back to find the answers to these questions that people have asked. I am doing this because so that I can defend everything that is important to me. Mother fought with the same power, she knew how to fight and protected everything that was important to her, and I will do the same." Joseph had never seen Michael’s red eyes burn with such fury. This was not the same child that left his care a little over a year ago. He was stronger now, with a will that reminded him of his mother. Joseph felt now he understood why ZAFT wanted him close. “Michael, I see you have made your decision and that short of shooting you I cannot stop you, but I have two final questions. What is it that is so important to you that you will walk this path? And what will you do when you are ordered to destroy that thing?”


Images flashed through Michael's mind like the moment before death. It was only there, when he nearly died at the academy that he was able to see with a clear image what exactly he was fighting for, “Everyone who wishes for I wish for, everyone who wants to live out their lives and life out their precious dreams.” Michael lowered his weapon and started to walk to pick up his mask. Putting it on with a spare strap he carried Janus turned toward Representative Whilhelm, “And anyone who tries to destroy or stop those dreams will be my enemy.”

Joseph by now had lowered his weapon, “Then you have my blessing, although I do not agree with the path you have chosen. But so long as you live a life that you choose I will no longer try to stop you. But be warned, you are a target of ZAFT’s commanders; they see you as a way to force my hands. So as long as you wear that uniform and that mask, I can not help you or acknowledge you. Michael Whilhelm is dead.”


“That is what I expected father, however, I will reveal my face when the time is right…for both of us.” With that Janus left the chamber and took a side exit back to the hanger. He had to rejoin his squad.


This meeting had weighed on his mind during the transport back. Janus was alone in the shuttle and in his thoughts. Janus now commanded the Chairman's son, and all the ZAFT higher ups were well aware he himself was a son of a council member. Janus knew he would would have to choose his following steps along this path carefully. No matter where I go I will protect that which means most to me. Janus held a small locket in his hand for the first time in a long time. It was attached to the knife...and so his shuttle went into the night of space.

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